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The Blurred Truth of the Left!

Did you ever drive home from work or an event late at night and when you pulled you’re your driveway you really didn’t remember how you got there? This has been documented by many professionals and it’s like sleep walking, only its sleep driving. Some people have even awakened to find themselves stuck on a median when they clearly thought they were driving straight on the road past that same median. They heard the noise, but saw nothing until they woke up. My contention is that many Americans are like those people. They are “sleep living”.

Every day they hear very obvious facts that they ignore while continuing to move forward in some kind of dreamlike altered reality. Take Matt Damon. Seems like a nice guy, everyone seems to love him. He flew and drove all night to help his mom to promote her “Save our Schools” rally. When he got to the stage he said “he had great teachers a great education, he wouldn’t be where he was today if it wasn’t for public education”. Everyone in the audience cheered and thanked him. But they were all “sleep living”. Either he blurred the truth (lied) or he hates his kids.

Put down your rocks. It’s simple. We, as parents, want what’s best for our kids. We want to give them or allow them to have the best chance to succeed at life. So, if you, as a parent, went through a great education program, one that helped you achieve a high standard of living and great success, then why wouldn’t you want that for your children?

His words (not mine) said he went through a great system, but his kids go to private schools. Either he lied and public schools aren’t good enough, or he is giving his kids a substandard education, in which case, he is either very confused or wants the worst for his children.

Or maybe he’s lying to help his mom save her school. But why lie? Why not just tell the truth? I guess you’ll just have to ask Matt and hope he tells you the truth.

Speaking of blurring the truth… I was floored by a quote about the history of Democrats on their national website. It said, “for more than 200 years, our party has led the fight for civil rights, health care, Social Security, workers’ rights, and women’s rights.” Is that how they really see history? If that doesn’t scare you, and cause you to question pretty much every statement out of their mouths, I’m not sure what will. Let’s just take a look at a few of those claims.

In the mid 1800’s the Democrat party controlled everything. Massachusetts Senator Charles Sumner (a Whig Party member) blasted the Democrats for pushing slavery on the new state of Kansas, not asking them to leave the option open but forcing them to do it. It enraged the Democrats so much that Congressman Preston Brooks (D) of South Carolina walked up to Sumner from behind (coward) and hit him with a heavy cane hard enough to break it! His fellow colleagues were so impressed they bought him another heavy cane to replace his broken one. Very civilized don’t you think? Sumner was confined to a wheelchair for three years, for voicing his opposition to slavery. Doesn’t sound like the Democrats were fighting for civil rights to me!

In the 1800’s, those Republicans who supposedly hate blacks and, according to Joe Biden, want to put “ya’ll back in chains” controlled Congress and passed the Northwest Ordinance that prohibited slavery in any federal territory. The Democrats were patient, waiting until 1820, when they again controlled the Congress, to pass the Missouri Compromise which reversed the earlier policy. The Democrats effort expanded slavery into almost half of the federal territories. Who is it that cares about civil rights?

All through the mid 1800’s time after time Democrats strengthened slavery laws. Democrats passed the “Fugitive Slave Law” requiring Northerners to return escaped slaves back into slavery or pay huge fines.

The Democrat platform took a position strongly defending slavery and warned that, “All efforts of the abolitionists… are calculated to lead to the most alarming and dangerous consequences and all such efforts have an inevitable tendency to diminish the happiness of the people”. That would just be the happiness of white Democrats, correct?

Remember the controversial Dred-Scott decision handed down by a Democrat controlled Supreme Court? It declared that blacks were not persons or citizens but instead were property and therefore had no rights. Not even civil ones!

The 13th Amendment to abolish slavery was voted for by 100% of the Republicans in Congress and by 23% of the Democrats in Congress.

Not a single one of the 56 Democrats in Congress voted for the 15th amendment that granted explicit voting rights to black Americans.

Then, in the mid 1800’s, Democrats formed the Ku Klux Klan. Some say it was for the Democrats to regain control in the elections. The Colored Citizens of Frankfort, Kentucky wrote a letter to Congress appealing that, “our services to the government and our race have become the special object of hatred and persecution at the hands of the Democratic Party.”
It was the Democrats who prevented Black Americans from going to public schools in the early 1900’s. It was the Democrats who recently discontinued vouchers in the Washington DC public school system, a district where, because of the voucher program, blacks were flourishing after being trapped in failing schools. In fact Democrats voted against the voucher bill by 99%.

If I had more space I would go into how the Democrats also fought against giving women the right to vote Several times over Several years.

The twisted truth force-fed to our young and ignorant will do much more damage than any bomb or economic collapse in this country. The Democrat party has dealt with these inconvenient facts by pointing to the other side and shouting “they did it”. Unfortunately, it isn’t much more than background noise and most Americans believe this blurred truth because they don’t know their history and are “sleep driving” through the present. God help us all.

Matt Damon must be constipated!


One could assume with Matt Damon’s latest announcement to go on strike, his intestines surely must be paying the price!

Depending on your sense of humor, the so-called “humorous” video features Mr. Damon holding a press conference to announce to the world that he is going on strike from using the restroom until every person in the world has access to clean water and a toilet.

He’s taking a stand and wants YOU to join him!

Filmmaker Phelim McAleer labels Damon film “Classic Propaganda”


Judging by his ignorant and radical leftist rants on subjects such as public education, it’s probably no surprise Matt Damon opposes hydraulic fracturing, the highly effective process of extracting natural gas that some critics say is environmentally unfriendly.

Damon’s latest politically charged movie, though, has prompted one of his peers to call him “a liar” for claiming it isn’t an outlet for his own ideological views.

“Promised Land,” co-written by Damon, is “political from the beginning to the very end” and perpetuates the left’s misinformation about the process commonly known as “fracking,” said director Phelim McAleer. The filmmaker called the move “classic propaganda.”

McAleer’s own movie, “FrackNation,” presents the positive side of fracking and he is vocal in his criticism of Damon’s portrayal of the drilling method.

Dispelling the leftist claim that fracking leads to contaminated water supplies, McAleer points to historical data that far predates any such drilling.

“In America hundreds of years ago, Native Americans named three different locations ‘Burning Springs,’ he said. “Quite simply, this is because of the naturally occurring gases – like methane – that are found beneath the earth’s surface with water.”

He went on to say “there is no evidence that suggests that fracking has led to an increase in this phenomenon.”

A billboard campaign McAleer began in New York addresses the actor/activist directly, stating, “Matt Damon: the water has been on fire since 1669.”

When news broke that the United Arab Emirates, an influential member of OPEC, partially funded the film, Damon’s already shaky credibility took yet another serious blow.

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The Real Question For Matt Damon, Jon Lovitz , and Ariana Huffington

Oh, how the mighty have fallen!

In the 2008, America elected “the biggest celebrity in the world“, Barack Obama. Oh yes, America, we got “one cool president!” However, that “cool” seems to be wearing off- even in Hollywood!

First, one of Obama’s strongest supporters in 2008 has now retracted his support of President Cool!  Matt Damon is quite disappointed in Obama, and, in a very strange turn of events, even complimented President George W. Bush for his progress on various AIDS initiatives. He went so far as to say he could kiss Dubya!

Then there’s the now famous rant from comedian Jon Lovitz, for which he is now being accused of threatening Obama. In a report from The Blaze, Jon Lovitz made an appearance on the Dr. Drew Pinsky show, Mr. Lovitz said of Obama:

“…he’s creating a class warfare in a country where there is no class structure. Anybody can go from being broke to being wealthy.”

In Mr. Lovitiz original tirade that sets the stage for the accusation from Dr. Pinsky, the comedian said:

“…I voted for the guy and I’m a Democrat.”

Finally, there is Ariana Huffington, co-founder of The Huffington Post. On Monday, Ms. Huffington made an appearance on CBS “This Morning”, where she said the “spiking the football” ad put out by the Obama campaign, which politicizes Osama bin Laden’s death, “is one of the most despicable things you can do.”

Many Americans who voted for Obama in the 2008 election have said they will not vote for him again. Now, celebrities are disappointed in President Cool.

So now the real question for Mr. Damon, Mr. Lovitz and Ms. Huffington is this:

Will you vote for Barack Obama in 2012? Or will you dare to cross over the “political line” and vote for Mitt Romney? Or will you simply stay home and not vote?