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Remembering Dr. King’s Struggle Against Gun Control

As we approach MLK day, we requested reprint permission from our friends at The Typical Shooter for this informative article. Today is Martin Luther King, Jr. Day. Like every year, there will be discussion of his life and achievements. I wish to tell a different story: the story of his struggle against racist gun control laws. Dr. King, who was ...

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The “N-Word”, Now There are 2 of Them!

I’ve been sitting here trying to figure out what to write about that has nothing to do with the president’s lies, or the State of the Union propaganda that we will be asked to buy on Tuesday, up to, and including, global cooling. No, make that global warming. No, wait, climate change. Yeah, that’s the ticket, climate change. Then I ...

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Marin Luther King Jr. Day revisited

Today on the anniversary of Martin Luther King Jr. Day it is imperative that we as conservatives and libertarians remember and extol the great work that MLK accomplished in his lifetime. And we must unfortunately recognize that the work he began he passed onto us to complete. The check King spoke of granting the freedom and equality to our African-American ...

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