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Gifford and family enjoy guns she wanted banned

Just last week, ABC News released video of Gabrielle Giffords watching her husband shoot the same gun that injured her last year.

Mark Kelly enjoys shooting his Glock 9mm handgun, the same firearm used to injure his wife in 2012.

While Mr. Kelly’s firearm only has a 17 round magazine at the time the video was shot, it would still have been banned under the Democratic party’s proposed legislation. The same ban Gabrielle Gifford hypocritically expressed anger at not having been passed.

The ban that failed the Senate would have limited Gifford’s husband to 10 rounds. For some reason, Gabby doesn’t seem to mind her own family possessing magazines she feels the average citizen should not own.

If eleven rounds is too many, then why is her family entitled to use magazines that hold seventeen?

The hypocrisy is too much to bear. If the only way gun owners are to buy the guns the way the manufacturer makes them is to be related to a Congressional member, elitism is our near future.

If it is good enough for thee, it is good enough for me.

The Astronaut and His Lady

Watching the Diane Sawyer interview with Commander Mark Kelly regarding his wife’s recovery was truly inspiring!

Now, for those who have read the musings of yours truly from yesterday, you know that this writer lost a bit of respect for Mark Kelly after reading an article where he “ripped” Speaker of the House John Boehner for not going by to visit Congresswoman Giffords during her recovery. It is still the personal opinion of this writer that bringing politics into their story lessens the beauty, just a bit, of the miracle that is Mark Kelly and Gabrielle Giffords. There is still a small amount of respect that is forever lost. Yes, it is his right to speak his mind. It is also this writer’s right to wish that politics had been left at the door.

With politics out of the way, let’s look at the beauty that has come from tragedy.

January 8, 2011 is a day that is forever marked in American history. It was a senseless tragedy that should have never happened. As a nation, we held our collective breaths, not knowing if Congresswoman Giffords would live through the tragedy. In fact, it was originally reported that she had died.

Thankfully, those reports were wrong.

While this is not the first interview with Commander Kelly since the shooting, it is the first interview since the book about their journey since the shooting has been published. This is also the first interview where Congresswoman Giffords is interviewed since the shooting.

The book, entitled, “Gabby: A Story of Courage and Hope”, is most definitely titled appropriately.

Commander Kelly decided just a few days after the shooting to start videoing her progress. He was that optimistic that she was going to come through this. He said he knew that she would ask questions about the process, and he wanted to document it for her. They decided to share the videos to show that there is hope after a tragedy such as this.

There is no question that Mark Kelly loves his wife. One comment he made in the interview really struck a cord with me. He said that this is what his marriage vows are truly about… in sickness and in health. Though Gabby is not the picture-perfect model of beauty to the fashion world, she truly is the picture-perfect model of beauty from within. Whether or not you agree with her politics is not an issue. This woman is a survivor. A fighter. A warrior, as her mother said.

After watching the interview was was DVR’d on Friday night, this writer can graciously extend forgiveness to Commander Kelly’s comments regarding Speaker of the House Boehner just a bit. Yes, just a bit. While there still remains the wish that politics never have been brought into their beautiful tale of hope and healing, there is also an understanding on this side that maybe Speaker of the House Boehner is the easy one to lash out at.

There is one specific part of the interview that can be debated, which will be addressed in a separate article. But not here, not today. Today, this article is a celebration of life and healing in the midst of tragedy. This is a story about the astronaut and his lady. Their true, undying love for each other- for better for worse, in sickness and in health- is undeniable!

Commander Kelly, you have (mostly!) redeemed yourself in the eyes of this humble writer. May God bless you, keep you, and continue to give you strength on your continued journey with your beautiful wife!


You can see the entire 20/20 episode here.

Politicizing A Tragedy and the Loss of Respect For An Astronaut

Mark Kelly, Photo Courtesy Trialx.com

If you are familiar with the name, but just can’t quite remember where you’ve heard it, Mark Kelly- an astronaut with NASA, is Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords’ husband.

According to The Hill, Mr. Kelly “rips” Speaker of the House John Boehner for not coming to visit Congresswoman Giffords in the hospital, and is upset that he only sent a get well card.

From the beginning of the Arizona tragedy, where Congresswoman Giffords was  shot, this writer has prayed for her recovery. In fact, the very next day, after the tragedy, a blog was born with the express purpose of praying for her on a daily basis. If you ever read from this blog, you will see that politics were put to the side. This writer is not the only one to do this!

Politics had no place in this tragedy. While many on the left blamed Sarah Palin, the Tea Party, an countless others they do not agree with politically, there were also many on the left that never brought politics into the discussions surrounding the tragedy in Arizona.

Lives were lost that day. A Congresswoman’s life hung in the balance. We did not know if Gabrielle Giffords was going to live or die.

Republicans and Democrats across the nation came together to pray. Yes, as mentioned above, there were numerous people on the left that played the blame game, but there were also many who did not.

A real chance for healing for this nation was missed. While tragedy has turned to triumph in many ways, the Tuscon massacre only served to divide this nation further.

Now, the very parties that could once again build a bridge of healing are doing everything they can to tear it down.

While Mark Kelly’s grief, frustration and anger are understandable, to turn this into a political game is sickening.

The comments in the article referenced above speak volumes. This one in particular is a resounding sentiment for this writer:

“Giffords stopped to greet Boehner and told him with “a big smile on her face”: “You stay out of my district. Okay. Remember. Stay out of my district.””

interesting… and this administration literally defunded NASA and he’s criticizing Boehner for a get well card…

BY DEE on 11/15/2011 at 15:45

There has been no public criticism for President Obama de-funding the very place of Mr. Kelly’s livelihood! Oh, but wait! Yes, that’s right… Mr. Kelly retired from NASA over the summer, so this is no longer a concern for him. That leaves plenty of room to chastise the Republican Party leader for simply sending a card. He should be grateful they received that. From the quoted comment above, there was obvious tension between Giffords and Boehner. Whether she meant it as a joke or not, there is always truth in a joke. Maybe Speaker Boehner felt it was in Congresswoman Giffords’ best interest that he not make a personal appearance. Anyone who knows anything about recovery knows you do not add stress to the environment for the person healing.

We have no way of knowing exactly why Speaker Boehner chose to send a card rather than making a personal appearance. Maybe his intentions were not so pure in heart. Maybe they were a slight against the Congresswoman. However, it is doubtful.

If this nation does not put on her big girl pants and stop whining and crying every time someone “offends” them, we have absolutely no hope of healing. America is known for her strength. Even our astronauts are whining and crying these days! Or it could simply be as this comment says:

Nice to know that Mr. Kelly is busy getting his “15 minutes of fame” and cashing in on his wife’s horrific shooting. Tells you what kind of person he is.BY ANNE MARIE on 11/15/2011 at 15:58

If this is the case, it makes it even more sad and sickening.