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Obama supporters sign petition to grant him immunity for all crimes

Mark Dice is passing around another petition, and this time it is to grant Barack Obama immunity for any crimes he’s committed while in office. Of course, if anyone thinks Obama is doing anything wrong must be RACIST!

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Americans forget the meaning of Memorial Day!

Mark Dice takes to the streets, and asks the public about the meaning of Memorial Day. The ridiculous answers of many of these people show exactly what is wrong with this nation. (I didn’t have the heart to post this yesterday, out of respect for our military, past and present.)

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Mark Dice Handcuffed and Detained While Making YouTube Video

Mark Dice finds out the hard way that people really don’t like the idea of having their cars searched by “Obama’s Civilian National Security Force”. That just gets Dice handcuffed, and detained by the police. However, he does find people willing to sign petitions to revoke the 1st and 2nd amendments – at least as long that applies only to ...

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