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Democrats, There Is One Thing I Admire About You

I hate to say it, but there is one thing I admire about the Democrats, something that I wish the Republicans would pick-up as well. It is something that is so simple and so easy to do, yet the Republicans refuse to do it and I believe it actually helps the Democrats win elections: one word, Loyalty.

No matter how asinine a statement a Democrat makes, and we all have heard some beauts, they always back each other up. All you have to do is look at Vice President Biden, the man truly has diarrhea of the mouth, but he is always being defended, no matter what. Take a look at Obama, it is irrelevant what he says or does, he too is always being backed up by his party. The result is that the Democrats always look like they are together; all on the same page and are moving in the same direction.

Now, let us take a look at the Republicans who seem to enjoy bad mouthing each other. Why, what good does it do? After losing the election, Romney said in front of a group of backers why he thought Obama won the election, he said “What the president’s campaign did was focus on certain members of his base coalition, give them extraordinary financial gifts from the government, and then work very aggressively to turn them out to vote, and that strategy worked.”

I could not agree more. I believe that statement to be 100% accurate. So why are fellow Republicans bringing the hammer down on him?

Bobby Jindal came out swinging, criticizing Romney for what he said. “I don’t think that represents where we are as a party and where we’re going as a party.” Jindal charged. “That has got to be one of the most fundamental takeaways from this election: If we’re going to continue to be a competitive party and win elections on the national stage and continue to fight for our conservative principles, we need two messages to get out loudly and clearly: One, we are fighting for 100 percent of the votes, and secondly, our policies benefit every American who wants to pursue the American dream. Period, No exceptions.”

Hey Bobby, why don’t you start by supporting our Presidential Candidate? That might show some unity.

Newt  Gingrich said:  “I’m very disappointed with Governor Romney’s analysis, which I believe is insulting and profoundly wrong. First of all, we didn’t lose Asian-Americans because they got any gifts. He did worse with Asian-Americans than he did with Latinos. This is the hardest-working and most successful ethnic group in America. They ain’t into gifts. Second, it’s an insult to all Americans. It reduces us to economic entities. You have no passion, no idealism, no dreams, no philosophy. If it had been that simple, my question would be, why didn’t you outbid him?”

Newt, why didn’t we out bid him? Because that is not what our party is about, we are not for giving away the store just to win an election. This is why Newt did not win the nomination, because he came across as an old cranky sore loser. Well, his statements just prove that is what he is.

These two guys are either blind or refuse to face reality. Obama won the election by dividing the country into groups, and promising them what they wanted. The rest of the Democrats went along for the ride, plain and simple. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see that.

I know many of you reading this are saying what a hypocrite I am, preaching loyalty while condemning fellow Republicans. Well in a way, I guess I am, but it had to be said. I believe we could win more elections if we stood unified, as the Democrats seem to do so well.

Ronald Reagan had a rule he called the 11th commandment, it went like this: “Thou shall not speak ill of any fellow Republican.” How we got away from that and why we do not stand by it is beyond me. But I think it is something we all must do as Republicans if we want to win more elections.

The Democrats have a jackass for a mascot, which should tell you something. We should be fighting them, not each other.

This is one man’s opinion.