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Is God Mad?

What have the people of Oklahoma done to make God so mad? Nothing.

My heart goes out to all those who were affected by the tornadoes in Oklahoma and the Midwest. I can’t even imagine what it would be like.

Here in California, we have earthquakes. When we have an earthquake, it’s bad. People die, lose their homes, and more. But in most cases, we can look through the rubble, find pictures and grab some “keepsakes.” In a tornado, where do you start? What do you do when you come back to where your home used to be, only to find a cement slab? Where do you look for pictures, furniture and other items? Do you start five miles away? Ten miles? Do you even bother to look?

It’s heartbreaking. These people have to start over again. Our hearts and prayers go out to them.

With that in mind, don’t you become a victim. I’ve received many emails asking me to give to those in need.

Sure, just click on the link attached, and get screwed.

Many of us would be on site helping if we were close by, but we’re not. The next best thing is to send money. It’s easy to send electronically with the click of a button. Please don’t get sucked in. Stay with known entities: the Red Cross, United Way, and so on.

Several of the local media outlets are listing reputable organizations. Check them out. And don’t send “stuff.” They are begging for people to send money because they have store “stuff” and inventory “stuff” and then match it to individual needs. Money is just easier for them to deal with.

Back to my original thought.

I never professed to be a scholar, but I have been studying the Bible for many years. I do at least have a clue – not all the clues and answers, but a clue nonetheless.

God has set this planet, stars and other things in motion. We have air to breathe, water to drink, sun for nourishment. It’s great the way the rain falls and waters the plants and then fruit grows and we eat. Things are good and God is good.

People say to me, “Joe, look what God did in Oklahoma.” To that I reply, “Did He?” I say no, He didn’t! Insurance companies and ignorant (uninformed) people have blamed God for many things over the years.

First, many people who blame God for these disasters – acts of God – don’t even believe in Him. How hypocritical is that?

Second, many people who blame God for these things won’t let Him in their lives. They want Him out of schools, holidays, Christmas and so on.

My Christian friends know we have an enemy. Remember Satan? If God is love, why would He wipe out your home and family? What kind of love is that? That’s like telling your wife you love her just before you slap her. Really?

Now, here is where I will lose some of you. (Goodbye – see you next week.)

My Bible says, “The thief (Satan) comes to steal, kill and destroy but I (Jesus/God) have come that you may have life and life more abundantly.”

God comes to give, Satan comes to take. Satan destroys. He perverts things. God created weather patterns to help the land and the earth to grow vegetation and to give us life, not kill people and destroy them.

God, not the devil, has worked in the hearts and minds of many to send them to help the victims of those storms, to bring them water and food and all their needs in this time – not the government (I know people get them confused at times).

So if you are a God-loving person, pray for the people in the affected areas. If you’re not a praying person, then send positive feelings their way. Just remember: God is not mad at the people in Oklahoma. He loves them, which is why He is sending them help.

God Bless America.

Why I Love Barack Obama

I’ve received complaints about being too hard on President Obama, since he is an exceptionally nice guy, likable, kind-hearted, and well-intentioned to boot.

So let me do my best to fashion a love letter to Barack Obama, the way the majority of Americans would have it.

Barack, I love that you always follow through with your promises. Like closing Guantanamo Bay, ending extraordinary rendition, terminating the “war on terror” (even though you are fighting for the indefinite detention provision of NDAA), not using drones to kill innocent women and children, and not unconstitutionally declaring wars against foreign countries like Libya.

I love how you respond to foreign policy crises with skill and aplomb. Like how you visit the countries of our closest allies, for example Israel, and not insult our relationship with Britain by giving their heads of state cheesy gifts, or returning cherished gifts to them, not bowing to foreign heads of state, not blaming others for our embassies getting stormed, or giving foreign aid to nations run by terrorist groups that want to destroy Israel. I love how you schmooze with dictators and have a blame America first instinct.

I love how you play golf, skip more than half of intelligence meetings, leak our intel secrets to make yourself look good, claim credit for the Seals’ killing of bin laden over and over again, use the word “I” repeatedly, stammer constantly, can’t give a speech without a teleprompter, make a big deal out of your NCAA brackets, go on Letterman and hobnob with celebrities when you should be doing other things, skip out on jobs briefings for months on end… I love it all. And I love you.

I love how the tides have lowered, race relations have healed, and our entire country is making “progress” while being fundamentally transformed. I love how you say that we are in a recovery when part-time jobs are taking the place of full-time ones, your administration has netted only 100,000 jobs, and the middle class bled over 40% of its wealth. I love how we are at 8% or more unemployment for 43 months and you claim that as a success. Not to mention real unemployment is something like 20%. You saved us from 50% unemployment and a 100% loss of wealth. Like you said, “you didn’t build that.” Thanks for humbling us.

I used to be a fool, thinking that I loved America as it was founded. Constitutionally limited government, liberty, and free market prosperity. I loved that we used to declare wars only when they were declared on us, way back before the progressive era. I loved that we were respected for being the land of the free and the home of the brave.

But now I see that was all wrong. I loved a lie.

I love Barack Obama.

Author’s Note: For most of the documentation to these claims, see here.

A Father’s Love

This story is filed under ‘Traditional Values’ but a better category would simply be ‘Love’.

At first glance, Rick Van Beek appears a typical father to his thirteen year old daughter Madison. But Maddy is a little different. She has Cerebral Palsy and can’t walk or talk. Every father wants his child to be healthy, in the clip below, Van Beek shares how accepting his daughter’s imperfections also helped his own personal growth.   

Madison loves to be outside. A few years ago an out of shape Van Beek saw his daughter participating in a race and was inspired to be the one taking her hand, pushing her stroller and carrying her when needed. He gave up smoking and began to get himself in better physical condition, eventually forming Team Maddy. Together they have now run over 70 races including half marathons.

The following story aired just before their last race in May. As you watch it listen to this dad getting choked up when talking about not himself, but how his daughter inspires others. It’s a good reminder how our children, though not born perfect, often have a profound influence on those around us, including strangers. Sometimes all it takes is a father’s love.

Team Maddy Fox 17 (Please click on this link, the direct upload was not available. You’ll be glad you watched it.)