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Governor Bobby Jindal, GOP Sweep Louisiana Elections

Governor Bobby Jindal won reelection as Governor of Louisiana in the most lopsided victory since it went to an open Primary system in 1975, garnering 66% of the vote. All seven statewide GOP state legislators will also continue new terms in January, 2012.                                                                                                                                    


Just like Governor Rick Scott of Florida, Governor Jindal will not rest on his laurels in 2012 as witnessed by his statement after winning reelection:




“I will use every day, every hour of these next four years to make Louisiana the very best that we can be. I don’t believe on resting on our past accomplishments. I don’t believe in taking time off,” Mr. Jindal told a packed hotel ballroom of supporters.




Governor Jindal has ridden the sweeping tide of the 2010 elections where Americans across the country denounced the big-debt-spending of Liberal Democrats in State Governors races, along with the U.S Congressional elections where Democrats were given a historic drumming out of Federal, State and Local offices. When staring in the face of $15 trillion dollars of national debt in 2012, we can expect this trend to continue across America in the upcoming elections.




Congratulations go out to Governor Jindal and the voters of Louisiana for standing up for the true American values of a limited government, personal freedom and liberty for all.