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Dismantling Washington

Washington, D.C. (which the DC part now stands for dirty cesspool) should become a thing of the past. Society has outgrown the need for a centralized government full of power hungry aristocrats, greedy lobbyists, and corrupt white collar criminals.

When I say criminals I am not just talking in the abstract; I am referring to real criminals.

According to a study from the online publication Capitol Hill Blue, the American people have elected a bunch of politicians that are better at breaking laws than making laws. America’s low information voters have chosen some real class acts to represent them.

Just how bad are some of our members of Congress?

29 members have been accused of spousal abuse, 7 have been arrested for fraud, 19 have been accused of writing bad checks, 117 have bankrupted at least 2 businesses, 3 have been arrested for physical assault, 71 have such bad credit that they can’t even qualify for a credit card, (yet with their special clearance as a member of Congress they get an Amex card without having a credit check.) 14 have been arrested on drug related charges, 8 have been arresting for shoplifting, and at least 84 members of Congress have been stopped for drunk driving but subsequently let go once they showed they were members of Congress.

If all that hasn’t made you lose your lunch this sure will.

According to the 2013 Congressional schedule, Congress will take 239 days off! That means they will only “work” 126 days of the year. If that wasn’t bad enough these hardly working, drunk driving, womanizing, bad credit, criminals get paid a minimum of $175,000 a year. Not bad for 126 days of so called work. They have worked themselves so hard that they don’t even have the strength to create a budget. The last time our dedicated public servants passed a budget was April 29, 2009. That is an unbelievable mind boggling 1,415 days without a budget, and counting.

This article’s intent is not to highlight the ineptness and unprincipled actions of our corrupt Congress; instead its purpose is to illustrate just how incidental and unnecessary Washington, DC has become. Former Republican Presidential nominee Rick Perry may not have been able to talk his way out of a paper bag; however he had the political will and courage to tell the American people that if he were to be elected President he would make Congress a part time job.

I couldn’t agree with him more. In fact, I’d like to take his suggestion a little further and dismantle Washington, DC altogether; and here is how we can do it.

We live in a virtual and digital society in which nothing seems impossible. The constant advancements in technology have created a very mobile society. We live in a world where you can start your car, turn the lights on and off in your house, and check your blood pressure, all by using your I-phone. There is no reason why Congress can’t conduct official government business from their respective state Capitols. Think about how much money they could save in travel expenses and housing alone?

With email, Skype, Twitter, Facebook, video conferencing, and websites such as gotomeeting.com; there is no shortage of technology that could be utilized to perform the everyday functions of Congress from outside of Washington, DC.

According to census.gov, 1 out of 10 workers over the age of 65 works from home. This is a growing trend that is only going to continue as more businesses look for ways to cut operating expenses and increase productivity. With so many older workers still in the workforce due to the Obama economy; many of these workers work from home.

Companies that employ workers who telecommute save on expenses such as office space, equipment, furniture, and supplies. Employees who work from home are able to save money on such expenditures as clothing, childcare, parking, and gasoline. Also, some studies have shown that workers who telecommute are more effective and efficient at their jobs than those who work in the office. Why not extend that same invitation to members of Congress?

According to statistics from the 112th Congress, the average age of a member of the House of Representatives is 57 years and the average age of a member of the Senate is 63 years. These folks should be required to work remotely from their respective states and only come into Washington a few times a month to cast votes.

Washington, DC is 68.3 square miles of influence, corruption, and centralized power. The only way to change Washington is to remove the influence, corruption, and power from it; and that starts with Congress. The only way to do this is by forcing members of Congress to not congregate permanently in Washington, DC.

A suggestion would be to pass a law in which no member of Congress is allowed to have permanent residence within 100 miles of Washington, DC. By doing this you automatically decentralize the influence and power, and make it harder for lobbyists and power brokers to influence fiscal policy. This is how you change Washington, DC.

To some who are reading this I understand it may sound a bit Orwellian. Telling free people where they can and cannot live may seem a little extreme. What is more extreme is having career politicians drunk with power spending future generation’s money on programs they can’t pay for. We are at a time in our nation’s history in which the only real solutions require real drastic measures.

The truth is that absolute power corrupts absolutely. If we take away Congress’s power we can return it to its rightful owners; we the people. Most Democrats who read this will think I’m crazy. Even some Republicans will think this is a bad idea; however most limited government Conservatives will love it. My only hope is that those members of Congress who believe in freedom, liberty, and limited government read my article and introduce legislation based on this idea. A good idea can only become a great idea when it is acted upon.

As a political strategist, commentator, and radio talk show host my job is to give solutions, not talking points. I may not always be right, but I am always thinking outside the box about different ways to make America a better, stronger, and freer country. If we are serious about saving this country and truly believe in a limited government it is time we put our money where our mouth is and dismantle Washington, once and for all.

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What the lobbyists don’t want you to know

YouTube Description:

Lobbying is a time-honored tradition in the United States, and it provides individuals, communities and private interest groups a powerful tool to directly advocate their beliefs to elected officials. But, as history has shown, this industry is also often vulnerable to corruption at the highest levels – a fact that has led many groups to call for a massive reform – or outright abolishment – of lobbying.

Would the Serious Mitt Romney Please Standup

Let’s see. Monday night Mitt Romney refused to answer a few questions during the Florida NBC debate. Rather, he used his natural rambling style to ignore serious questions from the moderator and from other candidates (Newt Gingrich). He chose instead to attack Speaker Gingrich about things which the former “socialized medicine” governor did not comprehend.

Most notably the ex-governor from Taxachusetts decided his last best defense was a return to insults. He should have stuck to his usual “gosh, I’m better than any other guys running” strategy. He intentionally refused to answer questions by the moderator and went on a name-calling binge. He accused Newt Gingrich of influence peddling, and being a lobbyist, over the objections of both reality and the Speaker. He had the nerve to call the Speaker disgraceful. This last tidbit of insult was blurted out by the governor who had ruled the 47th worst job creating state in America, during his tenure. Now, that is what was a disgrace.

What is exceptionally disingenuous about Romney is that he started all the negative General Sherman style “scorched earth campaign” in Iowa.

"I said what?"

Then of course when others copied his stunt, only directing it towards him, he cried fouled. Afterall, Mitt believes he is above such attacks simply because he has money to throw around, and to hide in the Cayman Isles. Now, that he got his keester handed to him in South Carolina he has returned to his policy of “burning the south into submission”.

Let’s look at the “influence peddling” torch he is carrying through Florida, trying to ignite a forest fire of misinformation. In an article published by multiple news sources, several of Romney’s aides have been doing influencing peddling of their own. And with none-other than (drum roll please) Freddie Mac. What these prominent Romney supporters were doing is earning MILLIONS from Freddie Mac. I guess that must be OK in Mitt’s mind, even though he accuses Newt of the same thing. Hey, what is a little flip flopping among friends…at least among Mitt’s friends.

Susan Molinari, a senior adviser and influence peddler in the Romney camp received money from Freddie Mac. According to the article she “was one of the former GOP lawmakers paid quite handsomely to help stop “any meaningful regulation in the years before the housing mortgage giant crashed…” Opps! Did that say she was lobbying?Obama - Shameless

Mitt, the man who would have you believe he is a conservative, is being influenced by former New York Congresswoman Molinari, appropriately described as “While in the House of Representatives, Molinari was among the more moderate…members of the Republican party”. Oh, wait, I think it is in bad taste to associate Mitt Romney with moderates…even when it is factual.

There is more. “Prior to joining the campaign, Romney’s campaign manager Matt Rhoades was vice president at the prominent public affairs firm, DCI Group. According to reports, two years prior to his tenure there, Freddie Mac secretly paid his firm $2 million “to kill legislation that would have regulated and trimmed the mortgage finance giant and its sister company, Fannie Mae, three years before the government took control to prevent their collapse.”

Whoa, slow down kiddies, this free fall into scandal is moving too too fast. Isn’t the failure to regulate these government created and mismanaged behemoths the very heart of the collapse of 2007-8? Yup, come to think of it, that is the cause. Yet, the candidate (Mitt Romney) that “loves to fire people and destroy jobs of working Americans” is having his campaign of deception run by the purveyor of prevarication, even the guys trying to protect the two largest financial failures in history.

There are two sides to every position.

Yet, Mitt Romney braying insults, during a debate, that his opponent is a dastardly lobbyist.

In mitt’s words “I’m proud of what I did.”

In my words “You shouldn’t be!”