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Liberals Believe Only In Their Personal Power


Liberals, as we know them under the Obama administration, are devoid of any ideas that would improve our society or our economy, and will flip-flop on any issue in order to win votes or make their fellow citizens dependant on them for hand-outs. These people hold nothing sacred, demonstrate no patriotism, believe in no truth and no right or wrong outside ...

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Liberals Never Stop Seeking To Disarm America Unilaterally

USS Arleigh Burke Fires Tomahawk missiles

Liberals never give up in their campaign to disarm America unilaterally. As the service lives of the components of America’s nuclear triad – the missiles, the aircraft, the submarines, and the warheads – come to an end, the Pentagon will have to replace them with new ones in the years ahead. Liberals believe this is a great opportunity for them ...

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ObamaCare around the horn

Fibonacci Blue (CC)

In case you’ve been living under a rock somewhere, all the buzz is about the mainstream media cooling off when it comes to its hot and heavy love affair with Obama. What pushed them over the top? ObamaCare has been an abysmal failure, so it seems they can’t manage to keep up the lies for the president anymore. Of course ...

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The First Amendment – Only applies to Obama supporters

Katie Tegtmeyer (CC)

Sadly, this is not news. As the president of the First Amendment Center Ken Paulson  has pointed out, it is necessary to call attention to cases where conservatives are being targeted for speaking out against Obama. Unfortunatelty, the targets are in the classrooms – teachers and students alike. The primary argument, in the case of the teachers, appears to be that ...

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