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Is the Earth Spinning in the Opposite Direction?

While celebrating the 4th of July, sitting around, thanking God for the freedoms that our forefathers fought and died for, I got a chill down my spine. You know, like the kind you get when it feels like there is someone else in the room with you but there really isn’t!

A recent study shows that almost 80% of Americans feel that our founding fathers would be very disappointed in where we are at today as a country.

As many of you know, I cover some pretty crazy stories on my radio show, stories that our founding fathers would be repulsed by. We now live in a country that supposedly considers the following things to be “bad”:
-Traditional Marriage
-Strict adherence to the Constitution
-Moral Values
-Child Innocence
-Self Reliance
-Parental rights

And these things to be “good”:
-Same Sex Marriage
-Polygamy (next)
-Loosely interpreting the Constitution
-Liberal Progressiveness
-Moral Relativism
-Child Sacrifice
-Government Reliance
Really? Some of you are saying, “Joe what have you been drinking all week?” Apple juice and water, because I refuse to drink the Kool-Aid being provided by the current administration and the progressives.

Do you need a few examples? Here’s a few of my favorites:

We have people picketing “equality for all”, but it’s not really for “all”. It’s only for everyone on the left. And is it really equality that they’re looking for, or something else?

In California the voters have now voted twice to protect traditional marriage. The Supreme Court, for clarity, did not rule it as unconstitutional. They ruled that the plaintiffs had no right to fight it. Period.
Supporters of same sex marriage crying “equality for all” said all they wanted was the same rights as married couples. Apparently they didn’t do their homework because in 1999 the California Legisloonies passed a law called the Domestic Partner law. This law is word-for-word the same as the marriage laws here in California. The only exception made a point of calling out “Man and Woman” in the marriage law and “Same Sex partners” in the Domestic Partner law. A progressive play on words or a lie? Did they not know they already had “equality” according to the law?

As LGBTQ groups fight for equal rights they really mean that they want to choose what rights “they” have and what rights “we” have. I use those words because “they” divide the words like that. The California Legisloonies decided that no matter what, business and government agencies will accommodate a person of the LGBTQ community. Sounds good. But let’s take a look at the transgender person on a high school campus.

If a person born with male body parts decides that they now want to live as a female while in high school, that young person now gets to share the girls locker room and bathroom while your 14+ year-old daughters get to be exposed a “different” lifestyle. And that young man, who is living as a young woman, gets to play soccer or volleyball or any other sport on an all-female team. Does that sound like its fair? I think not! Study after study shows that the physical abilities of males and females are different. Will we now change the Olympics to accommodate?

We are being barraged with laws, regulations, and mandates that go against our basic internal values as a country and a people.

We are becoming a society of “me”. If I‘m gay, you better do it my way or else you’re a “hater”. If I don’t want to work, you better take care of me. And if I do work, you better pay me what I want. If I chose not to take responsibility for myself, then the government needs to step in and give me that money or the abortion or whatever else I need. But don’t question me about what I’m doing or why. And definitely don’t dare to disagree with me.

These are not the principles that this country was founded on.
Sometimes it feels like the earth is spinning in reverse and the inmates are running the asylum! But just because a group is making the most noise does not mean that they are in the majority.

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The BUSIEST news week in years!

When thinking about what to write in 700 words or less my head almost exploded. No, really!

This week we had: the Benghazi inquest, 3 women held captive for 10 years are set free, Jodi Arias was found guilty (Will she see death? Stay tuned.), and Dr. Gosnell’s trial abruptly ends when the defense rests without calling one witness.

Two new independent reports show gun violence is actually way down over the last 10 years. And in Chicago, the city’s most powerful alderman introduced an ordinance at a recent City Council meeting that would allow Chicago museums to display unloaded firearms for historical purposes. Under current law, they can’t display functional firearms in public, even in a museum, regardless of the fact that they have a historical value.

And the icing on the cake, in California a bill passes the State Assembly permitting co-ed bathroom privileges. Assembly Bill 1266 passed on a party-line vote. The bill requires all California schools to allow students to participate in sex-segregated school programs, activities, and facilities consistent with his or her gender identity.

According to Karen England, Executive Director of Capitol Resource Institute, “This bill allows children of any gender to participate on any sports team, and enter into locker rooms, showers and bathrooms of their choice based on that student’s private sense of their own gender regardless of their biological gender at birth”. Talk about totally confusing Title 9 rules!

Of all the new stories this week, in my opinion, the most important was the Benghazi hearings. Unfortunately, it was repeatedly buried because of the many “Breaking News” stories. But I want to pull you back. This story is not a conspiracy story but real truth about our current government not wanting us to know they screwed up. God forbid we should be allowed to think they are not gods but are, in fact, human.

Apparently, the zombie-like media felt like they had to hide the Obama/Clinton cover-ups like some moms cover their kids’ shortcomings.

The contrast between Fox News and MSNBC’s coverage of last week’s congressional hearings on the September 11th terrorist attacks in Benghazi is stark. Over a span of 5 hours of testimony, MSNBC did not air any live coverage of the hearing. Interestingly, they chose only to air “snippets” of testimony. I’m not sure how they decided which bits to air.

Fox News aired 108 minutes of the live hearing without added commentary. CNN came in second, airing only 17 minutes of live footage. Why would that be?

Only 2 explanations I can think of: 1.) they saw no real value in covering this story or 2.) they want to make sure “their” team is protected.

The mainstream media would have us believe that Fox News is out of touch with most Americans and that CNN, MSNBC, and other news outlets are really in touch with the American populous. Which begs the question, should we or shouldn’t we trust Fox News?

Recent polls show that a large number of Americans feel the President and his staff have really dropped the ball on Benghazi and many believe the administration knowingly misled them concerning the attack. Of course, that’s according to Fox News, right? Wrong! According to that right-wing conservative blog known as the Huffington Post! Oh wait, the HuffPo isn’t conservative is it?!

The Huffington Post poll reported that 42 percent of Americans disapprove how President Obama has handled the aftermath of the attacks. Only 27 percent said they approve.

Here is another shocker (not really). The polls were mostly split down party lines with 78 percent of Republicans disapproving and 56 percent of Democrats approving the president’s handling of Benghazi. Boy America are we ever in trouble!

Other interesting numbers reported were that 42 percent said the Obama administration “deliberately misled” the public on the issue, while 33 percent said the administration “shared facts as they became available.” 25 percent said they weren’t sure.

The poll clearly showed that the public lacks confidence in President Obama to prevent similar attacks in the future. Only 40 percent reported as being anywhere near “confident” that our government is doing what’s needed to prevent similar attacks in the future. 46 percent were at some level of “no confidence”.

The poll also showed that the Amercian people are aware of an interested in Benghazi incident. 50 percent indicate they’ve “heard a lot about it”, 33 percent have “heard a little”, and 12 percent have “heard nothing at all”. On a side note… do these 12% actually vote?

Former President Richard Nixon resigned after lying about his involvement and cover-up of the Watergate scandal. No lives were lost. The only thing stolen were Democratic political strategies.

If the hearings find President Obama and Secretary Clinton were involved with lying, cover-ups, and threatening active federal employees with their jobs, are you willing to call for their resignations as well? I hope so. BUT I think Not!



Portions of this story were taken from The Huffington Post, Newsmax.com, AP, CNN, MSNBC and FoxNews

Where Are We Going and Why Are We in this Hand Basket?

transgenderI’m so old I remember the times where a man who expressed a desire to chop off his penis was something that invoked a mixture of sympathy and horror, for only a misfire in the brain could cause such a desire to manifest. I remember when we would have reached out to such a person and offered him the help he needed, as we do for anyone else who suffers from mental illness. Now, to say such a thing is anything but perfectly normal is “hateful” and “bigoted”.

This forced acceptance of “gender fluidity” has reached a point of lunacy now where it can no longer be ignored. While no one will convince me a person wanting to exchange his genitals is “normal”, if such a person is an adult and can find a doctor willing to indulge instead of treat him, fine. I have no interest in involving myself in that mess as long as my tax dollars aren’t funding it. Where I do involve myself, and indeed where we should all be getting involved, is when we’re seeing this nonsense affecting our children.

It’s happening all over; parents with a clear agenda they’ve pushed on minds too young to comprehend what’s happening claim their “transgender” children are entitled to use the restrooms and belong to the sports teams of the gender they “identify” with instead of the one they actually are. The latest state to promote the acceptance of boys using the little girls’ room because they say they “identify as female” is California.

Proponents claim this is about “rights” and “tolerance”, yet their definition of these concepts is so flawed, so narrow, that it would be laughable were it not so dangerous. My daughter has the right to walk into a ladies room secure in the knowledge there will be no boys in there, even if these boys like to wear dresses and curse their penises. My son has the right to use a locker room without worrying there’s a girl in there watching him undress, even if that girl says she wishes she had matching equipment. Kids who’ve been coached by adults with an agenda to believe they’re “transgendered” no more have the right to claim exclusivity with the opposite gender than I do to claim I’m the president and expect to take up residence in the White House. Saying something is so doesn’t make it true. A boy announcing he’s a girl doesn’t make it so.

The potential for abuse here is so obvious, even a leftist could see it. How many teenage boys will “identify as girls” in order to be free as they please to waltz into the girls’ locker room where girls are changing clothes, showering, and using the bathroom? How many girls will do the same? The simple fact is, these children – regardless of whether their gender confusion is legitimate – have no concept of the magnitude of identifying as “transgendered” and instead of encouraging it, parents should be stepping in and getting these children the help they need, not forcing everyone else’s kids to be placed in unacceptable situations.

I often say that I find a new reason every single day my children will never set foot in public school. This is certainly one of those reasons. While my kids are not subjected to this far left nonsense, I still get to fund it with my tax dollars in addition to the fortune I shell out in private school tuition. This is wrong. If I’m old enough to remember the days when “gender fluidity” wasn’t mainstream, I’m definitely old enough to remember when education was about reading, writing, history, and critical thinking and not a social experiment. We’ve abandoned that now in favor of this slouch toward Gomorrah. Enough is enough.