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Richmond Tea Party Sues City for Refund: City Responds "We're Auditing You!"







Via Gateway Pundit:

The Richmond Tea Party is suing the city of Richmond after they were charged $10,000 to hold three rallies, while occupiers have been allowed to camp out indefintely in the same public plaza.  The Republic reports:

The Richmond tea party is demanding a refund of about $10,000 from the city, claiming it unfairly charged them for rallies while allowing the Occupy protesters to use the same space for several weeks for free.

The political organization is sending the city an invoice for the charges incurred for three rallies held in Kanawha Plaza over the past three years. The Occupy protesters have been camped in the plaza since Oct. 15.

Richmond Tea Party spokeswoman Colleen Owens says it’s not fair that her group had to pay fees for permits, portable toilets, police presence and emergency personnel. The group also had to purchase a $1 million insurance policy.

The Richmond Tea Party sent their letter in late October.  On November 14th the City of Richmond sent the RTC a letter in return informing them that they were being audited.  Here is the letter, obtained by Right Side News: 

Does this seem like coincidence?  Do you think the occupiers in their tent cities will be receiving a similar letter in the near future?  Spread the word about this outrage.  Call or contact Cynthia Carr, Field Auditor and express your disgust at this obvious act of intimidation using government resources.  Repost this letter and links to blogs that mention it.  This intimidation and unfair treatment of peaceful, law-abiding voters must not stand.

Open Letter to President Obama

Jesus knocking at the door

Dear Mr. President,

From what I see and read about you, you seem to be a great father, and a good husband. You also seem to have a very nice wife. (She, at least publicly seems to keep her nose out of your political fights,though I am sure you carefully listen to what she has to share with you (as any good husband who is married to a wise woman would do.). You also seem to have some very nice children. You are a great role model for those American men who haphazardly make babies without becoming real men/husbands and responsible daddies.

However Mr. President, in spite of all these good family qualities I need to let you know that I and a large percentage of truly patriotic Americans do not think that you are doing as good a job as you could as our president. However, I, like many Americans, still believe that you still could be not only a good president, but a great president. However, it is going to take a lot of hard work on your part.

Mr. President I honestly did not write this letter because I felt the need to shame you. I wrote this letter in hope that you would read it and seriously ponder and then act on what I am telling you. I do not have a ‘hidden agenda’ for writing this article. My ‘open agenda’ is to remind you that as President of the greatest country on planet earth you have the power, prestige and authority to help get this nation back on track morally (i.e. spiritually, politically, and economically.)

Mr. President, this once great country has drifted morally ‘off center.’ Way too many politicians these days (from all parties) go out of their way to ‘assist’ lazy, untrained and unqualified (by choice) American people—citizens or otherwise. Way too many American politicians believe it is more important to ‘save’ planet earth then it is to save the good ole USA! Mr. President, please listen to the facts when you are pondering something like global warming. There are always at least two sides to every story.

Way too many politicians these days have much more concern about the ‘rights’ of convicted felons, illegal drug users, the sexually immoral, and illegal aliens then they do for innocent, hard-working American citizens, aborted babies and suffering crime victims. America has become a nation where we are baby murderers and kill innocent babies! I am 100% sure you would not allow your daughters to watch a live abortion procedure. Why not? If the ‘thing’ being aborted is only a ‘blob’ it should not bother you (or any pro-abortion person) to watch the ‘medical’ procedure! Please seriously ponder what happens to a baby when a partial birth abortion is done on them next time you consider putting your blessing (i.e. signature on a law) encouraging this immoral practice. Mr. President, you need to stop worrying about what women say when they scream, “it is a woman’s right to decide what she will or will not do to her own body.” (The last I heard it was still illegal for a women to strap a bomb on her body in an attempt to kill innocent people. That baby in the woman’s womb is as innocent as they get.) Ninety-eight percent of all abortions are done because it is much more convenient to eliminate a baby that was made through lustful actions than it is to be responsible to raise it! (There are a lot of people in America wanting to adopt babies.) The blood of those innocent babies cries out from the graves against those in America who have anything to do with allowing them to be killed while still in their mommy’s womb!

Mr. President, I sincerely believe that you have made some very liberal blunders in your first two years in office. I truly believe your lack of past executive leadership experience is hindering you from actually knowing what the best social, economic and military solutions are for making America a better nation. You really need to swallow your pride and pick some wise conservative advisers. Advisers who simply make decisions based on poll numbers are not advisers who have America’s best interests at heart.

Mr. President, America does not need to ‘kiss-up’ to any other countries. So I would encourage you to talk and act as a president who truly believes that he lives in the greatest country on this planet. Mr. President, do not be ashamed about America’s might and prestige. This country did not happen by accident. I believe the Founding Fathers saw the very hand of God at work when this nation was first established. However, I believe America (the nation) has drifted far from God since those early days when those in political power recognized the importance of maintaining God’s Word in all they did.

Mr. President, liberals are simply way too emotional in their decision making. They ‘think’ with their feelings. Practical, common-sense logic and analytical reasoning are abstract to most liberals. This is why liberals have ‘problems’ understanding and taking political stands on hard decision issues which are necessary for a free republican society to exist. The necessity of laws that encourage the death sentence for convicted murderers and child rapists, end the abortion (murder) of innocent babies, punish (not encourage) people for being sexually immoral have kept America a beacon of hope for millions of immigrants. Liberals just don’t see the obvious foolishness in coddling murderers and the wickedness in murdering unborn babies. Most liberals blindly believe that all people are basically good which hinders them from accurately and practically determining that evil people like child rapists/murders and/or anti-life terrorists should not be condoned as an acceptable part of our society. I believe in the rule of law and harsh penalties for the atrocities they have been convicted of. I believe that you yourself, Mr. President would have no problem getting volunteers to pull the lever on convicted cold blooded killers, child rapists, child murderers, or even evil, bomb carrying or bomb promoting terrorists. I know I would have no problem sleeping at night knowing I pulled the lever on a proven murdering child rapist!

Mr. President, as I said before, I believe that you still have the opportunity to be known as a great president. I know that many disagree with my opinion that I do not think you are a good president. Unfortunately (for you), I believe that many of the people who think you to be a great president think that way simply because they have the same skin color as you, or the same liberal values as you. I was not raised in a skin-colored prejudiced home. So the whole “vote and support him no-matter what he does or does not do because he is the same skin color as us” routine is illogical to me—although I do understand the foolish reasoning behind it.

I would encourage you to just publicly mention that you believe it is time to stand up for righteous things such as saving unborn babies, severely punishing murderers and rapists, severely punishing drug pushers of any age, do whatever it takes to secure our borders, stop assisting lazy people with the tax-payers monies, and stopping the use of tax-payers monies in an attempt to fix America’s social woes. I can guarantee you that you that if you would even mention the possibility of doing the things I mentioned above you would lose your liberal ‘fan-base.’ However, do not fret about that. The fickle liberal fan-base you lose will be replaced by the support of millions of Conservative Americans who believe that spiritual and economic morality, patriotic liberty, personal responsibility and free-market capitalism are what America is all about.

Mr. President, I am the type of patriotic American who believes that great politicians have to have the spiritual backbone and spiritual conviction to put God and then country above the well-being of the individual. I am the kind of American patriot that believes a great president will fight fiercely to protect the few true allies we have in this world, like our friends in Israel. I am the type of patriotic American who believes that a great president is not great simply because he broke the prejudiced ‘skin color barrier’ that existed for many years in this country. (However, I do believe that it was a great day for America when you (a black man) did get elected to the office of the President of the United States. However, I also believe that one of the best benefits of seeing a black man finally become a president in America is that other black people can no longer use their skin color as an excuse for not being able to reach the top in whatever they aspire to do in this country.)

Mr. President, I also believe that you need to see that making political decisions based on what the latest opinion polls say will never make you a great president. Becoming a great president means being a great leader and a great decision maker. It means making tough decisions even when you know many will not agree with you. However these tough decisions need to be determined by what is right morally, and not by how many votes it will get you. So a great president must have deep, strong moral convictions if he wants to be historically recognized as a great president.

A great president surrounds himself with wise moral and patriotic counselors and advisers who truly know that what they must do is what is best for America the nation. A great president will not sway and bend so as to try to please every single person living in that nation. A great president would never, ever hold people in America’s military or intelligent agencies accountable for doing what they needed to do to protect her citizens!

Unfortunately Mr. President, I believe that when you were growing up as a child those who took on the responsibility of pointing you in the right direction misled you. And then as you became a young man, liberal philosophies ‘moved’ you further away from rational and practical good.

Mr. President, I would encourage you to set your own peer pressure standard. You have the public presidential podium at your beck and call. Use it wisely. Use it righteously! Do not use that public presidential podium to encourage laziness or liberal socialism. Do not use it to bash politicians who have the very heart and soul of America in mind when they sincerely bring forth plans or agendas which they believe will help our nation survive. Do not use that public presidential podium to condemn our allies and baby our enemies. From that presidential podium encourage American (not worldly) patriotism. From that presidential podium tell the United Nations and all the other countries on this planet that as America’s President you will always first do what is best for America and then her true allies! From that same presidential podium tell those enemies who would use innocent people as human bombs that you are going to use all the American might available to hunt them down like the worthless dogs that they are. And then tell these evil terrorists of the world that you will also use America’s might against anyone who messes with our allies. Tell these terrorists that any country who is against them is our friend. And true friends help each, no matter the sacrifice. We do not have many true friends left in this world Mr. President. Many nations are our ‘friends’ because of the monies we give them. We need to stop helping nations who hates us. Mr. President, I guarantee you that true, patriotic Americans would shout amen! from streets if the ideas mentioned above came forth from your mouth.

Mr. President, you must make it clear that Americans must take responsibility for their actions. You need to make it clear that Americans have to stop blaming society for all their problems. A lot of American citizens need to get over themselves and realize that life is not all about them. You have the power and sway to make it ‘peer-pressure popular’ for American citizens to want to do righteous things instead of evil things; good things instead of bad things; kind things instead of mean things.

Mr. President, I believe you need to ‘move back’ towards the Truths of God’s Word. You need to be ‘moved’ by the absolutes of God’s Word. Absolutes that are not subject to change. God can do many things Mr. President, however, God cannot lie. (When Jesus said I am the (only) way to Heaven he was simply telling the truth. Except it.) God’s absolutes are eternal and only subject to change when he changes them. It is the God of the Bible who told us that things such as stealing, rape, witchcraft, homosexuality, lying, covetousness, jealousy, murder, gossip, adultery, fornication etc. are wrong. And God’s righteous absolutes are not subject to change because of an upcoming election. When any society believes that they are smarter or wiser than the One who created them they will fall. How arrogant it is for us to think we know better than the Creator God who never makes a mistake!

In order for you to clearly see what the best solution is in any scenario, you must ‘be moved’ by the already written wisdom of the One who created you. And contrary to what many anti-American, anti-God (of the Bible) people spew out of their mouths these days, this country was not founded on the man-made religious principles found in religious books like the Book of Mormon or the Koran. The Founding Fathers of this country received no input from the writing of Confucius or Buddha when putting together our constitution and Bill of Rights. They used Bibles when establishing this nation’s governmental and societal rules. They did not need those man-made religious teachings, because there is no religion or philosophy that can even come close to comparing to the wisdom and the knowledge of the Creator God of the universe–as it is revealed in His Holy Word.

Mr. President, I believe you still have an opportunity to become a great President. I would encourage you with all my heart to stop trying to please all of the people all of the time, and start to please the One who suffered and died for you. (Jesus Himself said, “Why do you call me Lord and not do as I say?” ) Mr. President ‘be moved’ by the direct message of Jesus. Do not be misled by the biased, politically religious, man-made philosophies of people who label themselves pastors. In Jesus’ day the people were so ‘moved’ by the ‘message’ of their religious leaders that they turned on the very Messiah who came to help them! Mr. President, if you are truly a Christian as you say you are, it is high time you start acting like it and heal America of her woes by heeding the teachings of The Holy Bible.


Obamacare – 90% of American Medical Group Providers will not Participate!

In a recent article by the AP, we see that Obama-care has suffered another setback in the form of a letter sent to the Obama administration stating that over 90% of The American Medical Group’s members will not be able participate in providing health care services under Obama-care’s extreme regulations, which also include the very real risk of losses by health care providers under the new rules.

But in an unusual rebuke, an umbrella group representing premier organizations
such as the Mayo Clinic wrote the administration Wednesday saying that more than
90 percent of its members would not participate, because the rules as written
are so onerous it would be nearly impossible for them to succeed.

“It’s not just a simple tweak, it’s a significant change that needs to be made,”
said Donald Fisher, president of the American Medical Group Association, which
represents nearly 400 large medical groups around the country providing care for
roughly 1 in 3 Americans. Its members, including the Cleveland Clinic,
Intermountain Healthcare in Utah, and Geisinger Health System in Pennsylvania,
had been seen as the vanguard for accountable care. (emphasis mine)

Thus, the burdensome regulations found in Obama-care could leave 1 in 3 Americans without medical care. Further on in that very same article we see some facts on just how Obama figured in some of the supposed money-saving aspects of Obama-care.

The medical groups say they are worried they will be hit with losses, that the government has designed the system so there is no easy way to tell which patients are part of the program, and that there is no reliable way to adjust for patients who are sicker and require closer follow-up and more expensive treatments. (emphasis mine)

The American Medical Group sees the possibility of huge losses of revenue when Obama-care is implemented and now 90% of them say they will not participate. I guess if Doctors, Hospitals, and other medical providers are all losing money . it would save the government-run Obama-care money. This appears to be is how they figure it will save money and cut costs: less Doctors to pay and less service available for Seniors on Medicare and other people seeking medical attention. If 1 out of 3 Americans don’t have a doctor, health-care costs will  certainly go down. Wasn’t Obama-care supposed to give more people access to health-care? Once again we see that that will not be the case when this monstrosity is implemented!