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Let The Democrats Do What They Want

It has occurred to me that the best and only way we will be able to turn this country around and get it back on the right track is to let the Democrats do what they want. Let’s face it, it seems that a majority of the American people believe that a bigger Government handing out freebies to everyone is the way the country should be, they want to follow the way of Europe. I think the only way Americans are going to see that Obama’s vision of America is going to lead us down the same path as Europe, which is ruin, is to surrender. Week after week, we see riots in the streets of Greece, all because of their big Government policies of the past that has collapsed their whole economic system, yet all I hear is that this is America that could never happen here.

Well, I know I am going to catch a lot of flak for saying this, but I do hope that it happens here, it seems that is the only way that Americans will open-up their eyes and see how wrong Obama’s policies are. Growing the size of Government, borrowing and spending is not the path to prosperity, it is the path to ruin, one has to wonder what Obama’s true motives are.

Obama’s solution to our problem is tax the so-called rich, he has been saying that for three years, that is his answer to everything. The thing is I would go along with him, if it would actually do any good, but it would not do a damn thing to help our economy, not a damn thing. Will it help create jobs? No. Will it help pay down our 16 + trillion-dollar debt? No. Will it help the poor? No. The only thing that it would do is help feed Obama’s massive ego and give him more money to spend, those are the only reasons for him to pursue a tax increase. Like a little baby, his only objective is to tell the Republicans, Ha-Ha, I won and you lost.

I have come to the conclusion that Democrats have cement between their ears, therefore they should be called Blockheads, because only a blockhead would not see that we have a spending problem. However, the blockheads in Washington seem to think that stealing money from hard working taxpayers and spending it on frivolous programs that do nothing (Treadmills for shrimp ring a bell) is what is going to make our country great, they truly are blockheads.

So, what is the answer, let the Democrats do whatever they want, let them pass all their economy killing bills, laws and regulations while the Republicans stand on the side-lines. When the economy comes crashing down the Democrats will be the sole owners of the economy, their fingerprints will be all over it, not a single Republican will have their name attached to it. Then the Republicans can say “See, we told you it would not work.”

Look, it took this President four years to lower the unemployment rate one-tenth of one-percent, and they are going to tell me that Obama’s economic policies work, are you kidding me? The only reason it did drop was that so many people stopped looking for work and dropped out of the work force. Combine that with people being hired because of the holidays and that is the only reason it dropped.

If Obama gets his way, the economy is going to get worse, which is for sure. However, it just might be what this country needs to wake it up. I am convinced that if the Republicans just step back and let Obama do his stuff, in the long run America will see he has no clue how to fix the economy and that’s when the Republicans can step in and become the heroes. When the blockheads finally realize that we have a spending problem and the only way to get America back on track is to grow the economy for the revenue and cut spending, then they might see the light, but I doubt it, cement is pretty thick.


This is one man’s opinion.