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U.K. scouts remove God from pledge

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In the wake of a controversial Boy Scouts of America vote allowing openly gay members, traditional scouting was dealt another blow by administrators in Great Britain.

The Girl Guides and Brownies programs overseas have pledged to “love God” for more than a century, but a recent decision scrapped that portion of the oath for more politically correct, humanist language.

The program’s counterpart in Australia has already undergone a similar change to its pledge and U.K. Boy Scouts are also looking into whitewashing any references to a Higher Power.

Replacing an oath to the Creator, the young girls now must pledge only to “myself” and “my beliefs.” The permissive left regularly uses such language to justify any number of unconscionable acts.

While the Girl Guides hope to bring in more non-believers with the secular update, some see it as an inexcusable break from tradition.

“Taking ‘God’ out of the promise denies the history and foundations of the movement without offering anything in its place,” said Christian Concern CEO Andrea Miniciello Williams, noting “the organization will lose its distinctive ethos and end up meaning nothing.”

Standing for nothing is vital to the radical left, though, because it won’t offend anyone. The Christians upset with having any reference to the organization’s heritage ripped from the oath can easily be dismissed as intolerant extremists.

Scouting programs were one of the last remaining programs through which traditional values and code of conduct were passed from one generation to the next. This, too, has now been thoroughly infiltrated by the lunatic left.

The Girl Guides’ selfward shift in focus can be seen in the larger context of its recently appointed CEO, Julie Bentley, who called the organization the “ultimate feminist organization.” Feminists have long been misled to believe they are better off independent and without any outside, ‘oppressive’ influence. Removing a young girl’s greatest potential influencer from her pledge is one more step in continuing that dishonest narrative.

For now, American scouts still pledge to God. Given this nation’s rapid and unprecedented moral decline, though, smart money says it’s just a matter of time.

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ZoNation: Time to expose biased professors and biased Republicans?


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