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Obama Media Worm Turns on Woodward

Miller Center (CC)

Miller Center (CC)

The name Bob Woodward has been synonymous with investigative journalism for the vast majority of my lifetime. By the time I started getting my feet wet in that world, his words had been used for years by Journalism professors across the country – including my own. And I had assumed that he would enjoy privileged status until his full retirement, or death. But, the Obama administration has brought that into question.

Yes, I am a conservative that is suggesting that a liberal journalist should be left alone by this administration, because he was simply doing the same job he’s been doing. True, Woodward may have implied some degree of similarities between this presidency, and that of Nixon (if the shoe fits?), but that is no reason to start running about making threats against members of the media. That is another important point, since Woodward is by no means the only target of the Obama Administration, and Lanny Davis, former Clinton White House Counsel, explains that to the hosts on WMAL below.

While it might be tempting to take some degree of amusement in this latest round of nonsense among the liberal members of the media, that probably isn’t the best idea, especially given what Davis implies in that interview – that this administration is not above throwing around threats of withdrawing White House press credentials from journalists that annoy them. Sure, it could be interesting to watch John Nolte’s running list of liberal journalists that take the administration’s side against Woodward over on Breitbart.com. Personally, I think he’s being very generous in putting many of those people in the “remotely close to objective” category, but that’s just me. All of this nonsense is just that. I’m paying more attention to what isn’t making the headlines – the handful of journalists I know personally that have privately, or only semi-publicly stated that they have also received similar threats from this administration. That points out that there is a disturbing trend building here. And that makes Nolte’s list less than compelling, since it’s not insane to assume that those journalists know better than most about any blacklisting, or other harassment this administration has already meted out to “misbehaving” journalists. So, yes, I’ll keep track of that list, but not to see who’s a traitor against his own kind – I want to know who knows, or suspects how far this administration will go to silence its opposition in the media. I don’t know about the rest of you, but I think that’s more important than a hundred Woodwards.

Lanny Davis Excuses Obama Camp’s Smear of Romney by Comparing to Swift Boat Vets Ad

Lanny Davis

Apparently, some Democrats believe the recent string of ads against Romney are justified due to Bush’s Swift Boat Vets back in 2004. Appearing on America’s Newsroom on July 16th, Lanny Davis, a Democratic operative, was shocked that Karl Rove would have such disgust towards this media blitz by the Obama campaign.  Mr. Davis apparently is still waiting for a response from “George Bush in 2004 [since he] didn’t say anything about [the] swift boat ads.”  Nice pivot Lanny.  Perhaps it could be a little payback for Bush’s hazing of Lanny when he attended Yale. 

Regardless, it seemed both sides agreed that the comments made by Obama  Deputy Campaign Manager Stephanie Cutter were way “out of bounds.” National Review editor Rich Lowry was especially upset about this recent development. However, Davis kept going back to 2004’s Swift Boat ads.

LANNY DAVIS: There is no doubt it’s an effort to distract and there is no doubt– I agree with Rich 100% that suggesting it’s a felony is way over the top. And if we stick to the facts Mitt Romney wasn’t running Bain Capital when he was running the Olympics period. Innuendo and suggesting felonies is way over the top. So I agree with that. The American people want to hear about the economy and I agreed with Karl that they are making a mistake not focusing on independent voters whether they’re getting turned off by this food fight. But give me a break, Rich, about outrage and all the adjectives, the swift boats felt betrayed therefore they could lie about John Kerry’s disgusting smears in the swift boat ads. And I didn’t hear Karl outraged about that. Every time I hear you or anybody on Republican side use adjectives about negative ads– I say wait a minute.

No, you wait a minute, Mr. Davis.

First off, this is an extraordinary circumstance.  The Obama campaign is making egregious allegations that Romney is hiding something illegal or he lied on his SEC report.  Furthermore, George Bush never accused his opponent, Sen. John Kerry, for committing a felony. Swift Boat Vets was a 527 group unaffiliated with the Bush campaign.  Stephanie Cutter is senior staff on the Obama campaign.