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SAAB: Symptom Of A Bailout Culture

SAAB Automobile AB announced today that, for the sixth month in a row, they can’t meet payroll.

The backstory for this American audience: Saab first announced difficulties paying its employees in April. The employees (better-known in socialist speak as “workers”) ceased working, and have been collecting government unemployment benefits equal to their full salaries ever since.

Saab’s financial difficulties began in the late 1988, when the company reported a loss for the year. The company failed to turn a profit in 1989. In 1990, 51% of Saab’s car division was sold to General Motors..

GM’s mismanagement of Saab paralleled GM’s mismanagement of itself: Saab made a substantial profit only one year of the 1990s- in 1995, with excellent European sales of a newly-redesigned Saab 900 launched the previous year. Despite mediocre sales, GM decided to acquire the remaining Saab shares in 2000.

From 2000 to current, Saab has only made a profit in one year: 2001.

Saab’s underperformance worsened in recent years, trending with the rest of the world’s economic downturn.

In 2009, Saab appealed to Swedish courts to be separated from General Motors ownership. Among the issues cited: GM had, for years, been reporting Saab-brand sales as GM-brand sales. This effort failed, but Saab was eventually sold to Spyker Automotive in 2010. Among the condition of the sale were loan guarantees from the Swedish government to Saab. The Swedish government stated that Saab was too important to Sweden’s economy to fail.

The Swedish government itself is partly to blame for Saab’s financial troubles: under Swedish law, once an employer hires an employee, the employer must continually employ that person until the employee resigns, commits misconduct, or the company declares bankruptcy. Layoffs for ‘just cause’ due to insolvency require government approval and mandatory negotiation with the employees’ union representation. In other words, layoffs are illegal in Sweden unless approved by the employees’ union and the government.

Another government issue for Saab: The burden of payroll taxes imposed on employers. Saab reportedly owes employees $5.5 million in salary for the month of November, and owes the Swedish government approximately $10-15 million- two to three times its payroll– in payroll taxes and ‘social fees’ to the Swedish government for the same period.

So let’s review: Saab has been a money-loss for more than two decades, but because it’s “too big to fail”, it’s been propped up with government loan guarantees and subsidies. Government regulations and government taxes and fees- used to fund the Swedish government’s social programs- have been crushing the profitability of this company. And collusion between the Swedish government and labor unions have prevented Saab from taking reasonable steps to manage expenses.

Sound familiar, anyone?

Look at Who is in Charge of the Chicago Teachers Union (In her own words)

Meet Karen Lewis, the President of Barack Obama’s friends at the Chicago Teachers Union. (CTU) Watch as she makes fun of Education Secretary Arne Duncan’s lisp, among other revealing things about this woman’s character. She is quite proud of her stated “self-medicating with pot smoking.” This is the person who is in charge with supplying the Chicago area with the teachers responsible for our children’s education. Would you allow this person near your children, let alone in charge of their education?

Notice this woman’s refusal to accept responsibility for her nasty, caught-on-tape rhetoric? Instead of taking responsibility for her remarks she blames everyone from Andrew Brietbart to the conservative reporters that have exposed her for the incompetent, pot-smoking neanderthal she truly is by simply putting this video out in public, so people can hear her own words and make their own judgement. Liberals constantly denounce the responsible people working to protect our children from self-serving, big tax-dollar-sucking Union operatives such as Karen Lewis, as being non-credible, even though her ludicrous statements are right here for all to see. Does anyone still think Karen Lewis and the CTU has their children’s best interests at heart today? If so take a look at this. What do the concerned parents of Chicago’s children have to say about this? How about the elected officials of Chicago, that have pledged to improve Chicago’s failing educational system? This woman needs to be terminated immediately.

2012 just can’t get here fast enough!

Lets Give the Liberals the Tax Hikes They Demand: Thanksgiving Edition

As the sweet aroma of Mom’s pumpkin pie fills the home this Thanksgiving morning, and with the turkey all set to go into the oven, I decided to take the time out to give thanks to Rich Mitchell and the CDN staff for giving me the platform to share my conservative news and opinion articles today. The following is my contribution to the CDN mission by producing some out-of-the-box ideas on the most important issue facing Americans in the coming year: How to reduce our massive national debt, and how to unlock the current Congressional stalemate by giving the Democrats the tax hikes they so fiercely demand. Happy Thanksgiving from all of us here at CDN. Enjoy your day. 

It is once again time to call the Liberal Democrat’s bluff. Let’s give them the tax increases they so heartily demand, but on their own stated ideological terms. Liberals have certain planks in their ideology that must be used in the tax increase debate up in Congress. This proposed tax increase leglislation has to include such lovely-sounding Liberal catch-phrases of wealth redistribution, social justice, equal justice, and President Obama’s personal favorite, community service. (while keeping in mind the Democrat’s past history of reneging on promised cuts in federal spending.)

Let’s start out by taking Wolf Blitzer’s often-asked question of whether GOP Presidential candidates would accept a 10 to 1 ratio of budget cuts to tax increase dollars. The GOP must call the Liberal media’s bluff and accept that scenario… in an intelligent, yet very simple way. Draw up the bill in the House of Representatives immediately that says yes, the GOP will accept $10 dollars in budget cuts for every single dollar in increases taxes. That is straight forward and simple enough, even for the mathematically challenged Democrats and President Obama to understand.  Now that we have agreed to Wolf Blitzer’s leftist-parroted demands for those tax increases during the current recession, let’s take it one step further in appeasing the Liberals. Let’s add the Liberal/OWS ideological planks of equal justice, social justice, wealth redistribution and community service into the new tax increase bill shall we? 

Introducing HR-2011-The Liberal Tax Increase Bill of 2011- (NOT an actual bill in congress)

Bill Sponsored by DJ Redman  No Co-sponsors to date.

Section 1-A: Equal Justice for all in the form of tax increases. 

Equal justice means just what the title says. Equal treatment for all Americans, regardless of race, national origin, income status, or political affiliation. Therefore, in keeping with the Liberal ideology of “equal justice for all” the tax increases will be applied to every adult of working age in America.( whether they actually work or not) Section 1-A of the Liberal tax increase bill of 2011,may also be referred to as, “Equal justice in paying your fair share in America.” In this section there will be a means tested chart for how much new taxes will be levied on every person in the USA, illegals included, regardless of private sector income. Welfare checks, rent subsidies, WIC coupons, utility bill payments, food stamps and every other hidden government pay- for- not- working entitlement program will be taxed before checks/payments will be sent out. Equal justice, as in everyone paying their fair share as outlined in this section should really have the support of every debt-spending Liberal in Congress, hands down. If the workers of America have to pay more taxes on their hard-earned wealth, making the non-workers pay taxes on their government handouts should also make the Unions quite happy. Millionaire Union Chiefs could say they are working hard to protect the workers in America by supporting tax increases on the freeloaders and non-producers of our society who unfairly burden their working class Union members. This section will do wonders for the entitlement class in America as they will be able to now stand up and be counted as actual taxpayers, instead of a 100% parasitic drain on society. 

Section 1-B of the Liberal Tax Increase Bill of 2011 will include several measures of the Liberals beloved “Social Justice” plank.  

Section 1-B will include mandatory work for welfare reforms built upon the 1994 GOP Welfare reform plan that reduced the number of people on welfare by 50% by the year 1998. Social justice demands that the welfare class do their part in society to reduce our national debt and rebuild America. Work for welfare will also have the added benefit of restoring some self-respect into the welfare class, so that when they scurry to their mailbox for their government entitlement ”paychecks” as they like to call them, they will have the added pleasure of knowing that they have actually earned that money. Social Justice will be well-served in this action, by evening out the class warfare of today that is being caused by 50% of the population demanding that the working class support them. True Social Justice demands that the working class be represented equally, not just the racial politics-driven minorities, the poor, or the illegal aliens in America. 

Section 1–C of the Liberal Tax Increase Bill of 2011 will also include a healthy dose of the wealth redistribution that President Obama has pushed his Democrats to achieve for 3 straight years. As in any “Social Justice, and Equal Justice” driven wealth redistributive policies, there has to be fairness across the economic spectrum. This has to start with sections 1-A and 1-B, where everyone not only shares in the wealth created by the citizenry, but also must include the sharing of the debt that the very government they have elected has created. There is no justice of any form inherent in the Liberal ideology of sharing in the wealth while refusing to share in the debt at the same time, period. Every single adult in America will share in our debt, one way or the other. This is a true form of Social Justice, so it should receive 100% Democratic support. In order to not infuriate the welfare class, we will use a long standing Democratic budgetary trick in not calling it a welfare tax. Let’s instead label it “Processing Fees to Improve America” on all unearned entitlement check stubs. That way, Democrats can stand up in Congress and tell their voting base that they did not, in fact raise taxes on them. (wink) Section 1-C simply states that every adult in America will now share in our national debt, not just the working class and job-creating business class. 

Section 2 of the Liberal Tax Increase Bill of 2011 will contain  penalties  provisions that simply states that any elected official found to be in violation of the 10 to 1 budget cuts to tax increases ratio in this bill, (as Democrats did when they increased spending by $480 billion after promising President Reagan $280 billion in cuts) will face an immediate Bernie Madoff-style trial after being suspended from Congress. For every dollar they are found to be increasing in spending instead of cutting, they will forfeit $10 dollars of their personal wealth, most of which they have acquired through illegal insider trading and ripping off the taxpayers to begin with. Every elected official who’s signature is found to be on any spending bill breaking the 10 to 1 budget cuts to tax increases provisions in this bill will share equally in paying off the illegal increased spending. How;s that for “Equal Justice” Congress ? We the people will now be able to hold elected officials responsible for their debt-spending thanks to the Liberal tax Increase bill of 2011. In the case of elected members of Congress found guilty of  increasing spending under this new law, and who can not afford to repay the citizenry the full amount, see section 3.

Section -2-A of the Liberal Tax Increase Bill of 2011 will include a very healthy dose of Barack Obama’s ideological roots that propelled him into politics in the first place: Community service. Any elected official found to be in violation of section 2, and can not repay the citizenry  for the illegal spending increases outlines in this bill will be mandated to perform community service to pay off their debt to society at a rate of 1 hour for every dollar they owe the American public. With the massive increases of manpower derived from this penalty phase,  politicians caught lying to the American people and not making the agreed upon budget cuts,  will be mandated to do everything Barack Obama says his fake jobs bill would do:  We will rebuild all of our bridges, roadways, and schools with this new-found free labor. We will send our convicted politicians into the downtrodden slums and ghettos to clean them up, giving Barack Obama and his Democrats the “urban renewal” they so desire, and it won’t cost the taxpayers one thin dime in labor. We can also have criminal politicians save the Post Office from the government and labor-union caused bankruptcy crisis they are currently under, by having them sort and deliver mail as part of their community service. Democrats have always been the champions of imprisoned felons rights groups, so we shall also mandate that all prisoners do extensive community service as part of the new social justice programs in HR 2011, thereby supplying America with an estimated annual 500 million free man-hours of labor to rebuild America.  Felonious members of Congress will be working side by side with the convicted murderers, rapists, Occupy Wall Street vermin, welfare class, and convicted illegal drug cartel members in the ultimate form of their beloved Social Justice.  

*HR-2011 is reported to have national bi-partisan support, according to several ex-members of Congress, unnamed sources,and distant friends of ex-Congressional aides, all of whom who wish to remain anonymous for personal and national security reasons.

*HR-2011 is estimated to cut our national debt by over $4 trillion dollars a year by the newly formed *Common Sense Home Budgetarians/Working Taxpayers of America Foundation.

*Yes these statements are made in humor, using fictitious group’s names to make the point of how our government uses their government-funded non-profit puppet organizations statistics and unnamed sources to claim bi-partisan support, budgetary savings etc.

Rep. Deutch: Occupy Groups Deserve a Constitutional Amendment

Rep. Ted Deutch - Champion for Occupiers

While the actual legislation doesn’t carry the name, thinkprogress.org didn’t have any trouble calling Rep. Ted Deutch’s (D-FL) proposed Constitutional amendment “Outlawing Corporate Cash Undermining the Public Interest in our Elections and Democray ” Yeah.. it spells OCCUPIED – according to the progressive rumor site.

First, as usual, thinkprogress.org is lying. The word “outlawing” isn’t in the resolution .. not even once – neither are several of the other words they threw out there as red meat to the the Occupy groups. Most Americans are used to progressive groups putting lies on the table in hopes they’ll stick – the name is just one more. However, the actual resolution does exist and is a dangerous piece of legislation.

While this amendment has no chance  to pass Congress, much less 2/3rds of the states as is required by the Constitution, the proposed amendment has some key points of interest for voters in Rep. Ted Deutch’s district. That district is  the 19th in Florida.

The resolution states its case immediately:

Proposing an amendment to the Constitution of the United States to expressly exclude for-profit corporations from the rights given to natural persons by the Constitution of the United States, prohibit corporate spending in all elections, and affirm the authority of Congress and the States to regulate corporations and to regulate and set limits on all election contributions and expenditures.

The major problem  is that anyone that can get a non-profit designation now has more power than the job-providing companies in the United States. Do you envy the prospect of having no choice but to work for a non-profit?

Another issue with this is that big-labor, Democrat-friendly unions are free to keep pumping a ton of cash into our government.

Rep. Deutch defended the anti-business, pro-union legislation by saying:

No matter how long protesters camp out across America, big banks will continue to pour money into shadow groups promoting candidates more likely to slash Medicaid for poor children than help families facing foreclosure. No matter how strongly Ohio families fight for basic fairness for workers, the Koch Brothers will continue to pour millions into campaigns aimed at protecting the wealthiest 1%. No matter how fed up seniors in South Florida are with an agenda that puts oil subsidies ahead of Social Security and Medicare, corporations will continue to fund massive publicity campaigns and malicious attack ads against the public interest. Americans of all stripes agree that for far too long, corporations have occupied Washington and drowned out the voices of the people. I introduced the OCCUPIED Amendment because the days of corporate control of our democracy. It is time to return the nation’s capital and our democracy to the people.

Rep. Deutch is a loon – certifiably nuts. What is it with Florida Democrats? (Alan Grayson anyone?)

Oddly-missing is a concern about the hundreds of millions of dollars being poured into Congress from SEIU, AFL-CIO, NEA, AFT, NFFE (federal employees), AFGE (government), ILA (longshoreman), ATU (transit), UAW, NAPFE (federal postal workers), IAM, UMW, IUPA (police), IBT (Teamsters), IAFF (firefighters), APWU (another postal workers union), AFSCME (state govt workers), UTU (transport), NATCA (air traffic), PACE (energy workers), UFCW (food), ALPA (pilots), USW (steel workers), TTD (third transport union), UFW (farm workers), FAST (another food workers union), PAT (another teacher’s union), TWU (4th transit union), and more.

That list is admittedly incomplete. The full list represents unions that have employees in almost every major corporation and government job in the United States. The unions take dues from all of their workers – whether or not the workers agree with how they spend it. If the employee groups have the right to bundle and send hundreds of millions to Congress, why shouldn’t the employers? Aren’t the progressives all about a level playing field?

If Rep. Deutch and the Occupy folks were serious about getting money out of American politics, they would have demanded a bill that required that NO collective funding of elections should occur. No corporations, no unions, no non-profits and no for-profits. Only direct contributions by individual citizens would be allowed – but that’s not what our desperately-in-need of union-funding Representative of the people proposed .. is it?

Ted Deutch is a politician. He isn’t any more for the occupiers than he is for Tea Partiers. He probably doesn’t like any of them. One of them is in bed with the unions and the other one is against them. That’s all this is – but you already knew that.

Unions and the Fallacy Behind Them

Generations of people have grown up with the misconceptions that unions are the God’s of the people, by the people for the people. Like the current state of affairs with our government nothing could be further from the truth. Union heads are strong supporters of the current administration with huge contributions to Obama’s campaign. There is a method to their madness and while they contribute to and help to finance the demonstrations we see daily their main focus goes much deeper.

Collective bargaining, wages, and tenure are just a few of the issues addressed by Union leaders. They appear to be the allies for the common folk, the middle or lower class; they have a history of making lives better by obtaining benefits, wages, and profit sharing for all union employees. Thus you would be inclined to believe union officials are your best friends. If you are one of the many people who live in this country and find this to be true you may want to read on.

Although collective bargaining for wages, benefits, and working conditions sounds good, the corruption seriously outweighs the benefits. Richard Trumka, head of the AFL-CIO has publically issued a warning to democrats should they fail to fight for labor unions as determined by him. Trumka: “If lawmakers don’t push hard enough to stem attacks on labor’s interests, workers will abandon the party in the 2012 election.”
Meanwhile, while AFL-CIO head Trumka was flirting with National Socialism, recently retired SEIU president Andy Stern was kissing up to socialism’s more famous sister, Communism, saying, “Workers of the world unite – it’s not just a slogan anymore. It’s the way we’re gonna have to do our work.” But let’s get back to Richard Trumka.

Richard Trumka has his own agenda and rest assured his visions of the future leave little room for confusion.. “As president of the United Mine Workers (UMW) union, Trumka led multiple violent strikes. Trumka’s fiery rhetoric often appeared to condone militancy and violence, especially against workers who dared to continue to provide for their families by working during a strike. As a Virginia judge ruled in 1989, “violent activities are being organized, orchestrated and encouraged by the leadership of this union.” Take the murder of Eddie York, a nonunion contractor, who was shot in the back of the head and killed while leaving a worksite in 1993. Trumka and other UMW officials were charged in a $27 million wrongful death suit by Eddie York’s widow. After fighting the suit intensely for four years, UMW lawyers settled suddenly in 1997 — just two days after the judge in the case ruled evidence in the criminal trial would be admitted. Later, as Secretary-Treasurer of the AFL-CIO, Trumka pleaded the Fifth Amendment before Congress and a court-appointed election monitor over his role in an illegal fundraising scheme to benefit the Teamsters president Ron Carey’s re-election. Trumka has remained in his position ever since despite an AFL-CIO rule (adopted in 1957) which held that union officials who plead the Fifth have “no right to continue to hold office” in the union umbrella organization.” (Cote)

“On the orders of the United Mine Workers (UMW), 16,000 miners went on strike in 1993. One subcontractor, Eddie York (who was not a UMW member), decided it was important to support his wife and three children and crossed picket lines to get to his job. He was shot in the head as he left the job site to go home. UMW President Richard Trumka (now Secretary-Treasurer at the AFL-CIO) told The Washington Times that “if you strike a match and put your finger in, common sense tells you you’re going to burn your finger.” UMW strike captain Jerry Dale Lowe was found guilty of weapons charges and conspiracy in York’s death, and York’s widow Wanda sued the union for her husband’s wrongful death. The UMW fought the lawsuit for four years, but settled with Wanda York only two days after federal prosecutors announced that they would share evidence from the criminal trial with York’s attorneys.” (Washinton Examiner).

More recently the occupy Wall Street Protesters have support of Union leaders. The violence for many of them is a means to an end of capitalism as we know it. They have their own agenda it is not one that most of us would consider the American Way. They in no way stand for Truth and Justice and Freedom for all – theirs is a way that finds its resolution in violence and by taking what does not belong to them.

Cote, Nick http://www.nrtw.org/en/blog/richard-trumka-facts-09152609

Washington Examiner Staff writer http://washingtonexaminer.com/blogs/beltway-confidential/union-

National Day of "Doing Crap that Actually Matters"

The occupy park benches movement (a.k.a. Obamaville liaison to Big-labor) is planning a “day of action” on Thursday.

The New York local office is planning to start a march from city hall, across the Brooklyn bridge and onward to cause grid-lock near the intersection of Wall St. and Broad St. – the approximate location of the New York Stock Exchange.

The movement is preaching environmental causes, international causes, anti-capitalism, anti-Americanism, pro-Palestine, pro-Union, anti-bank, anti-freedom messages – all at once.

This is the group that believes that it’s illegal for law enforcement officers to remove them from private property – that they have trespassed upon.

This is the group that infringes upon the rights of others to get their impossible-to-understand points heard.

What is needed is a counter-protest. A national movement that really matters.

Many in the TEA party have repeated the mantra “Not racist, not violent, not silent anymore”. Well, it’s time to start being less silent.

The Occupy movement is a puppet arm of the Unions and other groups that would like to see our economic system fail. Their approach: to force drastic changes to an economy to one that favors those unwilling to build exemplary skills.

Unions prop-up those willing to only do “enough” to earn a paycheck. That doesn’t mean that all union workers are lazy. It means that union leadership has no interest in making an example of those that are talented – lest it injure someone unable to become an expert. It is much like playing a sport where no one keeps score to avoid having a loser. Entrepreneurial spirit is the answer – the purest form of success due to expertise.

If you knew you would only succeed if you spent the time to learn more about your trade or perhaps invent a new technique – wouldn’t you? What if that was the only way to get ahead in America – as it was in times past. Would that not create a culture of experts or at least reward those trying to build such a culture?

Electricians of great quality can contract out to whomever they want for an above market price. Master electricians can run an entire shop of high-quality electricians and do very well. This is the spirit of America – not those do-nothing, produce-nothing loudmouths in Zucotti park.

It is time. It is THE time.  IT IS OUR time. It is the time for truly productive Americans to say that this cannot go unanswered.  Unlike the characters in Atlas Shrugged we don’t have to learn over the course of 12 years after the brat-like redistributionalists get their way. We can start to affect change today.

Do you live in New York, Oakland or any other city where one of these atrocious affronts to society are taking place? Why aren’t you calling your Mayor’s office, Governor’s office, state Rep, state Senator, police chief, sheriff’s dept or other local group. The squeaky wheel gets the grease and only the incredible minority that are living in city parks are letting city officials know how they feel.

That is why we need a “National Day of Doing Crap That Actually Matters “. On Friday, November 18th, call your LOCAL officials and let them know that you no longer want these anti-freedom, anti-capitalism, anti-liberty, anti-work, anti-American people keeping you out of YOUR public spaces. No longer do you want them influencing YOUR children. No longer do you want them messing with YOUR country. Tell your officials that you want law enforcement to actually do their jobs and arrest trespassers – not just push them to the side and throw away their garbage.

Cities (a.k.a. taxpayers) are spending tens of thousands of dollars a day of taxpayer money to police the “Obamavilles” and “Class Warfare Shanty Towns”. That is YOUR hard-earned money that these miscreants are spending. When will you speak up?

It’s fun to ridicule them on twitter or post their most-recent idiocy on Facebook, but that’s relatively ineffective.

Join the “National Day of Doing Crap that Actually Matters” and make a few phone calls on Friday. It won’t take much more than a few minutes of your time to disarm a movement of unthinking, irrelevant, disrespectful and unproductive union puppets.

Join the NDoDCtAM (say that 5 times fast)  and show them that the Occupational forces in America’s parks are NOT the 99%.

Movements that NDoDCTAM is in solidarity with:

Free Wall Street:

We will be talking with John Tabacco, founder of “Free Wall Street” tonight on the Mitchell & Ray show.

John and Derek Tabacco were so frustrated with the disruptions caused by the protesters in Zuccotti Park that they started the “Free Wall Street” campaign.

Mr. Tabacco is asking other Americans to  “rally” in opposition to Occupy Wall Street.

John said that “the way to end any Occupation is to form a coalition of freedom fighters to rebel against the unwanted occupiers. Since its inception, Occupy Wall Street protesters have caused problems for local businesses and hard working people that work on Wall Street and surrounding offices near Zuccotti Park.”

You can join the rebellion against the occupiers by following the movement on twitter: @wallstfighters and their soon to be online web page: freewallstreetnow.com

Thanks to those providing phone numbers:


Mayor:- 214-670-4054
DPD: 214-744-444
Media Relations: 214-671-4065

San Antonio

Mayor: 210-207-7060
SAPD: 210-207-7273
Media Relations:   210-207-7234

It’s time for a little activist-on-activist action

The Occupy Wall Street movement started almost two months ago when a ragtag bunch of anti-capitalist demonstrators attempted and failed to take over the famous street that is home  to the New York Stock Exchange.

Police had security set so that protesters could not approach the financial institution so the movement .. moved – to Zucotti Park.

The 33,000 square-foot space is privately owned by Brookfield Office Properties – a commercial real estate company – and is named after that company’s chairman. It is not the occupiers’ property to do with as they wish. It is not their park as they so often claim. It is someone else’s private property and they are trespassing.

Over the two month occupation, cardboard box parts, tents, pavilions, cooking centers and electrical generation equipment have moved into the squatter’s camp – also known as an “Obamaville” or a “Class Warfare Shanty Town”.

This has occurred on a medium-to-large scale in several U.S. cities. Oakland, Portland, Denver, D.C. and New York City. Smaller efforts have struggled in cities like Chapel Hill, NC.

Due to long hours of incessant drumming for dollars and crowd-powered “Mic Checks”, neighbors around these movements had started to tire. Add in the businesses that were losing revenue and laying off workers due to the presence of the unpleasant, unkempt and unhealthy tent villages and that the city’s leadership was getting an earful from the citizenry, a series of sexual assaults, health issues, assaults on non-protesters, trespassing issues, thefts, an attack on an EMS crew and more – and the real 99% (or whatever) started a revolt of their own – the occupation of parks had to end – NOW.

The struggle: capitalism and individual liberties/property rights vs. collectivism and “redistributive  change”. The free-market philosophy favored by Conservatives vs. the class warfare strategy in-use by President Obama. Even the Pew Research Center decided that a poll pitting the Occupiers against the TEA parties was necessary. Everyone wanted a war between those working hard to keep what they earn  and those working hard to take it from someone that earned it.

Some label the battle as the ‘haves’ versus the ‘have nots’, but in truth, it’s the ‘haves’ vs those that envy what the ‘haves’ have done with their lives. Why is this tiny group of do-nothings getting so much say and the majority of hard-working Americans not protesting in return? Where are those loud and rowdy TEA partiers?

It does bring to light an important point – how serious are Americans about their rights to pursue happiness, own property and be free from an oppressive government ? In 2009, the liberty-loving TEA parties were a force to be dealt with. In 2010, they molded an election but, in 2011, the energy behind the TEA party may be waning.

The results in Ohio show that the Unions out-organized Conservative groups. More people showed up to vote down the public union collective bargaining reform than all that voted for Governor Kasich in the last election. How does that happen? Simple – apathy.

There is no denying a strong link between Unions, progressives like Michael Moore and the Occupy movement just as there is no denying the link between The TEA Parties and Conservatives like Marco Rubio and Paul Ryan. The battle lines are drawn – each side has it’s communicators and techniques and whichever is better motivated will shape the 2012 elections as the TEA Parties did in 2012.

It’s time to raise that Gadsden flag. It’s time to dust off that pocket version of the constitution. It’s time to volunteer, march, read, write, email, call, register, donate, and most of all –  VOTE!! Get informed and vote in the primaries. The caucuses and primaries start in just a few short weeks. Are you working for a candidate,

Conservatives don’t need to take over a park for two months to bring together several hundred to a few thousand like-minded as-did the Occupiers. Marches like the 9-12 Marches and events like those at the Lincoln Memorial in 2010 show that there are hundreds of thousands of willing, active and awake Americans that will come to the call. A call to activism.

Activism against sloth;  a revolt against class-warfare;  a revolution against socialistic change; a rebuke against most-everything for which the occupiers stand.

We cannot be silent any more. Just sitting and watching as an entire generation idolizes the failed ideology of wealth redistribution that has been tried in nations near and far. We have to speak out and say “not now” – “not HERE” – “NOT EVER”.

When will the true defenders of freedom speak out in public and tell these small groups of ill-thinking trespassers that they are NOT the 99%. They aren’t the 50%, or even the 1%. They are a scrambled set of failed liberal ideas trying to join together against a common enemy – success – and those willing to work for it.

It’s time for a little activist on activist action. This is not a call to violence – but a call to challenge the loudmouth, small-minded, short-term thinking coming out of places like Zucotti park.

Election Results from Tuesday November 8th

Check back regularly as the CDNews staff will be updating this page as results come in from Washington, Mississippi, Virginia, Kentucky and Ohio. (or just hit the reload/refresh button occasionally)


Steve Beshear (D) wins re-election bid as Governor – has more than 58% of the vote

Kentucky Gov. Steve Beshear has been re-elected, becoming the second Democrat to win a U.S. gubernatorial race this year amid lingering economic uncertainty that’s already proving worrisome to President Barack Obama’s 2012 effort.

Beshear easily overcame challenges from Republican David Williams and independent Gatewood Galbraith, in a conservative state where voters routinely elect Republicans in national races. With 50 percent of precincts reporting, Beshear had 241,211 votes or 58 percent, to 131,319 votes for Williams or 31 percent. Galbraith had 44,893 votes or 11 percent. [from HuffingtonPost]


Issue 2: FAILED: SB5 – the limitation of collective bargaining for public-sector unions – Initiative fails, SB5 defeated, unions can hold Ohio citizens hostage again thanks to Millions of Dollars of Big-labor special interest money.

Issue 3: PASSED: Vote to exempt Ohio from Obamacare insurance mandate – measure passes – Ohio citizens have voted to be exempt from Obama’s health care reform individual mandate. Supreme Court case incoming “10th amendment v. Obama”


Maine voters decided that it should be ok to vote the same day you register overturning the law that would have required voters to register a whole 2 days before the election.


Initiative 26: FAILED: Definition of a Person (personhood) – does life start at conception? Mississippi says no: 42% yes, 58% no with 921 of 1876 precincts reporting

Gubernatorial race: BRYANT WINS: Phil Bryant (R) vs. Johnny DuPree (D): 802 of 1876 precincts reporting 59% to 41% for Bryant


The Washington Liquor State Licensing Initiative (1183) was PASSED by a 60-40 margin.  The referendum called for the closing of state liquor stores as a part of budget cutting and the privatization of liquor sales.


Preliminary indications are that the Virginia Senate will be split 20-20 giving the tie break to the GOP Lt. Governor and control of committees to the Republicans.  However Senate seat 17 has been decided by less than 100 votes.  A recount is expected.

Ohio Votes on Key Issues: Will America Follow Suit?

Citizens from the great state of Ohio will vote Tuesday on two issues that could have far-reaching consequences for the rest of the country.  The first of the initiatives, Issue 3, is a vote on an amendment to the Ohio State Constitution that would exempt the state from the new national healthcare laws (Obamacare).  At the heart of Issue 3 is the concern over Ohio’s citizens being legally compelled to participate in federally mandated insurance programs.  If passed, the Issue will amend the Ohio Constitution to say: “In Ohio, no law or rule shall compel, directly or indirectly, any person, employer, or health care provider to participate in a health care system. In Ohio, no law or rule shall prohibit the purchase or sale of health care or health insurance. In Ohio, no law or rule shall impose a penalty or fine for the sale or purchase of health care or health insurance.”

With Obamacare on the fast track to a Supreme Court ruling, Ohio’s Issue 3 could have an effect on the final judgement of the constitutionality of the law.  If voters choose to strike down the amendment, the SCOTUS can use voter sentiments in that state to sway their decision.  Americans were not given the option of voting for Obamacare and many opponents say it never would have passed the smell test if citizens had been given the option to vote for the legislation in the first place.  Ohio is the first state that will put that theory to the test.  If voters reject the measure, the SCOTUS could use that as a guage for how the rest of the country would feel about national healthcare requirements.  Taking that into consideration, it seems more likely that the Justices would uphold Obamacare as the law of the land, citing Ohio as an example of how Americans feel Obamacare does not violate their Constitutional rights.  Conversely, a vote to adopt could also sway the SCOTUS in the direction of striking down Obamacare for good.

The second initiative is Issue 5, which addresses the state of union pay and benefits in Ohio.  As we’ve seen in the battles in Indiana and Wisconsin earlier this year, public union reforms are becoming a hot button issue in the States.  With bankruptcy looming for many of the States, some governors are being forced to drastically change their budgets and cut costs in order to address tanking balance sheets.  Public unions have come under fire as a large drain on state and local budgets.  In Wisconsin, unions rioted at the capital, protesting against Governor Scott Walker’s attempts to curb union benefits and require public union employees to contribute to their own healthcare and pension funds.  Ohio Senate Bill 5 closely mirrors Walker’s ultimately successful reforms.  It curbs their right to collectively bargain for anything outside of wages and prohibits striking.  It puts an end to the “fair share” policy of unions, which extracts dues from all employees including those who opt out of the union system.  It will also, like Wisconsin, require unions to pay more into their own healthcare and pension programs.  Although Issue 5 doesn’t carry the same national weight as Issue 3, its passage could signal a continuing momentum in States’ battle against exorbitant public union pay and clout, which has greatly contributed to the budget crisis across America.  Passage of Issue 5 in Ohio could embolden other strapped states to follow suit.

Issue 2 is also an important initiative to watch as it wrestles control away from public unions and puts budgeting of salary and expenses back in the hands of local elected officials.

Ohio has a huge day of voting on Tuesday that could have quite a persuasive effect on the rest of the country.  As the saying goes, “As Ohio goes, so goes the rest of America”.

CDN at the Defending the Dream Conference – Pregame Edition

Hello from Washington D.C. Members of the Conservative Daily News team are making their way up to the nation’s capitol as we speak for the 5th annual “Defending the American Dream” Summit.  This year’s addition promises to be a fantastic assembly of individuals who are ready to take the country back from its march toward socialism.  DAD coordinators, presenters and attendees alike will be sending a clear message to our elected officials to reign in the out of control spending and to reduce the size and scope of government.


Among the many notable at the conference will be:


Tim Phillips, AFP Foundation, President

Phil Kerpen, AFP Foundation, VP for Policy

Mark Levin, Radio Host

Judge Andrew Napolitano, Fox News Senior Judicial Analyst

Rudy Giuliani, former Mayor of New York City

Jonah Goldberg, New York Times bestselling author

Dinesh D’Souza, Bestselling author

Congresswoman Cathy McMorris Rodgers, U.S. House of Representatives

Andrew Breitbart Conservative commentator and author

Carly Fiorina, former CEO Hewlett-Packard

Ken Cuccinelli, Virginia Attorney General

Congressman Marsha Blackburn, U.S. House of Representatives

Rep. Andy Harris, U.S. House of Representatives

Rep. Mike Pompeo, U.S. House of Representatives

James O’Keefe, Conservative film maker

John Fund, American Spectator

Grover Norquist, President, Americans for Tax Reform




Mitt Romney, Former Massachusetts Governor and GOP presidential hopeful

Herman Cain, Businessman and GOP presidential hopeful


There will be many breakout sessions, general sessions, film debuts and other special events including a tribute to Ronald Reagan dinner that is sure to be spectacular.


For more information, go to the Defending the Dream Summit webpage.


Next report will be at halftime, Friday night!

About Those Underpaid Union Teachers

While an amazing 57% of Americans were recently shown to believe that our teachers are underpaid and overworked… FACTS prove otherwise, much to the dismay of Obama and his Union bed-pals working to get him reelected in 2012. A new study by the American Enterprise Institute and the Heritage Foundation finds that public school teachers receive total compensation more an astounding 50% greater than that of private sector employees. When studying the complete employment package that includes vacation time, benefits and job security, we see that unionized public sector teachers have really pulled the wool over the eyes of the American taxpayer when it comes to their often-stated “We are overworked and underpaid” soundbites.  


Unions pay big money to elect political bed-pals, who then turn around and approve fantasy-land salary and benefits packages for Union teachers that result in the collapse of state budgets across America. As we see here, 92% of all Union cash since 1990 has went into Democratic campaign coffers: 

Since 1990, labor unions have contributed over $667 million in election campaigns in the United States, of which $614 million or 92 percent went to support Democratic candidates. In 2008, unions spent $74.5 million in campaign contributions, with $68.3 million going to the Democratic Party. Already, unions have contributed $6.5 million to the 2010 elections, and $6 million has gone to Democrats, according to the Center for Responsive Politics in Washington, D.C.

The NEA and the AFT Teachers Unions are big players in Obama’s reelection campaign, and this is the main reason for his current “pass my Jobs Bill right now” temper tantrum, in which he wants to “create or save” millions of Union teacher jobs with Federal tax dollars. FACT: In doing my own research, I have yet to interview one child who could tell me that they showed up for school this year and found no teacher there to teach the class. NOT ONE. Incompetent, or unnecessary teachers should be sitting at home, not being paid federal tax dollars to overburden state budgets.

The Obama Administration has said that it wishes to make greater federal funding for education a priority during the years ahead, and has shown no willingness to support school choice in the form of vouchers. This is directly related to campaign donations of the National Education Association and the American Federation of Teachers which from 1990 – 2008, have contributed more than $50 million to support Democratic candidates running for office. Teachers unions also spent record amounts to elect Democrats in the 2010 elections, but common sense Americans, along with the Tea Party spoiled those plans. That is the reason we see Unions protesting common sense state budget cuts across America: Many states now have new, common-sense conservative Governors and legislatures that mean business as far as obeying state laws that require them to balance their budgets are concerned.

Both of the above-mentioned unions have been strong supporters of increased federal aid to public schools and have strongly opposed school voucher programs. Of course they are against school vouchers, and this is also known as feeding the goose that is laying the golden eggs to fill Democratic campaign coffers which in turn, allows Liberal-fake-Democrats to remain in power. It is a never-ending vicious cycle of irresponsibility that keeps repeating itself….until the taxpayer money-pit runs dry, that is.  See Wisconsin, Ohio, and California for blatant examples of how Union teacher and other public sector employee pensions, healthcare and bloated salaries end up killing state budgets.  Over the course of the last four decades, states have used budgetary gimmickry to hide the trillions of dollars of unfunded pension liabilities.  Eventually, the truth comes out that there just isn’t enough money to pay all the state pensions that have been promised and agreed to by irresponsible politicians  begging for reelection. The folks who have put in 20 or 30 years of service don’t want their pensions cut, while the current batch of Union employees do not want to contribute enough money to the pension funds to keep them solvent in the very near future.

So much for Union solidarity there. Meanwhile we have the Occupy Wall Street protesters shoulder to shoulder with big labor unions in condemning American “greed.” The very same greed that teachers are shown to have an abundance of, raking in 50% more in total compensation than private sector workers, and still claiming to be underpaid.  How about that OWS protesters? Will we see signs condemning teachers union greed any time soon? I won’t hold my breath.



Occupy Oakland and Unions

About 1,000 demonstrators blocked the intersection of 12th Street and Broadway on Wednesday, November 2, 2011. The Occupy Oakland general strike marched in a loop around downtown Oakland, CA. They have planned actions today to disrupt business. The city of Oakland is open for business. The Port of Oakland is not shut down, said ILWU spokesman Craig Merrilees. The demonstration aims to shut down the city by targeting banks, corporations, and the Port of Oakland in solidarity with the worldwide Occupy movement.

Several labor unions are urging their members to join the day of action. Unions representing Oakland’s public school teachers, community college instructors, city government workers and University of California, Berkeley teaching assistants have endorsed the strike. The California Nurses Association is encouraging its members to participate. However, the Oakland police union slammed Mayor Jean Quan for her “flip-flop” stance on the city’s Occupy protests. They questioned her motives and why the city plans to beef up its police presence at strike-related events while giving other city workers leeway to participate. “I am working with the police chief to make sure that the pro-99 percent activists – whose cause I support – will have the freedom to get their message across without the conflict that marred last week’s events,” Mayor Quan said.

The mayor is painting us as the bad guys in all of this,” Sgt. Dom Arotzarena, president of the Oakland police union, told AP. “We get one order one day and then she flip-flops the next day. We’re going to be seen as the establishment, and it’s not fair to the police.

BTW, see this excellent post by Kira Davis for more information.

Occupy Oakland Joins Public Unions for General Strikes, Sanctioned by City

In a move rife with irony, the Occupy Oakland movement has teamed up with local unions to participate in a general strike on Wednesday.  Not content to just complain about corporate greed, global warming or animal cruelty, the Occupiers have decided to expand their message to include school closures, reform to union benefits and cuts in social programs.  Members from teacher’s and nurses unions as well as other unions gathered to meet the Occupy protesters in front of Oakland’s City Hall Wednesday morning.  The city government of Oakland has graciously allowed its unionized employees to use personal days or sick time to join the strike.  Organizers plan to end the day’s activities at the Port of Oakland, where they hope to “halt the flow of capital” coming into the port.  The International Longshoreman and Warehouse Union say they are not able to sanction a strike, but support the movement against “corporate greed that is wrecking America”.

No word yet on whether anyone participating finds it ironic that Occupy Oakland is joining forces with the very unions responsible for sucking up so much taxpayer money that schools and social programs are forced to shut down.  America will wait breathlessly to see how many jobs were created at the Port of Oakland once the “flow of capital” is blocked.  Stay tuned to Conservative Daily News for more updates.

Nov. 8th, 2011: Historic Ballot Vote to be Held in Ohio

In a little over two weeks there will be a Statewide ballot initiative in Ohio that is of major importance to every single American citizen. This should in fact, be a National vote for all affected citizens as opposed to it just being a State ballot vote due to it’s wide-ranging implications.

On Nov. 8th the voters of Ohio will go to the polling stations to vote on an attempt by Big Labor Unions to repeal the democratically passed Senate Bill 05, which was  signed into law by Governor Kasich back in March, 2011. ( Known on ballot as ** Issue 2**)

Before the ink was even dry after the signing of SB 5 into law, big labor was on the march, creating another community organizing group to demand the law’s repeal, this one with the catch-phrase title, We Are Ohio. I guess the 85% of the working folks in the State of Ohio that chose not to belong to big Labor Unions are now being told they are no longer Ohioans. If big labor Unions are Ohio, just what are the other 85% of the Ohio public supposed to be? Michiganders? Doesn’t their vote count too? Is this what the democracy looks like that Unions so love to chant about at these protest rallies that are designed to…..ignore the majority of the voting public and the laws that their elected officials pass? Democrats and their Union bed-pals are desperate to hold onto power in 2012 and that is exactly what this ballot initiative is all about.

I invite everyone to check out the above-linked We Are Ohio page. They put out what appears to be a white paper in a fact-checking form, yet their “facts” leave a lot to be desired. We will just visit one blaring piece of misinformation that proves that We Are Ohio is nothing more than a left-wing-big-Union-promoting-propaganda media outlet designed to fool the good people of  Ohio into repealing SB 5. ( Issue 2 on the ballot) Here is what the Union power-brokers would like you to believe: ( from the Union propaganda page, We Are Ohio)

MYTH: Public employees are overpaid, and their salaries need to be brought in line with the private sector.
TRUTH: A recent Rutgers University study found Ohio public employees earn 6 percent less on a yearly basis than their peers in the private sector. They earn 3.5% less on an hourly basis. The average OAPSE (Ohio Association of Public School Employee) makes $24,000 a year and retires with an average pension of $900 a month. Public employees do not pay into or receive Social Security.  ( emphasis mine)

In a scathing rebuttal to the ludicrous claims that Ohio teachers earn less than the private sector and “retire with an average pension of $900.00 a month, we see a retired Ohio teacher explain how the Union gimmickry is being used to against the Ohio taxpayers in a Columbus Dispatch editorial:

We had an administrator who retired at $80,000 a year, was rehired at the same salary he had just left behind, and then got another $40,000 a year from the State Teachers Retirement System, making him $120,000 a year. ( emphasis mine)

For the mathematically-challenged propagandists over at We Are Ohio, that equates to a pension of $10,000.00 a month, a far cry from the $900 that We Are Ohio wants you to believe. The retired teacher went even further in showing why he thinks this is bad for the taxpayers of Ohio:

So, when he was rehired, 85 percent of his $80,000 was paid by the taxpayers of Ohio. In this one simple action by the local school board, every taxpayer in our state was held liable for his salary.
Members of the public should have some say in the matter, since it’s their money.

I believe Ohio Senate Bill 5 would put the power of spending their hard-earned dollars back in the hands of the taxpayers, just where it should be. Submitted by, DAVID A. KUNKLER

Unlike the Wisconsin Union recall effort, conservatives are not taking this fight lying down and created a group titled Building a Better Ohio. On that website we see several examples like that of the retired teacher above that debunk the propaganda of We Are Ohio. Here is another well-explained example of just how disgusting the misinformation being put out by We Are Ohio truly is, from an editorial in the Canton Repository titled, SB5 Needed to Fix Bizarre Compensation:

Now let’s look at the “average Stark County resident;” bear in mind that public-sector employees are included in this average. If an average resident earns $25,285 and benefits provided by the employer cost $13,660, the total cost to employ the “average” county resident is $38,945, but compare that to a (Union) teacher in the Jackson Local Schools who has a base salary of $65,031 plus $23,895 paid by the “employer” (taxpayer), or $88,926 for a year of their “labor,” which is about nine months. (emphasis mine)

There we have it. An average Stark County Ohio resident’s total compensation, including wages and benefits is right at $39 grand a year, while a union teacher in the very same county ‘s package totals a whopping $89 grand a year for a difference of $50 grand a year. This is why responsible State legislators across America are scrambling to install some sort of fiscal sanity back into their budgets and curtailing big labor Union costs by passing laws such as Ohio’s SB 05. Now Unions are on the March to deny the working folks the right to say how there tax dollars will be spent once again.

Let’s hope Ohioans will vote YES ON ISSUE 2 on Nov. 8th. This will affect States across America if the good people of Ohio do not step up and vote yes, and conservatives across America should try to help out by making donations to help Building a Better Ohio    to help fight back against the big labor Union misinformation campaign now know as We Are Ohio.

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