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Don’t Be Conservative

Don’t be Conservative or Liberal or Democrat or Republican or Progressive or radical or stoic or any adjective that leads you in a political direction.  Be informed, knowledgeable, honest, historical, accurate, proportional, logical, consistent, persistent, courageous, and outspoken.  If you do that, you will lead others in the correct direction.  You will be attacked by all the above “political ilks” but you will not be alone.  You will be part of the most remarkable solution in mankind’s history to date.

Of course you’ll be labeled a Conservative, likely a “Right Wing Radical.”  But “Conservative” is just a relative term.  It means you are to the right of the perceived middle.  You are not conservative, you are simply correct.    For the past 100+ years the bell curve of government has been nudged so far to the left that anyone expressing common sense appears radically conservative.

If you look at the history of mankind from his first gathering into tribes through modern government, you’ll notice an undeniable general trend.  As man has evolved to be more mature, refined, and knowledgeable his government has evolved to supply greater freedom and individuality.  From the supreme power of Chieftains and Monarchies to the Oligarchies of Councils and Ministries, to the Republics of Parliaments and Congress.  Each time the people’s voice received more power and their governments were more successful.

However each time those governments eventually failed.  They failed because the masses lost the responsibility that their freedom implied.  Failures were met with those desired the security of a more powerful central government.  However some fragment always split off to begin a new experiment that addressed the real problem of greater freedom; “personal responsibility.”

Similarly today, we struggle to regain the responsibility bestowed upon us with the freedoms that our Republic intended.  This time we’ve realized our failure came not from the form of government.  Our failure came from a complacent people who allowed ambitious men to ease the reigns of that government from our hands into their own.

Whether our Republic fails or not depends upon how swiftly we can become responsible enough to displace power greedy politicians with earnest representation.  It depends upon how well we utilize the reigns we still hold to extract control of own nation.  It depends upon insistence that the people be responsible for themselves.  It depends upon correcting the misinformation that has been fed to the masses through the “mass media.”  It depends upon the masses becoming disillusioned about the very media they have been lulled to trust.

It cannot be done without pain, but it must be done with with responsibility, integrity, and perseverance.  Only the responsible can breed the responsibility necessary to rule ourselves.  Only the honest can restore the integrity of trusted representatives.  Only by perseverance can we withstand the resistance of politicians to relinquish our power.

We are not conservatives; we are correct and steadfast in the face of extreme liberalism.  If you are labeled Conservative, fine, wear that badge with honor.