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It’s Only Controversial If America’s Involved

Another Koran controversy. That it somehow involves the U.S. and its military should go without saying. How would it possibly be controversial otherwise?

All across the Muslim world at the hands of their own, Mosques are desecrated with fire and bullets. Muslim individuals are butchered in all manner of barbaric ways. And Koran’s? Well, you’ll find pay phone yellow pages in red light districts that are treated with more reverence. But none of that raises the merest whiff of ire from Islamists or the Left.

Now though, with the involvement of the United States, the usual suspects threaten once more to trample one another in their stampede to proclaim themselves sensitive to yet another Western outrage.

That Islamic Fascists engage in such behavior is wholly understandable, if no less repugnant. After all, an ideology that desires nothing less than the complete subjugation of the entire world, Muslim and non-Muslim alike, before a Caliphate lead Theocracy, is hardly going to blush at employing hypocrisy of even the most whorish kind.

But what of the Left? What is it that they get by legitimizing the manufactured outrage of those who would quite happily see them dead or enslaved?

Is it simple opportunism? A belief that by delegitimizing Conservative identification of the Islamist threat, they will direct power back to themselves at the ballot box? That may be a part of it. But if it is, then it stands purely as an ancillary benefit of a driving psychosis that demands reality be distorted in the most self-serving way imaginable.

Of course, this a sin to which those on the Conservative side of the political spectrum are not immune. Indeed we all fall prey at times to painting ourselves in an overly flattering light. Even if deep down we suspect we may have acted a bit of a twerp. But the psychologically mature individual draws the line at fabricating a reality that stands dangerously opposed to the world at large, and those individuals within it who wish them ill.

Down through history, civilization after civilization has fallen before aggressors whose hearts beat with rapacious greed for the treasure of land, lives and gold.

Always, such lusts have been painted less base through the use of injustices, whether exaggerated or wholly concocted.

And always, of those who were faced with this aggression, a certain number could be relied upon to employ the same moral and intellectual self-aggrandizement that is the province of the Left today.

In the minds of such people, the threat, if indeed there was such a threat at all, was an entirely manageable and oft times, wholly understandable one.

For such people, appeasement, was not seen as a fundamental capitulation that would only embolden an enemy. Rather, such an act was the exclusive privilege of the civilized man. For only he could extend his hand in benevolent condescension to the savages unable to control themselves.

In this fatal conceit, the question was never asked: Do those whose aggression I patronize and indulge, view me as I view myself, or do they see me as weak, and easy prey?

It is a question which is still not asked by the Left today when it comes to their dealings with Islamic Fascism.

The fundamental difference now of course is, the stakes are so much higher. Technological advancements have given mankind much that is of benefit, but also, they enable just one man to personally inflict truly nightmarish levels of death and destruction.

A forgiving heart might be tempted to ascribe simple ignorance to the Left’s penchant for minimizing or excusing behavior wholly antithetical of the individual freedom necessary for the existence of Western democracy.

Certainly it is impossible to imagine any of today’s Liberal talking heads facing a situation in which they were forced to deal personally, even physically, with another who wished them unjust harm.

Could not this inexperience then explain their ignorance as to the ramifications of their actions?

No. It could not.

There are examples such as Shane Bauer and Josh Fattal, two American hikers imprisoned in Iran for two years on trumped up espionage charges. Who upon their release proceeded to trash America, whilst talking with forgiving moral equivalency of the regime that had just demonstrated to them forcibly that the freedoms they were raised in are by no means a universal human condition.

But really, are such needed? A child confronted by a bully in the playground understands in that moment when violence is immediately before them, that to condescend or legitimize such, is to ensure being beaten bloody. And that the only thing likely to stay the bully’s hand, is a fear of the consequences they will face. Especially if those consequences are sure to be even bloodier in turn.

The idea then that an adult would not recognize these dynamics is purely preposterous. What drives this patently suicidal behavior of the Left then, is not ignorance. But rather, a very conscious decision that self-veneration trumps all. Even when it comes to dealing with those who would take not only our freedom from us, but our very lives.

Remember that the next time you hear such an individual talk with abhorrence of your right to bear arms.

Vaughan Starr is a freelance writer. Professional inquiries may be directed to [email protected]

Place the Blame Where It Belongs.

Pastor Terry Jones

Regarding Terry Jones, the pastor of the mini-church in Florida, any one who actually looks at the behavior of the man and compares it to the acts of Christ knows he is no role model for the American considering Christianity today. Jesus didn’t walk around burning books, though he did discipline – by actions and words – those who claimed to be men of God that behaved in unseemly ways, either by stealing from or deceiving God’s people.

What Jones chose to do, he should have done, not as a pastor, but as an American – a Patriotic American – expressing his anger about the attacks on 9/11.  He has every right to burn any book he wants to on this nation’s soil and it is our President’s role as representative of “We the People” to back those rights up with every opportunity afforded him.

He is head of this country and is to defend our Constitution.

Has everyone forgotten about the “flushing the Koran down the toilet” incident?
It was 2005 – Guantanamo. Newsweek reported the supposed flushing of an entire Koran down a toilet. {I have to say that even the attempt to flush one of those tiny New Testaments down a toilet wouldn’t work, so I have a hard time believing it really happened.} Regardless, the news resulted in fifteen deaths and many riots in other countries.  Whom do we blame for those deaths? Newsweek? The flushers? No. The insanely out of control murderers. That is who we blame.
I would also like to point out that the burning of the Koran took place on 9/11 of 2010.
Am I the only one that thinks these people took a bit long to organize a protest?
When men and women were burning flags during parades and protests, did our servicemen – filled with a patriotic zeal – go and kill them?
They are men of self-control. Had they killed the flag burners, (or innocent people that looked like the same nationality of the flag burners) wouldn’t their outrageous behavior be condemned far and wide?  Wouldn’t they be hated even more for their despicable murderous actions? Yet the angry men who killed the UN members aren’t condemned. Quite the opposite, they are actually almost excused (Well, you know, it would never have happened if…) and the blame is laid at Pastor Jones’ feet!
I don’t blame Jones for any of the UN murders that took place in Afghanistan just like I don’t blame a woman beaten by her husband for the fact that she may have provoked him to rage.
To look at a woman beaten and tell her she was at fault for angering the aggressor is a completely ludicrous idea.  Logically, we would then blame women who are raped for provoking the rapist with a suggestive walk, clothing, the way they looked into his eyes when they passed by.
Everyone knows this thought is preposterous.
The rapist is a man out of control. His lust drives him.
The wife abuser is a man out of control, his temper controls him.
The murderers in Afghanistan, are men out of control.
We are discussing a group of men that make women of their culture cover up their bodies in more curtain material than Scarlet O’ Hara so they won’t have to control their own eyes. Their blood lust and their rage control them to the point where they work themselves into an frenzy and do not bother holding back a primal urge of any nature.
I am sure Lara Logan who was gang raped during the celebrations in Egypt would be happy to voice her opinion, or have we so quickly forgotten her misery?  She did nothing to provoke.  She merely existed in their presence – their celebratory presence – and was brutalized until a group of women and soldiers rescued her.  American men didn’t run around raping Egyptian women in protest.  Why?
It isn’t our culture.
We don’t go around killing and oppressing innocent people in retaliation.
In fact, America responded so politely – while she lay in a hospital bed healing from being ravaged in unthinkable ways – that I am actually ashamed that our response wasn’t more vocally vehement than it was.
Where was the outrage for Lara?
Curious, isn’t it, that there were no civilian men involved in her rescue? 
Where do you suppose they all were – in a crowd that large?
I presume waiting in line.
Americans love to apply our cultural habits to other countries.
Then we stand in shock when other countries’ citizens act in ways that are abhorrent to us.  Stonings, burying people alive, throwing acid on them, cutting off their hands, or heads, those are their solutions to bad behavior.  What we consider atrocities, they consider an every day sentencing, and not always in court.
Islam is a religion that has been systematically taking over land over hundreds of years.
Its aggressive spread and message (convert or die) is nothing new and America is a baby in this game.  They may allow a church to exist, as long as the mosques in the city are ALL higher.
In the culture, churches and Bibles and Christians are disposed of often.
Curiously, no one is firing off angry commentaries about those incidents.
Incidents, mind you, that are unprovoked.
If we want to point a finger of blame, let us not forget that the act of burning the Koran was in response to 9/11 and the subsequent erecting of the Cordoba house – a gigantic Mosque down the street. It is an issue that many have chosen to place on the back burner while we watch with bated breath the developments on our national budget and other matters.
If we want to blame the pastor for provoking, then lets blame the builders of the mosque (that will teach the very principles that led several men to attack our country in an act of jihad) for provoking him.  We can’t.  It’s foolish.
It’s endless.  It’s Hatfield and McCoy mentality.
If people behave violently, look at the reasons why.
We are saying their book is ordinary.
This offends them to the degree where they are willing to murder, and since they couldn’t find an American, they decided the other foreigners would do. “Well, these guys look like them…let’s kill them instead”.
Try to wrap your head around that reasoning!
Ours is a country where freedom of expression is not against the law.
Instead of blaming a man for excercising his freedom of expression in his own country, let’s look to the men who chose to destroy innocent life over the incident, and lay the blame where it belongs.
At their feet, and no one else’s.

Koran Burning Gone Wild

Days ago, Terry Jones said he would host a Koran burning party on 9-11.  Then he changed his mind, then he changed it again – we think.  Now, others are considering burning the Muslim holy book while Muslims push back:

2 Tennessee Men Burn Quran Despite Protest

Springfield Pastor Plans To Burn Quran

Westboro Baptist Church to burn Qurans if Dove doesn’t

Protester plans to burn Quran on [Wyoming] Capitol steps

Thousands protest Koran burning plan in Afghan north

Burn the Koran pastor flies to New York for 9/11

Koran bonfire on hold as heat begins to tell

Media outside pastor’s home finally snaps: “You’re just using us! We should all leave!”


Exciting new media angle to Koran-burning story: Pastor went to high school with Rush Limbaugh