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Obama Says “No” To Keystone, But Has No Reasoning Nor Thinking Behind It At All

Aside from consideration about the pros and cons of pipelines and whether the environment in general would be served or hurt, Obama’s decision to kill the Keystone project is contrary to everything this nation stands for, so of course he opposed it. He said that not enough jobs would be created by the effort and that we don’t need the ...

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Liberal Policy Is Driven By Illogic

At a time when Obama was trying to push the Chevy Volt on the nation as a gas and carbon saver, the EPA was publishing regulations that would cause many power plants to shut down, thereby depriving the Volt of its charging current.  At exactly the time we need gasoline-powered cars the most so as to have transportation during the ...

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US Vets Looking for Jobs? Canada Wants YOU!

Remember the stalled Keystone Pipeline? (Thank you Obama) It looks like Canada is moving ahead with plans to build a Trans-Canada oil line. But, they don’t have enough workers for such a big job. So they are partnering with US Veterans groups in an effort to find quality workers.  Yes, it’s true. Our vets are going to be able to ...

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Keystone Bill passes the House – Senate fate not clear

On Thursday the House passed legislation that would take control of the Keystone pipeline from President Obama who caved to demands of environmentalists and has kept the bill on hold. The Republicans have made the bill a part of their effort to fund the highways and infrastructure project. In addition, the bill would open drilling to parts of the Artic ...

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