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“Slut Shaming” and Anti-Bullying Laws


The Token Libertarian explains the stupidity of letting other people’s words affect you. They are just words, not actions. Being a victim is a choice.

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ObamaCare Stinks for Young People


The Token Libertarian Girl is back, and she’s explaining in simple language, why ObamaCare stinks for young people. Also, she explains why ObamaCare can’t work without young people. (Yes, that is a big, honking hint to young people!)

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The Truth About Common Core


Julie Borowski just scrapes the surface on the problems of Common Core education. Yes, what little she says is very scary, so the fact that she’s barely getting to the real meat and bones of the problem should be terrifying!

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Why I Became Anti-War


Julie Borowski, the Token Libertarian Girl, takes a moment to deliver a serious message. No snark. No costumes or make-up. Just a straight statement on why she is anti-war.

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Top 5 Republican Youth Outreach Fails


Julie Borowski lays out the top 5 ways Republicans are failing to reach libertarian youth. Have to say almost all of them are spot on. There’s one that might be just a little bit off. What do you think?

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Tampon earrings have nothing to do with abortion


Just ask Julie Borowski, the Token Libertarian Girl. Tampons are really just a fashion statement, have nothing to do with abortion, and anyone that wears them must be capable of making intelligent statements about anything!

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Why You Should Be Pro Life


Julie Borowski wades into the treacherous waters of the abortion debate, and her views just may suprise you. Julie suggests you view these videos by abortion survivors: Gianna Jessen Claire Culwell Melissa Ohden

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NSA Surveillance: Don’t Care. I’ve Got Nothing to Hide.


Julie Borowski, the Token Libertarian Girl, explores the logic of NSA Surveillance, and the ridiculous response that if one is not a criminal, there shouldn’t be any concern about government watching what one is doing.

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