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The result of the South Carolina Debate

William Way, Jr.

It is seriously time for the “Right” to move back to the right candidate.

That candidate is Michele Bachmann.

Last night, 11/12/11, Perry continued to stutter, but fortunately didn’t loose his place in his sentence. But he did overplay his debacle from Wednesday night. He can’t let it go and move on. Most people on Thursday said “That was rough…but, he had already lost my vote. Poor shlub.”

Finally, Ron Paul demonstrated, unquestionably, that he couldn’t follow a train of thought if he were riding in the caboose.

Jon Boy has spent too much time in the sun with his eyes open. All he can do now is stare straight ahead hoping to see some light at the end of a tunnel. Sadly for him he is in a cave with no backdoor.

I love Ricky Santorum, always have. Yet, even I have grown weary of his whining “Come on everybody. Don’t you see that the only good view of the sunset is from up here on MY perch.”

I have wondered for several months why my Mormon buddy Mitt never gets fazed by people poking him with a sharp stick. I figured it out. For a sharp stick to hurt, you got to have substance, some degree of firmness. He is rather flexible on both point and principle.

Really, that leaves us with only the professor and the mother of umpteen portable people she has raised. Either of which (if I had my drothers it would be both of them) would be an excellent replacement for for the current “occupier” of the White House.

Here is why. Professor Newt Gingrich has the intellect and skill to school the boy from Hawaii (maybe Indonesia). Mother Michele (the smiley one, not the sneery one) could give that boy the discipline he was sorely lacking as a lad.

Vote for Bachmann/Gingrich. Vote early and often…remember Obama is from Chicago, where you get to cast your ballot for five years after you’re dead.

Full Video of November 12th CBS/National Journal GOP Presidential Debate

Join CDNews for coverage of tonight’s CBS/National Journal Republican Candidate debate at Wofford College in Spartanburg, South Carolina.

The debate will be hosted by CBS News and the National Journal. The focus of tonight’s event will be on national security and foreign policy.

What to Watch For:

Rick Perry will need to have a strong performance tonight to overcome a string of debate mis-steps. He also has little foreign policy experience which may come through this evening.

Newt Gingrich will most-likely come on strong keeping-up with his strong debate appearances throughout the year. The former speaker has polled above all other candidates in the area of the military and international crisis handling.

While his domestic policies are popular among Republicans, views differ on his foreign policy and national security stances. This could be a differentiating moment for Rep. Paul, positive or negative.

Herman Cain’s business experience may not help tonight. The 9-9-9 plan will probably show up somehow, but overall expect Cain to focus on his “peace through strength and clarity” foreign policy. Specifics have been light the few times he’s mentioned it in campaign speeches and his foreign policy views have not been the subject of any real media focus or debate questioning.

Mitt Romney led the pack in a recent CBS News Poll that asked which candidate is best-suited to be Commander-in-Chief. Among likely Republican primary voters, 26% chose Romney to Gingrich’s 21%. Cain and Perry were 11% and 9% respectively.

This may be the last debate that features the entire current cast of 8. Future debates will start limiting invites to those with a larger share of support. Expect Huntsman and Santorum to miss future debate appearances as their poll numbers have stayed consistently below 5%. Bachmann could fail to receive invites shortly after that if her numbers continue to hold right at or near the 5% mark.

Where to Watch: Here is the Recording of tonight’s debate – full-length (long blank pauses are commercial breaks, be patient or forward through to the next segment)

Jon Huntsman: I Want To Be President Of The 99%

In one of the biggest flubs of the night, Jon Huntsman said he “wants to be the president of the 99%”.  Ouch, Jon.  That was not a good move.  Check it out, below.

Now, to be honest with you, I think Jon had a good opportunity, maybe even a great one.  He should have said,”I want to be president of the 100%”.  Instead, he said, “I want to be president of the 99%.  I also want to be president of the 1%.”  That was an awful response, Jon.

What do you guys think?  Did Huntsman miss out on a potentially great opportunity?  Or is he so far back in the polls, that it wouldn’t have mattered if he delivered the new Gettysburg Address?  Let us know in the comments below.  Or, if you see me playing extreme frisbee in Bryant park, you can stop and talk to me then.

November 9th Republican Presidential Candidate Debate [full video]

On Wednesday, November 9th, Oakland University in Rochester Michigan hosted a Republican Presidential Candidate Debate.

The event was sponsored by the Michigan Republican Party, Oakland University and CNBC.

Attendees included Michele Bachmann, Herman Cain, Newt Gingrich, John Huntsman, Ron Paul, Rick Perry, Mitt Romney and Rick Santorum in another heavily-moderated game show-style format.

The focus of the debate was “jobs, taxes, the deficit and the health of our national economy”, and was moderated by Maria Bartiromo and John Harwood from CNBC. The panel also included Rick Santelli, Sharon Epperson, and Jim Cramer all from the CNBC network.

The twitter hashtag for the debate is  #cnbcdebate

Also of interest:

And here’s the complete video of the debate (3 parts):
Part One:

Part Two:

Part Three:

Herman Cain's "Smoking" Video Is Parodied AGAIN… This Time By Huntsman's Daughters

I know a lot of you have forgotten that Jon Huntsman was still in this presidential primary, but his daughters put out a campaign ad that you might be interested in seeing.  And it’s a riff on… you guessed it… Herman Cain’s “Smoking Man” ad.  Enjoy.

What do you think?  Is it even worth Huntsman putting out ads anymore?  Or was this still entertaining regardless of who produced it?  Let us know what you think in the comments below. Or… you can write your answer on a note card and leave it in my mailbox.  I was going to check my mail later anyway.  Whichever one is more convenient for you.  #CDNcares

October 18th CNN Republican Debate [Full Video & Poll]

Photo: Antoine Taveneaux


At 8pm on Tuesday October 18th, CNN and the Western Republican Leadership Conference hested the most recent in a line of GOP Presidential debates.

Many of the early front-runners have struggled in the most recent debates. Mitt Romney has seen his once-formidable lead become second pace to a rotating cadre of new blood. Rick Perry stumbled in the last two debates and Michele Bachmann never recovered from her Gaurdasil/autism claim. Herman Cain now enjoys front-runner status and seemed to hold up to the increased scrutiny in the debate on October 11th.

Tuesday night’s debate promised to focus on Herman Cain and Mitt Romney – the two front-runners. Herman Cain defended his 9-9-9 plan using fruit analogies and Romney fumbled on everything from illegal immigration to Romneycare.

This was by far the most argumentative and least informative debate of the season. CNN’s Anderson Cooper was out to get the candidates to wrestle – informing voters wasn’t in CNN’s interest.

Jon Huntsman chose to boycott the debate due to Nevada’s primary scheduling battle with New Hampshire. Huntsman will instead hold a campaign event Tuesday morning.


Michele Bachmann, Herman Cain, Newt Gingrich, Ron Paul, Rick Perry, Mitt Romney and Rick Santorum


The debate was held at the Venetian Hotel in Las Vegas, Nevada and aired on CNN.

Full Video of the Debate (from RCP):

The Debate in 100 seconds (TPM):

Cain and Romney in a fruit fight over 9-9-9:

Perry and Romney Spar on Illegal Immigration:

Ron Paul on Obamacare:

Santorum and Romney on Romneycare:

Herman Cain Negotiates With Terrrorists:
Wanting Cain to do well, this and the fruit exchange blew it. Listen as Herman Cain tells us that he wouldn’t negotiate with terrorists, except in certain cases. No negotiating with terrorists.. except?

and here’s the transcript:

Herman Cain, let me ask this to you. A few hours ago you were asked by Wolf Blitzer, if al Qaeda had an American soldier in captivity, and they demanded the release of everyone at Guantanamo Bay, would you release them? And you said, quote: “I can see myself authorizing that kind of a transfer. Can you explain?

HERMAN CAIN, PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATE: The rest of the statement was quite simply, you would have to consider the entire situation. But let me say this first, I would have a policy that we do not negotiate with terrorists. We have to lay that principle down first.

Now being that you have to look at each individual situation and consider all the facts. The point that I made about this particular situation is that I’m sure Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu had to consider a lot of things before he made that.

So on the surface, I don’t think we can say he did the right thing or not. A responsible decision-maker would have considered everything.


Bachmann on Obama’s Illegal Immigrant Family:

Ron Paul on the 9-9-9 Plan:

Other stuff:

CNN’s full transcript of the debate

Debate Poll:

[poll id=”32″]

I hope you DO get angry at me

William Way, Jr.

I hope you do get angry at me. This is strictly an opinion piece. Its my opinion, and unfortunately I am absolutely correct.

It has been my observation over many years, and I do mean many, that just about every time the Republicans earn a majority in Congress, or the Presid

ency they immediately head for the target range. They load up their mouths with Remington 20 gauge Magnum Copper-Plated Turkey Loads buckshot, and then systematically start talking… and shot their foot off. Its just astonishing how a 150 year old organized political party can consistently miss the target while shooting their mouth off.

I use as the latest example the latest loser running for the Republican nomination, Jon Huntsman. At first his hit comedy act of saying that Herman

Cains 9-9-9 plan sounded like the price of a pizza got some giggles. Then the folks realized that the rich little wonder boy, living off daddy’s genius, couldn’t deliver a hot pizza in one of their patented styro-foam burger boxes. It became readily apparent that Jon Boy had been bounced one too many times in the Western Hamptons (otherwise known as the Utah west desert), and his only claim to fame was quitting college and looking down on the “homies.”

But that is not the dumbest thing. His latest “I hate Romney” stunt is his animosity toward Nevada. This past Thursday Huntsman threatened to boycott the Nevada Primary if they scheduled it ahead of New Hampshire. See, that is why Republicans can’t maintain any kind of leadership. They allow the dunces in the party to eat their young. As I said in another post, the the permanent Republican Party platform has become “A Modest Proposal”, and the party no longer recognizes Abraham Lincoln as their historical statesman. That role is now filled by Jonathan Swift.

Jon Huntsman Jr.

I am ragging on Jon Boy because he is the latest and most outrageous display of fundamental stupidity within Republican ranks.

Here is my rationale. Who the hell cares, other than local money grubbers and desperate candidates, if New Hampshire or North Dakota holds the first in the nation primary, caucus, or beefcake runway show? Really? It is all a hype. It is an absolutely stupid issue for any presidential candidate to even talk about when the nation is in the middle of both an economic and security crisis. Just stupid.

On that issue here is the answer. Every state should hold their primary election on the same day, I propose the first Tuesday following the first Monday of April. The polls should open in every state at 7:00am EST and close at 6:59am EST the following day. Every state has equal input for twenty-four hours. When the voter tally is done the candidates have their delegates and the party convention can be held whenever the parties choose to have their national delegates cast their ballots (I would envision no more than one month following the primary). There that stupid issue of straw polls, scattered primaries, and warped contests of polling, etc. has come to and end, and the serious issues can be focused on.

There is more than just this issue. Last week some moron (I use Jon Huntsman’s word since I picked on him above) pastor from Texas tried to turn the election process into a referendum of Christianity. Let us not forget that the main reason for Judas’ betrayal of Christ was because he wanted to force Jesus Christ into a political cause rather than advocacy for character change. We all know that didn’t go very well.

Here is my point, Republicans up and down the ranks squirmed restlessly in their chairs over another stupid non-issue. Giving Jon Huntsman full credit due he did what Ricky “silver spoon” Perry should have done. He appropriately called the moron a moron. Ricky should have been the one to immediately call out the publicity seeker’s moronic statement for what is was, MORONIC. Then he should have move the dialogue back to serious and relevant issues. But, he didn’t. And, if elected president he won’t deal with serious matters there either.

That failure to be serious, will continue to prevent Republicans from being taken seriously…in the long term.

We have had no less than five of the Republican “contenders” put economic and jobs proposals on the table. All that has resulted is a bunch of spitting at each other WITH NO SERIOUS DISCUSSION of these relevant issues.

The President, Barack Obama, has single-handedly destroyed American security, both at home and abroad. I predicted this demise back when North Korea tested Obama’s resolve by sinking a foreign vessel over 18 months ago. I predicted it then, and now it stares us in the face. Why? Because President Obama is exceptionally unqualified to be a world leader, due to his inability to make serious decisions.

What is the Republican cast of characters responding with? Nothing but the same old mantra about Barack being a failure. Yet, I have not heard other than two of them getting specific. Only two. The President’s job IS TO BE THE LEADER OF FOREIGN AFFAIRS for the Nation. That is job one.

The last President to recognize that fact was Ronald Reagan. Since then we have had emasculated sloths in the White House. The latest being the bottom of the barrel. The nation needs a President, especially to repair the destruction caused by our current “trainee and chief”, that recognizes that the essential nature of expanding peace, prosperity, and opportunity is the key to a calmer world. What are our current options; one nutcase from Texas who doesn’t grasp the concept of indomitable strength is essential for a secure society, a few hand ringers, a couple of apologist, and two that actually understand the role of the President.

If I have offend supporters of one candidate or another I guess it is the result of being dissatisfied with just plain cheese. Going back to the days of Ronald Reagan and Walter Mondale I want to know “where’s the beef.” Trust me people when I say “If the Dominoes begin to fall, there will be no Godfather to put in the fix.”

Choose well!

October 11th GOP Presidential Debate [Full Video]


Last night, October 11th, the remaining field of GOP candidates faced-off in a Republican Presidential Debate. The event was held in Hanover, New Hampshire at Dartmouth College.

Participating was Representative Michele Bachmann , Herman Cain, Newt Gingrich, former Governor Jon Huntsman, Rep. Ron Paul, Governor Rick Perry, former Governor Mitt Romney and former Senator Rick Santorum.

Host of the PBS television program named after him, Charlie Rose was the moderator. Joining Mr. Rose to ask questions of the candidates was Karen Tumulty from the Washington Post and Julianna Goldman from Bloomberg TV.

The debate featured a round table format. Candidates were seated next to each other as they explained their stances on a single topic – the economy. The debate addressed the economy in the areas of jobs, taxes, deficit and future growth.

If you’re on twitter, you can tweet your observations and read those of others by searching for the official debate hashtag: #econdebate.

The Videos

Here’s the 100 second recap of the debate thanks to TPM:

The full debate from Bloomberg.com


And.. The Washington Post Recap of the debate:

Who do you think won the debate:

[poll id = “30”]

Next GOP Debate: October 18th, 2011

Full Schedule of GOP Debates

If We Can't Have Chris Christie, Let's Try Frankenstein

Let’s be honest, most people who plan to vote Republican in 2012  are not satisfied with the current field.  Two of the most recent examples are the rise and plummet of Rick Perry and the near comical begging of Chris Christie to get into the race.  Although… he did seem to take a curious tack for a man who wasn’t running…  But I digress.

Republicans are looking for a hero.  Heck, they might even be looking for a sandwich.  A lot of polls make it seem like President Obama would lose if he went up against a ham sandwich, but when you put him up against any one of these contenders who are actually running, he usually comes out ahead.

So what are conservatives to do?  Since it looks like Rick Perry’s plan to make offspring from Newt Gingrich and Herman Cain has little chance of happening, maybe they’ll have to see if they can clone some sort of monster together from various parts of the current contenders (and possibly some people who aren’t running too).

Let’s see what we can come up with….

1.  Chris Christie’s ability to control the media.  Remember when it looked like Sarah Palin couldn’t adequately tell Katie Couric what kind of magazines she read?  Yeah… Chris Christie won’t have that problem.

2.  Herman Cain’s relatability.  Whether he’s cracking jokes in a debate or telling you about his battle with cancer, Herman Cain is a man that many Americans can relate with.  (minus the incredibly non-PC stuff… and then again, there are people who relate to that too)

3.  Steve Jobs’ “Reality Distortion Field”.  Steve Jobs has a reputation for being able to distort reality to such an extent, he can tell you that your laptop doesn’t need a DVD drive, and you’ll believe him.  In a way, our current president has this ability too.  Remember when Barack Obama said you can keep your doctor if you want to?  Or how about “unemployment won’t go over 8%”.  When you’re a politician, few things are more valuable than being able to make things up and get away with it.

4.  Sarah Palin’s seemingly airtight background.  A guy moved into the house next door to Sarah Palin, and the best he could come up with is that she might have slept with Glen Rice in college.  He’s not the first “journalist” that’s wasted their money on a goose hunt to make Palin look bad.  Remember the emails?  Media outlets killed about 20 trees printing those emails up, and it looks like they found nothing.  I wonder what Obama’s emails look like?  Think Solyndra.  But, again, I digress…

5.  John Huntsman’s resilience.  He has all but had his podium toilet papered by audience members at debates, and he keeps showing up.  No matter how many times he’s been defiled on Twitter (does that word fit in this context, because it seems like it could) or how much Fox News tries to neglect him, John Huntsman walks around with all of the swagger of a top tier candidate.  (something Rick Santorum could learn from)

6.  John Stewart’s ability to get more credit than he deserves.  Again, this is something that Barack Obama already exhibits, but you cannot deny how invaluable it is to receive awards and accolades that you may or may not deserve.  (think emmys, nobel prizes)  And having the entire weight of American media telling everybody that you’re great doesn’t hurt either.

7.  Bill Clinton’s teflon coating.  If all else fails, and a candidate is really backed into a corner, it helps to be able to get off the hook by debating what the definition of “is” is.  Also go back to number two; the electorate will often overlook your flaws, if they think you can “feel their pain”.

8.  Dwight Eisenhower’s vision.  One of my favorite stories of all time is how we ended up with the great system of highways we have in this country today.  Eisenhower often spoke of his admiration for Germany’s system of roads compared to ours. (he even gave credit to them for making it easier to take Germany in WWII)  Once he became president, he made sure that the United States got their own system of roads that made it easier to travel throughout the country.  An interesting side note is that mass transportation hippies were against him, but Ike prevailed, and for that I thank him.

9.  Elton John’s mojo.  Elton John is like the honey badger of pop culture; he just doesn’t give a… well, he just doesn’t care what others think.  He knows how to party, he can laugh at himself, and somehow, he can be “proper” enough to do everything from singing at Princess Di’s funeral to singing at Rush Limbaugh’s wedding.  Add that to the fact that he’s been relevant for nearly 40 years, and you’ll be hard pressed to find a man who has more mojo.  Also… he sang the hit song from The Lion King.  The man has range.

10. Ronald Reagan’s worldview.  There is audio as far back as the 1940′s demonstrating that Ronald Reagan saw the world for what it is.  He was often able to identify what the problems of the day really were (versus what spin doctors said they were), and he was keenly aware of how to solve them too.  If we had leadership like that today, we could see “morning in America” once again.

If we can’t get Newt and Cain to make babies and we’re open minded to the idea of cloning, this list just might be all the ingredients necessary for a perfect candidate.  What do you think the Republicans need to win?  Who should (or should not) have been on this list?  Let us know on Facebook, Twitter, or in the comments below.  We’d love to hear from you.


Senate to Vote on China Currency Manipulation Bill Monday

  While China has purposely devalued it’s currency, hurting the value of the U.S. dollar over the last decade, neither the Obama or G.W. Bush administrations have actually taken the step to formally designate China as a currency manipulator in any annual reports in the past decade. Failure to designate China as a currency manipulator prevents the U. S. government from being able to apply tariffs on Chinese imports or start investigations into currency manipulation. Senate Democrats will now introduce a bill on Monday that will try to push the issue of China’s currency manipulation, and supposedly open the door for U.S. companies to seek tariffs against Chinese imports if they are found to be artificially keeping their products cheap through keeping it’s currency devalued. Considering our current recession, provoking a trade war with China is a very dangerous thing according to many political insiders, including Jon Huntsman, the former ambassador to China and current presidential candidate who told Fox news, " You take action against China, you can expect them to rebut that action with commensurate tariffs," he said. "During a recession, you don’t want a trade war." 

   China came right out with their opinion about this proposed bill that included a warning when Chinese foreign ministry spokesman Hong Lei last week urged US lawmakers to "reconsider their decision and refrain from pushing through the bill" and warned against "politicizing economic trade issues and resorting to trade protectionism."  And in another  news bulletin, the Chinese government news agency Xinhua has made its views perfectly clear, "It’s generally agreed, too, that structural problems in America rather than the Chinese currency are responsible for America’s economic difficulties….To put it simply, current anti-yuan moves in the U.S. Senate are more like a publicity attempt to attract voters and distract attention from the real problems facing the U.S. economy." (emphasis mine)

With Liberal Democrat’s policies of doing such things as not passing a budget for three years running, $1.5 trillion dollar deficits, and massive big government expansion resulting in our current recession, high unemployment and low-to-zero economic growth, Xinhua news agency’s statement does carry a good amount of weight there. Democrats are staring at  the very plausible reality of losing the U.S. Senate in 2012, (along with the White House) and they look like they are making a desperate attempt to curry favor with voters with this bill.

The U.S. treasury has also refused to officially denounce China’s currency manipulation when they had the chance in May of this year in an official report, which could be part of the reason the Senate is trying to pass this bill and force China’s hand in some way. Should it backfire and start a trade war with China, U.S exporters could really be hurt, along with companies who export their products, and cause the loss of American jobs.

Considering that China has been doing this same devaluing of their currency for over  a decade now, we have to wonder why Democrats didn’t make this move during their 4 straight years of iron-fisted "my way or the highway" Congressional rule of 2007-2011. Considering China’s recent statements about the U.S. Government getting their own house in order instead of trying to tell China how to run their economy, we also have to wonder if this bill isn’t simply all show and no go. (as in useless rhetoric) While some politicians are want to say this will create jobs in the U.S. while setting themselves for  "working for the people" campaign slogans for the 2012 elections, there is no guarantee that the passage of this bill will actually accomplish anything. Our politicians have dug themselves into a very deep hole by letting China get away with currency manipulation for such a long time now, that China basically laughs every time we bring up supposed "tough measures" against them. 

 The White House has not really supported this bill, nor denounced it either. Spokesman Jay Carney did his usual Maytag high speed spin act when asked about this bill:

"We share the goal of achieving further appreciation of China’s currency. As you know, and those in the financially oriented press know,  China has moved some in terms of appreciating its currency. I believe it’s appreciated about 10 percent, adjusted for inflation, since June of 2010. But it’s substantially undervalued, and we need to see continued progress, and we’ve made that clear publicly and privately."

Mr. Carney says he believes China’s currency has appreciated about 10 percent, adjusted for inflation. Would that same adjustment be like the zero-inflation statistic the Obama administration keeps throwing at Americans, while gasoline is still up 65% higher than when Obama took office, food prices are soaring, and the price of electricity is going to really put folks in a bind again this winter? If Mr. Carney and Mr. Obama have made it so clear that China needs to stop devaluing their currency, then why are they still doing it? One could draw the conclusion that while our Congress raised our debt ceiling, and therefore allowed the U.S. government to borrow another 2.5 trillion dollars this summer, maybe Barack Obama was too embarrassed to ask them to stop devaluing their currency while he was there with hat in hand asking to borrow  a few trillion more from them? 

 It will be interesting to watch politicians from both parties stand up in Congress and tell the American people just what tireless workers they are for the people, and what miraculous numbers of jobs that will be "projected" to be created ( in 30 or 40 years) by this "courageous" legislative bill by the wizards of Congress.The very same wizards that have us fast-approaching $15 trillion dollars in debt and staring at record long-time high unemployment and foreclosure numbers. In the meantime, Barack Obama is still screaming at them to pass his fake jobs bill and this country is still running without a budget.  2012 just can not get here fast enough.


September 22nd Fox News/Google GOP Debate [Full Length Video]

Thursday, September 22nd at 9pm, citizens got to ask questions of nine GOP presidential candidates. Fox News and Google co-sponsored the GOP debate and let viewers ask questions of the candidates through a submit and vote-up feature.

Attendees were:

  • Michele Bachmann
  • Herman Cain
  • Newt Gingrich
  • Jon Huntsman
  • Ron Paul
  • Gary Johnson
  • Mitt Romney
  • Rick Santorum
  • Rick Perry

In case you missed it, here’s the full length video of the debate:

TPX/CNN GOP Debate: The Good, The Bad and the Ugly

Last night in Tampa Florida, The Teaparty Express/CNN GOP Presidential debate was held at the Florida State fairgrounds. The weather was quite nice for the event, although temperatures were in the 90’s for most of the day. Florida is also considered to be a very important swing state that could decide just who will become the next Republican President of the Untied States in the 2012 presidential elections in Nov. of next year. There is also another GOP debate to be held right down the I-4 corridor in Orlando, Florida later on this month. Could the Sunshine State actually determine the next President-elect in 2012? Does anyone remember the sore loser antics of Al Gore, and the hanging chad controvercy in the 2000 elections? Florida will have 29 electoral votes next year, up from 27. Yes, if the 2012 Presidential election is a close one, Florida could very well determine winner. Thus, last night in Tampa we saw some candidates showing a form of desperate aggression, mainly against the frontrunner, Texas Governor Rick Perry. Depending on who you are supporting in the election, this could be viewed as good, bad or just plain ugly.

The whole idea behind having a Presidential debate is to help the voting public decide who they would like to see as their candidate through asking questions that will show the people just what kind of a President the candidates would be, and how they would run the country if elected. It is also a forum for candidates to try to show just why they would make a better President than the other candidates. Sooner or later, these debates become contentious, as is the nature of the beast in any debate. Last night we saw a good amount of questions posed that resulted in a ramping up of attacks that were mainly directed at Governor Perry. The Gardisil/HPV vaccinations and the Texas in-state tuition for illegal immigrants headlined these attacks. How Governor Perry handled these attacks could hold the key to just who supposedly “won” this debate. In my opinion, they are all winners based on the fact that they stand unified in their conservative principles and strong opposition to what Barack Obama has done to this country in a very short time.

THE GOOD aspects of the debate:

The Tea Party questions submitted during the debate from grassroots voters across America were well thought out and informative for the most part. CNN Moderator Wolf Blitzer came off as respectful and pretty much non-partisan during the debate, which was a pleasant surprise considering the leftist slant of the last debate on MSNBC. Candidates were alotted a decent amount of time to answer the questions, giving us a better insight into their views about how to restore America and their solutions to today’s problems within our government. Another good aspect of the debate is that we were offered a good glimpse of just how front-runner Gov. Perry will handle the pressure during future debates. There is no perfect candidate, yet a candidate that shows an ability to function under pressure such as Rick Perry did last night, points towards a solid leader that could handle the constant pressures of being our next President. Newt Gingrich is pretty much unflappable in the pressure category also, as referred to in this article on the debate, Newt deserves a cabinet position in 2013. We saw Herman Cain shine once again with his “problem-solver” theme and he was given ample time to answer the questions. John Huntsman was given numerous, (some may say too many) chances to state his positions on all the topics, and this shows us once again that he should be running as a Democrat. That kind of exposure is always a good thing for serious conservative voters to witness. Due to the Tea Party Express co-sponsoring this debate, they were allowed to control the theme to the point of negating the always present Liberal media spin that function as an arm of The Democratic Attack Machine. We must not let the Liberal media control the conservative Republican presidential debates, as that only serves to undermine all conservative candidates at every turn.

The last good aspect of this debate is that we see just how viable and important the Tea Party groups will be in the 2012 elections. Much to the dismay of the Liberal media, the reality of the situation is that the 2012 elections will be driven by grassroots concerned citizens slapping down the big government nanny-state creators of the fake Democratic Party led by far left radical Barack Hussein Obama.

THE Bad aspects of the debate:

CNN’s handlers and political planners made the point to spend way too much time on Rick Perry’s Gardisil controvercy, taking valuable time away from discussing other important topics, such as the non-use of the E-Verify program, Real ID leglislation to protect our voting process, The Fast and Furious DOJ/ATF-enabled gun-running scandal and possible actions to be taken, or the rampant pattern of DC politicians seemingly being above the law when it comes to felony income tax evasion and a slew of other criminal acts. The Unions complicity in the educational system failure is another topic that was left by the wayside to spend way too time on the Gardisil issue. Again, this is what happens when Liberal media puppets are allowed to control a GOP debate and the questions asked. Another bad aspect of this latest debate was the obvious slant against certain candidates while failing to call out other candidates on their shortcomings. Make no mistake, this debate was a pile-on- frontrunner-Perry affair. For example, while Michelle Bachmann has championed many wonderful, totally conservative causes while in Congress, why wasn’t she asked about her lack of results, which was pointed out in the last debate? It is one thing to vote against an issue, while it is a totally different one to actually move a bill through congress and get it passed. probably much to the dismay of the Bachmann supporters, she in fact falls way short in actual leglislative achievements in government at any level. I believe it was Newt that said we need results, not rhetoric, and Herman Cain repeated that mantra last night.

Another bad aspect of the debate was shown in how Blitzer failed to point out that several candidates were twisting Perry’s words and ignoring the facts in his responses while attacking him. That also points to the Pile-on-Perry slant throughout this debate. Huntsman stated that it was treason for Perry to say we can’t secure the border, when in fact, Perry said it wasn’t feasable to build a several hundred mile fence, yet he also stated the need for 4500 troops and border control agents and 1200 more national guardsmen stationed at the border. Blitzer could have stopped Huntsman from stating mistruths about Perry’s border solution, but instead chose to allow Huntsman to effectively lie on national TV. Perry called for securing the border, period.

The last bad aspect of this debate is the fact that the most knowledgable candidate in the debate was pushed aside and ignored at very critical times in this debate. That was evident when Newt Gingrich was left out of Rick Perry vs. the rest of the field battles during discussions about Perry’s policies and record as Governor of Texas. Newt has steadily warned the Liberal media puppets during these debates about their idiotic “gotcha questions” that have the agenda of making all of the conservative candidates look bad, and is a blatant attempt to divide the GOP. I suspect Wolf Blitzer purposely kept Newt on the sidelines to avoid the major backhand Newt hit Chris Wallace and the Liberal media with during the Fox News debate. I did notice Newt shaking his head in dismay when he realized that Bachmann and Santorum fell into the media trap of prolonging the discussion of the Perry-Gardisil issue in order to gain more stage time. It is also a bad thing when conservatives give the DNC these types of soundbites to use in ads and fake news stories to denounce the front-running conservative candidate, Gov. Rick Perry today.

THE UGLY aspects of last night’s GOP debate:

The ugliest aspect of this debate, which over-shadowed the rest of the insightful, well-thought-out question and answer session was the apparent mob mentality brought out against Gov. Rick Perry. Huntsman, Bachmann and Santorum played right into the Liberal agenda of making the entire GOP look like a bunch of petty attention-seekers and non-viable candidates by propagating the lengthy Gardisil issue. That lack of self-control, respect and the refusal to accept the fact that Perry said if he had it to do over again he wouldn’t do it, and added refusal to move on towards the next issue was flat out ugly. Huntsman’s participation in this flash mob didn’t surprise me one bit, as he looked like he was just waiting to call Perry “treasonous” because of how Perry had referred to the Federal Reserve Chairman, Ben Bernanke as treasonous for his part in devaluing the U.S currency. Five years from now, when we see rampant inflation crushing the families of the working class citizens across America due to Bernanke’s monetary policy, I,m betting that a hell of a lot of Americans will be calling for Bernanke’s head on a pike. Huntsman thought he was being cute in saying Perry doesn’t think we can secure the southern border. Does Huntsman have a hearing problem? Perry called for securing the border with more manpower and technology, therefore showing Huntsman’s false statement to be as ugly as it gets in a Presidential debate.

I,d like to thank the wonderful folks at The TeaPartyExpress and all the various Tea party groups across America, for their part in giving conservatives a real debate and the chance to study all these 2012 Republican Presidential candidates in a more fair and balanced atmosphere. Next up is the GOP Presidential debate later this month, also here in Florida, ( Orlando) to be aired on Fox News in conjunction with Google.

Moderated by Special Report anchor Bret Baier with panelists Chris Wallace, host of “Fox News Sunday” and Megyn Kelly, anchor of “America Live,” the debate will incorporate video and text questions submitted by the public on YouTube.com/FoxNews

Read more: http://www.foxnews.com/politics/2011/09/01/fox-news-and-google-to-host-gop-presidential-debate-on-sept-22/#ixzz1XqJR8fsX

A Bizarre Marriage Of Ideals: Reviewing the GOP Debate

Tonight was the next installment in a series of  televised GOP Presidential Debates.

Oddly enough, the debate itself was a very bizarre marriage of ideals. It was held at the Ronald Reagan Presidential Foundation and Library, and sponsored by NBC News, parent company of the extreme left network MSNBC,  on which it was televised.  This partnership is not one you often think of.

This fact alone is more than likely the reason Jon Huntsman, Jr. received the amount of  time he received tonight.

Someone forgot to tell Jon Huntsman, Jr. that this was the REPUBLICAN debate, not the Democrat debate. However, it is doubtful he would have understood, if he had been told, given the fact he is running on the GOP ticket. The best advise his campaign could give him right now is to change the (R) behind his name to (D). The rumor is that Democrats are not too happy with President Obama right now, so maybe Jon Huntsman should consider making it official and just change parties. His ideals most certainly do not meet the Conservative standards.

To support this fact, Mr. Huntsman had more TV time in tonight’s debate than some of the other candidates who actually are ranking high in some of the polls. The obvious goal of the liberal MSNBC network tonight was to make Mr. Huntsman appear as though he truly has a chance in this race. The reality is he is completely delusional to think he is taken seriously by anyone, much less that he has any chance at all of winning the nomination.

Texas Governor Rick Perry made his debut on the debate stage, and by many accounts was hailed as tonight’s winner. He stood strong in his stance that Social Security is a ponzi scheme, to which Herman Cain suggested the Chilean model as an example of how to go about actually fixing the problem of Social Security, rather than just talking about it.

Rick Santorum was on the stage, but was more like a reminder that kept popping up than a serious challenger in the debate. With a few answers to the obligatory question or two thrown his way, he made some good points, but you often forgot he is was there, much less still in the race.

Mitt Romney actually faced up to Romneycare, rather than running from it. That’s about all that is worth mentioning from his podium, other than the fact that he made sure to point out he thinks President Obama is “a nice guy”, though he doesn’t agree with his leadership decisions.

Michele Bachmann appears to have lost her momentum, not having a “defining moment” in the evening.

Ron Paul was, well- Ron Paul. There is no question where Ron Paul stands on the issues. We know his voting record- he never waivers. While he has many good points, the “kooky” side of him tends to overpower the sane side of his argument.

The best moment of the debate came from Newt Gingrich, surprisingly. When asked by John Harris who, between the two governors- Perry and Gingrich- has the better end of the argument on the health-care issue, Mr. Gingrich replied:

Well, I’m frankly not interested in your effort to get Republicans fighting each other.

After much applause from the audience, and Mr. Harris trying- without success to shut Mr. Gingrich down, the former Speaker of The House went on to point out the overwhelming failure of President Obama. Mr. Gingrich closed by acknowledging the fact that he had more time, saying:

I for one, and I hope all of my friends up here, going to repudiate every effort of the news media to get Republicans to fight each other to protect Barack Obama who deserves to be defeated. And all of us are committed as a team, whoever the nominee is, we are all for defeating Barack Obama.

One thing is for certain: the next 15 months are going to be interesting indeed! The main stream media will most certainly make every effort to cause fighting among the GOP candidates. While they may be disillusioned with Obama, you can be certain they will never cast their vote for a Republican!

GOP Reagan Debate: The Herminator, Texans & is Jon Huntsman an Android?

The latest GOP debate was held at the Reagan Library in Simi Valley and it may go down as one of the best so far.  Brian Williams and John F. Harris moderated what MSNBC was obviously hoping would be remembered as the Perry vs. Romney debate.  The first ten minutes were devoted to a spirited back and forth between the two front-runners, aided by Williams’ laid-back moderation.  It was clear MSNBC was setting the two Governors up from the start.

Unlike the previous Fox debate, this was a strong showing for most of the candidates.

Herman Cain continues to improve with each debate.  He is doing his homework, and it shows.  As usual, Cain was strong on jobs and the economy.  He ran some big pizza company and did rocket science stuff, so he’s pretty smart.  At this point, Cain is trailing the pack, but his greatest strength is his ability to study and adapt.  He showed he is not to be easily discounted and his intelligence is clearly his greatest asset.  Also, I have a sneaking suspicion Cain throws one hell of a family reunion every year.  This could add a whole new appeal to the White House.  Cain is a long shot, but he is clearly not out of this race yet.

Michele Bachmann was poised and deliberate and made a very strong case for why she should remain in the House.  Having no clear record to run on, Bachmann frequently harkened back to the fights she has infamously backed in the House.  It is clear that the battles in our Congress are varied and essential, and a solid Conservative like Bachmann is desperately needed to continue those fights.  There was a time when Bachmann may have had a fighting chance to be President, but she seems to be saddled with a woeful campaign advisory team. For someone who is clearly so passionate and driven, in the debate format she comes off as forced and deliberate.  One can almost see her checking off the boxes in her head as she addresses each issue.  Bachmann is a great asset to the conservative movement, but tonight’s debate suggests that America may best be served with her in the Congress, instead of the White House.

And that brings us to Newt.  Oh, crazy, cantankerous Uncle Newt!  What is there to say about Newt?  Clearly there is no one in this race who can touch Newt when it comes to intelligence.  It is nothing short of a pleasure to hear him speak on any issue.  His vast wealth of knowledge and experience shows in every answer.  Newt’s internal polling must be showing that he comes off as a little stiff, because he was heavy on passion tonight.  As usual, the crowd loved it and was quite responsive, but Newt’s passionate strength is also his weakness.  With his furled eyebrows, immovable silver hair, and a condescending tone, Newt comes off more as the cranky old uncle at the family reunion than a President.  Add to that the fact that he looked like he just haphazardly threw on a suit and tie and ran over to the Library after his evening workout.  In the end, no one can match Newt’s razor sharp intelligence.  Debate after debate he proves he would be an invaluable pick for a cabinet position or advisor.  Here’s hoping the future Republican President remembers that.

Ron Paul put in a great performance.  Ron Paul understands the benefits and ideals of personal responsibility better than any candidate out there.  He handled each question with the ease of a man who believes what he says.  And then he was asked an immigration question, and that’s when Ron Paul just had to go get all Ron Paul-ish and ruin everything he had said in the previous 40 minutes.  There was some weirdness about a border fence working to keep Americans IN instead of Mexicans out and then the moderators moved on, but it was too late.  Ron Paul just couldn’t hold the Ron Paul in long enough.  The secret is out.  Ron Paul is a great Congressman and a great libertarian, but Ron Paul is also kooky.  And kooky doesn’t win the Presidency.

Rick Santorum was there.  Let’s not bring up the salmon tie.

Jon Huntsman showed America what a calculated statesman he is.  He arrived freshly oiled, with screws tightened, and his newly installed Political Platitudes software was working perfectly.  Jon Huntsman was Governor of Utah, you know?  He has a record there.  He has a record in Utah.  And he speaks Chinese.  And he lived in China.  And his record in Utah reflects his time in China, and Chinese and China.  Oops, sorry.  There is a glitch in the program.  We’ll get back to him later, after his handlers generate a less pukey-colored tie for him.

So that leaves us for the REAL reason for this debate tonight: Mitt Romney and Rick Perry.  Many were anxious to see how the Texas Governor would fair in this debate tonight against the other front-runner, Romney.

Perry exuded a patriarchal confidence, from his high collared shirt to his answers on the science of global warming.  Perhaps it is his Texas drawl, but Perry affects the air of a man who knows where he’s been, what he likes, and where he wants to go.  Some of the questions had him reaching for words and it seemed at times as if he was searching for the right phrasing, but in a way it made him seem more human (non-Huntsmanlike), as if he were coming up with the answers as he received the questions, and not checking the boxes ala Michele Bachmann.  Perhaps Perry’s highest point came when he referred to Social Security as a Ponzi scheme.  This is sure to be the sound bite that will be echoing through the stenographer’s pool in the MSM for the rest of the week and rightfully so.  It cannot be stressed enough the scam that Social Security has become for Americans in the 21st Century.  If that bite is all that anyone remembers about Perry from tonight, he’s gone a long way to locking down the nomination.

Perhaps the biggest disappointment of the night was Mitt Romney’s hair.  It just didn’t have the spunk of previous debates.  Usually Romney’s hair is “Presidential” hair, but tonight it was just gym hair.  But maybe that was a good thing.  Mitt’s lackluster hair meant an opportunity for Romney to shine in his own right, and he pretty much did that.  Romney stood firm and looked as relaxed as ever when sparring with Perry.  He looked confident, hit all his talking points, displayed good humor and attacked Perry’s record without looking like he was ATTACKING Perry’s record.  It was a good showing for the healthcare-beleaguered governor, but it wasn’t enough to overcome the sheer spectacle of seeing the Texas governor in debating form for the first time.

An honorable mention goes to Brian Williams and MSNBC for what was probably the most engaging debate format to date.  Williams has an easy yet professional charm that moved the debate along while still leaving room for the back and forth that gets audiences engaged.  Dishonorable mention goes to Williams’ colleague, John F. Harris, who sounded like a whiny kid trying to score the “gotcha” for the school newspaper so he can finally have the confidence to ask his editor out on a date.  Boo, to you Harris! Williams was right to let you talk less and less as the debate wound down.

The clear winners for this debate tonight were Brian Williams and MSNBC, for hosting a surprisingly even-handed forum.  It must have been difficult for them, but of course they were sure to line up Sharpton, Maddow, and Matthews in the post-debate to spew the proper amount of garbage afterward, so it evened out.  Perry and Romney came out very strong and with the exception of Huntsman, the GOP pack proved that the bench on the Right is pretty deep.  There is still more to hear from these candidates, but with each debate the field is getting sharper and sharper.  That bodes well for the future of this Presidential race. Stay tuned!

Ames Straw Poll Results and Follow-Up

Days of news coverage of the Ames straw poll have come to conclusion – Michele Bachmann won, Ron Paul took second and Tim Pawlenty rounded out the top three.

First the detailed results. Out of 16,584 votes cast:

  1. Michele Bachmann 4,823 votes / 29.1%
  2. Ron Paul 4,671 / 28.2%
  3. Tim Pawlenty 2,293 / 13.8%
  4. Rick Santorum 1,567 / 9.4%
  5. Herman Cain 1,456 / 8.8%
  6. Rick Perry 718 as a write-in / 4.3%
  7. Mitt Romney 567 / 3.4%
  8. Newt Gingrich 385 / 2.3%
  9. Jon Huntsman 69 / .4%
  10. Thad McCotter 35 / .2%

Neither Mitt Romney nor Rick Perry participated in the event, but Rick Perry showed much stronger than the former Massachusetts governor.

While Michelle Bachmann is a daughter of Iowa, has strong social Conservative beliefs and was strong in the polls entering the Iowa event, another important detail can be gleaned from her win: she has the organization to win caucuses.

There has been much made about her only being able to win at the district level in her own state of Minnesota. To win the straw poll she had to overtake significant spending by Tim Pawlenty and an always strong Ron Paul Ames straw poll organization.

Tim Pawlenty being in the top three will likely keep him going in the 2012 election cycle despite lackluster numbers in nationwide polls. Pawlenty admitted so much saying that he needed a strong finish in Iowa to jump start his campaign. After the results came out, his campaign released a statement:

Congratulations to Congresswoman Michele Bachmann for her victory in today’s straw poll. We made progress in moving from the back of the pack into a competitive position for the caucuses, but we have a lot more work to do. This is a long process to restore America — we are just beginning and I’m looking forward to a great campaign.

Gingrich, Huntsman, and McCotter showed poorly. Newt’s campaign has dealt with numerous defections, mis-steps with Conservatives, and it has run out of money. Huntsman is far too liberal to survive the nomination process and McCotter has image, money and name recognition problems to overcome. It is highly likely that 2 or 3 of these candidates will withdraw from the race in coming weeks.

Rick Perry will be in Waterloo, Iowa tomorrow to officially kick off his 2012 Iowa campaign. Perry represents what might be the biggest threat to Bachmann in Iowa and should top Mitt Romney in most other states.

We may be looking at a tight race between Michele Bachmann and Rick Perry as the presidential race moves across the nation.

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