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THERE ARE NO CUTS! – The Fallacy of Baseline Budgeting

From thehill.com

I almost have to laugh at the old car commercials with the loud salesmen and the blinking graphics, “Come in today and save $5,000!!”  You have to know that this type of advertising works because it is still being used.  Ergo, there must still be idiots out there that think they are really saving $5,000 by spending $25,000 on a car that has a $30,000 price tag on it.  So it is with baseline budgeting and “Washington” speak.


The ignorant on both side of the aisle are decrying the failure of the “Stuper-Committee” (NO, I didn’t spell that wrong) as the next man-caused disaster.  With weeping and gnashing of teeth, they rent their garments and wail at the moon, giving a performance that only Chicken Little could only appreciate.  Now, because 12 of the most partisan people on the hill couldn’t come to an agreement as to what to order for lunch, let alone the deficit, the debt ceiling legislation passed in August will kick in “draconian” cuts to both domestic and defense spending.  Only, there’s one little problem….




They only thing ever cut in D.C. is a ribbon in front of yet another government program designed to make out lives easier – that is as soon as someone actually reads the legislation that created it!!  What baseline budgeting does is to set the next year’s budget “based” on the previous year’s expenditures, but then tacking on a 20% increase in spending per year.  Then someone comes along, spends only half of that increase and calls it a cut.




You STILL spent 10% more than last year!  If you did that in your own household, you wouldn’t call it a cut, but Washington does.


Here’s an interesting fact.  If the federal government froze spending today, and for the next 10 years – aka, they literally didn’t spend one more dime for the next 10 budgest than they do now, the Congressional Budget Office (CBO) would score that as a NINE TRILLION dollar cut!  Remember we have been overspending an average of about 1.5 TRILLION dollars more than we take in for the past 3 years.  For you and me, this means going from the measly 15 TRILLION dollar debt we have now to 30 TRILLION dollars by 2022!!  And Capitol Hill calls that a CUT!!


This is like barreling towards the cliff in your car at 100 MPH, talking your foot slightly off the gas and declaring that you are now going in reverse!  YOU ARE STILL HEADING OFF THE CLIFF, YOU MORON!!


Until we are really prepared to put Jabba-the-Congress on a real diet, we will continue to hurdle headlong toward the cliff.  Probably the most shameful thing about this latest Washington debacle is that none of these so-called leaders – one both sides – will ever have to pay this back.  It’ll be their grandchildren, and yours, and mine.  Remember that next November.

FAILED: Balanced Budget Amendment Does Not Pass House Vote

Just days after the national debt hit $15 trillion, in what Judiciary Committee Chairman Lamar Smith, R-Texas, describes as the “last line of defense against Congress’ unending desire to overspend and overtax”, the proposed balanced budget amendment failed to pass the vote in the House today.

The Conservative Congress members have spent months seeking support for the proposal, saying that this is the only way to force Congress to put this nations financial house in order. The proposed amendment to the Constitution, which would require Congress to balance the nations budget, actually won a majority of the vote, with 261 votes supporting the proposal and 165 opposing it. However, the amendment did not pass, because it fell  short of the required two-thirds majority vote, which is 284 votes.

While the vote was largely along party lines, with most Republicans voting for the proposal and most Democrats voting against it, Speaker of the House John Boehner lays the blame on Democrats in the House for the proposal not passing. There were, however, four Republicans who voted against it as well. In a statement after the failed vote, Speaker Boehner said:

“It’s unfortunate that Democrats still don’t recognize the urgency of stopping Washington’s job-crushing spending binge. A number of economists and experts support a Balanced Budget Amendment because it would help create a better environment for private-sector job growth.”

The four Republicans who voted against the proposal were:

Representative David Dreier, R-California
Representative Paul Ryan, R-Wisconsin
Representative Justin Amash, R-Michigan
Representative Louie Gohmert, R-Texas

Representative Paul Ryan said he voted against the proposal because the actual draft of the amendment voted on was much different from the one Conservatives had drafted, which would have set solid spending limits, and would have required a super-majority to raise taxes. He said he believes the proposal which was actually voted on today would make it “more likely” that the way a balanced budget would be reached would be by just raising taxes, rather than actually cutting spending. “In a statement explaining why he voted against the measure, he said:

“Without a limit on government spending, I cannot support this amendment.”

There was obvious disappointment among those who voted for the proposal. Freshman Representative Steve Womack, R-Arksansas, said:

“In the 10 plus months I’ve been here, I consider this vote the most important vote I will have because it’s the vote that has the most impact on the future of my grandson. It is sad that Congress does not have the discipline to live within its means, and I strongly believe the only way to constrain an undisciplined Congress is to enshrine its obligation in the Constitution.”

Representative Candice Miller, R- Michigan, who also voted for today’s proposal, said:

“It is time for this Congress to use the tools our Founding Fathers gave us to amend the Constitution to save further generations from the shackles of unsustainable debt.”

One of the few Democrats who voted for the proposal, Representative Mike Ross, D- Arkansas, said:

“I’m very disappointed the House failed to pass this amendment, because, as a fiscal conservative, I have helped introduce a balanced budget amendment in each and every session of Congress since I first arrived. Deficit spending is nothing new, and both parties share the blame, but our deficits have become unsustainable and it’s past time to restore fiscal discipline and accountability to our government.”

Today’s proposal is a softer version of the proposal of the original, as an attempt to win more Democrat votes. While the original draft  set solid spending limits, the proposal voted on today would have required total spending for any fiscal year not exceed total receipts. It did, however, provided for some flexibility, such as in times of war. To raise the debt ceiling or a waiver of the balanced budget amendment in a given year, a three-fifths majority vote would have been required.

Critics on the Democratic side of the aisle argued that the amendment still would require cuts in Medicare and other entitlement programs if the economy puts the budget in the red.

If the proposal would have passed in today’s vote, it would not have immediately solved our nations financial problems. The bill would still face a fierce battle in the Senate, which it would likely not pass. However, in the event it had passed in both houses, it would still have to be ratified by three-fourths of the states. This process would not be complete until 2015. The proposal then allowed 2 additional years for the bill to go into effect, bringing us to 2017, to allow Congress time to bring the budget into balance.

This is the first time a balanced budget amendment has been proposed since 1995, but it too failed to pass. The 1995 proposal passed in the House, but failed to pass the Senate by one single vote.


Politicizing A Tragedy and the Loss of Respect For An Astronaut

Mark Kelly, Photo Courtesy Trialx.com

If you are familiar with the name, but just can’t quite remember where you’ve heard it, Mark Kelly- an astronaut with NASA, is Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords’ husband.

According to The Hill, Mr. Kelly “rips” Speaker of the House John Boehner for not coming to visit Congresswoman Giffords in the hospital, and is upset that he only sent a get well card.

From the beginning of the Arizona tragedy, where Congresswoman Giffords was  shot, this writer has prayed for her recovery. In fact, the very next day, after the tragedy, a blog was born with the express purpose of praying for her on a daily basis. If you ever read from this blog, you will see that politics were put to the side. This writer is not the only one to do this!

Politics had no place in this tragedy. While many on the left blamed Sarah Palin, the Tea Party, an countless others they do not agree with politically, there were also many on the left that never brought politics into the discussions surrounding the tragedy in Arizona.

Lives were lost that day. A Congresswoman’s life hung in the balance. We did not know if Gabrielle Giffords was going to live or die.

Republicans and Democrats across the nation came together to pray. Yes, as mentioned above, there were numerous people on the left that played the blame game, but there were also many who did not.

A real chance for healing for this nation was missed. While tragedy has turned to triumph in many ways, the Tuscon massacre only served to divide this nation further.

Now, the very parties that could once again build a bridge of healing are doing everything they can to tear it down.

While Mark Kelly’s grief, frustration and anger are understandable, to turn this into a political game is sickening.

The comments in the article referenced above speak volumes. This one in particular is a resounding sentiment for this writer:

“Giffords stopped to greet Boehner and told him with “a big smile on her face”: “You stay out of my district. Okay. Remember. Stay out of my district.””

interesting… and this administration literally defunded NASA and he’s criticizing Boehner for a get well card…

BY DEE on 11/15/2011 at 15:45

There has been no public criticism for President Obama de-funding the very place of Mr. Kelly’s livelihood! Oh, but wait! Yes, that’s right… Mr. Kelly retired from NASA over the summer, so this is no longer a concern for him. That leaves plenty of room to chastise the Republican Party leader for simply sending a card. He should be grateful they received that. From the quoted comment above, there was obvious tension between Giffords and Boehner. Whether she meant it as a joke or not, there is always truth in a joke. Maybe Speaker Boehner felt it was in Congresswoman Giffords’ best interest that he not make a personal appearance. Anyone who knows anything about recovery knows you do not add stress to the environment for the person healing.

We have no way of knowing exactly why Speaker Boehner chose to send a card rather than making a personal appearance. Maybe his intentions were not so pure in heart. Maybe they were a slight against the Congresswoman. However, it is doubtful.

If this nation does not put on her big girl pants and stop whining and crying every time someone “offends” them, we have absolutely no hope of healing. America is known for her strength. Even our astronauts are whining and crying these days! Or it could simply be as this comment says:

Nice to know that Mr. Kelly is busy getting his “15 minutes of fame” and cashing in on his wife’s horrific shooting. Tells you what kind of person he is.BY ANNE MARIE on 11/15/2011 at 15:58

If this is the case, it makes it even more sad and sickening.


Speaker Boehner to Obama: Get out of Campaign Mode and Start to Govern

 In the following Newsmax interview with Speaker Boehner, President Obama was called out for his being in perpetual campaign mode recently, while not doing his job as President of the United States.

Newsmax interview with Speaker Boehner.

In the interview, Speaker Boehner expresses his wishes that President Obama would work with Republicans on common ground issues of importance such as Obama’s current jobs bill, the trade agreements, China’s currency manipulation bill and big government over-regulation that is hurting American businesses and stifling job growth. He also expresses his concerns with the current  "boiler" regulations that will cost thousands of American jobs unnecessarily. Speaker Boehner must be applauded for trying to do his job as Speaker of the House and carry out the business of legislation,even in the face of the president running around the country in campaign mode while making misleading statements about Republicans and their [ supposed] refusal to work with him. Is Speaker Boehner is expected  to fly around the country in the people’s corporate jet with President Obama in order to work with him on critical issues? 

U.S.Senator Sherrod Brown's Wife Caught Red-Handed and Red-Faced, Resigns

The latest longtime member of D.A.M, as in the Democratic Attack Machine, to be exposed recently has been working in the media at The Cleveland Plains Dealer newspaper for 18 long years, promoting liberal talking points and spinning the news stories 24/7. No big revelation here you say right? What if it was exposed that the news-person we are talking about here is none other than the wife of a sitting United States Senator? Meet Ms. Connie Shultz, also known as… Mrs. U.S. Senator Sherrod Brown, whom has resigned from the Cleveland Plains Dealer when she was caught at a Tea Party event where the probable challenger to her husband’s U.S. Senate seat in 2012, Josh Mandel was speaking. There is a picture of the lovely couple there, courtesy of Connie Shultz via The Washington Post.

Note: The Plains Dealer still has “Connie Shultz” listed as a writer on their website here as of this morning. In the ultimate example of backtracking blather, Connie Shultz-Brown tries to defend the straw that finally broke the camel’s back(and this story), here.  In true Liberal fashion, while stating a total denial of wrong-doing there, she basically issues no apology, makes numerous lame excuses, and shows a total lack of honesty and integrity. Here is just a little taste of her fake apology upon announcing her resignation from the above linked story, and the now-obvious reason for being at a Tea Party event, along with the subsequent trashing of her husband’s possible opponent in 2012 in her writing:

I didn’t mention all the speakers in my column, but there was one who showed up at the end of the event whom I should have named: Ohio Treasurer Josh Mandel. (emphasis mine)

For months, The Plain Dealer has identified Mandel as the likely 2012 Republican opponent of my husband, U.S. Sen. Sherrod Brown. Mandel is raising money for a Senate race, but has not declared his candidacy. He frequently attacks my husband in public interviews and speeches, and the Tea Party event was no exception. (emphasis mine)


Mrs. Sherrod Brown has been writing Liberal propaganda articles for 18 long years at the Cleveland Plains Dealer, and yet in true media-malpractice ( CYA) fashion, the newspaper’s editor supposedly never new Mrs. Sherrod Brown would skew the news articles in favor of her very own husband’s Liberal Democratic political party. Isn’t that amazing? Integrity and honesty in unbiased news reporting? Not at the Cleveland Plains Dealer, as is painfully obvious in the editor’s  very own statement after this fiasco was exposed.  If you still believe that Connie Shultz , AKA Mrs. Sherrod Brown is a fair and unbiased reporter, let’s take it a step further and see what her very own editor,  Debra Adams Simmons, at the CPD had to say about Mrs. Connie Shultz-Brown: (hat tip to Paula over at Redstate.com.)

“Her steadfast commitment to social and economic justice, her advocacy on behalf of women and her courageous efforts to speak truth to power highlight a distinguished career. Although Connie is moving on, hers will continue to be an important voice for the region.” (Emphasis mine)

Notice the liberal cutesy catch-phrases highlighted above? How about that last line where they all but admit that this propagandist of the left will still be working in the media to trash the Tea Party and conservatives in Ohio in the very near future ? This is how the Democratic Attack Machine works. When you shine sunlight on the nest of leftist roaches, they just scurry to other hiding places within the media and are funded by the Liberal operative organizations of the fake Democratic party.   Now watch how quickly the Liberal media sweeps this episode of just how dishonest the Liberal media arm of the Democratic Machine truly is under the carpet.  My guess? It will not even be mentioned on MSNBC,  ABC, or CBS and probably not by CNN either.  This is in fact, a major story about the wife of a sitting United States Senator working at the biggest newspaper in Ohio as a proven member of the Liberal Democratic media machine, and therefore should be reported on nation-wide.  Also of note is the fact that this fiasco was happening right under the current Speaker of the House,  John Boehner’s nose,  in his state of Ohio. This shows us just how low these people will go to promote their Liberal ideology and try to force it on all Americans through stealth media manipulation.  How disgusting.


House Republicans Pass Highway (to Hell) Bill by Voice Vote

Yesterday, Sept. 14, 2011 should be marked as an eye-opening day of revelation for conservative voters across the nation that handed the U.S. House of Representatives to the GOP in the historic 2010 elections. Why should this day be such an eye-opener? Well, this is the day that Republicans used the Liberal trickery that we have seen for the past 5 years to pass a critical leglislative spending bill by voice vote.

First of all, they quietly passed the bill by voice vote. This is the gimmickry that politicians use when they want to deny grassroots watchdog groups the ability to hold representatives accountable for their votes on such critical issues as highway funding. Speaker Boehner will have a hell of a lot of explaining to do when the media gets ahold of this information. This all started when House Majority Leader (and Boehner confidant/apprentice) Eric Cantor announced that the House GOP would not use the looming short-term C.R.spending bill to continue the fight with Democrats over spending levels.  So the people handed the GOP a majority in the House, which is supposed to control the taxpayers purse by the way, and instead will go along with increased spending levels dictated by the “grand bargain” known as the debt deal. This intial capitulation was noted over at Roll Call here, in which we see Cantor brush off the very folks who put him and Boehner in control of the House in 2010:

The Virginia Republican said that while he and other Republicans will continue to seek cuts to the federal budget, they will stick to the debt deal with the White House that sets spending at a higher level than the GOP’s budget.   ( emphasis mine)

So once again we see that the cowards of Congress are afraid to hold the line on debt spending even though America’s credit rating was downgraded and we are fast approaching $15 trillion dollars of national debt. Cantor basically came out with the excuse that the government will shut down if they don’t continue to collapse the U.S economy through fiscal insanity:

The risk of bringing about brinkmanship or another shutdown [fight] would not be helpful,” Cantor said, insisting that Republicans by and large support addressing the CR in a manner “without there having to be another potential for shutdown and [instead] maintain our focus” on jobs.

This is what happens when you have elected officials perpetually concerned with scoring campaign points over actually doing the jobs they are paid to do. Cantor releases that statement on Monday, as a way to prep the conservative base to get used to more bloated debt spending bills that will increase our debt instead of putting up a fight to get spending under control. That statement was released on Monday and low and behold look what transpired on Tuesday the very next day: This comes to us from Mr. Russ Vought via redstate.com, who actually works for The Heritage Foundation:

Then we find out that a separate bill (H.R. 2887) to extend the federal highway and aviation programs for six months was rushed through the House this afternoon without even a recorded vote. ( emphasis mine)

Holding votes on massive spending bills which allow reps. to hide under the cover of a voice vote where they can not be held accountable for their actions is a nasty disservice to the American people, no matter how you slice it. While we have come to expect this kind of tyrannical gimmickry from the Liberal fake Democrats, we expect better from the GOP. If you clowns think you can slip this past we the people, you’ve got another thing coming. Witness Mr. Vought’s above-linked article and this one right here. Boehner, Cantor and company have effectively used the “sacred debt ceiling deal” to line up with the fake Democrats of the past five years to keep on spending America into insolvency. This points to a famous saying of yester-year: “They are all in this together!”

The Progressive Socialism pimps have effectively moved the bar by controlling the message once again. It is now [supposedly] unacceptable for we the people to demand that Congress stop the insanity and only spend what they take in every year. America has now moved from a center-right, prosperous freedom-loving nation, to a nation of cowards who will allow the tyrants of big government to drive our system right into a collision with massive debt problems from which we will never recover. The “R” that is supposed to represent the conservative values of our Republican Party has been tarnished once again today. To pull this kind of stunt all in the name of being moderates to work with our ” friends across the aisle”  while irreparably damaging American’s future prosperity through irresponsible debt spending increases, and then using Liberal leglislative gimmickry to avoid accountability by doing it through a voice vote really makes me lose hope for the future of our Republic. While we need to remain optimistic about the future of America, it is very hard to do so considering the fact that, thanks to Liberal Democrat Harry Reid blocking and refusing to act on any House passed spending bills in the U.S. Senate, America will once again operate with no firm spending budget in place for the third straight year. How’s that hope n change workin out for you America? Barack Obama and the Liberals want to dump four more years of this nonsense onto us in the 2012 elections, and now apparently have enlisted the help of  House Republicans.  We truly are on the Highway to insolvency hell people, and it is just a matter of how fast we will get there now.

Speaker Boehner to Obama: Not So Fast, Mr. President

    Shortly after President Obama’s stimulus, err jobs speech where the President demanded many, many times that his “jobs bill” ( which no one has seen in writing) be passed right away, right now, hurry, hurry, he received a letter from Speaker Boehner and several top Republicans. The gist of this letter?   Not so fast Mr. President!

Speaker Boehner points out that he would like to a actually see the bill, in writing, and that it be scored by the CBO before they can even consider passing it. Can you believe the arrogance of these Republicans? They actually want to read the bill before hurry, hurry, passing it! Ex-Speaker, Liberal Nancy Pelosi must be rolling around in her grave upon hearing of this craziness. What’s that you say ? The ex-speaker is still in Congress? Oh yes, that WAS her leading the childish clapping of the Democrats every 30 seconds during Obama’s bully-pulpit rant for another expensive stimulus package disguised as ….well, whatever it was supposed to be. Only in a liberal mind could extending unemployment benefits be considered job creation. Yes Nancy, Republicans actually want to read the bills before passing them. What a novel idea!

The Speaker’s letter also contains another bit of revelation intended to help  President Obama to discover the American way of passing legislation. The letter informs the President that Republicans will also reserve the right to make changes as they see fit to Obama’s latest stimulus scam attempt disguised as a jobs bill. Maybe Congress isn’t totally irrelevant after all folks. I was so pleased upon  discovering Speaker Boehner’s letter that informs Barack Obama that they will be following protocol in the U.S. House of Representatives and NOT ramming another stimulus bill through Congress without carefully weighing the complete make-up of the bill, that I felt like throwing a party! This could lead us to a new National Day of Recognition, maybe even a new Holiday to celebrate the novel idea of reading the bills in Congress before passing them. Thank you Speaker Boehner, from all Americans believing in the U.S. Constitution and the separation of powers in the three branches of our government. Those separations of power are our checks and balances that keep us from being ruled by a dictator like another Hussein, as in Sadaam. No, Mr. President, just because you get up on the teleprompter bully-pulpit on national TV and demand your stimulus ( posing as jobs) bill be passed right away without careful consideration as to exactly what is in it, and how it will be paid for, doesn’t make it law.  America is not a dictatorship, we are a Republic. One would think the great law scholar Barack Obama would have been aware of this before he even tried to ramrod any spending bill past the House of Representatives. Maybe then Barack Obama wouldn’t have looked like such a fool while repeating that Congress must pass this bill right away some seventeen times during his speech, to which Speaker Boehner simply replied: ” Not so fast Mr. President.”

Unhappiness Abounds

A careful review of various opinion articles across the web revealed one common theme from columnists on both sides of the aisle:  a complete unhappiness with President Obama.

The right is unhappy with him, primarily because they have always perceived him as a Marxist ideologue, while the left’s unhappiness is a relatively new phenomenon rooted in the fact that they feel the President compromises with the evil Republicans too often.

The President is in the midst of preparing what has now become the biggest speech of his Presidency.  He has painted himself into a corner and now he must deliver a speech that is heavy on details and light on rhetoric.  That task might prove to be very difficult for this President because he rarely likes to embrace such detail-oriented oratory.  Instead, he likes to paint with a broad brush and leave it to others to fill in the gaps.  Case in point is the healthcare debate.

The issue now is jobs.  Americans want them and they, however wrongly, expect the Federal government to deliver them.  The only weapon Obama has at his disposal is the same old Keynesian tactics that he’s already tried.  He now either has to abandon what he’s always known, or double down on what he’s already tried.  It is very unlikely that Obama will find salvation and turn from his wicked ways, so we’re left with more of the same from him.

That’s where the problem lies.  To those on the right, any more Obamanomics will accelerate the destruction of America, as we know it.  The Republican candidates will have a field day with further big-government program announcements.

To the left, Obama isn’t going to go far enough, but he will still try.  It is likely that Obama will propose a very large stimulus package; perhaps even as much as double the cost of the last one, in a not-so-subtle effort to appease his base on the far left.  Obviously, he knows that the Republican House of Representatives will never pass such a plan.  In fact, he is counting on just that.

Obama wants to blame the faltering economy on the Republicans.  If he can propose a grand plan that he knows the House will reject, he can then lay blame squarely at the feet of John Boehner and the Tea Party, while at the same time, he can tell his base how hard he tried and that the Republicans just wouldn’t pass his plan.

It is a huge gamble, of course, but it really is the only card Obama can play if he hopes to have a shot at being re-elected next November.  The question is, will the American people fall for it, again?

The Audacity of Arrogance

Courtesy of hyscience.com

Does this president just not get it? A better summation would be to say that yes, he does get it, he simply does not care!

President Obama, oh ye who proclaims we should all put this country before politics, arrogance shines bright upon thee!

The latest attempt of this president– who is the president of all American people- is nothing less than an intentional attempt to upstage the political process of this great nation. He refuses to accept the fact that being president does not mean it’s all about him! There is this thing called the will of The People! Though he has tried to circumvent every part of the process and legal procedures to push his agenda through, a road block was put in place that he could not go around.

September 7 has been the date scheduled for the next Republican presidential debate for quite some time now. Yet, this president decided that wasn’t important, so he sent a request to address Congress on the exact same night and time. While the claim has been that it was initially set in error, it does not take a genius to see through the lies.

One of the “defining” aspects of this president is that he is the first president to be socially connected with the latest technology, even going so far as to refuse to give up his personal blackberry when he was sworn into office. With a staff that is obviously watching every move of the Republican party as the 2012 election gets closer and closer, there is no doubt that this “scheduling conflict” was not a simple mistake.

The hypocrisy drips from his voice yet again. While in one breath he claims his address to Congress and the nation is of vital importance, because supposedly he finally “has a plan” to address the jobless situation. Putting Americans back to work is so urgent for this president! It is so very important, in fact, that he dropped a teaser on the American people that he will deliver his “jobs-creation plan” that will save our nation, but……… well, sorry America, we had to wait until his arrogancy returned from a lavish vacation at Martha’s Vineyard.

However, things have not gone according to plan for the president this time! Speaker of the House John Boehner denied his request. The fact that he does not like to be told “no” is the least of things that is sure to have upset the apple cart of said president.  It appears as though he’s realized he’s not going to get his way, and has since settled to present his “plan” on Thursday night. There in-lies the next basket of apples to topple over for the “leader” of the free world. Now he’s going  up against one of the greatest American past times- football! Not only is it football, but it is the start of the 2011-12 NFL football season.  He should at least be happy it’s not the opening night of baseball. Then he would have a situation of baseball and almost-apple-pie, with all his apples rolling about. That’s about as all-American as you can get! For a president who obviously hates anything to do with the things that make this country… well, all-American, he should count his blessings………errrrr…. lucky stars that it’s just football he’s competing with!

Yes, it is true- he is an avid sports fan, so this means he will miss the game to give his self-proclaimed earth-shattering speech, but considering the fact that here in the real world his speeches are less than interesting in the first place, and then the fact that all of America knows this is just going to be more of the same old canned rhetoric and stimulus proposals, there’s very little chance that anyone will watch he and his teleprompter make eyes at each other.  So with these facts laid out, it is probably safe to assume he is fit to be tied about right now!

All of this causes one to wonder what the atmosphere around the White House is like right about now! With the extra large helping of egg all over his face from this latest incident, things may be getting a little bit tense in those sacred halls! This might be a good time for someone to warn the staff to keep an eye out for the sudden plate sailing through the air from time to time.

That audacity of his went from hope to nope pretty quick. See what your arrogance gets you, Mr. President?

The No-Cajone Pony is Acting Stupidly

I’d give my left flipper to be the teleprompter operator on September 8th, in the year of our Pronoun-in-Chief, the Unicorn King, Precedent Uhhhhbama (Peace be upon him), OediPOTUS Wrecks, Obama-Lama-Ding-Dong, OOO (Occupant of the Oval Office; a.k.a. “Triple O”), His “O”ily-ness, the Hopiate of the Masses, Barackus Hubris Maximus, and His Travesty. Imagine His Phoniness, staring grimly at TOTUS as his speech performs linguistic cartwheels, raining on his parade.

Visualize General Zero, grandly pontificating “… while ATMs and corporate jet owners rape the means of production employed by the proletariat who are forced to sell their own labor in order to survive because they don’t have any means of production, and in their most desperate hour must engage in class struggles against the bourgeois society sprouting from [PolarCoug inserts new text here] a gigantic tamale that The First Lardass devoured in between the largest pair of lobsters ever to grace the fine chinaware in the West Wing.” Pregnant pause—panic sets in and TOTUS fast forwards past the offending passage in hopes that General Zero can hitch those dangling cajones back up from whence they most recently descended.

“We must protect jobs! We must liberate workers from the feudal lords who hold sway over their vassals, apprentices, journeymen, and serfs. We are called to a high and noble cause; to rescue [PolarCoug strikes a second time.] Debbie Downer with a Nadler burger and a side order of fries. Yes, make it a double and throw down some of that there special sauce slathered on a sesame seed bun made from the remnants of whatever holds Al Gore together these days!” The collective commies in the Joint Session of Congress go hysterical with wild cheering, right on cue, as His Imperious Majesty Barack the First, President of America, Protector of the People as Long As They Know Their Place and Belong to The Right Unions, Defender of the Privileges Accrued by Attending the Right University, and Scourge of the Rich If They Don’t Contribute To The Democratic Party stares in stunned silence at the utter gibberish that just erupted from his silver tongue and between his freshly waxed jowls.

Suddenly Chris Matthews notices that he isn’t the only Socialist-In-Residence (SIR) whose leg is suddenly and violently tingling. He orders Camera Four to zoom in on Pinocchio’s left leg. A tell-tale stain of unknown origin is snaking its way past the knee; settling in a pool inside that size-11 Salvatore Ferragamo shoe with the non-slip sole. Too bad the foot inside isn’t non-slip, too. Same goes for the sole, uh, soul. Speaking of pee, Matthews, from deep within the wretched recesses of his cankered heart, recalls “The Six Ps”—Proper Planning Prevents Piss Poor Performance. He recognizes that The Gerbil President has failed to define his overall social media goals and objectives, including allowing the sheeple to kiss his ring as he towers over them, offering his all so that they might live… but then, hope! It appears that Jimmy Carter 2.0 has indeed prepared for just such a contingency and is going to his back-up plan to save him from this fall from grace. Still reading his teleprompter through the miracle of a swiveling neck, King Zero twirls around to face Vice President Joe Biden, who is regally sitting on the dias behind him.

[PolarCoug punches the appropriate button.]

“Stand up, Chuck! Let ‘em see ya!” screams BoBo the Clown. Joe sits there like a slab of unappreciated granite from the 2010 Pelosi Botex Collection, just Biden his time. “Come on, Chuck! Let the people see ya!” implores Barack Ilyich Lenin. Joe looks glued to his seat; his ass unwilling to extricate itself from the rich Corinthian leather of his high-backed executive throne. Somewhere in Ohio a horse has just given his all so that Biden wouldn’t come totally unglued at this defining moment of his completely un-illustrious career. For his part, Biden is reconsidering China’s one-child policy. “Perhaps,” he thinks, “The Soetoros had one too many kids.” Captain Clueless, unaccustomed as he is to being defied, implores Vice President Glueless one last time. “Chuck! Don’t be shy! Get up here! Let the people see ya!”

[PolarCoug adjusts the scroll knob to a moderately faster speed.]

The Chicago Charlatan’s lips quiver with excitement as the words tumble out of his oral orifice at approximately the speed of a freight train thundering down the track at the lice-infested hippie camped out at the nearest crossing guard sign. “A maggot could run against me and win in a landslide. At least it eats crap and does not spew it! If I had bent over any more to Boehner over the date of this speech Michelle was going to divorce me! If you want to know the truth I’m against jobs; unless they are controlled by the government or are ‘green’ boondoggles! And Boehner, I’m sorry about not consulting you first. But at least you’re not alone. Bela Pelosi wasn’t consulted, either. It’s still daylight. She can’t come out of her coffin until the sun goes down!” Whew! If Ear Leader had spoken any faster he would have fractured his tongue!

[PolarCoug flips a switch.]

The entire Democratic Caucus of the House of Representatives leaps to its feet, and yells “You lie!”

[PolarCoug twiddles the third knob from the left.]

“Impossible!” thunders LOLbama. “I practiced in front of the mirror in my bedroom for three weeks while Michelle threw expensive shoes at my head! Well, it wasn’t exactly my own bedroom. I was on Martha’s Vineyard livin’ the life of O’Reilly while the country went to Hand in a Hell-Basket!”

Biden stands up.

[PolarCoug calibrates the resonant frequency of the O’racle’s vocal chords against the sheen glimmering off of Biden’s newly-bleached teeth.]

“LOOK AT ME! LOOK AT ME!” screams Mister Narcissistic Personality Disorder. “LOOK. AT. ME!”

Biden looks at him.

And this is when it happened. This is the moment the entire population of the world recalled as the precise instant in time when Oblahblah won the Nobel Prize in Dumbassery. This was the highlight of the night where Barry should have spent the evening visiting Uncle OingoBoingoDUI Obama instead of preaching to Congress. This was a moment tantamount to giving Anthony Weiner an overdose of saltpeter.

Barry acted stupidly, as he had countless times before:

  • Barry, the uninvited guest who invited himself to Capitol Hill.
  • Barry, who once flipped the bird during a debate.
  • Barry, who has allowed more people to look up his nostrils than any other politico in history.
  • Barry, who secretly knows they arrested the wrong Obama.
  • Barry, whose only friend is Casey Anthony because everyone hates her too!
  • Barry, whose stimulus was a Trojan Horse. Or, was it that the Trojan was a stimulus horse?
  • Barry, whose manufacturer forgot to include an ample supply of barf bags.
  • Barry, who watched the oceans rise and the earth crack; the total opposite of what he promised.
  • Barry, whom General George S. Patton should have slapped instead of an enlisted man.
  • Barry, who put the BS in joBS.
  • Barry, who won the Arab Spring—one lobster at a time.

And what was it that Obama did that was worthy of such notoriety?

You’ll be disappointed to learn that it’s really quite anti-climactic (pun intended) considering all of the foreplay we just went through. Obama simply realized he was having an election that was lasting for more than four hours!

♩ ♪ ♫ ♬ When Cameron was in Egypt’s land…let my Weiner go! ♩ ♪ ♫ ♬


Thank you, Mister Speaker, for suddenly growing a pair. Savor the moment, and don’t be afraid to use them again.

Obama Blinks – Moves Speech to Thursday

Obama requests speech at same time as GOP debate

Despite having said that it should be country before politics, Obama put his politics before almost everything – including politics.

Before his most sudden change of heart, Obama had demanded that he address Congress on the same night as the next GOP debate – September 7th.

Obama sent a letter Wednesday to House Speaker Boehner requesting a joint session of Congress so that he may deliver his jobs plan. On any other night that week, there would be no reason not to grant the teleprompter a reason to explain to us what Obama’s ever-changing group of economic advisers wrote down. The day Obama originally requested is also the night of the next GOP Presidential Debate.

The debate is to be carried by MSNBC so any damage to their viewership will be negligible, as are their ratings. The real question is why did Obama pick the same night as the GOP debate?

Politics, of Course

It won’t hurt the GOP candidates just to have the debate and the president on at the same time. Between DVR’s and archived streams, anyone who wants to see both, will be able to. What is interesting is that now we’re hearing that the moderators may push the candidates to respond in real-time to the President’s plan – a plan his advisers spent months on.

Obama gets to take his time, studying the speech someone wrote for him, the plan someone else devised. The candidates have seconds to respond? Way to go MSNBC, you’ve managed to top CNN’s bungle of a Presidential debate -AND- confirm the New York Times assertion that they are nothing but a marathon of liberal propaganda from 6-11pm. Although the need for the time boxing is questionable.

Obama could be assured that MSNBC would pounce on any opportunity to make the GOP candidates look unprepared and uninformed while the President reads calmly from the teleprompter. All he had to do was schedule his speech at the same time and on the same day as the MSNBC-hosted debate.

Rep. Ron Paul is said to be weighing his options as to whether he will attend the GOP debate or the President’s speech.

There is Football to Consider

John Boehner has stated that he was only given 15 minutes to consider the Obama request before it was announced nationwide. Boehner publicly asked the President to consider moving his speech to Thursday. As Thursday is the kick-off of the 2011-12 NFL football season, our sports fan-in chief is likely to refuse.

Boehner Asks President to be More Considerate

Letter to President Obama re: Request to Address a Joint Session of Congress

The President Changes His Mind

At about 9:20pm this evening, the White House blinked. The President will address a joint session of Congress on September 8th. So far the White House only alluded to Speaker Boehner’s concerns as the reason to move the date.

GOP Announces Its Six Members, Pelosi Still Undecided

Earlier this week, Democrats announced their picks for the three Senators that would be part of the “super committee” tasked with deficit reduction. Today, Republicans release the names of the three Representatives and three Senators that would fill out the entire GOP side of the committee.

Senate Republican Leader Mitch McConnell announced his selections as Senator Jon Kyl (R-AZ), Sen. Pat Toomey (R-PA), and Sen. Rob Portman (R-OH).

John Boehner selected House Republican Conference Chairman Jeb Hensarling, (R-TX), House Ways and Means Committee Chairman Dave Camp (R-MI), and House Energy and Commerce Committee Chairman Fred Upton (R-MI). Speaker Boehner also selected Rep. Hensarling as the committee’s co-chair.

It had been speculated that Paul Ryan would be put on the committee, but that was not to be.

What’s still missing are House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi’s three representatives. Will she go extreme left to appease her base or look to compliment what appears to be a good lineup for negotiations?


Recipe For Disaster

Washington may call the recent “debt deal” necessary, but the “ingredients” that went into making the “deal” sometimes seem a bit “seedy”. A more appropriate name might be a recipe for disaster!

Making the Cut

As we all know money is on most everybody’s mind in these hard economic times, coupled with our Congress fighting each other over the debt and spending issues. No one in Congress has put any permanent solutions on the table but Cut, Cap and Balance seemed to be a step in the right direction. The House Republicans came up with a plan and the Democrats say it is DOA before the House ever voted on it.

When will the toddlers on Capitol Hill figure out they were hired to do a job, not argue and refuse to work together? We The People are their boss and if they cannot work things out with their fellow employees then they should be FIRED! No matter which side of the aisle they sit on they should be fired if they cannot work things out like the adults they claim to be.

With over six trillion dollars spent by the federal government there is plenty of room to make cuts. Senator Harry Reid got upset when the House Republicans wanted to cut funding for the National Endowment for the Arts. The last status I could find on the bill was that it had been “returned to the calendar.” Every road taken to try and bring our national budget into the realm of the real world has met road blocks by the Senate.

We spend almost a trillion dollars out of the federal budget on education.  Before these tax dollars can reach our schools we must pay four thousand people on the federal level. The money collected could be spent much more effectively on the state and local level and have a greater impact on our children. I have heard some say that the Department of Education should be eliminated. I personally think that we should keep the Department of Education, but we need to cut it back to roughly one hundred people from the four thousand we have now. I think that one hundred people are more than adequate staff to set forth the guidelines our schools teach to. I know there are countless programs that they “administer” but again the local and state levels normally do most of the “administering” and could make more of each dollar reach the classroom.

The Department of Labor is another fat laden federal waste of tax payer dollars. Sixteen thousand employees that shuffle papers and make up a few figures every now and then. Each state has agencies that actually take care of the people in their state.

The Department of Labor’s mission statement:

“To foster, promote, and develop the welfare of the wage earners, job seekers, and retirees of the United States; improve working conditions; advance opportunities for profitable employment; and assure work-related benefits and rights.”

The DOL has its enforcer OSHA who is in charge of collecting the extortion money from contractors and companies that employee we Americans. I do admit that there is some need for OSHA inspectors in some cases but most of the time it is all about the money.

There are countless contractors and those in manufacturing that can attest to the way many OSHA inspectors do not understand the codes they are sent to enforce. Some do not even know the function of pieces of equipment that they are sent to “inspect”. The same ones that are supposed to make sure America’s workforce is safe and properly trained themselves are oftentimes not properly trained.

In 2008 the number of civilian federal employees (excluding the postal service) was just under two million. How many of these positions are not needed? How much money could we save if we could eliminate these unneeded positions? How much of the national debt could we pay off by eliminating the unneeded positions?

These are just a couple of examples where we could eliminate wasteful spending. We need to clean house from top to bottom. Like businesses nationwide the government needs to cut overhead costs. Cutting the overhead cost would enable the lowering of taxes which in turn would create more jobs in the private sector and raise our economy and stabilize it.


For those of you that own firearms, train hard and well and teach those that do not know how.
Be good stewards of the right to bear arms, for we are the last line of defense against tyranny.

-Benjamin Wallace

The Debt “Deal” Is A Bad Idea

For what feels like the millionth time, I am utterly disgusted by the goings on in Washington.  This, of course, is nothing new, but the stakes are much higher this time and I feel like I’m watching a slow-motion train-wreck in action.

For weeks, we’ve been warned by Congressional leaders in both parties, and by the President, himself, that August 2nd was coming and that this date, due to the ending of borrowing authority for the United States, would be tantamount to Biblical Armageddon.  The message was that something had to happen, a deal had to be reached, or the world as we know it would come to an instant and abrupt end.

Of course, we all know that this was simply political speak in their best Chicken Little impersonation, and the American people bought it, hook, line, and sinker.

Over the course of the last 24 hours, we have been lead to believe a number of things about this deal.  First, that the crisis has been averted and that tomorrow will be just like any other day before it.  Second, that there truly will be real, meaningful cuts and finally, that taxes would not be increased for anyone.

Let’s address these fallacies one by one.

Has the crises truly been averted?  We’ve been lectured over and over that now was the time to address this; that they did not want to “kick the can down the road” yet again, That, however, is exactly what they’ve done.  The can has been kicked.  The crisis hasn’t been averted, just delayed, yet again.  True, the debt ceiling has been raised enough to get the country past the all-important 2012 election, but then what?

The “deal” calls for the creation of another blue-ribbon 12 member Super Congress that will be tasked with the heavy lifting.  Certain triggers were put in place to entice both sides to play ball, but, from my reading of things, puts more pressure on the GOP than on the Democrats due to the size and scope of the Pentagon cuts that will happen if the panel fails to accomplish anything.

The second lie is in the description of the so-called cuts.  Once again, the American people are snowballed into believing that base-line cuts are, in fact, real cuts that actually mean something.  They are not.  They are simply cuts in the projected rates of increase,  For example, let’s say you have a program that is scheduled to get a 10% increase in funding next year from this year’s budget, but because of so-called fiscal responsibility, will now only get a 7% increase next year.  In Washington-speak, that’s a 3% cut in that program.  To you and me, that’s still a 7% increase in spending.  Time and time again, this accounting trick has been played on the American people.  The card was just played again.  Rest assured, that when the panel meets, more of these kinds of cuts, rather than real, substantive cuts will be proposed and hailed as the best thing since sliced bread.  That’s business as usual, and it continues unabated to this day.

Finally, the tax issue continues to rear its ugly head.  The media continues to paint this deal as a victory for the Tea Party in that revenue increases appear to be off the table.  The 800 pound gorilla in the room is the expiration of the Bush tax cuts.  Obama extended those last year, but they are set to expire again and this time, they probably will.  That, my friends, is a tax increase.  In November, when the Wonder Panel meets, it is almost certain that they will propose other revue adjustments (read tax increases for those who can afford it so that they will then pay their “fair share”).

Its almost as if Wimpy walked into Washington and promised to pay us Tuesday for the hamburger today.  Obama got his debt ceiling increase today, while we all have to wait till Tuesday for the payment.  A payment that will only come when this whole house of cards comes crashing down.  One day, perhaps sooner that we all would like to think, that is exactly what is going to happen.

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