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The Reporter Who Confonted Biden About His "Rape" Reference Is Now Under Investigation

Do you remember Jason Mattera, the reporter who confronted Vice President Joe Biden for his claims that “rape will go up” if President Obama’s “Job’s Bill” isn’t passed?  (here’s a reminder of it below)

Well, it turns out that Biden’s camp is so upset about it that they’ve asked for Jason Mattera to be investigated to see if he broke any rules in capturing the Vice President off guard.  It kind of makes me think of the “pay to play” policy that this administration has been accused of, only in reverse.  You see, if you get on the Obama administration’s good side, then nice things can happen for you, but if you get on their bad side, then they (seem to) seek punishment or retribution.  This does not bode well, my friends.

Hat tip to Red State for bringing this story to my attention on Twitter. (and subsequently, their website)

What do you guys think?  Do you think the reporter had it coming?  Or is it a sign of bad things when confronting a politician can get you in trouble like this?  I know that some anchors on CNN had very harsh words for Jason Mattera “deceiving” the Vice President.  What’s your take?

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Obama's Diary: He Ain't Too Proud To Beg

The President can’t seem to get his Job’s Bill passed because of those darned Republicans Democrats that keep blocking it, so now he’s reduced to begging for even a “crumb” of it to be passed.  But you know what?  He does it for his vanity you, America.  The man works this hard for you.

[mp3player width=250 height=100 config=fmp_jw_widget_config.xml file=http://conservativedailynews.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/10/Pass-at-least-Part-Of-This-Bill-Pretty-Please-America.mp3]

Pass (at least) Part Of This Bill (Pretty Please, America) <–iPhone Version

This podcast is shared with the permission of Twitter’s @pcam.  He is one of the premier Obama impersonator’s in the country, and we are proud to feature his work at CDN.

The Second Time Since Harvard Obama’s Ridden a Bus

This week Obama is once again firing up his Canadian–built Magical Mystery Bus and driving through North Carolina and Virginia as his re–election campaign begins on the taxpayer dime. Somehow the symbolism of Obama back in the bus is supposed to inspire Congress to pass his contemptible “jobs bill” and at the same time convince the rubes that Obama has the common touch.

Here in Northern Virginia the impact of the tour will mostly be felt by motorists who are likely to see, and be inconvenienced by, impromptu road barriers blocking portions of the highway. Strangely enough, these barriers will not have been erected by the Secret Service to bar potential assassins.

On the contrary, the burning tires and hijacked Jersey barriers are the product of panicked House and Senate Democrat candidates, desperate to avoid being associated with the Obamatross a little over two weeks before the November election.

And no wonder, currently Obama’s disapproval rating in Virginia is 52 percent, which puts him somewhere between Dan Snyder and E. coli. Yet, like the professor who doesn’t realize it’s his halitosis and not his intellect that intimidates students, Obama originally intended to have his 2011 Vanishing Jobs Tour stop in Danville, Newport News, Charlottesville and Fredericksburg.

Evidently his vaunted White House political operation was unaware that while North Carolina and Virginia are crucial to his personal re–election; VA Dems are clinging to a slim 22 to 18 majority in the Senate that they would like to retain. So far VA Dems have done everything but rub soy blood on door lintels in the hope Obama will pass over without killing their chances in November.

Even Senate candidate Tim Kaine — a man personally selected by Obama to be chairman of the Democrat National Committee and who’s election is not until next year — can’t seem to find time to work the President into his schedule, although there are rumors Kaine plans to text The One while he’s in the state.

But at least Kaine is doing his shunning in silence. The same can’t be said for other Democrats who are desperately trying to wash the scarlet ‘O’ from their foreheads. Sen. Phillip Puckett, according to the WaPost, is the first Dem to publicly declare he won’t vote for Obama in 2012. The Democrat leader of the House of Delegates, Ward Armstrong, raised the ante and is broadcasting a TV commercial that denies he has any ties to Obama, political or otherwise. And Senators William Reynolds, Edward Houck, George Baker and Toddy Puller all take the 5th Amendment (just like the Solyndra executives!) when asked if they will be voting for Obama.
Rather than be trampled by Democrats heading for the exits, the crack White House political team revised the itinerary for the I Can’t Get No Respect Tour. Now in an effort to do something that will have a positive impact on Virginian’s lives, Obama will re–open a closed rest stop on I–81 and install a child safety seat during a visit to Chesterfield County firehouse.

What’s striking in all this scheduling and re–scheduling that one of the few elected officials who will agree to be seen in public with him is Republican Governor Bob McDonnell, who doesn’t appear to believe short term proximity to the President will damage his Vice Presidential prospects as much as employment under Obama had torpedoed Jon Huntsman’s.

I can’t help but think this whole visit is particularly ill–timed for the Senate Democrat Caucus. Just last week it was announced the caucus raised a total of $2.1 million in the third quarter from occupy protesters in Wall Street, Richmond and DC. Oops, my mistake. It seems there is not a lot of demand for zombie costumes and paper–mäché puppets. Instead large contributions actually came from those nasty one percenters who revel in their inequality.

The possession of this tidy bankroll now puts the Senate Dems in the awkward position of being just another wealthy group of insiders sitting on their cash, hoping Obama’s bad policies and elitist incompetents won’t do them too much damage.

Call me suspicious, but I’m wondering if Monday’s theft of the truck containing $200,000 worth of TOTUS (teleprompter of the United States), Obama’s podium with seal, audio equipment and assorted other Presidential show biz items from the parking lot of a Henrico County Marriott wasn’t a futile, last ditch attempt by local Dems to derail the visit.

If I were the FBI, I’d be asking where Armstrong, Barker and Puckett were on Sunday night.

Michael R. Shannon is a public relations and advertising consultant with corporate, government and political experience around the globe. He is a dynamic and entertaining keynote speaker. He can be reached at
[email protected]

Jobs Bill Goes Down in Flames in Senate Vote

President Obama’s fabled American Jobs Act failed in a vote in the United States Senate last night, 50-49. While the AP states that “The Senate Republicans voted last night to ‘kill’ the jobs package,” Democratic Senators Ben Nelson and Jon tester both also voted against Obama’s jobs bill. They are both up for reelection in states Obama figures to lose in next year’s elections. With both Democratic Senators acknowledging that a vote for this fake jobs bill could very well get them fired next year due to the obvious fact that the voters do not approve of this bill, then why would the rest of the Democrats be voting against the wishes of the people once again? (as they did in the Obama-care vote) This is further proof that when we the people say no more fake Stimulus packages, no new taxes, and no more government intervention into our lives, we mean it! (and will vote accordingly) The GOP now seems to be “getting it” and yet the Democrats still do not seem capable of understanding just what message we were sending in the historic beating they took in the 2010 elections, and what it was all about.

Harry Reid-the-game-player even went so far as to pull another trick last night in trying to shove this jobs bill down Americans throats against the wishes of the majority of the citizens. He actually voted against Barack Obama’s jobs bill! After all of his ranting and raving up on the Senate floor in trying to rally the Democrats to pass the jobs bill, why in the world would Harry then turn around and vote against it? I,ll let the AP tell you why:

The $447 billion plan died on a 50-49 tally that garnered a majority of the 100-member Senate but fell well short of the 60 votes needed to keep the bill alive. The tally had been 51-48, but Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, D-Nev., switched his vote to “nay” so that he could force a future revote.

(emphasis mine)

Harry Reid just nuked the U.S. Senate in order to supposedly stop unnecessary debates in the Senate to be able to devote more time to deal with “all of the important business” that they need to do, and yet sets up another waste of time jobs bill vote by changing his own vote. Harry the hypocrite strikes again.

Harry isn’t giving up on ramming Obama’s fake jobs bill down American’s throats, and neither is Barack: “Tonight’s vote is by no means the end of this fight,” Obama said in a statement after the vote. “Because with so many Americans out of work and so many families struggling, we can’t take `no’ for an answer.” Once again, we the people say we will kick anyone out of office voting for this retread of the failed stimulus fraud, and Obama says “we won’t take no for an answer.” Barack also says that any Senator who votes no on this measure should have to look the voters in the eye and explain why they voted against it. Explaining why they honored the wishes of we the people and voted down your fake jobs bill isn’t difficult at all Mr. President, especially while I’m patting my Senators on the back for listening to the hundreds of calls we made demanding that they vote down your Stimulus 2.0. Jobs are needed for all Americans, not just your Union bed-pals and campaign donors. Now that is has been defeated, do you think our President will actually get off the Pass My Jobs Bill campaign trail and do the job he as elected to do in the future? Don’t count on it, as he has stated that he won’t take no for an answer. When we the people vote him out of our White House in 2012, maybe he will wish he had said “YES WE CAN: listen to the people, instead of asking his stage props at his way-too-numerous campaign tours to chant “Four more years.” We can’t take four more years of 9.1% unemployment, big government expansion and the massive push towards Socialism that has come with the hope and change fraud of 2008. We can’t.. and we won’t.

UPDATE: Senator Mike Lee explained to Greta Van Susteren, just why the Jobs Bill failed in the Senate.

The American Jobs Act and The Games Harry Plays

  President Obama wants his jobs bill passed. Does everyone understand that now?  For those of you living in a cave in Iraq without wi-fi, there is a supposed jobs bill here in America, and President Obama wants it passed right now, today, no questions asked! Obama wants you to know that if Congress does not pass his jobs bill, he will be on TV, on a bus tour across America and in the news every single day until… the 2012 elections continuing his very unpresidential  "Pass My Jobs Bill" temper tantrum. That is what he promised/threatened to do in his 112 minute speech to the nation yesterday. That, and blame Republicans again. Is the President of the United States so out of touch with the voting public that he thinks this type of childish tantrum on national TV will magically persuade the 54% of people who now disapprove of Barack Obama to vote for "four more years?"  


  The first hurdle towards passing Obama’s jobs bill reared it’s ugly head in the Unites States Senate on Wednesday. This was seen in the example of an epic battle between Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (L-D) and Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R).  Harry did not have the votes needed to pass the jobs bill due to bi-partisan opposition and Mitch wanted a vote on it right then and there on Weds. In this battle of Senate titans, which was televised in it’s entirety on Cspan, ( yes we watch Cspan now and then) we saw Harry capitulate, grovel and complain, while yet not really explaining why he refused to give Obama his much-demanded vote on the jobs bill. Mitch held his ground and said " Let’s give the President the vote he wants here today." Back and forth, over and over, both aging fighters were hitting each other with the all-to-common politically correct verbal feather punches and counter-hugs, punches. Neither man would back down and this battle looked to end in a stalemate by Weds. evening. On Thursday, President Obama went on another 112 minute rant to the nation stating that they had better pass his jobs bill or the people would "run them out of town." ( referring to Republicans only , because Democrats had nothing to do with the 6 trillion dollars of debt they have slapped onto the backs of our children, according to Obama) By this time the nation was being exposed to Harry’s games in the Senate by citizen journalists, political activists, and grassroots Tea Party groups across America. Immense pressure was being put on poor old Harry Reid, and he seemed to crack near the end of Obama’s speech, as Fox news announced that Harry Reid would indeed allow the Senate to hold a vote on Obama’s jobs bill later on that day. ( Thursday)  Apparently, this was just another of Harry Reid’s  irresponsible games being played once again, because as of right now, it looks like the vote was not held. We all know how  by now Harry’s past games have been played. Remember when he was caught bribing Senators Ben Nelson (D-NE) and Mary Landrieu (D-LA) during the health-care debate? That resulted in what are known as the Corn-husker kick-back and the new Louisiana Purchase in which your own tax dollars were used to buy their votes for Obama-care. Harry Reid has been playing these types of games for decades up there in the U.S. Senate. (at taxpayers expense) When harry announced that they would vote on the jobs bill yesterday, he must have had some more kick-back schemes lined up, in which he thought he could buy the votes needed to pass the jobs bill. The vote did not happen last night as had been announced. While the reasons for it  not happening are not yet clear, it now looks like Harry Reid is losing at his own game.

    Why is there bi-partisan opposition to Obama’s jobs bill ?  

Maybe it is the fact that the jobs bill really isn’t a jobs bill after all, upon closer inspection? What if it is proven that Barack Obama is fighting not for jobs for ordinary citizens, but is, in fact simply begging for another half a trillion taxpayer dollars to pay back his vote-buying Union bed-pals, assorted crony-capitalists such as G.E., and  strengthen his campaign coffers just like he did with the 826-billion-dollar-taxpayer-fraud now know as the fake stimulus package ?  That debacle did not stop us from  the current 9.1% unemployment rate we have which is crushing the middle class of America. The bullet points in Obama’s latest Stimulus Package-light  run right along with the same lines as the lies that were told during the last stimulus package propaganda tour, except that this time we are being promised that. "The U/E rate will drop a couple of points," instead of the fallacy of 8% that Obama told us the last time we saw this scheme to defraud the American taxpayer. When researching The American Jobs Act in a browser, the first 15-20 pages are all from teachers unions and assorted Obama political operatives that are nothing more than parroting Obama’s misleading talking points verbatim. As Obama’s lifelong pal, Weather-underground terrorist and Chi-town community organizer Bill Ayer’s always says, " Tell a lie long enough, and the uninformed masses will eventually believe it." How many times have we seen Barack Obama on TV, on the radio, in the faux news fluff pieces, and flying around the country in perpetual campaign mode demanding that Congress pass his jobs bill now and put " Americans back to work" recently? .Too many to count. Tell the lies loud enough and long enough and the sheep will eventually believe it. That is why Barack Obama is spending millions of taxpayer dollars and wasting valuable time demanding his jobs bill be passed, time that could be better spent governing and leading this country, instead of  preaching about this Stimulus-light. 

If Obama”s jobs bill was designed to actually help Americans get back to work, then the bill would simply sell itself to Congress.  That did not happen.

In an article from nationalreview.com, we see just why Obama’s jobs bill seems to be stuck in the mud in Congress and doomed to sink:

Transportation funding: The bill sets aside $50 billion for transportation projects, mostly in the form of grants and guaranteed loans, including $27 billion for “immediate transportation infrastructure investments” on highway and rail projects, including:

  • $4 billion in grants for “high-speed rail projects,” at least 85 percent of which must be spent on “the development of entire segments or phases of intercity or high-speed rail corridors.”

  • $2 billion (on top of that $4 billion) for Amtrak.

  • $2 billion for “airport improvement.”

  • $105 million for “the Puerto Rico highway program.”

  The Transportation department, run by Ray LaHood has seen huge increases in taxpayer funding since Obama took office, yet we still stare 9.1% long-term unemployment in the face today. Remember the "shovel-ready jobs" promise during the original stimulus rip-off ? A huge part of as to why all of the transportation/infrastructure spending of Stimulus 1 failed was because that  Unions now get all federal construction contracts over $25 million dollars. No bids are allowed by private companies unless they are Unionized, no getting the best price for the taxpayer-funded projects, thus shutting out small companies that are not politically connected and Unionized. Federal transportation spending under Barack Obama has already increased by a whopping 549% !    In 2008 we spent $10.7B and in the last two years under Obama we have spent..$58.7 billion dollars in transportation and infrastructure funding, yet  we have seen very little improvement in our infrastructure, as Obama himself stated in his last speech. Why is that? If we add the 50 billion dollar increase in transportation spending that is asked for in the jobs bill, transportation spending will have increased by 1016% since 2008 levels. No that is not a typo, it is actually a 1016% increase in transportation spending. If we cut Obama’s Union bed-pals out of the picture and actually put these contracts up for fair bids, we just might see some actual improvement, instead of just a bunch of government signs stating how great the stimulus scheme was doing for us all.

Just like when Congress illegally created the FFB Congressional loan sharking bank for themselves back in 1973, Obama’s jobs bill also creates another "bank." 

Infrastructure bank: The AJA establishes the “American Infrastructure Financing Authority” (a.k.a. the infrastructure bank) as a “wholly owned government corporation.” The purpose of this new “government corporation,” is according to the bill, “to facilitate investment in, and long-term financing of, economically viable infrastructure projects of regional or national significance.

Who decides which projects are “economically viable” and “of regional or national significance”? A board of unelected bureaucrats, that’s who. AIFA’s board of directors will consist of 7 members, each appointed by the president, “not more than 4 of which” can be from the same political party. They will preside over an annual fund of $10 billion that is set to grow to $20 billion after two years, before settling at $50 billion (annually) after 10 years. By 2014, AIFA’s “administrative costs” alone will reach up to $50 million per year. A few other notable provisions of the infrastructure bank:

It Creates a “Center for Excellence to provide technical assistance to public sector borrowers.”Contains a provision prioritizing “geographic diversity” in the selection of projects for funding. Nothing to see there folks, just move along.

Additionally, there is billions of dollars in Green Energy Solyndra-style fraud and taxpayer abuse embedded into the jobs bill that is sure to enrage many Americans upon discovery. We also have President Obama once again saying this jobs is completely paid for and will not increase our national debt. What the people need to be told is the fact that this fake jobs bill which is really just another stimulus fraud, will in fact be paid for by massive tax increases. Add  to that the so-called millionaires surtax of an additional 5.6% that was slipped into the Senate jobs bill yesterday, on Obama’s orders and we see the fact that Obama is indeed breaking numerous additional stated promises about "not raising taxes during the current recession." Another aspect of this farce of a jobs bill comes out into the sunlight when we research The American Jobs Act on the internet. As stated above the first 15-20 pages are mainly from teachers unions saying how wonderful it is that Barack will be putting them "back to work" with his jobs bill. In keeping things real, I just went down to do a simple poll at the local bus stop.There were 18 kids there this morning waiting for the school bus, ranging from 10 yrs old to 18. I asked a simple question: "Have any of you been sitting in a classroom where there was no teacher present at any point during this school year ? " Of course that has never happened they all stated. "How could we be out here going to school if there were no teachers in class? ",  a 10 year old asked me. My point exactly. So much for "Putting the valuable teachers back to work with his jobs bill" propaganda Obama spewed yesterday. When the teacher’s Unions explode the number of teachers to an unmanageable level, the first to go during common sense budget cuts are the ones whom are essentially worthless or were not needed to begin with. That is just a plain hard fact of life that even a 10 year old can understand.

Senate Majority obstructionist and denier of reality, Harry Reid  is simply playing a game he cannot win when it comes to passing Obama’s fake jobs bill. Realistic Senate Democrats  up for reelection in 2012, will note vote for this bill simply because they couldn’t ram it though quickly enough, as was Barack Obama’s plan.The people are wise to this Stimulus-light  jobs bill fraud, and are getting wiser by the minute, much to Harry’s dismay. The more we look into this jobs bill, the more we see that it is not an actual jobs bill that was designed to help the working class people of America. House Speaker Boehner is very aware of that fact, and poses yet another problem for Harry Reid in getting Obama’s jobs bill passed. Good luck Harry. 2012 just can’t get here fast enough. 

 UPDATE:  This just in:  Reid triggers ‘nuclear option’ to change Senate rules, end repeat filibusters.  As I stated earlier in this article, Harry Reid has been playing the nasty game of partisan, totalarianist  politics for a long time now. Hold your ground Mr. McConnell.



Another Speech to Grow the Economy: You’re Welcome!

The President graced America with another campaign speech from the White House Thursday morning, and this time he took questions.  There was nothing surprising about Obama’s speech.  There was no new information or provoking thought.  It was simply a rehash, not much more than taking all the key words from previous speeches and stringing them together – millionaires and billionaires, fair share, pass this bill, teachers, construction workers, Japanese tsunami, previous administration,etc.  He actually did add two new buzzwords – independent economists.  Yes, Obama wants the hateful Republicans who refuse to pass his totally coherent and viable “jobs” bill to offer their own plan to review by “independent economists”, because “independent economists” all agree that the “jobs” bill is the best thing ever and will heal America’s economy for all time, forever and ever; plus, “independent economists” think Obama is just the bees knees.  He’s super-awesome, super-concerned about the middle class, super-compassionate and super-smart. If Republicans would just get off their high horses and ask “independent economists” , they would understand that.

Obama’s comments were brief and unsurprising.  He spent most of this presser taking questions from the peanut gallery…oops…White House press corp.  For the most part, the reporters at the White House simply confirmed what most Americans already know – they are completely complicit in this administration’s failures and the Democrat party in general.  For all the scandals and lunacy coming out of the White House in recent weeks, the amount of softball questions thrown at Obama was staggering.  Each question seemed to have no other purpose than to allow the President to spout off another round of key words problems and remedies.  Only one reporter (thank you Jake Tapper) asked a question about Solyndra and Fast & Furious and it was barely probing in any way.  It was more of a “can you please explain why unknown entities in the far,far reaches of your administration keep trying to circumvent your awesomeness with these bad decisions” sort of question.  Something like that.  In nearly an hour of questioning, only two reporters actually dared to ask real questions that required real answers.  Perhaps the most revealing was from CBS’ Bill Plante, who asked the President if being in constant campaign mode and blaming Republicans for everything was productive.  It was the one illuminating moment of the entire presser.  The question sent Obama into a tail spin almost immediately.  He seemed angry and lost, stammering his way through a barely coherent answer that included a lot of “uh”s and “I”s and glares.  Its a good thing that the white-haired Mr. Plante seems to be closer to the end of his career than the beginning, because he will never be allowed to address the President again.  BO was PO’d and the mood permeated the remainder of the presser.  His stammering only became worse, and his defensiveness was almost uncomfortable to witness.  It is clear why Obama’s handlers don’t allow him to answer more questions during his speeches.  Off the teleprompter Obama is unprepared, rambling and clearly unused to facing anything but glowing admiration and worship from those in front of him.

The presser lasted for over an hour.  Most of that time was filled with softball questions from “journalists” and Obama’s key-word answers.  Here are a few highlights from Obama’s checklist:

-the Japanese tsunami really put a damper on the roaring economic recovery.  Water in Japan will do that.

-the “Jobs Bill” is paid for, but in order to pay for it, we need a new national surtax (yeah, wrap your head around that one!)

-millionaires and billionaires need to start paying their fair share.  Its not fair to poor people that the top 50% of Americans pay 99% of the taxes.

-Occupy Wall Street crowd are simply “frustrated” citizens exercising their freedom to assemble and express their disappointments with Congress and cheating, stinking corportations.  Unlike the tea partiers, who are nothing more than racist, anarchist, violent sons-of-bitches.

-government must enact regulation in order to foster competition among businesses.  Solyndra?

-“folks” who are doing the right thing are frustrated because they are not rewarded while those who do the wrong things are rewarded heavily.  Solyndra?

-Obama has been “very clear” regarding Solyndra and Fast & Furious and has full confidence in Attorney General Holder.  Is that clear?

-Solyndra predates Obama, so stop asking about it! Bush did it! Hopefully you won’t check to see that Bush rejected the loan.  That’s not part of the campaign platform.

-Obama understood when making green energy loans that some would fail.  Americans should be comforted to know he willingly wasted billions of their tax dollars in surefire failures.  What a guy!

-Obama doesn’t understand why banks would react to Dodd-Frank by adding fees to make up for the losses imposed by the law.  Clearly banks hate the middle class.  And Barack Obama.

–construction workers and teachers.

-a huge part of a stable economy is buying things and selling things.  Those words were actually spoken out loud by our President. This just in:  water is wet.

-Obama wants reporters to do their homework regarding evil Republican stalwarting.  Also, eat their peas and take off their bedroom slippers.

The President ended by saying he would love for Congress to pass his tax, er…”Jobs” Bill so he didn’t have to campaign against a do-nothing Congress in the next year; admitting that his strategy would be to campaign against Congress instead of on his own record.  Inspired yet? No?  Well, maybe it will just take some more speeches.  Not to worry, America may be poor in jobs, money and progress, but we are rich in speeches! Stay tuned…

The dirty side of clean energy

“There is nothing wrong with our country. There is something wrong with our politics.” – President Obama, Aug. 11, 2011 at Johnson Controls battery manufacturing plant in Holland, MI.

Under investigation in China for its roll in the diagnosis of lead poisoning in as many as 25 children, Johnson Controls is one of the largest recipients of federal grants under the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act, a.k.a. the stimulus bill.

Headquartered in Wisconsin, Johnson Controls was awarded more than $400 million in federal stimulus funding grants (as a primary recipient) for green agenda projects throughout the United States.  The largest single grant of the entire stimulus package totaled $299,000,000 and was awarded to Johnson Controls to build a lithium-ion battery manufacturing plant that is currently less than 50% complete. (Source: Recovery.gov)

When President Obama visited the Holland, MI site touting his still unseen-by-Congress jobs bill, he said, “…the actions that we took together, as a nation, through our government… the fact that we helped create together the conditions where businesses like this can prosper. That’s why we’re investing in clean energy… and by the way, we didn’t go through Congress to do it.” (Source: WhiteHouse.gov)

Obviously politics has a huge role to play in the success of “green” companies as we have seen with the Solyndra and LightSquared scandals, the collusion between GE and the Obama administration, and at least 2 other solar companies that were praised by the president, received federal funding and shortly thereafter filed bankruptcy.

Johnson Controls, a multibillion dollar company even without public funding, isn’t likely to go bankrupt any time soon but recent activity at the company raises questions about how having political friends in this adminstration helps land hefty government contracts and stimulus dough.

Though CEO Stephen Roell and the Johnson Controls PAC (political action committee) have contributed to both democrats and republicans, they overwhelmingly contribute to democrats in higher numbers.

In the 2010 election cycle, Johnson Controls PAC donated over $16,000 to House Democrats and donated less than half of that amount to arguably left-leaning Republicans.  The Senate Democrats saw nearly 5 times the amount of Republicans in the same election cycle with only one republican candidate receiving a donation.  (Source: OpenSecrets.org)

And then there’s the abundance of support for President Obama’s new stimulus jobs bill.  The company released a statement 2 days before the president’s visit to Michigan in which C. David Myers, president of Johnson Controls’ Building Efficiency Business, lavishes praise on the administration for their commitment to retrofitting our nation’s schools.  Taking its talking points almost directly from the president’s address to Congress, the statement makes the case for reducing energy costs by investing in retrofitting the buildings.

Guess what Myers’ division of Johnson Controls does….  retrofits buildings for energy efficiency. No word yet on whether Johnson Controls will snag the largest chunk of the jobs bill pie like it did with Stimulus I.

Beyond the financial implications of failed solar companies and wasted tax dollars are the dangerous consequences of the green agenda.  Lead poisoning, mercury in light bulbs and other environmental and health concerns seem to be lost in the political rhetoric, but perhaps the political pundits following the money will bring light to the multitude of other unintended consequences of the taxpayer-funded “greenifying” the United States.

Please view this video from from a Chinese news agency regarding Johnson Controls.

YouTube Video – Shanghai Factories Closed over Lead Poisoning Fears






Each Job Will Cost $235,263

On Thursday, September 15, 2011, President Barack Obama attended two fundraiser events held at private homes in Washington D.C. At one (or perhaps both) of the fundraisers he touted his $447 billion American Jobs Act he has proposed that is supposed to create 1.9 million American jobs. $447 billion divided by 1.9 million equals $235,263 per job. “It’s estimated that the American Jobs Act would add two percentage points to the GDP, and add as many as 1.9 million jobs, and bring the unemployment rate down by a full percentage point,” Obama said.

President Barack Obama attended two $35,800-per-couple fundraisers last Thursday. At both fundraisers he assured donors that he will push Congress to pass his economic stimulus initiative and his jobs plan. He also expressed confidence in his ability to win a second term. “The odds of me being re-elected are much higher than the odds of me being elected in the first place,” he said. The 2012 election will offer “as clear a contrast as we’ve ever seen.” He continued, “That contest will help shape America not just for the next five years, but for decades to come.”

Obama made his first fundraiser stop at a penthouse in the Foggy Bottom section of Washington D.C. and spoke to about 30 donors. It was hosted by Frank White Jr., Sylvia Davis, and the African American Leadership Council. He then spoke to about 50 donors at the Georgetown home of former ambassador to Portugal Elizabeth Frawley Bagley.

What a Week in Politics: 9/17/2011

  Here at CDN we try to give our readers insightful, informative and sometimes humorous articles generally written from a conservative point of view,( and sometimes Libertarian) thus we are known as Conservative Daily News. While very detailed articles are a must for most political junkies, citizen activists and all around working folks concerned about the direction of America today under the current  Liberal administration, sometimes folks just do not have the time to devote hours or even days deciphering a whole week’s worth of political information in say, their only day off  from work.

With the lightning speed of news and volume of information that is available on the internet today, some of us have also developed a form of what I refer to as PADD, or Political Attention Deficit Disorder and have developed patterns of just skimming headlines and news articles, mainly due to very busy schedules. This past week in politics was quite a firestorm, with seemingly major headlines popping up at a furious pace that was hard for even this political junkie/citizen journalist to keep up with, so I decided to recap the action in an all-inclusive article with short summaries about this week’s headlines, and links to the detailed versions for concerned citizens that may have the extra time to devote to becoming an informed voter in 2012.

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Topping the news this week is what is now known as  The Solyndra Scandal

Recap: The Obama administration, along with the DOE  fast-tracked a $535 million dollar loan to a company who was shown to be a bad investment of the taxpayer dollars, as they were making solar panels that basically cost twice as much to make as compared to what they could sell them for.  While G.W. Bush was in office he held off on making these Solyndra loans based on the fact that some people had proven this to be a company designed to fail. Then we have one Mr. Kaiser, an ardent Obama/Democrat supporter visiting the White House several times just before this “deal”  was ramrodded through, and whom stands to be paid off  for his initial investment of $150M before the taxpayers will see the return of any of their half a billion dollars. That is also illegal according to law.  This pay to play scheme perpetuated by the Obama administration where the taxpayers dollars are being blatantly funnelled to finance Obama’s election campaigns will not be going away any time soon. Stay tuned, as it is very interesting to watch as the Obama administration and their puppets scramble to cover this one up.

Next up is the U.S. Senate FEMA Funding Bill  Scheme:

Recap: Liberal Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid must have been working overtime when he made this headline at CDN. Progressive U.S. Senate Piles on the Debt with 2012 FEMA Bill.   Progressives from both parties in the U.S. Senate have decided to increase FEMA funding in their own bill there, in a blatant attempt to bully the House bill that is coming up in which reps. are asking for cuts in funding to avoid putting the FEMA funding on our children’s credit card debt once again. By the way, since that article was written, the Senate has passed that bill. This is political football and a waste of time to anyone who sees this gimmickry for what it is: Progressives trying to get a leg up on the conservative majority in the House through this pre-emptive strike that shows that they will demand more debt spending in 2012. NOTE: The White House asked for $5.1B, while the house bill calls for $3.65B. So the Progressives in the Senate want to almost double the amount of FEMA funding in the House bill. And they want to borrow the money to pay for it. While this comes as no big surprise from big government Liberals in Congress today, the eight Republicans who voted along with them sure have some explaining to do to we the people here. Are your reps among the great eight listed below that should have a “P” ( for progressive) following their name instead of an “R’ ?

ROY BLUNT ( R-MO),  Scott Brown ( R-MA),  Collins (R-ME),  HELLER ( R-NV),  Hoeven (R-ND), Murkowski ( R-AK),  RUBIO (R-FL),  Snowe ( R-ME) .** If any of these are your reps, and you voted for them as a conservative, call or write them and demand answers from these progressive big government debt dealer’s votes here. My Rep.,Mr. Marco Rubio will be hearing from me, no matter how long it takes to get him to answer for this inexcusable action. If this bunch of debt-spenders and  tricksters think just because they did this on a Friday we will not be paying attention and calling them out on this vote, they have another thing coming!  **Vote info pulled from senate.gov. on 9/17/2011.

The next news story involves the propagandists at the DNC creating a new citizen informant group called AttackWatch supposedly to combat misinformation spread by folks like us here at CDN. Michelle served up an excellent report  on AttackWatch here  and exposes the very misfits it comprises of, and their comedy of incompetence. While pretty much the whole nation is laughing at this bunch of Obama-sheep supposedly keeping an eye on what folks are saying about the chosen one, what isn’t so funny is the fact that many of these clowns are being paid for with your very own tax dollars to promote the Liberal Socialist agenda of the fake democrats and Mr. Barack Hussein Obama. When you start a propaganda group such as this one with taxpayer dollars, people just might start referring to you as a Josef Goebbels-type Nazi social engineer. Now there is something for the misfits of AttackWatch to spin into me calling Obama a Nazi. As they say, if AttackWatch wants a piece of me,,, ” Come get some.” Another cool saying comes to mind here, ” You can’t handle the truth” and the truth is what we tell here at CDN, 24/7.

While the Obama administration, along with the folks at DHS, ATF, and the DOJ would like us to quickly forget about the Fast and Furious scandalinvolving our government selling guns to drug cartels from Mexico, this story just keeps getting nastier and nastier as we witness the pathetic attempts to sweep this fiasco under the rug. Warren did an excellent job of detailing that injustice in the above link. Untold numbers of citizens and at least one border agent have been murdered by thugs wielding assault weapons that were fast-tracked purchases authorized by our very own government. The ATF are running a game of musical chairs in transferring employees directly involved in this scandal to posts in DC and elsewhere, in desperate attempts to shut down this investigation. This is sure to be a news story gift that keeps on giving for months or even years to come, until we get to the bottom of this and people are in fact held accountable, whether Eric Holder or Barack Obama like it or not. A society that doesn’t obey the rule of law becomes a lawless one in which murder and mayhem ratchet up across the country. Hold your ground Congressman Issa, for the betterment all of the law-abiding citizens of America.

In an early headline this week we saw President Obama hit the media scene with numerous demands to pass his American Jobs Act, including this intitial one: Obama Begins “Pass the Fake Jobs Bill” Campaign Today .  Obama somehow expected American citizens to somehow believe this was not a retread of his past failed stimulus bill that cost the taxpayers over $800B and left us with nothing more than a stagnant economy and miserably high unemployment. Obama and the DNC even sent out directives for their political operatives and Socialism-pimps in Congress to stop using the word “stimulus” completely. While team Obama were busy screaming at Congress to pass The American Jobs Act bill right now, even though it had not even been submitted to Congress, an enterprising Congressman submitted his own American Jobs Act here, leaving team Obama without a name for his supposed jobs bill.  Ryan posted the actual Obama jobs bill on CDN  here, just in case you are interesting in actually reading it. A quick summary of the bill is fairly simple. This bill contains many paybacks for Unions for their supporting Obama’s reelection campaign, albeit in a stealth way disguised as improving schools for kids, help for war veterans, and the always proven to be phony infrastructure funding, etc. It is also a pathetic attempt to pander to minorities and women for their votes, which Ryan points in the above linked article:

Just a quick note about the American Jobs Act website itself: It shows a clear distinction in the split in thought between mainstream America and the Beltway culture in general and Democrats in particular with its links where people can see the “impact” on women, Latinos, and African-Americans. Philosophically speaking, this is a despicable habit because it only seeks to separate people into inequality groups instead of counting everyone as simply “Americans” and reinforcing the idea that we are all created equal.

Bottom line: This retread of the failed stimulus bill is nothing more than a campaign tool for Obama and his Liberal Democrats as they desperately try to claw their way into forcing another four years of his failed, economy-busting Marxist wealth redistribution-for-votes campaign to remain in power. Even many Democrats are stating that this “bill” will not pass, whatever name they try to disguise it by. I totally agree with Ryan there,  that to inject race-based class warfare into a supposed  “American Jobs Act”  is very unpresidential, to say the least. Maybe the Obama handlers should have asked him to more aptly name that bill the ” minorites and womens jobs act to further divide America with class warfare” bill. But that title leaves out the Union vote-buying aspect of it, and we sure would hate to leave the Unions out of  Obama’s  supposed jobs bill title. Let’s just call it Obama’s failed stimulus 3.0 and call it what it is.

In other news, we saw that Glenn Beck has launched his new GBTV Internet TV show in an article that also includes videos here. Beck came out swinging at the Obama fake jobs plan and also a good expose’ on the Muslim Brotherhood terrorists and how our own political correctness of today that leads us to avoid telling the truth about these terrorists that poses a huge danger to America today, and in the near future. Love him or hate him, Beck delivers some hard-hitting facts about the dangers of big government tyrants and always sprinkles his shows with doses of history that make it hard to deny how creeping Socialism is tearing apart America. Wanna-be Communists and Che-worshipping Liberal puppet-bloggers across the country are sure to be pulling their hair out at the reemergence of Glenn Beck and his own GBTV show. This should keep the misfits at AttackWatch busy for years to come, also.

In a breaking news story, there has been a tragic plane crash in Reno Nevada, as reported by our fearless conservative leader and founder of CDN, Mr. Rich Mitchell.Plane Crashes at Reno, NV Air Race Kills 3 [Video + Pictures] Here at CDN and across the country our thoughts and prayers go out to the victims and their families of this horrible tragedy in Reno.

NOTE: There are a few late-beaking stories that happened yesterday that I may have left out of this weekly wrap-up here at CDN, so be sure to check back in with CDN for any late-night news stories that have been reported this weekend as our citizen journalists scour the news world to keep our readers among the most informed in the country.  Have a great weekend and thanks for joining us here at CDN.










Political Economics Not To Be Mistaken For Economics

 “The country needs and, unless I mistake its temper, the country demands bold, persistent experimentation. It is common sense to take a method and try it; if it fails, admit it frankly and try another. But above all try something.” 

FDR created this modern political economic cant. Democrats and Progressive Republicans alike have employed it resulting in extreme unintended consequences. FDR, for example, despite evidence that his policies deepened and lengthened the Great Depression, is still exalted by liberal America. FDR’s, Social Security System, has become a fragile entitlement program that is now a political third rail issue.           

Presidential hopeful Rick Perry recently called Social Security a Ponzi scheme, and has received significant criticism for the statement. Yet in defending social security Nobel Prize winning economist Paul Samuelson wrote, “The beauty of social insurance is that it is not actuarially sound… with real incomes growing at some 3% a year… A growing nation is the biggest Ponzi game ever contrived.” Social Security not being actuarially sound makes it categorically not insurance. Relying on a growing base of investors makes it by definition a pyramid scheme, a Ponzi scheme unfortunately; this has not stopped many pundits and politicians from attacking Perry for statements of fact on the subject.

The second portion of FDR’s advice is never used, accept through memoirs like that of Progressive Republicans Richard Nixon, discussing decisions like gas price and wage restrictions. Nixon admitted in his memoirs “The piper must be paid and there was an unquestionably high price for tampering with the orthodox economic mechanisms.” It is wishful thinking to believe politicians will heed his ex post facto warning. Nixon was cheered for his economic tampering, and won a second term in a landslide. An outburst of Nixon’s to a White House Aid explains this perfectly “I don’t give a good god damn what Milton Friedman says, he’s not running for reelection.” 

“Do something” politics has been invariably destructive and a detailed review of economic problems of the past one hundred and fifty years seem to show that regulation caused many destructive trends. While chief executives like Calvin Coolidge and Ronald Reagan survived deeper stock market crashes than what confronted FDR, they watched dramatic economic resurgences during their terms in office that were followed by eras of high employment and low-inflation simply because they did not intervene in the economic process. Despite both Coolidge and Reagan’s success, they have been questioned as presiding over times of “excess.” In contrast, FDR has been hailed as our greatest President despite prolonging the great depression, even being called more moral regardless of the unneeded suffering he forced on an entire population.

 Economic incompetence is a very risky business. For most people, it is easy to be sucked in by lofty rhetoric and not bother to question economic legislation being offered, blindly hoping the desired goals will be achieved. It is easy to claim, “I am right!  Those people pointing out that this economic policy won’t work only have an interest in hurting you.” The, us-versus-them theme is much more useful politically than true economic solutions which all contain trade-offs. Doing nothing so the economy can rebound simply is not palatable to citizens, neither are massive spending cuts or cuts in programs. These are political realities that will not change until people start taking their roles as voters more seriously. The “dismal science” is simply not much fun.

 This economic political trend has come to a very visible head under President Obama. His policies have failed critically. The President’s healthcare bill has raised the cost of healthcare, despite assurances that it would not. The stimulus bill met none of the presidents stated goals, but on the political left it is deemed a success simply because he attempted to fix things, much like FDR’s debacles are viewed. 

The President’s most recent “Jobs bill” is no exception. Despite showing him self to be economically ineffective, people still want him to do “something.” So he is doing “something” Much as FDR did. But America is different now; we have multiple news networks, talk radio and a resurgent pride in the things that made our country the most successful in history. Preach the “dismal science” to your friends and neighbors, for though reality is dismal, blind hope creates hell.

Rep. Louie Gohmert's "American Jobs Act"

In an amazing act of chutzpah, Representative Louie Gohmert (R-Tx) yesterday filed his own “American Jobs Act” when Democrats did not submit the bill that President Barack Obama exhorted Congress to “pass this bill now.” “My bill is not the president’s bill, it’s a real job creator,” Gohmert told The Hill, shortly after filing his two-page alternative to the president’s plan, under the same title. After Obama urged Congress to “pass this bill now” on September 8, 2011, no Democrat stepped forward to introduce the bill in the House of Representatives, Gohmert did so with his own bill. Now Representative Gohmert is being accused of “pranking Obama,”snagging the bill name,”nabbing the bill name,” or “Gohmert Bogarts Barack.”

Gohmert’s Two Page Jobs Bill and Obama’s 155 Page Jobs Bill

Here is the entire Gohmert “American Jobs Act” bill and the entire Obama “American Jobs Act” bill.

“Pass This Bill”

In his speech to a joint session of Congress, President Barack Obama said “pass this bill now” seventeen times in a thirty-three minute speech. Since then, in five subsequence speeches, President Obama has said “pass this bill” or some variant of it 90 times. He said it 17 times in his speech to Congress, 18 times at the University of Richmond, 12 times in the Rose Garden, 18 times at a high school in Columbus, and 24 times at North Carolina State University. He also says, “Pass this bill. If you want construction workers on the worksite, pass this bill. If you want teachers in the classroom, pass this bill. You want small business owners to hire new people, pass this bill. If you want veterans to get their fair share of opportunity that they helped create, pass this bill. If you want a tax break, pass this bill.” “If you love me, you’ve got to help me pass this bill!” Obama told a man in a North Carolina crowd who shouted his admiration for Obama.

DNC Launches Ad Campaign

The Democrat National Committee (DNC) is launching an advertising campaign in politically key states and cities aimed at getting the public behind President Obama’s new jobs plan. The television ads show parts of Obama’s speech promoting the $447 billion package of tax cuts and new spending. They urge viewers to “Read it. Fight for it. … Pass the President’s Jobs Plan.”

Other “Stuff” In Obama’s Jobs Bill

There are “other” things in the Obama jobs bill.

  • $2.98 billion in infrastructure investments
  • $1.77 billion to prevent layoffs of 18,000 teachers, police officers and firefighters
  • $2.02 billion to modernize schools
  • $213.7 million to help revitalize communities by rehabilitating vacant and foreclosed homes
  • An extension of long-term unemployment insurance
  • The creation of the Public Safety Broadband Corporation

And we thought this was a “jobs” bill! Why have all the other issues been included? What other surprises await us in Obama’s 155 page jobs bill?

Gohmert’s Opinion of Obama’s Jobs Bill

It is a disaster,” says Rep. Gohmert. And the whole bill should have been renamed to either “The Save Obama’s Job Act” or “The Plaintiffs’ Lawyers Full Employment Bill,” he added. “If you apply for a job and you think that the reason you didn’t get hired is because you were unemployed at the time, you’re now a protected class,” said Gohmert. “You’ve now got a cause of action, go get a lawyer.” He continued, “How do you prove, if you’re an employer, that being unemployed was not the reason that you did not hire somebody. It is going to create all kinds of claims for this mass of people and there’ll be more and more unemployed because of this bill. This is a job killer except for famous lawyers who do labor work, they’re going to have a field day,” Gohmert said. “Anybody that’s unemployed who doesn’t get hired is going to have a claim, a cause of action. But everybody else is going to be in big trouble.” According to the National Employment Law Project, Gohmert is incorrect: The proposal would not make employment status a protected class, it simply bans hiring discrimination against the jobless. Yeah, tell that to a lawyer who smells a contingency fee.

So… We see that President Obama’s 155 page “bill” was full of extraneous issues, while Representative Gohmert’s 2 page bill is short and focused. Simple laws have a much better chance of having unintended consequences. In light of unintended consequences, which bill is better?

But that’s just my opinion.

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