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Obama Promotes Lawlessness in Our Nation's Capitol: Occupy DC Camps to Stay

White House spokesman Jay “The Carnival Barker” Carney announced that  President Obama  is aware of the recent raids on the [filthy, unsanitary, and lawless illegal squatters] Occupy protests across America in which the Occupiers are being evicted in droves from city parks/property, simply because the actual 99% of the people (taxpayers) who are paying for this mess have had enough.  NYC mayor Bloomberg raided Zucotti park on Tuesday night at 1 am, kicked the protesters out and brought in dumpsters, fire-hoses, and thousands of gallons of disinfectant to clean the park up, after which he announced that the park would be kept sanitary for ALL the citizens of NYC, and there will be no more Occupy pajama parties there 24/7. Although Bloomberg’s sudden acknowledgment his duties as per of the rule of law in NYC came about some 2 months late, enabling this debacle to get way out of control, in the end he came to his senses, so to speak. ( with heavy prodding from fed-up NYC businesses, citizens, and Stock Exchange employees) Now that the head of the Occupy Wall Street snake has been cut off in Zucotti park, along with several other cities taking action to eradicate the plague know as OWS, surely the Occupy DC plague will no longer be allowed to break federal laws and camp out in our nation’s capitol right? Not quite. I now refer you to Barack Obama’s personal carnival barker’s statement yesterday:

“We would hope and want as these decisions are made that a balance is sought between a long tradition of freedom of assembly and freedom of speech in this country…and also the very important need to maintain law and order and health and safety standards,” Mr. Carney said. (emphasis mine and for a good reason)

When Mr. Carney expresses Obama’s desire to “maintain law and order and health and safety standards” in our nation’s capitol, we have to question just how building a structure and occupying Federal land in DC applies to that statement. The following DC occupancy laws certainly apply to anyone putting up a structure that people will “oocupy” or live in, not to mention trespassing/loitering laws concerning federal land. Before building any structure in DC you must obtain a Certificate of Occupancy:

The purpose of the Certificate of Occupancy (C of O) is to ensure that the use of a building, structure or land in the District of Columbia is compatible with the general intent of the Zoning Regulations and the provisions of the DC Building Codes. Consequently, no person can use a structure or land in the District of Columbia for any purpose other than a single-family dwelling until a Certificate of Occupancy has been issued for that structure. The fee is based on square-footage. No Occupy DC does not have a C of O., nor have they applied for one, therefore Barack Obama is condoning lawlessness in allowing the Occupiers to stay in DC. I supply the following photo from Occupy DC to make my point clear:

Alan Ball, 24 years old, frames a shelter with bamboo on Tuesday at the Occupy DC encampment in McPherson Square in Washington, D.C. (Wall Street Journal photo by Ryan Tracy)

With the head of the OWS snake now cut off in NYC, the Occupy protests will be looking for a new center, or headquarters for their movement, and Barack Obama now wants to give them McPherson Square right in the heart of our nation’s capitol for it. It is simply unacceptable for the President of the United States to be promoting the breaking of laws in DC just to further his reelection campaign and to appease the far left radicals behind this astro-turf, anti-capitalist Occupy movement, period. What kind of a message will this send to tourists from other nations coming to visit our nation’s capitol? Considering the criminal element that has reared it’s ugly head within these camps, what happens when a foreign tourist is robbed, raped, or even worse yet, killed by one of the criminals lurking within the midst of the Occupy DC movement? What would happen if the Tea Party decided to camp in front of the Washington memorial for a few months? Why, they would be run out of DC faster than a bunch of chickens at a national fox convention.

Call your Representatives in Congress and demand the enforcement of the rule of law in our nation’s capitol. Evict the Occupy DC camps before it gets any further out of control. 2012 just can’t get here fast enough !

The President Knows His “Story”


In a press conference the other day, President Obama referred to a Boston teacher who has been laid off three times in the past four years because of budget cuts. Robert Barrows has a Masters degree and 20 years of teaching experience but, according to Obama, he cannot find a job. This is among one of the many reasons to quickly pass his jobs bill, otherwise known as “stimulus junior.”


Just one small detail here – Robert Barrows is not unemployed!


Spinmaster Jay Carney was called on it and in response said, "The President knows [Barrows’] story."  In other words, Obama never met the guy!


Now, is this a real big deal in the grand scheme of things? Not really.  Did President Obama cause some sort of national security issue because of this? No, but it continues to show a pattern of behavior of using every little thing to pull on the heartstrings of the easily swayed to get them to fall in line with your political agenda. In this case, we have to spend even more of your grandchildren’s money so that all the Robert Barrowses out there will have a good paying job. Being a former teacher myself, I thought I might help shed a little light on this "horrible predicament."


First of all, Massachusetts is a lockout state. If you want to be a teacher you must join the teacher’s union.  The union, through collective bargaining, forces all the school districts to pay every teacher according to a scale based on their years of service. Teachers also generally get a pay bump for having advanced degrees. So, someone like Robert Barrows with a Masters degree and 20 years of service, would find himself in the upper echelon of pay in the Boston school system. Whether he is good at his job or not is irrelevant. A person with the same qualifications who is a lousy teacher will get paid the same exact amount as he does and, short of doing something illegal, you really can’t get fired from a teaching gig these days. Unlike the private sector, schools are not allowed to negotiate a pay cut to help you keep your job – it’s all or nothing. So facing such massive shortfalls, what is the school system to do?


Does the school system want good teachers? Yes! Would they prefer having somebody with years of classroom management experience? Of course! Do they have enough money to pay them? Thanks to the unions, no! So guess what happens? Robert Barrows gets laid off, due to the fact that he must get paid a high wage that the school can no longer afford. So what does the school do?  They hire some wide-eyed innocent nub straight out of college and pay him the teacher’s equivalent of minimum wage.


This of course, happens in the private sector as well. Some companies will lay off the higher-paying workers who have years of experience but a high paycheck in lieu of the kid coming straight out of college. However, most companies that practice this technique generally don’t stay in business for long. In the private sector if you’ve been around for a long time, it’s probably because you’re very good at your job.


Another thing a private company can do, short of dumping you altogether, is negotiate down your paycheck. This  is not an ideal situation for anyone, but ask the millions of Americans who are out of work at the moment if they would prefer half the salary of their last job and they would probably jump on it in a minute. Thanks to our good old teachers unions, you can’t do that in schools. How do I know this? Because it is happened to me!


I grew up hearing my dad constantly using the phrase "bleeding heart liberals." At first, I thought it was a medical condition. Now I know it is a mental condition. It comes from hearing politicians like Barack Obama churn out sob stories like this one (which is not even true!) over and over again until the knee-jerk reaction becomes natural. And of course, the natural remedy for liberals for conditions such as these is to throw more government money at the problem. It won’t work! It never has and it never will!


Perhaps instead of looking to uncle slam for yet another bailout paid out of our grandchildren’s piggy banks, we should be looking to loosening the grip of some of these unions that are simply parasites that just don’t know when to quit. Eventually they’re going to kill the host.

Twas the Night of Jay Carney

Twas the night before breakfast for Lardass Michelle,
Whose figure was such it had all gone to Hell.
The hips were a draggin’ all over the floor,
While the waistline could never quite push through the door.

White House Press Secretary Jay Carney

The lobsters were hung by their claws in the kitchen,
While back in the West Wing Michelle was a gritchin’.
And Bo in his ego, and Michelle with her tongue,
Had recently concluded her jowls were well-hung.

When out by the garden, there arose such a screech,
Bo sprang to the window-tripped over the beech!
Away to the window he flew like a flash,
Tore open the shutters and threw up..the sash.

The moon on the rear of Barney Frank’s ass,
Made clear the fact he was having more gas.
When, what to Bo’s upturned chin should appear,
But Elections Two-Twelve and the results were quite clear.

With a little old Irishman full of the blarney,
He knew in a moment it must be Jay Carney.
More vapid than Waxman his fibs they did fly,
And Joe Wilson was heard to cry out that “You lie!”

“Now Al Gore! Now Grayson! Now Pelosi and Weiner!
On, Boxer, On, Feinstein, On camera! We seen ‘er!
To the top of the flagpole, his Weiner did rise,
Which called for more saltpeter, a word to the wise.

As wet Clintons that before the wild interns erect,
Bo hit the big button that made it eject!
So, up to the House, his deficit bill flew,
But everyone knew that her dress was still blue!

And then, in a twinkling, Bo heard on TV,
The scratching and clawing of each little flea.
As he drew in his head, and his Pinocchio nose,
Down the chimney Jay Carney came like his home bros’.

He was dressed all in camo, from his salt to his peter,
And his lies were all bundled in layers of cheater.
A bundle of falsehoods he had flung on his spine,
He looked like Baghdad Bob, claiming all was still fine.

His mic-how it twinkled! his TOTUS a putz!
His cheeks were like ACORNs, you knew he was nuts!
His droll little grin spread all over his face,
Which called for a quick spray or two of some Mace!

A stump speech he held, clenched tight in one fist,
Like all of the others, it was one to be missed.
A wink of his eye and a twist of his head,
Was all it would take before it was dead.

He was thin as a rail, befitting his rank,
And Michelle was there too, her breath how it stank.
And laying his finger inside of his nose,
A booger he dug, the big one he chose!

He sprang to his rostrum, to the press he did whistle,
And he kissed Helen Thomas, like the hose on a Bissell.
Then Bo heard him exclaim, as he lied through his teeth,
“Socialism for all, that to thee we bequeath!”

Obama Stealing from Taxpayers While Economy Worsens

Obama Magical Misery Bus TourDuring the longest recession of our time, Obama started what Presidential Candidate Mitt Romney called the “Magical Misery Tour”. On Monday, the President kicked-off a three-day, 100% taxpayer-funded campaign event – that isn’t a campaign event.

The tour features two town hall meetings and five stops in Minnesota, Iowa, and Illinois, the first of which was in Decorah, Iowa on Monday where he continued to try to sell the idea that the economy was on the verge of improving.

Obama faced the lowest Gallup job approval ratings of his career just prior to the tour. In a bid to improve his image and tune his campaign message, he’s boarded a set of $2.2 million buses on multi-city expenditure of tax payer money. Spending this amount of money while American families are hurting is reprehensible. As Obama’s failed policies are to blame for the pain, it makes this a real slap-in-the-face.

White House Spokesman Jay Carney said that the tour is an official event and when asked if the event would be taxpayer-funded, Carney answered, “He is the President of the United States”.

The line between “official event” and campaign stop are getting blurry. Why Iowa just after the Iowa straw poll? Couldn’t he have done a bus tour across the gulf coast or the desert southwest?

The 3-day romp in the Misery Machine is certainly campaigning. Obama never stopped campaigning. Now he’s going to use all the free air time and tax-funded Bus trips he can to save the millions in campaign funds for television ads, messaging, and paying for support.

In business ethics, there is a test – the appearance of impropriety. When holding a leadership position, it is important to avoid situation that can even be moderately considered improper. As carefully crafted as the Obama image is, it’s tough to fathom why they didn’t just pay for the bus tour to avoid the negative perception.

The buses will remain property of the United States and future presidents can use them, so no need to cover those costs from his 2012 coffers. The food, hotels, gas, security costs and other event costs should come from his campaign.

The president hasn’t led on jobs since taking office so the sudden renaming of his tour of the Mid-West to the “Jobs Creation Bus Tour” isn’t fooling most voters. He doesn’t have which was obvious in his first stop. The town hall in Decorah was a long-winded, back-handed slam of Republicans saying that they’d moved too far to the right. No mention of Democrats having gone off-the-reservation to the left. Obama has accepted and applied the strategy set forth  in a DNC campaign  memo that started with, “GOP candidates’ extreme aims to appease the far-right wing of the Republican Party shows that Republicans are more concerned with protecting their special interest friends and the wealthy than protecting working families”.

This bus tour is Obama officially accepting the trash-talking, no-civility campaign strategy cooked up by Democrat National Committee Chair Debbie Wasserman Shutlz and the rest of the hard left-wing of the Democrat party.

Without a doubt, the bus tour is a campaign event.

Out of Ammo on Jobs, Economy

Carney’s Statements

Said Jay Carney, White House spokesman, on 4 August, 2011, in response to a reporter’s question about jobs, “Well, the White House doesn’t create jobs. The government together – White House, Congress – creates policies that allow for greater job creation. And that can be through tax cuts, for example, for working Americans; everyone who works pays a payroll tax. And the tax cut that this President pushed for, for one year, for this calendar year, he’s pushing for to be extended next year.”

Again, said Carney, in response to a reporter’s question about Obama’s upcoming bus tour, “Well, he will continue to make the case that we need to take the measures necessary as a country, working together with Congress, to – that will spur greater economic growth and create more jobs.” Responding to the same question, he continued, “So what we have to do is reduce our deficit in a balanced way that ensures that we do not actually harm our economic growth prospects or our job creation prospects.”

Economic Growth, Create Jobs?

With Carney’s statements in mind, let’s examine what economists say about economic growth and jobs creation. Some economists have said that the proven way to grow our economy is through tax cuts. Tax cuts that help small businesses create jobs include lower top marginal income tax rates and lower tax rates on capital gains and dividends. Small businesses that employ the most workers will be particularly hard-hit if taxes increase. There is never a good time to raise taxes, because higher taxes always slow job creation. But raising taxes now, as the economic recovery remains weak and job creation is non-existent, would be an economic disaster.

The US has a jobs creation and sustainment problem, and there does not seem to be much that President Barack Obama nor Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke can do about it. Regarding jobs and the economy, “Obama does not have much presidential persuasion left. He is running out of capital,” said James Thurber, of American University’s Center for Congressional and Presidential Studies. “It seems we’ve thrown everything at it. We’ve had QE1 and QE2, Stimulus 1 and Stimulus 2, and the unemployment rate is still 9.2 percent,” said John Makin, an economist at the American Enterprise Institute in Washington. “Maybe there are just not many options here at this point,” he said.

JPMorgan cut its first half 2012 growth forecast from 2.5 % to 2% due to fiscal drag. “Given that GDP growth has been 1.6 percent over the past four quarters when fiscal policy has been much less of a drag, this doesn’t bode well for next year,” JPMorgan’s Michael Feroli said. Federal Reserve chairman Ben Bernanke has few options at his disposal. The Fed is not expected to announce an extension of its quantitative easing, or QE, measures to stimulate economic activity.

President Obama promised more ideas to boost hiring and jobs creation soon, but the White House did not say what he had in mind or when he would lay out suggestions. Regarding tax cuts (the only one Obama has ever proposed), Obama proposes bringing jobs back to the economy through payroll tax cuts. He wants to repeal the Bush-era tax cuts on families making more than $250,000 annually, the very people who create most (non-government) jobs.

Regarding the Economy and Jobs, Where Are We?

After almost three years of economic failure and a huge debt, all we continue to get from this administration is “talk, talk, and more talk.” Still they try their old plays that have NOT worked, as we see from this article. When is this administration going to admit defeat, that their policies and ideas do not work? Who is going to sink first, this country or the Obama administration?

But that’s just my opinion.

Obama Uses Enron Defense in Gunrunning Scandal

The Obama administration is accused of allowing the illegal sale of guns to those connected to Mexican drug cartels. The FBI said the operation was intended to allow some guns to enter the Mexican drug trade so that they could track the guns and stop that activity.

Without understanding how this plan looked good on anything but the back of a napkin, the ATF’s intentions have to be taken at face value. As does White House spokesman Jay Carney’s remarks as he says that Obama “did not know about or authorize the operation”.


Now who doesn’t remember when Enron CEO Kenneth Lay said those famous words and his lawyers laid out that well-known  defense.

But certainly I didn’t know he was doing anything that was criminal.

Ignorance of your subordinates’ actions does not make you innocent.

Darrell Issa (R-CA) has been leading an inquiry into project GunRunner and while Obama’s Justice department seems to be putting up obstacle after obstacle, ATF employees are acting much differently:

“Over the last few days, Justice has conveniently turned over 200 pages of documents prior to our public hearings,” Issa spokeswoman Becca Glover Watkins said in a statement to TPM. “To date, we’ve still received an exponentially higher number of documents from concerned agency insiders than from the Justice Department itself.”

The administration is using the same “I didn’t know” tactics that Kenneth Lay employed while also trying to stall justice.

Now, according to Fox News,  the Obama administration may be taking a new tact: Operation Scapegoat.

The Justice Department is expected to oust the head of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives, according to people familiar with the matter, amid a troubled federal antitrafficking operation that has grown into the agency’s biggest scandal in nearly two decades.

Moves toward the replacement of Kenneth Melson, acting ATF director since April 2009, could begin next week, although the precise sequence of events remains to be decided, these people said.

The Whitehouse Carnival Barker

Jay Carny White House Spokesman

Many of us have ran into a ‘Carnival Barker’ at one time or the other in our lives, even if we weren’t familiar with the term.  The Carnival Barker is the loud mouthed person outside the Circus tent or Carnival gates  trying to get you  to spend your money by shouting things that may peak your curiosity. They shout things like come in and see the bearded lady, the worlds smallest horse, the two-headed gorilla etc.  If they are an effective Carnival Barker, they will convince you that if you pay to enter the show you will see things that you previously thought were nothing more than props used in the making of horror films and other assorted man made fiction. And the fact remains that very often that is just what you will see there, man-made fiction, with a quirk of nature thrown in once in awhile to keep you believing in the myths being promoted in the carnival atmosphere. The Carnival Barker must change your perception of what is real and what is not, in order to get you to buy into the mystic carnival sideshows shouted attractions.

Back in the days before TV and the Internet, people relied heavily on the word of mouth to promote their agenda and/or sales pitch. Where some people would believe in such a thing as the half man – half horse cirus attraction, and then entice others to pay to see it by telling them how real it is, after a wider group of people observe the promoted freak of nature and determine that is is in fact, nothing more man made fiction, word travels around, and thus creates the demand for a new carnival/circus attraction that the more naive folks that will pay more money to see the latest attraction. Thus the value of the Carnival Barker in the old days before the Internet let people research the facts at home with lightning speed. Word spreads fast and the truth is more readily available for the public today, thus the decline of the Carnival Barker’s value and importance in persuading the public to pay good money to see fake phenomena.

Meet the new age Carnival Barker of modern day politics pictured above , Mr. Jay Carney, the current White House spokesman.  While he doesn’t wear the outrageous costumes of the Carnival Barkers of yester-year, make no mistake about it, he is in costume none the less.  The fact is, Mr. Carney is  made up in appearance to look like some sort of academic brain child, yet is being exposed to be just like most phony ex-Time magazine propaganda pimps responsible for the degrading of the once proud magazine. Note the glasses trying for the intelligent look, while hiding the beady, untrustworthy eyes. Notice the missing lips that this Carnival Barker often purses when acting like he is actually pondering a truthful, honest answer to the softball questions lobbed at him from the mainly Liberal propagandist White House press corp. Mute the next White House press conference the next time you see him on TV, and just observe Mr. Carney and you will get a totally different opinion of him. He actually will appear to be making an honest attempt at informing the tax paying citizens of America just what the current administration is up to and the reasons behind their actions …. until you turn the sound back on. Then it is all downhill from there for any informed citizen listening to the White House Carnival Barker, as he dodges any attempt at serious questions and/or explanations about why Barack Obama is doing this or that today. Just like the Carnival Barkers of decades ago, Mr. Carney is trying to sell the American people a bunch of bunk, while trying to change their perception of said bunk.  Lets take a look at some of today’s top questions about American citizen’s concerns and just what answers we have gotten from the White House Carnival Barker extraordinaire.

From FoxNews here, we see that the Carnival Barker will not tolerate anyone questioning Obama’s openness or lack thereof:

The “transparency” in the Obama administration means sometimes a question  can’t even get asked.

The discovery came today at the daily White  House news briefing with press secretary Jay Carney, who responded to a  request to be allowed to ask about the president’s positions: “I’m not going to  take your questions.”

Ironically, Les Kinsolving, WND’s correspondent at the White House and the  No. 2 reporter on the White House beat, had wanted to ask about Obama’s  openness.

While the White House Carnival Barker preaches about the current administration’s honesty and openness constantly, if you dare question blatant episodes that show lack of the same, you will be told that the Carnival Barker will not take any of your questions,  that is if you are among the lucky ones and do not get banned all together from the White House press corps for exposing the Carnival Barker’s lies and myths being told through his marching orders from the ringmaster himself, Mr. Barack Obama.

This is exactly like in the old movies, where they show the loudmouth guy being thrown out of the carnival by the strong man because he is calling the Carnival Barker a liar and a fake. Carnival Barkers have to be notoriously thick-skinned due to the fact that they rely on falsehoods and perception management to promote their bunk. Mr. Carney has shown himself to be fairly thin-skinned in his statement above, and therefor he must be considered a lightweight among the history of successful con-men Carnival Barkers. I do not look for Mr. Carney to last long as Obama’s Carnival Barker due to his misinformation and propaganda being proven to be nothing more than a bunch of bunk on a constant basis. Too much exposure to the real facts that dispel the myths being perpetuated by the Carnival Barker will always lead to the Carnival Barker being relegated to cleaning out the Circus horse stalls in the end, or in this case maybe relegate Mr. Carney back to writing for the now leftist propaganda rag , the bankrupt Time Magazine. Both jobs require the shoveling of massive amounts of manure, so the relevance between the two is quite ironic. Anyone with the least bit of common sense can see that the latest White House Carnival Barker, Mr. Jay Carney is as phony as a three-dollar bill in what he is trying to sell the American public.

The recent killing of the Muslim Terrorist Osama Bin Laden has the White House Carnival Barker caught in a  firestorm of misinformation and outright propaganda promotion. His explanation to the controversy about the White House’s dysfunctional messages about what really happened  during the killing of Bin Laden was that it is all simply due to the fog of war. What he failed to admit is that, as the White House Carnival Barker, Mr. Carney is the man operating the fog machine behind all the misinformation today. If you ask too real of a question about our White House today, the Carnival Barker will shut you out of the conversation. He will not tolerate anyone exposing the misinformation behind his message of the day, period.

Look at the demand for real proof of Bin Laden’s death being asked for today, in the form of releasing the pictures of Bin Laden after he was shot in the head. The Carnival Barker uses the excuse that the pictures are gruesome and that there are “sensitivities” here in terms of the appropriateness of releasing the photographs.  We see movies every single day labeled with extreme violence and bloodshed, and we make the decision on whether we want to view them or not. The same thing would apply to the pictures of Bin laden with half his head blown off. We can make our own decisions on whether to look at them or not, yet the Carnival Barker wants to change that perception to be that we need government approval to view them.  This is in line with trying to sell the American people the bunk and propaganda that we are not smart enough to make out own decisions in life, yet  Obama the Ringmaster and his Carnival Barker somehow are. I  hear you barking Mr. Carney, and I for one chose to walk right on by, and refuse to buy into your carnival act. The same goes for the rest of the “Carnival Barkers” in the pathetic so-called mainstream media. I,m simply not buying the fiction those clowns are selling today. America deserves better than this.

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