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Tag: "Jay Carney"

Obama Promotes Lawlessness in Our Nation's Capitol: Occupy DC Camps to Stay

White House spokesman Jay “The Carnival Barker” Carney announced that  President Obama  is aware of the recent raids on the [filthy, unsanitary, and lawless illegal squatters] Occupy protests across America in which the Occupiers are being evicted in droves from city parks/property, simply because the actual 99% of the people (taxpayers) who are paying for […]

The President Knows His “Story”

  In a press conference the other day, President Obama referred to a Boston teacher who has been laid off three times in the past four years because of budget cuts. Robert Barrows has a Masters degree and 20 years of teaching experience but, according to Obama, he cannot find a job. This is among […]

Twas the Night of Jay Carney

Twas the night before breakfast for Lardass Michelle, Whose figure was such it had all gone to Hell. The hips were a draggin’ all over the floor, While the waistline could never quite push through the door. The lobsters were hung by their claws in the kitchen, While back in the West Wing Michelle was […]

Obama Stealing from Taxpayers While Economy Worsens

During the longest recession of our time, Obama started what Presidential Candidate Mitt Romney called the “Magical Misery Tour”. On Monday, the President kicked-off a three-day, 100% taxpayer-funded campaign event – that isn’t a campaign event. The tour features two town hall meetings and five stops in Minnesota, Iowa, and Illinois, the first of which […]

Out of Ammo on Jobs, Economy

Carney’s Statements Said Jay Carney, White House spokesman, on 4 August, 2011, in response to a reporter’s question about jobs, “Well, the White House doesn’t create jobs. The government together – White House, Congress – creates policies that allow for greater job creation. And that can be through tax cuts, for example, for working Americans; […]

Obama Uses Enron Defense in Gunrunning Scandal

The Obama administration is accused of allowing the illegal sale of guns to those connected to Mexican drug cartels. The FBI said the operation was intended to allow some guns to enter the Mexican drug trade so that they could track the guns and stop that activity. Without understanding how this plan looked good on […]

The Whitehouse Carnival Barker

Many of us have ran into a ‘Carnival Barker’ at one time or the other in our lives, even if we weren’t familiar with the term.  The Carnival Barker is the loud mouthed person outside the Circus tent or Carnival gates  trying to get you  to spend your money by shouting things that may peak […]