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Liberty and Justice for ALL?

“With liberty and justice for all” are great and noble words, but really, they are that… words! Unless we’ve all agreed upon the meaning of these words, or any words for that matter, they are meaningless. And unless we are willing to act upon these words, based on the agreed upon meaning, then, again, they are useless. Are you confused yet? Good!

Lately, I’ve been confused by the words spewed by Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, and even our own President.

A young life was lost and I agree, it was tragic. If there were any way to fix it, I would be all for it. Jesse and Al say this is a travesty and that we should march into the city and stop our young black men from being killed. Agreed! We need to stop “people” from being killed.

Let’s work with real numbers here. The FBI reports these simple facts: 94% of black people killed in 2012 were killed by other black people. To be fair, 88% of white men killed in 2012 were killed by white people. As my friends on the left love to remind me, statistics don’t lie.

Al and Jesse want to march into the cities, hold vigils, because that will supposedly make things better. Well, Al and Jesse, you been doing that for 50 years and nothing has really changed. Your focus is in the wrong places. The inner cities that are ravaged with crime and poverty are the places you need to go. You have a right to link arms and march down the street. That’s wonderful. But what is it doing for you and how is it helping your cause?

Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. did it and it was the right action for the right time. You need to close your mouth and take action. March into the cities where, as you put it, “our people are being persecuted and killed” and take a stand. Have a five thousand person march on Detroit over a few days and push the gangs out, paint some homes, feed some people.

Take action and do something constructive. Your outrage and conversation is all based around Trayvon Martin. But justice for all is exactly that. It’s for “all” of the kids in “your” communities who can’t read, can’t get a job, and just can’t seem to get ahead. Most of those in the inner cities are taught in schools by people of the same color, in cities governed by people of the same color. Who is doing more harm to whom?

Justice is for all. You should be just as outraged at those providing substandard educations to “your people.” And you should be outraged at those providing a “hand out” rather than a “hand up.”

It’s shocking how disingenuous you are and disappointing that the media allows you to get away with it.

All kids and all people deserve to be protected under the law, educated under the law, and treated as humans under the law. How about the young white football player that was beaten to death by a few black boys at school? Why was there no outrage from you or the media?

The white man that was beaten by 6 black men a year ago in Cincinnati died this week. What was his crime? Being white! And there are another 50+ stories just like these. However, my issue is not the “black or white” thing. It’s the “people” thing.

ALL kids, all seniors, all people should feel safe and actually be safe walking the streets of this great country. This is not the America of the 1960’s.

Even my black friends say “stop with the race talk already”.

Al and Jesse, if you care about “your people” then go where “your people” are killing “your people” and work with them, because that’s where the majority of the killing is taking place. You need to help stop the hatred and violence, not keep it going.

Justice for all, to people like me, considered white by today’s standards (not so much in the 1970’s), means I will work hard to stop the “white supremacy” types who hide behind God and ignorance from causing and inflicting pain on those they think don’t belong. Why? Because I believe in justice for all… all colors and all origins.

We have come a long way. Help us to keep moving ahead, don’t bring us back.

Jackson & Sharpton Exploit Another Tragedy


Last Thursday in Los Angeles Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson led a march and protest in South L.A in honor of slain Florida teen Trayvon Martin. Celebrities and citizens came from all corners to walk with Martin’s parents and hear Sharpton and others speak at West Angeles Church of God in Christ. However, there was another name being spoken among the protesters; a name those following the Trayvon Martin case may not be very familiar with…Kendrec McDade.  McDade- a 19 year old Black man from Pasadena, CA- was gunned down by (white) Pasadena police officers on the evening of March 24th, 2012.  Police were responding to a 911 call that identified McDade and one other teenager as possible suspects in a robbery. Police arrived on the scene and fired on McDade from their vehicle, claiming the teen had reached into his wasteband as he approached.  It was later determined that McDade was unarmed.  It wasn’t until the Trayvon Martin case went public that Kendrec

McDade’s case began being mentioned as a similar crime.  At the Thursday rally, Jackson expressed sadness at the loss of both young men and what it meant to the black community, and he encouraged the crowd to see it as the beginning of a movement. “We cannot stop evil men from crucifying the righteous, and they cannot stop us from resurrecting them,” he said.

But who, exactly, is Jackson hoping to resurrect? By now most people are painfully familiar with the details of the Trayvon Martin shooting.  Fewer know all the details in McDade’s case; including, it seems Jesse Jackson and company.  McDade was not simply an unarmed, well-meaning black man walking through a gated-community when he was randomly shot in cold blood by police.  26-year-old Oscar Carrillo-Gonzalez witnessed McDade and another teen breaking into his car and removing his backpack and laptop.  He immediately called 911 and told the operator that the two young men were armed. He later admitted that he lied about seeing a weapon in hopes that it would hasten police response.  At no point in the investigation or the resulting civil suit filed against the city of Pasadena by McDade’s parents has anyone disputed the fact that McDade was indeed robbing vehicles at the time of his shooting.  His 17 year old companion (who’s name has been withheld due to his status as a minor) is currently in custody on charges of burglary, grand theft and failing to register as a gang member. While the police may still be on the hook for some type of failure or misconduct, this is in no way an open and shut case of profiling. Jackson and company have twisted the details of this case and the Martin case for their own personal notoriety, creating unnecessary  strife across the country in the process.

Holding up the McDade case as a civil rights issue is irresponsible and dangerous. Jackson and Sharpton have to willfully ignore the fact that McDade was engaging in a crime at the time of his shooting in order to make this an example of racist brutality. Is this the best we can do as Black Americans? Making a martyr of a misguided young criminal? Are Jackson and Sharpton trying to tell us that personal actions are irrelevant when it comes to interactions betweens black people and police? Probably…and in my opinion, that’s what makes them even more dangerous to the Black community than so-called hate crimes.