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Liberals, It’s Time To Admit You Were Wrong

O.K. Liberals it’s time, it’s time to admit you were wrong about Obamacare. Swallow your pride and admit you were wrong. If you watch T.V. (and not MSNBC) I mean real T.V. you would have to have to noticed the photo of a six foot seven inch stack of paper containing all the new regulations and taxes that Obama-Care is going to burden this nation with, that photo alone should be enough to shock any Liberal into reality.

Come on Liberals, it’s time to admit that Obama bribed, strong-armed and threatened most of the Congressmen that voted for the bill, even though they knew in their hearts it was the wrong thing to do. Voting for a bill that no one read, is a crying shame that even you should be angry about. Why even as I write this there are Democrats teaming up with Republicans (who warned you this would happen) in a fight to repeal parts of this obnoxious law that will only hurt all Americans. I am willing to wager that your Highness Obama has still not read the bill and has no clue what is truly in it.

A bill that was supposed to reduce premiums for all Americans is now more than doubling the price of insurance and that is only the beginning, A bill that was supposed to cost 980 billion dollars over ten years is now costing nearly three trillion dollars with no end in sight. Only an idiot would believe that giving people unlimited insurance coverage would make premiums go down.  Come on Liberals it’s time to admit you were wrong.

A bill that was supposed to be a job creator is now killing jobs left and right. Businesses are not hiring people because of the added expense, not only because of the cost of the insurance, but also because of all the new regulation that Obama-Care brings. Businesses are cutting hours of their employees just so that they can survive and keep making a profit, I know profit is a dirty word for you Liberals, but without it why would anyone open up a business. I know only Liberals are allowed to make profits.

Keep your insurance and keep the doctor you have now, is what his Highness told us, another promise that goes un-kept. If you have insurance that is not what the government thinks you should have, you are forced to buy what they think is right for you (What happened to freedom of choice?) Already doctors are either leaving the business of not taking insurance entirely and accepting cash only. A recent survey found six out of ten doctors would retire early because of Obama-Care.

What happened to doctor patient confidentiality? Why that too is gone, your doctor must put all your medical records on-line, not only that, we now have to fill out a questionnaire revealing our whole background to the I.R.S.  if you don’t, you will be fined. I don’t know about you but the less the Government knows about me, the better I can sleep at night.

No death panels, another lie, Oh, they don’t call them death panels, but the result is the same. A panel of appointed Government know-it-alls (not doctors I might add) are going to approve or disapprove medical procedures, if they decide that a person is not worth having a certain procedure, tuff-nuggies, as we used to say.

It now says that even after this law is in full swing, there will still be over twenty-five million people without insurance (sought of defeats the whole purpose don’t it.) Liberals, I know you think that the rest of us are stupid, but the whole plan from day one was to push everyone into a Government run single pay system, we knew that from day one, you are not fooling anyone. Correction, the 32% that still favor Obama-Care I am sure do not know, nor do they care as long as it is free.

Come on Liberals admit you were wrong, it’s time to drive a stake through this monster of a bill and kill it, wait I forgot who I am talking too, you are Liberals, you never admit that you are wrong no matter how much evidence proves you wrong. If you would admit defeat than you would not be Liberals, sorry, what a waste of time this was, how can I even think that a Liberal would admit they were wrong and do what is right for the country, silly me.



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