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It’s Cool To Be Un-American

It seems that there are so many America haters in Hollywood these days; the entertainment industry is full of people who find it fashionable to put down our country. Where is a man like George M Cohan when you need him? For those of you who are not familiar with him, he was an entertainer in the late 1800’s and early 1900’s and was most famous for his patriotic songs and plays. His life story was put into film called Yankee Doodle Dandy, which starred James Cagney. During World War I he wrote a song called “Over There” which inspired a nation, he wore his love of country on his sleeve. Franklin D Roosevelt awarded him the Congressional Gold Medal for his contributions to World War I morale.

Where are the George M Cohan’s of today, why is it we only hear about celebrities running down our country and praising Socialist dictators of other countries? Why is it fashionable for celebrities to show so much distain for the country in which they have carved out a better than average life for themselves?

Once again I hear a news report that leaves me shaking my head and saying “What the hell is going on in this country,” I find myself saying that much too often these days. It seems our children are not required to say the Pledge Of Allegiance anymore, it is now optional. I was horrified to hear that many classrooms do not even have an American Flag and there is a school in Oregon that will not put up an American Flag on the flagpole in front of the school, it makes me sick.

When I was in grade school, every morning at 9:15 we would stand face the flag and recite the Pledge, which also came over the loud speaker, so the whole school recited the pledge at 9:15. On Thursdays, we had assembly, all the boys were required to wear white shirts and ties, we would all stand and sing our National Anthem as the color guard marched down the aisle with our flag, what a difference from today.

Lately in the news, there have been stories of parents discovering that the lessons their children have been learning in school were slanted left and were on the borderline of being anti American. One parent was shocked to discover that their child was learning that it was America’s fault that the World Trade Center was brought down on 9/11.

How can we expect our children to learn love of country when they are taught in school that their country is a bad place, while they also see movie stars praising Socialist leaders and putting down America? How did we come to this in America? Unfortunately, this has been going on for some time, I think it is time something is done about it.

Bill O’Reilly said recently that the left has been embolden by Obama’s second term win, he said that every left wing agenda is now coming out of the wood work and we can expect the American culture to be under fire. I believe that Mr. O’Reilly is 100% correct in his assessment, the left is pulling no punches, they believe that this is their time to shine and to change the path of America to a more Socialist society. Obama’s plan of dividing the nation is working, his plan of demonizing all who do not agree with his Socialist views are working.

Hollywood was once full of actors and actresses who championed America, when World War ll broke out they were out in full force spreading patriotism around the country, where are those entertainers today? Instead of having John Wayne, we have Sean Penn, instead of having James Cagney, we have Michael Moore. In times like these, when we really need a George M. Cohan to trumpet America, we are stuck with people like Jane Fonda, how much lower can we get?

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