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The Unicorn Poacher – Intellectual Froglegs S2E14


Joe Dan Gorman is being his usual politically incorrect self – so you don’t want to miss out! Of course there’s talk about Secretary Sebelius, and the liberal blame game. He’ll also discuss gender equalization – or how the liberals never learned about the birds and the bees. And talk about Chicago thug politicking in Washington…

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Rebellion of a sheep -Intellectual Froglegs S2E12


Government shutdown, and the utter failure of ObamaCare are in the headlines, but not necessarily the way they should be. Of course, the liberal media is blaming conservatives for the shutdown, and saying they are hell bent on destroying our nation by refusing to negotiate. No, they aren’t pointing out that the petulant child in the room is the president, ...

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The revolution will not be televised – Intellectual Froglegs S2 – Ep 11


The democrats want a blank check again to spend, and are blaming the conservatives for not being willing to compromise – also accusing them of not being fiscally responsible. Of course, liberals also think that just because ObamaCare is the law, it’s not up for being debated or changed. Joe Dan Gorman suggests the radical concept of not giving in ...

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Heroes & Patriots -Intellectual Froglegs S2E10


Joe Dan Gorman is back, in spite of YouTube trying to censor him. And now he’s talking about heroes and patriots – of course he’s also calling out the liberal stupidity, and suggesting ways to avoid feeding the mainstream media beast.

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The Conservative’s Guide to the Galaxy – Intellectual Froglegs S2E8


You’ve made fun of the mainstream media, been infuriated by it, and have pointed out how biased to the left that it really is. Joe Dan Gorman offers a conservative guide to the real problem we have to face, and it really isn’t any of the scandals….

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Conservative when convenient… Intellectual Froglegs S2E7


Ever wonder what a RINO really is? How about what the relationship of science and religion was before the atheists took over the labs? Well, Joe Dan Gorman has some truth to lay on you this week…

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Digital Effigy – Intellectual Froglegs S2ep3


Joe Dan Gorman offers another serving of Obama bashing, complete with a burqas for him. Also, see an African history you won’t see from any liberals, because it’s the truth.

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Absolute Power – Intellectual Froglegs (S2E1)


Joe Dan Gorman is back! Catch the first episode of Intellectual Froglegs with the new equipment! Of course, there’s plenty of issues to go around in this episode, since the show was off for a little while…

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Intellectual Froglegs Season 1 Wrap-Up


Joe Dan Gorman finally got the new recording equipment he needed. But that means he’s taking a little break to learn how to use it! In the meantime, his fan club has made a “best of Joe Dan” video for your enjoyment!

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‘Don’t drone me, Bro’ Intellectual Froglegs #30


Pointing out the liberal lies yet again, don’t miss Joe Dan Gorman talking about Oklahoma, the IRS, Homeland Security, and public service unions. (And keep an eye out for those drones!)

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