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Political Spin in the Classroom- How it’s Hurting America

Benjamin Franklin once said “The good education of youth has been esteemed by wise men in all ages, as the surest foundation of the happiness both of private families and of common-wealths,”

He and the rest of the Founders recognized that the continuation of liberty is in the hands of an educated electorate. When the people are uninformed, they can be manipulated and enslaved- case in point- the feudalist system in the Middle Ages.

So, if the education of the public, and particularly young people, is crucial in a free society, the role of the teacher is perhaps one of the most important. They influence the individual at a crucial age- when they are discovering the world and learning to think for themselves. By opening the young mind to the wonders of society and humanity, a good professor can inspire passion in a student to succeed and change the world. And that is a truly beautiful thing.

But what happens when the teacher misuses their position? What happens when the teacher uses their position to push a private agenda, poisoning the student’s mind through malicious lies?

Given the trust and importance placed in public educators, is this duplicity not a betrayal of the free society they are supposed to be preserving?

I have spent many lectures fighting back tears of anger as my professors malign everything I believe in, mocking the conservative way of thinking, lying about the goals of an opposing party, snickering at anyone who has the guts to stand up and try to defend what they believe in. Can there be anything more despicable than a professor who uses their position to put down young people who are just learning to stand up for themselves? Yes, freedom of speech is crucial to public dialogue, and teachers have a right to their opinion, but do those opinions have a place in the classroom, especially when they are used it to be divisive and to bully?

And what about the lies? How many students take what their teachers say at face value, as they should be able to, and live in the manufactured reality of political spin? Shouldn’t we be able to place trust in our educators? Is it any wonder then, when the classroom is used as a propaganda platform, that the right wing is so unabashedly maligned in the public dialogue?

And perhaps the most crucial question, what does this mean for the future of our country? When students are lied to, taught not to think for themselves, and believe in the absolute evil of a certain way of thinking, how can a free society survive? This is where education becomes a national security issue. This is what the Founders warned about. The teacher has the power to shape the destiny of the next generation. And when they use their position to indoctrinate rather than promote critical thought, teach them to be guided by the opinions of others- that is when the next generation becomes slaves to the government, rather than the masters of it.

Intentional Ignorance – Why the Public Schools Must Die, Part 1

I just read this sentence in a “Study Guide” for taking the public school certification test in middle school Social Studies, “The Constitution DEMANDS UNQUESTIONED respect and SUBSERVIENCE to the federal government by all states and citizens.” (emphasis mine).

WHAT??!! Unquestioned? Subservient?

We have a built-in questioning system by way of a national voting procedure every 730 days! MY Constitution starts with the phrase WE THE PEOPLE! This is the kind of crap being programmed into teachers so it can be shoved down our children’s throats!!

Let’s delude the kool-aid here for a minute.

I, like a small minority in this country, have actually read the Constitution. In fact, I make it a practice to take the 22 – 30 minutes to read it through, several times per year. Not once does this precious document DEMAND anything of the sort. The only “demands” in the Constitution are located in and around that pesky Bill of Rights; and if you really want to address to whom the demands are directed, take a look at the first word: CONGRESS.

CONGRESS shall make no law… nor shall CONGRESS prohibit the free exercise thereof. For those who need a further interpretation, Congress IS the federal government, at least in terms of what the framers intended in regards to the center of power – not the end all, be all, but the center.

Subservient? Wrong again! Under the Articles of Confederation, the federal government was subservient to the states! Admittedly, the states recognized the need to reform the Articles, hence the convention. Can one really fathom a situation where these states just would have voluntarily bowed their knees to the great and powerful Federal Government? There are several little ditties written during the time called the Federalist Papers that show clearly how tough of a sell the new Constitution was to the states. The ONLY reason that it was ratified is because the states were satisfied that they would NOT be subservient to the feds.

The “Federalist” system by definition is one that appoints responsibilities to each level, but operates under the pretext that these levels run independent of each other, and in harmony. The Constitution NEVER says that the federal government is supreme. Article six states, “This Constitution, and the Laws of the United States …. shall be the supreme Law of the Land.” It says the Constitution and the (constitutional) laws of the U.S. are supreme – that is NOT the same as the federal government! The mere fact that so many checks and balances established in the Constitution (of which the multi-tiered federalism plan is a part of) should be an indication that the founders and framers would have never consented to a top-down only style of governance (that’s called a unitary system), let alone 13 independent states just chomping at the bit to abdicate their power to Washington D.C.

For those of you who like to run around quoting Jefferson, you should realize that he didn’t particularly care for the Constitution in its initial form and, had he been in country, probably would have lobbied against it. He and the other “anti-federalists” of the time were only assuaged when the promise that a Bill of Rights would be one of the first items on the agenda of the new Congress.

Yet this is being systematically programmed into a generation of kids (and even scarier, a generation of teachers) day by day. We have become a “take my word for it” 30-second sound byte society that is slowly giving away our freedoms. The genius of our Constitution is that it cannot be over-ridden unless by a conscious and deliberate series of acts that culminates in an amendment. This can only be done by the people. Fortunately, the ignorant masses (made that way on purpose) cannot take away the supremacy of the Constitution. What they can do is to continue to appoint people into authority positions every 730 days who will work to circumvent these rights, OUR rights; and this can really only be done through ignorance – willful ignorance.

One more reason why the public (government run) schools should die.

Obama 2012 Holiday Message: Children vs Parents (Part 1)

I need votes in 2012 ! Now go home for the holidays and convert your parents into Obama-supporters kids!

President Obama and his campaign managers showed how desperate they are to retain the White House in 2013 by releasing a video that was based on having children convert their parents and other family members into Obama voters over the holidays. The Josef Goebbels-like title of said video? Home for the Holidays: Share Why You’re Working to Re-elect President Obama. How many of those young adults seen in the above video are on the taxpayer-funded payroll there? Are they earning a living with paychecks signed by the DNC, Obama2012, or maybe big money manipulator George Soros?

I see one of the youngsters in the reelect Obama campaign video stating that Obama is their President, and that he believes that Barack Obama represents “their generation” Let’s take a look at just how well Obama is representing “their generation” shall we?

Of course any discussion about how well President Obama is doing after three years in office must start with the National Debt Clock that shows us as having $15.16 Trillion dollars of debt as of right now. Does the “Obama-generation” not understand what that amount of U.S. debt will do to their future?

Millions of uninformed youth are discovering that after three years of hope and change in America, there are no jobs for many college graduates that are now strapped with hundreds of thousands of dollars in student loan debt. College graduates are now discovering that due the the prolonged Obama-led recession by job-killing policies like denying the building of the Keystone pipeline, the enforcing of a drilling moratorium in the Gulf of Mexico, $700 billion dollars worth of Union payoffs and graft known as the stimulus package, and the ever-popular pumping of billions of taxpayers dollars into such failed green energy projects as the Chevy Volt, these Obama-generation uninformed minions are left with very few employment options in the near future. What is the solution? How about having them stay at home with Mommy and Daddy until they are , oh say, 27 years old? While we are at it, let’s mandate that the parents pay for their health insurance through Obama-care. With so much time at home with Mommy and Daddy paying their way in life, this will give all of these Obama-workers (without real jobs that earn a paycheck) plenty of time to convert Mommy, Daddy and cranky old Grandma into Obama-voters. Be careful kids, because with all of those attempted hope and change conversions, there will certainly come a big heaping helping of reality. End Part1.

In part 2 of the Obama 2012 Holiday Message: Children vs Parents we will examine a few examples of a hypothetical holiday conversation between those “stubborn and set in their ways” old parents and the new generation of hope and change operatives. Part 2: Tommy Attempts to Convert the Family into Obama-Supporters at Christmas Dinner.

Next: Part II

Repeat After Me: “I am a Marxist Puppet Preacher from NYU.”

      NYU Economics Professor, Preaching Marxism at OWS


Watch this short video. Is it any wonder these many of these college age student-bots you see here can not get a job in the real world?


 Meet professor Richard D, Wolff,  (preaching at OWS above) who[supposedly] teaches college students economics at NYU.  Mr. Wolff believes he has come up with a new plan to promote Marxist ideology from within the United States educational system. Mr. Wolff, like all Marxist professors, is trying to re-write the history of Marxism in an attempt to make it more appealing to America’s youth under the guise of “ a new approach to the political economy.”

This tired retread of Marxist ideology/propaganda is being pushed as “new and improved” under the title,  Rethinking Marxism. For a glimpse of just what this NYU professor is teaching college students today, I point one chapter of “lessons” from the  Re-Treading Marxism  page linked above, by Mr Rick Wolff:

From Economic to Social Crisis: Deficits, Debt and a Little Class History by: Rick Wolff

Throughout its history, capitalism never succeeded in preventing recurring economic cycles or crises.  That’s right kids, evil capitalism is the reason you can’t get a job with your college degree in the liberal arts of Zimbabwe.  Not everyone can be a fluffed up, lazy, overpaid-for-producing-nothing-but-anti-American-rhetoric-academic like Mr. Wolff .  Here is what you get from these career college kids/academics like Mr. Wolff-  All fluff and no production, as in never worked a job in his life. He started out with a degree in History from Harvard, to Economics degrees from Yale, and Stanford, to a PHD in economics from Yale, all of them acquired in the 60’s when preaching Communism was cool, just as hordes of dope-smoking hippies and wanna-be Communists at the OWS protests are now parroting.

Combining economics with history studies can be a valuable combination, especially when you are attempting to cloud the true poverty-inducing history of Marxism as they do in Rethinking Marxism.  To quote Mr. Wolff: ”  The world is being held back by the capitalistic system.”  Do away with the evil “board of directors” he says, yet it is these very same types of evil boards of directors that have approved his lifetime of making money for his speaking engagements and being a visiting professor of economics around the country and abroad, such as when he was in France.  ( albeit for a very short period of time in 1994) Again, I emphasize that this Marxist professor has never done an honest day’s work in his life. He has never applied all of his supposed economic brilliance to actually earn a living, in say running a manufacturing company or an investment firm. What he has made a lavish living at is student indoctrination and societal manipulation, just as his apparent lifelong mentor, the Socialist revolutionary Carl Marx did.

The similarities between Marx and Wolff can be seen in the following short biography about Karl Marx:

Karl Heinrich Marx (5 May 1818 – 14 March 1883) was a German philosopher, sociologist, economic historian, journalist, and revolutionary socialist who developed the socio-political theory of Marxism. His ideas have since played a significant role in the development of social science and the socialist political movement. He published various books during his lifetime, with the most notable being The Communist Manifesto (1848) and Capital (1867–1894), many of which were co-written with his friend, the fellow German revolutionary socialist Friedrich Engels.  Mr. Wolff relies heavily of retreads of Karl Marx’ book Capital in his current Rethinking Marxism propaganda campaign. If you look at the bio of Mr. Wolff here, you can see stunning similarities between his “career” and that of Karl Marx.

The last time I saw anything that parallels  the above video showing numerous adults parroting Marxism and anti-capitalism rhetoric was when I was in the second grade learning our pledge of allegiance:  The teacher would say repeat after me:  “I pledge allegiance to the flag…”   That example is of six-year-olds learning the words to our pledge of allegiance through repetition. Mr. Wolff is shown to be using the same form of “teaching” ( reprogramming is a more apt word for it) on ADULTS at the OWS protests to spread Marxist propaganda. How pathetic is that?  What is even more saddening is the fact that not one of those supposed adults listening to this bunk had the guts to call out the “esteemed professor.”  I know for a fact that if he had attempted this type of anti-American indoctrination at a Tea Party rally, he would have been denounced after the first Marxism-promoting line that came out of his mouth. The last thing Tea- Partiers are ever going to put up with is some self-important academic telling them, ” Repeat after me children, I hate America”  This is the difference between the Occupiers and the Tea-Partiers, and it is right out there for all to see. One group has a Patriotic love for America and the freedom she stands for and the other simply wants to tear her down and create some form of Socialist Utopia. Do you know which group is which?


CPUSA–> Obama’s Jobs Bill–> OccupyWallStreet

   Communism, Socialism, OccupyWallStreet, and Barack Obama’s Jobs Bill all nestled together under one all-telling blanket. 

While the following excerpts may sound familiar to some, the underlying repercussions that come with them may very well  surprise most of our readers:

“A better and peaceful world is possible- a world where people and nature come before profits.”  That may sound rosy enough at the outset,  until we see what directly follows that statement:

“That’s Socialism. That’s our vision. We are The Communist Party USA. That statement is brought to you by the CPUSA’s current homepage. When indoctrinating America’s youth, Communists always start out with championing Socialism. The Socialist Workers Party was/is just another stealth front group for Communist indoctrination through the use of  the term “workers” also. The infamous National Socialist  German Workers Party was widely known as the NAZI Party, which hid behind  title, The German Workers Party prior to a name change in 1920. The term NAZI is German and stems from Nationalsozialist.  That little history lesson, while many folks may view it as irrevelant towards today’s American Politics, should never be forgotten, as history truly does have a way of repeating itself over and over. What is also troubling is the fact that we even have a Communist party in America today.

Now for some more tidbits from the CPUSA homepage we see the following link to an article from People’s World  titled: America’s kids tell their stories from their Wall Street Camp.

While the article goes on to tell stories of the cute “kids” at the protests, it also carries a very heavy undercurrent of anti-capitalistic indoctrination in it. Take this paragraph for instance:

Esmeralda, Youth Council President of the Mid Manhattan NAACP, and two friends are camping out together. Esmeralda, 17, says she’s had “lots of internships, but never a real job.” Her high school is just across the street from Zuccotti Park and she’s been joining her friends Chilligan, 19, and Nicole, 20 at the park every day after class.

Maybe a little less time spent as a 17-yr old Youth President of the NAACP and a little more time applying herself at school would lead to a decent job and/or qualify her for college one day in the future. 17 years old and already an anti-capitalist community organizer complaining she doesn’t have  a job. What she really means that everyone has the right to a $20.00 an hour job, regardless of employment as seen here. This is what we see more and more of every day in America, thanks to the indoctrination of our youth in the classrooms. They get out into the real world only to discover that they do not have a basic set of skills to actually put towards working for a living. we see this pattern in virtually all of the “stories about the kids at Wall Street Camp” in that article. Socialists are experts at playing the victim card while actually creating more victims by indoctrinating them into hating capitalism and worshiping the nanny state. That’s Socialism.

Also found on today’s CPUSA homepage is also this unmitigated lie being told to the uninformed masses of American youth: “Socialism will meet the needs of the great majority of our people and lay the basis for solving our social, economic and environmental problems.”  Did you catch that statement, all you kids at the Wall Street camps?  Put on your Mao and Che shirts, denounce capitalism, become a Socialist puppet, and you are well on your way to the Communist Utopia where poof!, all our problems will auto-magically disappear! What the Communist propagandists fail to tell you is that Communism leads to bread lines and wide-spread poverty 100% of the time. ( Unless you are enslaved to the government dictatorship that feeds and clothes you in exchange for serving  the state, in which case they shall deem you important enough to keep alive until you outlive your usefulness, or just get too old to work)  The lies being told about supposedly being a slave to evil capitalism somehow forget to inform people of the benefits of capitalism, such as the freedom to live and work where you choose, the right towards prosperity through hard work and opportunity, and the right to worship as you choose. You get none of that under a Communist dictatorship, period. Just speaking out against government abuses of the people can get you imprisoned for life, or even killed in all Communist countries. Beware of the Socialism pimps, as they are always working towards creating a Communist state in the end. History shows that to be an undeniable fact, unless your  unionized history teacher is a Socialist Workers Party USA member wearing a Che T-shirt in class. In that case you need to go straight home and inform your parents about what is going on, and demand that the situation be addressed immediately. American schools are for teaching our children true American and world history, and about the proven American exceptionalism that has made this the greatest, freest nation on earth for over 200 years. Leave the Socialist/Communist indoctrination out of our schools please.

Last but certainly not least, we see another revelation on the CPUSA’s homepage that should open the eyes of all Americans today:

Organizing for Jobs,Jobs,Jobs.  “The Great Recession of 2008 is looking more like the Great Depression of the 1930s. The economic crisis of U.S. (and world) capitalism is entering its fourth year.” (emphasis mine) next up they make the pitch that the only way to improve our economy is for the government to somehow create jobs. (Nanny-state enslavement 101 kids) ** Note: Nowhere in the United States Constitution is it stated that the government has the power to interfere in the private sector free market system or “create jobs” with taxpayer dollars. Funny thing about Communists, Marxists and Socialists: they all believe in radical change/overthrow of governments to mold society to fit their Utopian ideology. That means ignoring our constitution or eventually abolishing it all together eventually. President Obama wants another half a billion tax payer dollars to supposedly create jobs. The CPUSA wants you to know that they support his plan.

“Two weeks ago President Obama introduced the American Jobs Act to a joint session of Congress. It is sure to meet stiff resistance from the Republicans in Congress. A massive outcry of millions of American people insisting on the Act’s passage is necessary.” (emphasis mine)

In that last statement we see the communist Party USA parroting the exact same thing Barack Obama has been telling people across the nation in dozens of speeches. Coincidence? Not hardly. CPUSA takes it one step further in mentioning other Obama political-operative groups, such as the AFL-CIO and moveon.org:

“America Wants to Work (AFL-CIO) in alliance with many community and activist organizations including Moveon.org are organizing a week of actions Oct. 10-16 demanding jobs. Thousands of grassroots actions, marches, vigils, delegations and speak-outs are being planned in cities and neighborhoods across the country.”

Isn’t there already a group of wanna-be Socialists posing as a grassroots movement, protesting against capitalism and Wall Street bankers? Oh yes that would be the astro-turfing Occupy Wall Street protesters we see today. Further proof of the indoctrination of our youth by Union ( Socialist Workers party) teacherscanalso be found in this announcement at CPUSA: “A national National Teach-in called Students and Youth Rising for Jobs and Economic Justice will take place Oct. 12.” Isn’t that a hell of a coincidence there?

Communist Party USA —>  Occupy Wall Street —-> AFL-CIO —> Barack Obama’s very own moveon.org, all working together for the common cause of getting out and organizing for the passage of Obama’s jobs bill while protesting evil capitalism !   What a lovely team.   2012 just can’t get here soon enough! 


Special update just for the annonynous pest trying to propagandize our comment section here at CDN:  Since DAY1  in New York look who has been behind the OWS protests! Thank you Andrew Breitbart.   Meet the career anarchist posing as a New-Yorker who is actually from Texas.



My Kind of Indoctrination – Happy Independence Day

Patio on Independence Day

Old Glory is being blown by a gentle breeze, the smell of brisket, burgers and sausage waft through the air. It’s fourth of July and it’s a big deal in the Mitchell family.

It isn’t all about the stars and stripes banners hanging on the patio. It isn’t even the food. It’s sharing the greatest day in American history with some of the greatest Americans I know.

Since I can remember, Independence day has been an unannounced, no-invitations sent nor needed, family reunion. Four generations share stories and just catch up.

Conversation on politics and world events inevitably ensue and even in a closely-related set of Conservatives have differing ideas on how to solve the myriad of problems facing America.

Discussions of the Constitution and elections are intermingled with accounts of recent fishing, hunting, hiking and camping trips. Obviously, we are accidentally doing exactly what a Harvard Study said we do – we are indoctrinating our children and each other as American patriots.

The indoctrination is subtle, but it’s there. We are teaching our kids to disagree with their government when it gets too big, does too much, or limits liberties. We are teaching them that debate about our government is healthy and can be had and should be had. We are teaching our children that they are a part of the political system.

When we question the validity of the electoral college system, one-man one-vote, NATO and the U.N. we aren’t telling each other or our kids what to think. We often disagree on the problem or solution on many things. Instead, we are reminding everyone in attendance that they must be actively learning about and participating in the future of our Republic

That is my kind of indoctrination. My kind of Independence Day.

“Indoctrination” is Such an Ugly Word

I recently read a Time Magazine article on youth indoctrination involving privately held utility companies and their involvement in teaching the importance of private ownership in public school via propaganda and donations. Accusations of youth indoctrination have been around since the dawn of time, but have you ever really looked up the definition? In definition, indoctrination differs from education in that those being supplied with information via indoctrination are not to question that information. Education, on the other hand, is supposed to encourage thought and even discourse. But, “indoctrination” is such an ugly word! There is another.  Perhaps you have heard it. Maybe in your children’s school as they are parting out classes. That word, the one so much more accepted, is “socialization”.

At some point, education moved from an imparting of history, practical knowledge, mathmatics, and scientific fact and theory and the concept of self thought to a culture of socializing information to shape the community view of children. A role that was previously held by family, neighbors, churches and real life experiences. Now, you can expect that your child will be offered, from the very beginning of their formal education,  nearly endless opportunities to “improve their school” and “help their community” in ways that do not offer individual growth or viewable results, but by participating in some form of “peace” ritual to solve school yard disputes and in fundraising to “help the poor”.

Parents who argue for this type of socialization in schools often do so because they are too busy to take on the job themselves. Imparting problem solving skills, confidence, compromise, and a love for community were all once the heart of family life and establishing a place in the community. It is easy to argue that some of the role of parenting needed to be handed off to school since economy often “requires” the absence of both parents to the workplace, but it would be a justification for relinquishing the most basic of parental obligations. The “socialization” of information via the public education system has created a much bigger monster than anyone could have ever imagined : the complete dependence of entire generations on each other, on the common good, and the lack of  individual voice in the face of wrongs done in the same of the very same “common good”. In other words, a lack of individual importance, ability and individual priorities and a sense of guilt to any child who thinks in terms of self or personal achievement.

Imagine, if you have a moment, the six year old who comes home with a brochure touting her school’s commitment to helping the poor. Imagine her gathering her pennies from her piggy bank and asking her parents for all that they can spare. Imagine that little girl, who has spent an hour in assembly listening to her educators tell her of her importance in helping these destitute masses who have not enough food, or clothing, and most certainly no toys and her innocent drive to donate the MOST pennies! And then, imagine her guilt when her parents must tell her that she must not donate her pennies and that there are none to spare from her parents because it went to her own family’s food, or home, or education fund for her future. Imagine her shame when she returns to school with no pennies, when the teacher proudly calls each student to turn in their donations and she has none. Now that you can see this eager child crushed and ashamed, imagine it happening every month, every week. Imagine each fundraiser she cannot participate in because there is no money at home, or because the money that is there has gone to other family priorities. Imagine the ice cream parties she misses and the class movies that do not happen because she did not help her class raise the most money or bring in the most canned goods. Imagine, at six, that she carries the weight of the poor, the disappointment of a classroom, and the feeling of not being able to help ANYONE, when so many need her.. already.. at the age of six.

By the way, the Time article I mentioned, was from 1928. The only thing that has changed is the word, because “indoctrination” is such an ugly one. “Socialization” sounds so much more… important and helpful to all.