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Impeachment or Nullification?

Mr. Brown,

I read your item of October 4, 2011, calling for the impeachment of Barak Obama for a variety of either criminal or unethical conduct. I agree that the case you lay out calls for not only the immediate removal, but the prosecution of the whole lot of them on many charges in many categories. I just disagree with your approach. I believe it is doomed to failure. I admire your patriotism and your passion but believe it to be misdirected. I don’t want you to take this letter as criticism because it is absolutely not written as criticism. My intent is to make this country a better and safer place to live. I would like to see your talents and passion be put to work in what I believe to be a better opportunity for success in our common goal.

In the first place, the Democrats will tie up any impeachment proceedings until after the next election at least. Democrats will fight as dirty as necessary and racism will be the word of the day. I don’t believe John Boehner or Mitch McConnell will allow it to even get started. Then if/when it finally does get through the House, it dies a quick death in the Senate because McConnell certainly isn’t going to jump on your team. I agree Obama and his cartel of evil need to be removed but there is a better way to accomplish this task. Much mirth has been made about the question the “birthers” keep harping on. The truly funny, or maybe ironic, thing is that the birth certificate issue is quietly working its way through the courts and we are winning. Orly Taitz has long been a proponent of the nullification of the Obama regime through the Constitution, The Federalist Papers, The Naturalization Act of 1790, and an 1875 Supreme Court decision, Minor vs. Heppersett (88 US 162) that upheld the eligibility provision.

The problem in the past few years has been that courts threw out the cases on the grounds that the filer had no personal vested interest in the issue, that they would not be directly harmed in any way by the issue so they could not bring legal action forward. Then a unique man steps forward. John Dummett is not interested in playing political games and mincing words about what he says. No more “definition of what is is” claptrap from the Oval Office. He is a candidate for the Republican nomination for President of the United States. He is recognized by the Federal Election Commission, and on the ballots in all 50 states.

He is also ignored by the main stream media, including the co-called “conservative” media. John is willing to take on the true issue here, the eligibility of Barak Obama to be president. The birth certificate Obama released is a very poor fake. I can see it and I am not a computer forensics expert. Not one of the Republican Party political machine candidates will touch the issue. No one in the Republican Party will speak up and tell the truth because they are afraid of the attacks. John Dummett is a patriot not a politician. John Dummett, Orly Taitz and a few others have stepped up big time to put a stop to the most evil people to ever control our nation. I hope that you will use your forum to help this issue, and help those fighting this battle.

I am not being critical of your efforts, I applaud them. I believe you are doing your best for your nation but I also look at the practicality of the matter. If Obama is impeached and removed from office, in the next 13 months, then you will have succeeded to a point. If Obama is impeached he could be removed from office. If that succeeds what do you have? Obama gone and all of his orders, rules, everything he has signed remains on the books, left to be fought over again in order to rescind them.

On the other hand, John Dummett and Orly Taitz , on the behalf of We the People, have much more to win. John has been given “in dicta” standing as a person that could be harmed by the Obama candidacy for president. If he has to run against an incumbent who has an estimated $1 billion for re-election and the free flow of taxpayer money to facilitate his expenses, and who is not eligible to run in the first place, John will be directly harmed. That is the layman’s explanation of “in dicta”. John has been given the legal standing to bring suit in federal court against Obama. No one has ever been able to do this before. The biggest difference in impeachment vs. nullification is that nullification nullifies everything Obama did during his term. It nullifies Executive Orders, czar appointments, Obamacare, everything. All laws, bills, regulations, etc. put in by the Obama administration are voided by nullification but left in place by impeachment.

This court battle will also prove that every sitting member of Congress has violated their oath of office in their lack of vetting of Obama and   in doing nothing about this issue in the 111th and 112th Congresses as they have been aware of this Constitutional Crisis from the beginning. There are even ramifications with SCOTUS in their collusion to withhold from the people “redress of grievances” in this matter. The outcome of this court battle will have repercussions that will resound through DC. Impeachment will do nothing to curb the corruption within DC. John is serious about the matter. He is also serious about his run for the nomination of the Republican Party for President. Our nation needs patriots in Washington D. C.

We have had 100 years of Ivy League lawyer career politicians running things and they have made a mess of everything. As long as we rely on people like Romney, Perry, Gingrich, et al to counter people like Obama we will get the same results we have with Obama, though to a lesser degree of “in your face” attitudes. We the People are looking for something else. We are looking for honesty, integrity, and someone willing to stand on the Constitution not just give it lip service. Nullification based on Obama’s birth certificate is the only way to completely erase the Obama abuse of the Constitution and our laws. It won’t bring the economy and stolen money back but it will erase the edicts and abuse that impeachment won’t erase.

I am including the website for the court case and John’s candidate site. I hope you will check out both sites and get to know John. He is worth your time. Even if you won’t support him will you give him the same coverage you give others? Will you at least introduce WE the People to John? Will you help them raise money to keep this legal action going? They have attorneys who are working for free but they need court costs and other expenses covered. I hope you will see my point and throw your weight into the nullification process also. You can be a great asset to your nation. You have a widespread and influential forum. You can bring this into the sunlight and force others to acknowledge the issue. You can do with the “birther” issue what Andrew Breitbart did with the ACORN issue. You can be on the cutting edge of a real and positive change in America. I truly believe this is the only course to turn this evil back. Your help would be appreciated very much by John, Orly, and the others.

But bigger than that is the gratitude of We the People. The every day commoner like me needs people like you to fight our public battles for us. My voice is through people like you who are willing to help give the voice of the common man a public forum and stand for God, the Constitution, and We the People. I am also forwarding an e-mail statement from John under separate cover.

Please take a few minutes to check out these sites: www.recruityou.info Hold control key while click to open. www.johndummett.us

I submit this in the name of the Most Holy Trinity, in faith, with the responsibility given to me by Almighty God to honor His work and not let it die from neglect.

In God We Trust,

Bob Russell

Claremore, Oklahoma

October 4, 2011


Floyd Brown was trained as an economist and writes on investing and politics for the San Francisco Chronicle, The Washington Times, InvestmentU.com, Townhall, and Human Events, among other publications. He began his political interest as a student volunteer for Ronald Reagan and has served in many Republican campaigns since then, including Bush, Forbes, and Dole. He was the Executive Director of the Young America’s Foundation from 2001-2006. He is the current President of The Western Center for Journalism, training “citizen journalists” in the use of internet tools and online video creation.


I have just composed an email message and submitted it to House Leader Cantor via http://cantor.house.gov/contact demanding he initiate impeachment proceedings against Attorney General Holder for the charges, as per our Constitution, of  “high crimes and misdemeanors”.

This is the text of that contact:

There is MORE THAN enough evidence to hold the Asst AG Breuer directly knowledgeable for Operation Fast and Furious as per Mr. Issa’s committee evidence. As the ASST AG is directly acting under the authority of the AG a direct link is not needed to meet the fair standard of the Senate for conviction of an “overwhelming preponderance of the evidence”.(1) Even I, a concerned citizen and semi-retired self-employed house painter with but a high school education know that. Please consult with Speaker Boehner and assume your constitutional obligation to offer up a Bill of Impeachment.

We MUST place our foot FIRMLY on Obama’s neck to force change. He respects neither OUR Constitution nor compromise or diplomacy and is intent on bringing down this constitutional republic BY ANY MEANS POSSIBLE, which should be OBVIOUS by his pattern of behavior to anyone with their eyes wide open.

WHY is the leadership AFRAID to make that case DIRECTLY to the American public. Be statesmen, not politicians.

Operation Fast and Furious has been already laid at the doorstep of the Assistant Attorney General Breuer. There is a memo dated March 10th, 2010(1) from Assistant Attorney General Lanny Breuer authorizing a wiretap application and revealing his participation in and knowledge of Operation Fast and Furious. There is another message intercept confirming a second memo dated March 10th, 2011(2), that further issues directives on this same mission.

The AsstAG and the AG can in no way claim they didn’t know the details of Operation Fast and Furious. As may be noted with both sources that are in the possession of the appropriate House Committee so all the facts are in place to initiate a Bill of Impeachment.


Whenever the Assistant Attorney General exercises a “delegated” power” he is acting under the direct “delegated” authority of the Attorney General himself and BOTH are liable for the responsibility of such actions. The President is also responsible, but first things first. Getting Holder on the hot seat of Impeachment may reveal presidential complicity and this is of momentous import. I would remind that the standard for conviction by Impeachment is unstated in law and generally, as political precedent, been left to the invidual senator’s judgement. As a matter of practicality the idea of a standard of something less than the “beyond a reasonable doubt” standard has come into general acceptance and it is an “overwhelming preponderance of the evidence”(3).




In this case retribution may be defined and likened to justice being served to We the People as a requital for those who acted against the public trust and best interest. Enter one Elena Kagan, last justice appointed to the Court of Nine to be the final adjudicant on the validity of law made by Congress. It is a proven fact that while acting in the position of Solicitor General, an Executive Branch position,  for Great Leader that Ms. Kagan did act in a manner that would be considered as lobbying for ObamaCare in her capacity in that position of great influence. This story was covered here:

(CNSNews.com) – The House Judiciary Committee is launching an inquiry to probe the involvement that Supreme Court Justice Elena Kagan had in “health care legislation or litigation” when she was serving as President Barack Obama’s solicitor general and was responsible for defending the administration’s position in federal court cases.

The inquiry will look at whether Kagan is required by law to recuse herself from judging cases challenging President Obama’s health-care law and whether her answers to questions posed by the Senate Judiciary Committee during her confirmation process were accurate.

and continues> http://www.cnsnews.com/news/article/judiciary-committee-launches-probe-kagan 

Here fact ends and my opinion begins for it’s my position in belief that Great Leader’s appointment of her was with great intent as she could be the deciding vote in validating ObamaCare against any high court challenge that was certain to come and very likely prior to NOvember 2012. Seizing government control of the US health care delivery system is endemic to the progressive agenda and socialist influences. It was the first strategy in the socialism one-two punch offense. The second was Cap and Trade, which failed, but is still being pursued via piecemeal legislation and Executive Branch agency directive and regulation issuances.

In politics there is only strategy, not coincidence. It’s the dirtiest game around and played for all the marbles all the time. In that prior position Kagan is likely the most conversant person sitting on that court in the minutia of hidden and vague detail in that law. This puts her in a position of being able to handle herself very well in deliberation with other justices and to subliminally, if not directly, influence their thinking. We all know how much text is involved and even for the law clerks of the high court justices translating them to lucid familiarity and relationship to all prior precedents in law is a withering task. It’s likely another reason why this law was drafted in the lengthy and confusing, constant intra-referential construction manner that it was. Anticipation of a future challenge. In and of itself, that manner is suggestive of the commitment of outside influences aligned well prior to Obama’s election having anticipated his election. There is no way, if you’ve had the great displeasure of trying to read the original bill as I have, that such could have been assembled in the time between his election and it’s submission as legislation. Most people fail to think back and grasp that perception. To make that case I went to my files and dug out this titled article include at the source noted(1) and under the title:

The HC Monstrosity-All 1,018 Pages

(1) http://endgamenow.com/nationalized-healthcare/obamacare-monstrosity-analyzed-all-1018-pages-of-hr-3200/ 

If you read and verify this analysis of the original intent of this bill the end goal of malicious intent becomes very obvious.

I intend to follow-up on this inquiry and we all should keep a little file set aside with our representatives’ email contacts and advise them to keep the pressure on to pursue this to a conclusion and not allow the inquiry to die in committee neglect. Forcing her recusal would be a significant victory not to be underestimated as to end effect in adjudicating ObamaCare.

If you agree please consider passing the link to this topic to your mailing lists. It’s how we activate the influence of the ‘net!

The Seduction

What is wrong with this picture?

White House spin: Jay Carney said earlier in the week that the outing was “meant to be an opportunity for the speaker and the president, as well as the vice president and Ohio governor, to have a conversation, to socialize in a way that so rarely happens in Washington.”(1) BULLSH*T!

Clue: It occurred on the eve of the Obama administration having violated The War Powers Act(2). The War Powers Act of 1973 requires either a President to seek the authorization of Congress or for there to be “a national emergency created by attack upon the United States, its territories or possessions, or its armed forces” for a President to use armed forces in foreign lands. The intention of the law was to create a check, by codified law, on the power of any US President to use armed forces without the consent of Congress.

That law merely endorses what our Constitution already says in Article I, Section 8, which speaks to enumerated powers of the Legislative Branch, wherein the general power…”To declare War,…” is noted. The War Powers Act merely codifies to law stringent limitations upon the Executive Branch, so a President does not have the right to commit forces to a military venture in foreign lands for an open-ended period of time without congressional approval.

Obama has done just what he and his demonRATic brethren accused his predecessor of having done. He ignored those limitations imposed by law and knowing he’ll come under fire for such has reached out to Boehner to seduce the leader of the one congressional house NOT willing to do his bidding and for which his party doesn’t have control. This is what may be called The Arrogance of Power and precisely why the founders set up OUR Constitution with a Separation of Powers and Checks and Balances provisions built in. They understood the wisdom of the adage that “Power corrupts, absolute power corrupts absolutely”. All presidents have that tendency to want to dominate and accrue great power to themselves. Nixon vetoed that original bill. That bill (actually a resolution) is in fact now a law. A violation of law most certainly, by precedent, rises to the level of “high crimes and misdemeanors” as an impeachable offense under our Constitution(3).

When a sitting President, who just happens to be in violation of The Rule of Law, gets his Vice-President and sets up a golf outing with two of the most influential members of his opposition party away from the influences of others of their party it isn’t intended to be a political epiphany of the joyous embracing of non-partisanship to get the budgetary stalemate broken. Unless, of course, your view of American political history is a reflection of Alice’s Wonderland.

I have this date sent off a message to House Majority Leader Boehner to make the obvious point about his recent golfing date and DEMANDED he fulfill his legal and constitutional responsibilities and NOT assume the position of butt-boy enabler for this President.

(1) http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/43443532/ns/politics-white_house/
(2) Public Law 93-148> http://avalon.law.yale.edu/20th_century/warpower.asp
(2) http://caselaw.lp.findlaw.com/data/constitution/article02/18.html

My Favorite Democrat is a True American Patriot

Pictured at left is Representative Dennis Kucinich. ( D-OH ) Mr. Kucinich was born on Oct. 8th, 1946, and has been serving in Congress since 1997.  He was a candidate seeking the Democratic nomination for President of the United States  in both 2004 and 2008. While this independant writer is staunchly opposed to today’s dangerous nanny-state Liberal agenda and Mr. Kucinich’s seemingly far left leaning ideology, I can not deny his recent support of our Constitutional laws and support for our Founding Father’s basis for building our Republic in his recent speech. Keep in mind that his recent bombardment and harsh criticism of President Obama’s illegal war in Libya could also be a ploy that points to Kucinich plotting for another run at the Democratic nomination for the Presidential election in 2012. He has also ran twice already, and maybe he thinks the third time will be the charm, especially seeing as to how far Obama’s approval ratings have fallen today.

Every once in a blue moon some real truth comes out of a politician’s mouth, and regardless of the motive, it still it bears paying attention to today. While media propagandists and career political hacks alike try to deny the illegality of Obama’s engagement in war with Libya today, Mr. Kucinich lays out the facts about the Libyan civil war Obama has engaged the U.S. military in, and also makes a very well-defined case for what I would call a demand for impeachment hearings  immediately. Take the time to watch this entire speech on the House floor, and you will see some stark contradictions to the falsehoods being promoted in today’s media about the now-termed Kinetic Military Action in Libya.

Not lost in my approval for Mr. Kucinich’s stand against Obama’s war in Libya, is the fact that he is an anti-war zealot, no matter what the situation is, or how America’s National security is threatened. War is hell, yes, but is is also necessary, as history has proven.  Mr. Kucinich also is a career politician, who has been on the taxpayer dole since the tender age of 21. Maybe actually working for a living would have given this man a little more respect for the capitalism that has afforded Americans their freedoms and prosperity for centuries. Taking all of that into account, one can not deny the facts about the illegal Libyan war that Mr. Kucinich shines some sunlight on in his recent floor speech.  Motives aside, Mr. Kucinich lays out all the facts brilliantly here, about how the U.S. Constitution makes it illegal for the President to wage war on another country that hasn’t attackes us, or poses an imminent danger to our security.  He also shes some light on the facts that before this war even started, it appears that the Obama administration and his appointees had been planning this action ahead of time,and without informing the American people.

I call Mr. Kucinich a true Patriot for defending the Constitution and rule of law in America today. He obviously has a brilliant mind that shows he is capable of understanding the complete picture of the illegal U.S. involvement in the Libyan war of today. It is such a waste that he missed out on understanding our Capitalistic system, and the values of hard work to get what a person wants today early on in his life through actually having to work for a living, instead of  spending over 4 decades sucking on the taxpayers wallets. Had he done that, he might be known today as a true old-fashioned Democratic champion for the working man, instead of the Socialistic Liberal wealth redistributor that he has become.

It is very easy to give other people’s money away to make yourself look like a hero, especially when you have spent your whole life as nothing more than a big-spending, tax dollar sucking politician. Mr. Kucinich has certainly come out with a dandy of a seemingly totally Patriotic speech here, yet is the fact that he is basically an anti-American, anti-capitalism Liberal the other 99% of the time that says he will never get my vote for anything, let alone for President of  The United States of America.

Lies about Libya: The Arab Emirates are behind this war 100%

Go to fullsize image We have all seen the conflicting reports about what is happening in Libya today, and just what is the end goal ? If we try ask the supposed Commander in Chief of the U.S. Military, one Barack Hussein Obama to define this situation, we get silence and/or flat out refusal to offer any plausible explanation. Make no mistake here, we have bombed another country and that is an act of war, no matter how Obama’s PR club may try to spin it. Media spin is one thing, flat out lies are another. This is a war on another country, whether we like who is their President or not. Congress was consulted both before the Iraq and Afghanistan wars, yet they were  not even consulted before the Libyan war, let alone a vote to fund it was not held.  Obama thinks that he can just refuse to call it a war and that makes it a legal action. He  is wrong, 100%.

We were all told in the beginning, that the UAE, or United Arab Emirates were all in with this supposed U.N. plan to bomb Libya. Yet once the bombing started, we saw reports of disgust about the killing of Libyan civilians coming out of the UAE. Keep in mind that the U.S.A. is a long way from Libya, yet the Arab countries are right in Libya’s backyard, yet we saw exactly zero Arab planes involved in applying the no-fly zone right from the start. This mission was supposed to be just to knock out Ghaddafi’s anti-arircraft weapons so that a no-fly zone could be enforced, and then let the Libyans fight their own battle.  Add in the fact that it would serve the Arab countries best interests to ensure that Libya becomes a stable country, and the fact that the UAE has been missing in action up until now is quite troubling. Low and behold, now that the heavy work has been done and the no-fly zone has grounded  Ghadaffi’s air force, we see more media spin, including some directly from the Whitehouse about how the UAE are totally on board now, and will supply some warplanes. From FoxNews.com, we see the following statements today:

”  When enforcement of the no-fly zone first began, the U.A.E. hesitated to join military efforts, instead focusing on its commitment to support a humanitarian campaign.”

”  It’s been widely reported that the pledges of participation from Arab countries was a crucial factor in the Obama administration’s decision to participate in military action over Libya. “

Now that the bombing is finished and Ghadaffi’s air force has been grounded which leaves other’s responsible for the civilian deaths from said bombings, the UAE will start to help. The problem here is that Obama and the U.N. said that the UAE participation was crucial to their decision to get involved in the first place. It now becomes painfully obvious that the UAE was not fully informed about the necessary bombings in the first place here.  From that same FoxNews article we see more evidence of deceit and/or lies to cover up the true reason in the U.N original no-fly zone parameters set forth in the original resolution authorising this war:

” U.A.E. support is especially helpful after the no-fly zone was criticized by General Amr Mussa from the Arab League. He said the coalition’s actions exceeded the bounds set by the U.N. no-fly zone resolution. (emphasis mine)

So the General from the Arab League says they are exceeding the boundaries of the original U. N. resolution that authorised the no-fly zone enforcement. This is just one small example of how the true reason for the war action in Libya is being keep in secrecy. Many members of the U.S. Congress are demanding that Obama define this war and it’s end goals to no avail. The State department recently states that it is in serious discussions with the rebel party in Libya. Just what are you discussing and with whom?  What “Rebel leaders” are you talking about there ?

The Obama club bragged about honesty and transparency during the 2008 election campaign.  We sure as hell aren’t seeing any transparency in the reasons for the Libya war action that the taxpayers are being made to foot the bill for once again.  Hope and Change? What?

Hoping that you can change America into  another third world ghetto nation like your reported homeland roots, Africa? After all, the Obama race-based supporters call it historic to elect the first African-American President. Note that “African”comes first there ? This is an illegal military action directly forbidden in our U.S. Constitution, no matter what Obama tries to call it. Start the impeachment hearings today.

Cost of Defense (Trillions) Source: http://bit.ly/adk44x
FY1998 .256
FY1999 .261
FY2000 .281
FY2001 .291
FY2002 .332
FY2003 .389
FY2004 .437
FY2005 .474
FY2006 .499
FY2007 .529
FY2008 .595
FY2009 .637
FY2010 .677
FY2011 .708

While Obama and his Democrat-sheep like to say we need to cut defense spending, that lie is debunked right there. They had total control of Congress for 4 straight years, and look at that defense spending!