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DHS Takes Action Against.. Exploding Turkeys

DHS Chief Janet Napolitano wants America to know they are on the job keeping everyone safe this holiday season. Watch the following video on how the geniuses at the Department of Homeland Security are going out of their way to protect (by spending taxpayer dollars on ridiculous common sense issues) people who apparently are too lazy to read the directions on every turkey fryer sold in America today.

Let’s try to figure out how these people set up this “demonstration on an exploding turkey” shall we?

1 – Make sure you have the fryer over 3/4 full of hot oil so it spills over the edge and catches fire. Check.

2 – Make sure the turkey is completely frozen beforehand, as we all have had the experience of seeing what happens when frozen foods meet hot oil, such as french fries, chicken wings, fish etc. Ka-Whoosh! Big fire!

3 – Let’s make sure we have a fireman in a fire-suit covered from head to toe, with an oxygen mask, boots, gloves, the whole nine yards to show the public how responsible our government is in protecting their actor’s well-being. This also makes for very dramatic theater to get the dummies attention, because they must be dummies refusing to read the instructions and tossing frozen turkeys into a 375 degree fryer loaded with hot oil.

4 – This excellent usage of taxpayer dollars will allow Napolitano and company at the DHS to demand a few billion more tax dollars for next year’s big government expansion of turkey fryer police and federal regulators protecting America from exploding turkeys,and dummies houses being burned down by ignorant morons too stupid or lazy to read the instructions that come with every turkey fryer sold in the U.S.A.

Has America become such a dumbed-down nanny-state that we now need Janet Napolitano and the Department of Homeland Security teaching us how to deep fry a turkey on Thanksgiving? Maybe this all came about because they do not have enough work to do today, seeing as to how they just declared that ICE and Border agents will no longer be permitted to search for and detain for deportation, illegal immigrants in America, therefore freeing them up to make commercials about the dangers of exploding turkeys? This is what you get when a government goes wild, asking for 250,000 more employees, and then makes up rules that prevents them from doing the jobs they were hired to do in the first place! Here is a hat tip for Ms. Napolitano, free of charge: Either do your job and detain and deport illegal immigrants who are breaking the law when entering America, or get out of our government! Clear enough?

2012 just can’t get here fast enough!

Another Documented, Disgusting Failure by DHS to Protest U.S. Citizens

Meet Francisco Guillermo Morales Esquer, 36, who was arrested in Arizona on Oct. 13th, ( less than 3 weeks ago) in one of three major busts that state and federal officials credited with dismantling a far-reaching drug smuggling ring, which is believed to be tied to the Sinaloa drug cartel – one of Mexico’s ( and now, thanks to the DHS, America’s) most powerful criminal gangster-groups. (AP/Pinal County Sheriffs dept photo)

On Monday, officials held a news conference announcing the supposed breakup of a Mexican drug cartel smuggling ring in Phoenix, Az. in which they proudly displayed hundreds of pounds of drugs and numerous guns they had seized during the Oct 13th bust. A mere five hours later, law enforcement officials clocked a car going 50 mph in a 15 mph school zone about 50 miles south of Phoenix, and a high-speed chase ensued when the car’s driver refused to pull over at the request of police. After reaching speeds of over 100 mph, and an attempt by the driver to run over a police officer trying to lay down stop sticks to end the chase, the driver crashed the car and jumped into a canal, where they captured him. The driver of the car was none other than the above-mentioned Mr. Morales, whom was arrested in the major drug smuggling bust just two weeks prior. How Mr. Morales ended up back on the streets of America just two weeks after being arrested in a major drug cartel bust is a very real example of the DHS’ failure to do their job and protect the citizens of America.

Mr. Morales had been arrested in a home tied to the drug cartel in the Oct. 13th bust in which numerous guns were found, yet prosecutors somehow claim they didn’t have enough evidence to convict him at the time, so they released him to the border patrol. It is the responsibility of ICE and DHS to prosecute him for felony reentry into the U.S. as Mr. Morales had already been deported at least once before. DHS then refused to prosecute him and turned him loose, where he was caught again in the high-speed police pursuit where Mr. Morales also tried to kill a police officer by running him over.

Released by DHS, illegal immigrant caught in U.S. with carload of drugs two weeks later.


The Department of Homeland Security‘s refusal to prosecute Morales for felony illegal reentry into the U.S put police officer’s and citizen’s lives in danger by letting him back on the streets. And this ludicrous example of the DHS’ criminality in refusing to enforce our laws does not end there. Just two weeks after DHS let this criminal back on the streets, he is caught running from the police… in a car loaded with 80 pounds of heroin and another 8 pounds of methamphetamine! The number of lives that would be ruined by the amount of drugs that DHS allowed [Mr. Morales] back onto the streets to peddle represents a very serious problem, if not an outright act of treason against American citizens.

One of the officers on the front line of this battle, Pinal County, Az, Sheriff Paul Babeu held a news conference in which he explained just what is going on down there. “Here we strike a body blow on the Sinaloa cartel, (and) they’re still operating in a robust fashion,” he said. “They can regenerate immediately.” He went on to add that there are no consequences for their illegal criminal actions. Thanks to DHS, people like Morales just keep on being released to further endanger American’s lives and well-being through their refusal to prosecute these criminals, as evidenced by this latest episode of the Obama administration’s appointed DHS chief, Janet Napolitano’s failure and refusal to uphold and enforce the law.Meanwhile, Napolitano continues to deny law enforcement officials the ability to identify and arrest illegal immigrants across America, as evidenced in the DHS/ DOJ/Obama mandated lawsuits against Arizona, Alabama and now South Carolina‘s state laws designed to protect their citizens from the likes of career criminals and illegal immigrant/invader Mr. Morales and the Sinaloa drug cartel.

While DHS, ICE and assorted law enforcement officials were quick to hold major press conferences to announce the recent arrest of 76 suspected dope smugglers, the seizure of 61,000 pounds of pot, 160 pounds of heroin, 210 pounds of cocaine, $760,000 dollars in cash and 108 weapons including assault rifles and shotguns in the dismantling of this drug ring that brought some $33 million worth of drugs a month into the western desert states for nationwide distribution, we also see that they let many of these criminals go free to regenerate the drug smuggling operation in a short two weeks. This is what happens in a country where the President is seen to be acting like a Socialistic dictator in bypassing Congress to enact laws by executive fiat, as Obama has done concerning illegal immigration laws recently. This problem is being magnified tenfold by the politically correct cowards of the U.S. Congress, whom refuse to use their duly enacted powers to bring the president to heel according to Constitutional law. How many American’s lives and families have to be destroyed by these Mexican drug cartels and the thousands of pounds of drugs they are distributing throughout America, before our elected officials will take a stand and demand that those breaking the law through the executive fiat-mandated DHS policies be thrown out of our government and brought up on charges?

Will the Obama-appointed DHS Chief, Janet Napolitano call a national press conference to announce how her new department rules mandated that ICE officials let Mr. Morales back on the streets to continue his drug-running operation in the U.S.? Don’t hold your breath. All we hear out of the DHS nowadays, is how our Southern border is more secure today than ever before.  What a joke.
2012 just can’t get here fast enough!

Dept. of Homeland Security Sec Admits Not Enforcing Immigration Laws

While I’m not quite sure what the heck “technically unlawfully” means, I am sure that failing to enforce the immigration laws is a dereliction of duty. Sessions reads a letter from border officers where they site her failure and their “vote of no confidence” in Janet Napolitano’s ability to enforce the nation’s laws.

This administration created a crisis by not allowing the enforcement of border laws. Then admits they can’t deport all the ones getting through. Somehow – it’s not their fault?

ICE Arrests 300 Fugitive Illegal Aliens in South Florida

 U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement officials Monday announced the arrests of 330 fugitive illegal aliens in one of the largest customs enforcement operations ever undertaken in South Florida. The arrests were made over a two-week period and involved Palm Beach, Miami-Dade and Broward counties. In an apparent slap at President Obama’s recent executive- amnesty orders that he is trying to implement once again by executive fiat, while completely ignoring the fact that Congress voted down his Dream Act, Michael Rozos, the Director of ICE’s Florida field office stated: "Our message is clear: The days when illegal aliens in this nation willfully ignore immigration judges’ orders are over."  How refreshing it is to hear that a government agent is demanding that the rule of law in America be obeyed 24/7/365 !  Thank you Mr. Rozos.  Warren Buffet received the "Medal of Freedom" for basically being nothing more than a political operative in support of Obama, so what say we give Mr. Rozos 10 Freedom Medals for keeping Floridians free from these illegal criminals and their effects on our economy and state programs before we end up 20 billion dollars in the red like the proud Illegal Sanctuary State of California:


Officials said the arrests are just a small portion of the nation’s backlog of immigration violators: about 597,000 total fugitives. The numbers are so large that South Florida’s enforcement teams are set to increase from five to seven later on this month.  When DHS Secretary Janet napolitani says that our southern border is more secure than ever before in history based on the number of phony deportations,she is proven not only to be a mathematically-challenged propagandist but also proven to be a danger to this country. When JNP, (for Janet Napolitano the Propagandist) all you have to do to understand her manipulation is to watch the show  Border Wars on the Nat-Geo channel.

 In that show we see illegals caught trying to sneak into the country, actual convicted felons and drug smugglers, along with human traffickers that are caught near our border simply turned loose back to Mexico in a little known gimmick as "Voluntary Return." JNP then counts these voluntary returns as "deportations" to inflate the DHS statistics. When she claims that deportations are up by a whopping percentage, that is largely due to the fact that before her appointment as the  DHS  Dream-Act- Queen- by Barack Obama, they did NOT count people stopped at the border as being deported. A person caught while illegally entering the United States is not in fact "deported, but she knows this, yet uses it anyway to skew the deportation statistics. According to ICE/DHS statistics,  there are over 500,000 fugitive illegal aliens in America today who simply ignored the Immigration Judge’s deportation order and are running loose in America in violation of federal law. This is also a huge part of the DHS hidden Dream Act fraud being played upon America today. When honorable state ICE and other  law enforcement agencies arrest illegals they turn them over to the FEDS, who more times than not let them go simply if they promise to show up for an immigration hearing.  Which they promptly ignore, so then we have the added cost burdens of filing felony  fugitive warrants on them. Why in the hell not send them back to their host country immediately, as our original laws call for, instead of releasing them for years and then having to track them down?  This appears to be a simple case of ignorance and incompetence from within DHS, UNLESS someone wanted to overload the system in order to collapse it to effect the very same "transformative change,"  as it states in the Rules for Radicals Marxist operators manual written by Saul Alinsky, and stated much-favored reading material of Barack Obama while in college.

 There are currently estimated to be between 15 and 20 million illegal immigrants in America today. Considering that, contrary to the lies and propaganda spewed by the  irresponsible vote-beggars of Congress, these illegals are crushing State’s budgets, especially Medicaid funding.  Who do you think picks up the tab for the millions of illegal anchor babies born in this country  year, after year, after year, Santa Claus?  The Easter Rabbit? The Tooth Fairy? Lets get real here people . One simple example of Illegals costing taxpayers billions of dollars a year, thanks to the Congress critters who refuse to obey the law and deport them immediately upon discovery,  WIC, the program for AMERICAN  Women, Infants, and Children has now become MWIC, for Mexican Women Infants and Children,  and we see the proof every single time we go to the grocery store here in Florida!  There is basically only one requirement to get  WIC coupons from our taxpayer-funded WIC program: Applicants must live in the state in which they apply.  So much for the lies being told that illegals are just hard-working people who increase our revenues and are not a drain on our society there, isn’t it? 

Thank you again Mr. Rozos, and all the brave ICE agents of Florida for trying to enforce immigration laws in Florida and deport them as mandated in said laws. Eventually the DHS Dream Act puppets that are ignoring federal immigration laws and the Congressional refusal to enact The Dream Act, should and hopefully will be brought up on charges one day soon. Just like in the U. S. Military, when a government official orders a subordinate to break the law, said official can be brought up on criminal charges. What say you Congress?

              27-year veteran ICE Chief Anthony Mangione arrested on child porn charges in Broward County Florida.

In related Florida immigration news, we see that the Director of the Florida ICE office in Miami was arrested on child pronography charges last Tuesday according to local media reports. Fighting child pornography was one of the tasks that the Miami ICE office. Another case of the fox being put in charge of guarding the hen-house there. In something that appears to be some kind of cover-up, ICE Chief Anthony Mangione’s arrest was documented in Broward County public records, but specific charges were not listed immediately. The FBI has found child pornography on his home computer after it was confiscated back in April as part of a child porn investigation.Mangione has been with ICE for 27 years and was soon set to retire. Now it appears as if he will be "retiring" to prison for several years, if these charges are proven correct. Federal officials at the Justice Dept and U.S. Marshall’s offices are refusing to comment, pointing to this as still being an ongoing investigation with possible future arrests. If this man is proven guilty, it is good to see him taken off the streets of Florida and away from our children.



Illegals Bilked Taxpayers for $4.2B Last Year by Exploiting Tax Code

Illegally entering America while breaking Federal Immigration laws and dropping illegal anchor babies appears to be a lucrative business in America today. In an article from The New American, we see just how much this act of criminality is costing hard working, tax paying Americans today:

The Treasury reported in July that the Internal Revenue Service coughed up $4.2 billion in child tax credits for illegal aliens in 2010.

At a time when politicians are talking about the need for government to reign in spending and reduce yearly deficits by taxing Americans more and cutting sevices in government-funded programs for our citizens, it is nothing short of ludicrous that we are funding the current illegal criminal baby-makers and their off-spring through the manipulation of our tax code that is 100% approved by the U.S. Government! How can this be possible?

The question is how illegals get away with gaming the system. Answer: Because all wages, even those earned illegally, are taxed, but since illegals cannot get valid Social Security numbers, the government needs a way to track their income and collect what is due. It does so using individual taxpayer identification numbers (ITINs), which, again, are for those taxpayers who cannot obtain a Social Security card.

So, politicians themselves have written a loophole into our tax code that siphons off tax dollars to illegal criminals. If that doesn’t piss off Americans who are today being told to give up more of their paychecks during the current Obama-recession (through his phony American Jobs Act, which is just tax increases to pay off Union vote begging cronies and big government corruto-crats), I don’t know what will. If you just can’t believe that last statement? Here is the loophole:

These ITINs create the problem, and it’s a big one, according to the Treasury: The booty claimed by illegals using the ACTC has skyrocketed from $924 million in 2005 to $4.2 billion in 2010.

According to a Treasury report, “ITINs are issued regardless of immigration status, because both resident and nonresident aliens may have a U.S. filing or reporting requirement under the Internal Revenue Code.”

“ITINs( individual taxpayer ID numbers) are for Federal tax reporting only and are not intended to serve any other purpose. Even income obtained illegally is subject to income taxes. Therefore, the IRS issues ITINs to help individuals comply with the U.S. tax laws and to provide a means to process and account for tax returns and payments for those not eligible for SSNs. An ITIN does not authorize an individual to work in the United States or provide eligibility for Social Security benefits or the Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC); however, the IRS currently processes claims for the Additional Child Tax Credit (ACTC), a refundable tax credit, filed by taxpayers with ITINs.”

But it gets even nastier when we see that NON-TAXPAYING ILLEGALS are getting U.S. tax refunds and credits. What really makes this taxpayer abuse even more disgusting is that they have been aware of this fraud for over a decade, yet refuse to take any kind of action against it to protect the U.S taxpayers!

The Treasury reported that illegals are fraudulently using the Additional Child Tax Credit, which was created to give more money to taxpayers who cannot claim a full tax credit for children.

The credit can be claimed even if a filer does not pay income tax:

The ACTC is the refundable portion of the Child Tax Credit (CTC). The CTC can reduce an individual’s taxes owed by as much as $1,000 for each qualifying child. The ACTC is provided in addition to the CTC to individuals whose taxes owed were less than the amount of CTC they were entitled to claim. The ACTC is always the refundable portion of the CTC, which means an individual claiming the ACTC receives a refund even if no income tax was withheld or paid. As with all refundable credits, the risk of fraud for these types of claims is significant

The treasury report goes on to summarize how this appears to be a pattern of systemized fraud enabled by our very own government as a way for illegals to scam the taxpayer:

“The payment of Federal funds through this tax benefit appears to provide an additional incentive for aliens to enter, reside, and work in the United States without authorization, which contradicts Federal law and policy to remove such incentives. ITIN filers are much more likely to claim the ACTC than other individual taxpayers. We found that in Processing Year 2010, 72 percent of all ITIN filers claimed the ACTC, while only 14 percent of non-ITIN filers claimed the ACTC

Numerous politicians, including Barack Obama have been seen in the national media lately calling for reforming our tax codes, and to raise taxes on Americans to pay for their recent explosion of nasty, ludicrous big government debt-spending. How about cutting off illegal criminals from the taxpayers purse as seen right here, in this blatant example of big government taxpayer fraud against American citizens?

GOP Debate Moves From Ponzi Scheme To Vaccinations

Tonight was the CNN/Tea Party GOP Presidential Candidate Debate in Florida.

Let’s talk about the positives.

As a viewer at home, this format was one of the best so far. It was very helpful to have the topic being discussed and the question printed so clearly at the bottom of the screen.

While Wolf Blitzer was not nearly as condescending as the hosts in the previous debate (Brian Williams, specifically), he left a lot to be desired. But what else can we expect from a left-leaning network?

Now let’s move on to why we are really here. The actual debate.   Where, oh where, shall we begin?

We’ll start with the easy ones first.

Jon Huntsman. There’s really not much that can be added that hasn’t been said before. Jon Huntsman is delusional and should just accept the fact that he’s running on the wrong ticket.

Mitt Romney. He lost the nomination last time, so therefore, the GOP Establishment obviously feels like it’s “Mitt’s Turn” to be the nominee. Sorry, GOP Establishment, We The People have had enough of you caring more about who’s “turn” it is, rather than who the People want as their nominee! It’s no wonder why people have left the Republican Party in droves, and now identify themselves as Tea Party members, Independents, Conservatives, or some mixture of the the three.

Ron Paul was Ron Paul. There is no doubt what Ron Paul believes. You know who he is. He’s been exactly the same for the last 30 years. In debates, he’s also the same. He has a couple of moments where he shines brightly. In the very next second he crashed and burned. Tonight’s debate was the same as any other debate. Ron Paul shines brightly. He crashes and burns.

Moving on along.

Rick Santorum. As was the case in the last debate, you almost forget he’s a candidate until he’s asked a question. By the time the next question gets to him, you’ve forgotten him already.

Newt Gingrich had another good night. Last week was the now-infamous scolding of the MSNBC Debate moderators.  In tonight’s debate, the former Speaker of The House stood out yet again. Unfortunately, while he has some really great points, is very knowledgable in our history and has a lot of great ideas, his demeanor comes across as very cranky. Speaker Gingrich should most definitely be a member of the elected President’s cabinet.

Herman Cain. Mr. Cain is, in many ways, exactly what this country needs! He is not a politician, he is a business man. He’s never held a political position, but has been very successful in the business world. While there are many positives about Mr. Cain, there are also a some negatives that have started to show through, in the course of these debates. In tonight’s debate, he clarified his stance on the Federal Reserve a bit better than he has previously, but he still did not come across strong enough on this issue.

Michele Bachmann. Before she entered the race for the presidency she was someone to watch. However, she continues to slide further and further from relevancy in this race. While tonight she fared a bit better than the previous debate, it was by a very, very, very slim margin. She’s hanging her hat on the fact that she was the winner of the Iowa Straw Poll, yet fails to realize that poll is not a determining factor in the actual election.

That brings us to the last candidate.

Rick Perry. While last week’s debate was an all-out brawl against the Governor of Texas because he dares to call Social Security what it is- a Ponzi Scheme, this week’s debate became the Gardasil attack. Governor Perry made it very clear that he made a mistake with this piece of legislation.

In 2007, Governor Perry issued a very controversial executive order mandating that girls in Texas receive the HPV vaccine. There was an opt-out option for parents in the original executive order. Later that same year, after much opposition from the citizens of Texas, Governor Perry signed into law a bill that would undo his executive order.

9-14-11 Editing to add a correction to the original article: Governor Perry did not actually sign the law, stating:

 “Rather than allowing this issue to be held captive one more day by legislative politics and the inevitable posturing that will ensure during a veto override debate, I have decided to let it become law without my signature.  It is time to move this issue from the political arena to the court of public opinion where real lives are at st[ake], and it is time to do so without delay.”

continuing with the original article:

In tonight’s debate, Governor Perry was asked directly if he would make a different decision now, if he had it to do all over again. Without hesitation he said that his decision had been wrong, and he would not make the same decision again. He added that in matters of life, he will always err on the side of life.

There are those who use this one wrong decision to completely discount the positive things about his leadership abilities.

There is one other issue that is a chink in Governor Perry’s armor, and that is his stance on immigration. While simply building a fence is not the solution, neither are sanctuary cities or any form of the Dream Act. While Texas’ Dream Act may not be the same as Harry Reid’s Dream Act, the fact is simple: if someone is here illegally, they are violating the law!

It will be interesting to see if all 8 candidates are still around, or if perhaps we will see any new faces in the next debate .


Sources, as provided by a CDN reader:






In the defense of our republic

Within our beloved nation today, we find ourselves under attack. When the adversary is well defined and approaching from across the battlefield, ultimate success is sought and found. One of the greatest threats to our security as a free and sovereign republic, at this moment, is illegal immigration.

We have an administration currently out of control with spending, high unemployment and consistently advancing a progressive socialist agenda. It should come as no surprise they lack the resolve to secure our borders, as much as they lack the ability to govern.

If we are serious about the problem of illegal immigration, then, we must be equally serious in obtaining a solution. We should begin to explore the idea of closing the majority of our overseas military installations and utilizing those troops to secure our national borders. After all, we no longer subscribe to the long held, antiquated notion that “the Russians are coming “. Is it not the primary objective of our military to defend and secure our nation and our way of life? There is no greater threat to our security as a nation today, then, that of illegal immigration. For the past sixty years we have been guarding our neighbor’s homes, while leaving the back-door open to our own house. Clearly, now is the time to shut that door completely and lock it.

Our current projected budget for defense spending in 2012 is $1.030-$1.415 trillion. This is primarily comprised of $707.5 billion for military bases and overseas contingency operations. This budget provides an additional $46.9 billion for the Department of Homeland Security. An agency of the federal government that is completely ineffective in it’s management of the U.S. Customs and Border Patrol division since taking it over in March, 2003. The DHS has closely aligned itself politically within the current White House administration and has a proven record of incompetence when dealing with the border and illegal immigration. It was soon after the DHS took over the U.S. Customs and Border Patrol Agency when this nation began to see the greatest influx in illegal immigration in our nation’s history.

We currently have 767 overseas military installations in 63 countries with additional U.S. military deployments in 90 other countries. Most of these military bases are remnants of a “cold-war” era, long gone, and simply are not needed. It is time these nations step up to the plate and defend themselves. Some of these military installations in strategic locations could be retained by us with a rapid-reactionary force, where deemed necessary.

That which we have to gain by re-assigning our troops on our southern border is tremendous. The greatest gain would be a reduction in lives lost or wounded on foreign soil. Another benefit would be our increased security from future terrorist attacks due to an increased ability to apprehend terrorists at the border, prior to entry. We would also save approximately $700 billion annually from the allocation of funds towards overseas operations. This money could be re-allocated by congress to go directly towards our national debt. Just think of the economic boom from the revenue generated in the border towns and states where our service members would be deployed. There would also be a reduction in the strain currently placed on our health care and education systems by eliminating the free health care and education being provided to illegal immigrants and their children. The unemployment rate would also begin to come down as Americans began to fill the positions currently being held by illegal immigrants. There would also be a reduction in the crime rate and a decrease in the population of our jails and prisons which are currently beyond capacity. All of the benefits mentioned and the numerous other benefits, not mentioned, would greatly lower our tax burden. That means, more of your money will remain in your pocket. Not their’s.

Imagine, for just a moment…a group of illegal immigrants making their way through Mexico and approaching the border. They pass over the final ridge and are just about to cross over the Rio-Grand river, into the United States, when they look across and see…25,000 Marines armed with M16A2’s and 50 cal’s…just waiting, in the defense of our republic.

Unhappiness Abounds

A careful review of various opinion articles across the web revealed one common theme from columnists on both sides of the aisle:  a complete unhappiness with President Obama.

The right is unhappy with him, primarily because they have always perceived him as a Marxist ideologue, while the left’s unhappiness is a relatively new phenomenon rooted in the fact that they feel the President compromises with the evil Republicans too often.

The President is in the midst of preparing what has now become the biggest speech of his Presidency.  He has painted himself into a corner and now he must deliver a speech that is heavy on details and light on rhetoric.  That task might prove to be very difficult for this President because he rarely likes to embrace such detail-oriented oratory.  Instead, he likes to paint with a broad brush and leave it to others to fill in the gaps.  Case in point is the healthcare debate.

The issue now is jobs.  Americans want them and they, however wrongly, expect the Federal government to deliver them.  The only weapon Obama has at his disposal is the same old Keynesian tactics that he’s already tried.  He now either has to abandon what he’s always known, or double down on what he’s already tried.  It is very unlikely that Obama will find salvation and turn from his wicked ways, so we’re left with more of the same from him.

That’s where the problem lies.  To those on the right, any more Obamanomics will accelerate the destruction of America, as we know it.  The Republican candidates will have a field day with further big-government program announcements.

To the left, Obama isn’t going to go far enough, but he will still try.  It is likely that Obama will propose a very large stimulus package; perhaps even as much as double the cost of the last one, in a not-so-subtle effort to appease his base on the far left.  Obviously, he knows that the Republican House of Representatives will never pass such a plan.  In fact, he is counting on just that.

Obama wants to blame the faltering economy on the Republicans.  If he can propose a grand plan that he knows the House will reject, he can then lay blame squarely at the feet of John Boehner and the Tea Party, while at the same time, he can tell his base how hard he tried and that the Republicans just wouldn’t pass his plan.

It is a huge gamble, of course, but it really is the only card Obama can play if he hopes to have a shot at being re-elected next November.  The question is, will the American people fall for it, again?

“Uncle Omar” Found!

“Uncle Omar” Onyango Found!

Dreams From My Father, by Barack Obama, was first published in 1995, It is the story of how Barack Obama returned to Kenya in 1988 to trace his roots, and has become the cornerstone of Obama’s political biography. Two thirds of the way through the book Obama’s half-sister talked about Africans who had emigrated to the West and were never heard of again, “like our Uncle Omar, in Boston . . . They’ve been lost, you see.” A few pages later Obama meets his step-grandmother, Sarah, for the first time in the village of Kogelo. On the walls of her hut are photographs of Omar, “the uncle who had left for America 25 years ago and never came back”.

Well, finally, the lost uncle has been found. Obama’s long-lost “Uncle Omar” has been arrested for alleged drink-driving outside Boston and detained as an illegal immigrant. The arrest ends a mystery over the fate of a relative that the President wrote in his memoir had moved to America from Kenya in the 1960s. Official records say Onyango Obama, 67, was picked up outside the Chicken Bone Saloon in Framingham, Massachusetts, at 7:10pm on August 24. Police say he nearly crashed his Mitsubishi 4×4 into a patrol car, and then insisted that the officer should have given way to him. A report filed with the Framingham District Court said that a breathalyser at the police station registered his blood alcohol at 0.14mg/100ml of blood, above the state limit of 0.08mg. After being booked at a police station, he was asked whether he wanted to make a telephone call to arrange for bail. “I think I will call the White House,” he said.

Onyango Obama (Uncle Omar) is the half-brother of the president’s father, Barack Obama, Sr. Back in 1992, an immigration judge had ordered Onyango Obama to leave the United States, but he ignored the order. According to AP, the uncle has held a Massachusetts driver’s license since at least 1992 and he also had a Social Security number, even though he is an illegal immigrant. Margaret Wong, the Cleveland lawyer who successfully represented Obama’s aunt, Zeituni Onyango, confirmed through a representative last night that she has also been retained to defend Onyango Obama.

Aunt Zeituni Onyango Also Found – In 2008

This is old news, but what the heck… While searching for Uncle Omar The Times of London found a Zeituni Onyango, who also played a prominent part in President Obama’s book. A six-week search by the Times led eventually to Boston and to Aunt Zeituni Onyango. The Times called the Zeituni Onyango in Boston three times. The first time a woman said that she “went to California.” The second time a woman said: “She died last summer.” The third time a woman said, in French, that she did not know her at that address. On visiting the public housing project, however, neighbors confirmed that she was indeed the “Auntie Zeituni” in President Obama’s book – as she eventually confirmed herself. President Obama’s Auntie Zeituni was living as an illegal immigrant in a Boston public housing project. Zeituni Onyango faced deportation before a Boston immigration judge granted her asylum last year.

In an unreal display of chutzpah, Zeituni Onyango says we are now obligated to make her a citizen of this country because she’s an immigrant. She illegally overstayed her visa, received welfare, and lived in public housing for the last 10 years. Yet, she complained that she was a poor single black woman who was not given help. “I didn’t take any advantage of the system. The system took advantage of me.” “I didn’t ask for it; they gave it to me. Ask your system. I didn’t create it or vote for it. Go and ask your system,” she said. She has a successful nephew whose wife spends lavishly on clothing, accessories and vacations. Dare the thought cross their minds that the First Family might look after their aunt, rather than have taxpayers do it?

Uncle Omar and Auntie Zeituni are the children of President Obama’s grandfather Hussein Onyango Obama, by his third wife Sarah, the woman President Obama calls “Granny,” because she raised his father, Barack Sr, who was Hussein Obama’s son by Hussein’s second wife, Akumu.

As of 2008 when the Times found Aunt Zeituni, Uncle Omar had still not been found.


Have we ever heard of any of these members of Obama’s family before all this media coverage started? These aren’t distant relatives, they’re his aunt and uncle! What do we know about Obama’s brothers and sisters? He has eight half brothers and sisters – some in the US, one in China, some in Africa. What about his parents? Obama’s father, Barack Obama Sr., was a Kenyan foreign student in Hawaii when he met Obama’s mom, Stanley, who was a teenager. Obama Sr. already had a wife and baby back in Kenya, but he married Stanley anyway. He was a polygamist. His mom and dad originally met because of their love of Communism, revolution and third world-ism. It also informs us about Obama’s beliefs.

Never before has an American president been subjected to so little scrutiny, or had such an empty resumé with so many gaps in his life. We don’t know about Obama, or his values, or his history, or even his family. And the reason we don’t know any of this is because the MSM doesn’t tell us. How many more “long lost relatives” surprises await us?

But that’s just my opinion.

Why some are more 'illegal' than others

Forty years ago he stepped across an imaginary line to make his home in Maryland. He married, worked hard, raised a family, sent his children to public school, paid taxes, saw one wife die of cancer and even played fantasy football. Placing him right smack dab in the mainstream of American life. No different from thousands, even millions of other hard–working Americans who were fortunate enough to be born in Maryland.
Then, without warning, armed sheriff’s deputies are pounding on his door at 3:30 AM, just like the KGB. They barge into his room, ignore his protests, snap handcuffs around his wrists and drag him off to jail. Leaving behind a stunned, broken family that has been brutally separated from their father and is now looking for a way to survive in today’s cruel America.
No doubt you’re wondering where you can join a protest or demonstration demanding an apology for this outrage, organized by indignado members of CASA de Maryland, the National Council of La Raza, the Mexican American Legal Defense Fund and the Pew Hispanic Center.
Unfortunately, this particular arrest doesn’t lend itself to intervention by professional Mexicans and border–jumping advocates. Which explains why this story is not another ‘little brown brother’ weeper. The problem here is Mr. Glenn Wilson is too white, too old, doesn’t hablar Spanish and is already is an American citizen. Worst of all for Glenn, he’s not a member of a potential Democrat voting block.
Wilson’s offense — other than skin color and national origin — is he walked out of the courthouse in 1971 and didn’t return to face a minor burglary charge. In the ensuing four decades Wilson remained in Maryland and became a law–abiding resident. His only arrest was the one last week that put him in jail on a 40–year–old warrant.
Now if Wilson’s nombre had been Senor Guillermo and the line he crossed had been the invisible border between the US and Mexico, chances are all would have been forgiven. In Maryland it’s almost impossible to be arrested for a mere immigration violation. They’d sooner haul you away for parking tickets.
Border violators confess publicly, hold news conferences and testify before legislative committees, but — like the obscure actor who never got a part — they can’t get arrested in that town.
And if the Obama administration has its way, this de facto amnesty will soon spread nationwide.
It’s ironic that one of the few things this confederacy of incompetents has been able to do is deport illegal aliens. According to the Center for Immigration Studies, Obama’s Secure Communities program has shipped nearly 400,000 illegals south each year, which is 4 percent annually of the 10 million estimated long–term trespassers. Even this sizeable figure does not account for the chain self–deportations of relatives and the intimidated that follow the deportee home of their own free will.
Certainly a program like Secure Communities offends those who are willing to violate their oath of office to put their tribe before the rule of law, like Rep. Luis Gutierrez (D–La Raza). Which is why Obama intends to pull the plug.
The Obamanations are instead planning to “prioritize” deportations. But in reality the only priority is Obama’s re–election campaign. When Barack’s approval rating is in the 40’s, he needs every Hispanic vote that pandering will attract.
Since the administration has not been able to persuade Congress to pass “comprehensive immigration reform” (euphemism to English translation = amnesty), Obama intends to achieve amnesty by ordering the border bureaucracy to do it anyway.
Instead of deporting everyone caught who is here illegally, the administration will drop deportation proceedings if the illegal has been here a long time (each day adding another 24 hours to the original border violation) or is elderly, pregnant, in school, responsible for other family member’s care and has a number of relatives or friends who are potential Democrat voters in 2012.
Which means “catch and release” is no longer limited to fish.
What’s more, the illegals snared by Secure Communities will be allowed to apply for work permits, essentially rewarding them for a long series of bad decisions and thwarting the will of Congress and the majority of Americans.
This is like releasing burglars who steal less than $1,000.00 and helping them start a used electronics business on eBay.
Why obey the law when breaking it gains you a work permit? Unless you’re a citizen burglar with a warrant from another century, like the unfortunate Glenn Wilson, who probably rues the day he wasn’t born a Mexican.

Workplace Rights for Illegals? Be My Guest (worker)

Today, U.S. Labor Secretary Hilda Solis signed “partnership” agreements with representatives from Latin American countries in order to “protect the labor rights” of workers, both legal and illegal.  Says Solis, “No matter how you got here or how long you plan to stay, you have certain rights. You have the right to be safe and in a healthy workplace and the right to a legal wage.”   No need to rub your eyes, you read that correctly.  Just in case you don’t believe it, look at what California Labor commissioner Julie Su said earlier – “Nationwide, Latino workers suffer more minimum wage and overtime violations than any other ethnic group. My job is to make sure that the labor laws of this state are enforced, the right to minimum wage, to overtime for all hours worked and the right to protection against retaliation when workers stand up for their rights.”

Americans who are already terribly dismayed by a 9% unemployment rate and escalating violence at the borders find statements like this very disturbing, and rightfully so.  It certainly is disheartening to be searching (legally) for a job and come across business after business that has filled most of their labor with illegal immigrants.  Su is quick to remind us that companies nationwide are violating the “rights” of ILLEGAL aliens, denying them minimum wage, overtime, and general workplace protections.  She seems unable or unwilling to acknowledge the violations on the part of the ILLEGAL alien, who by definition is a criminal on our shores simply by being here.  They are not protected by our laws, our constitution and are not welcome to participate in the benefits of being American (though we know many do anyway).  Those privileges are not for people who break the law, they are for people who love America enough to put in the effort to actually become American – legally.

But hearing all this makes me think: perhaps we should be advocating for minimum wage and equal workplace rights for illegals.  Maybe we should be the ones front and center, protesting beside these non-English speaking, non-tax paying, non voting, non-citizens.  We should be advocating that employers be required to pay every illegal alien at least a minimum wage, health benefits, and overtime.  Employers who knowingly hire illegals to fill their positions should be required to provide the same workplace conditions as they would for real Americans.  They should be required to meet every OSHA standard and should be subject to special investigation by OSHA if they don’t.  I say special because illegal aliens are a disadvantaged sub-group in America.  Many don’t speak English (probably because they aren’t American) and are fearful of the authorities (probably because they aren’t American).  They are reluctant to report workplace violations, so OSHA should provide frequent and regular monitoring of businesses that choose to hire illegal aliens.  Furthermore, if an illegal alien decides to strike for better workplace conditions, their jobs should be protected, just like real Americans.  They should also have the right to unionize without threat of retaliation, as Su described.

Why not give our illegal alien guests the same workplace rights as the average unionized, American worker? I say go for it.  The reason American businesses turn to illegal labor in the first place is because arbitrary minimum wage laws, OSHA regulations, and union labor strangleholds have astronomically driven up the price of labor.  Illegal aliens are illegal (gasp!), and so obviously not concerned with fulfilling the law in their work.  So let them have their “American” workplace rights.  Conservatives worry that this is “backdoor” amnesty…and maybe it is.  However, why not engage in a little “backdoor” protection of our borders and drive out illegal aliens by making them just as costly as the average American citizen?  If a business has to pay the same amount for an educated American citizen as it does for an illegal alien who doesn’t even speak English, who do you think they would rather hire?  Of course, we would prefer that they could simply hire the American citizen a low but fair wage, but decades of Democrat “compassion” have made that nearly impossible.  Maybe the best route to go is to make the hiring of illegals equally as costly.

The Obama Administration has made it more than clear that they have no intention of defending Americans and American businesses from the current, debilitating onslaught of illegal, uneducated labor.  They have all but surrendered certain patches of sovereign American soil in some places along the border and prosecuted Arizona for their audacity in taking the issue into their own hands.  If our own government won’t protect us, the citizens, but will  protect illegal aliens, perhaps its time for a new strategy.  Maybe we need to cure the problem using their own medicine – stifling regulations and crushing burdens of compliance and oversight.  Let the illegals “enjoy” the privilege of being a regular American employee in the work place today.  Not only may it drive employers back to good, old-fashioned American labor, the Tea Party may find some partners in these newly  outraged (non)Americans.

Hey, at this point, it doesn’t sound so crazy.

Illegal Immigrants Now Have Rights

U.S. Labor Secretary Hilda Solis today (29 Aug 2011) signed “partnership” agreements with ambassadors from a group of Latin American nations aiming to protect what she described as the labor rights of both legal and illegal migrants working in the United States. The agreements are to educate migrant workers, regardless of how they got here, about their rights under U.S. law and to help prevent them from being abused in the workplace. [emphasis mine]   Solis said that all migrant workers have a “right to a legal wage,” even though the Labor Department itself states that under U.S. law, the Immigration and Nationality Act (INA), “employers may hire only persons who may legally work in the United States.” Solis continued, “No matter how you got here or how long you plan to stay, you have certain rights.” “All we’re doing is enforcing the law…”

Mexican consulates in cities across the nation are holding events for “Labor Rights Week.” Julie Su, California’s labor commissioner, said, “Nationwide, Latino workers suffer more minimum wage and overtime violations than any other ethnic group. My job is to make sure that the labor laws of this state are enforced, the right to minimum wage, to overtime for all hours worked and the right to protection against retaliation when workers stand up for their rights.” Ken Atha, regional head of the Federal Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), says that many Hispanic workers aren’t aware that the occupational safety and health rights act protects workers regardless of legal status. [emphasis mine]

From Rich Mitchell at CDN we learn, “The Mexican government is opening a satellite consular office on Catalina Island – a small resort off the California coast with a history of drug smuggling and human trafficking – to provide the island’s illegal Mexican immigrants with identification cards.”

Smalgov at CDN says, Since when do other countries have a say in our law making procedures or any other issue related to American citizens? They don’t.” He continues, “Eleven foreign nations are suing the state of Georgia because those countries don’t like our illegal alien laws. Leftist socialist groups like the ACLU and the SEIU are helping them to do it. What will most likely happen is these 11 countries and the two leftist socialist groups will tie this up in court – costing again taxpayers even more money.”

From Daniel at CDN, we learn, “In a recent Senate Judiciary Committee hearing, The Justice Departments Chief of The Executive Office for Immigration Review, (EOIR) Mr. Juan Osuna outlined the problems of the failures of the United States Department of Homeland Security to prevent the recent floods of illegal immigrants bombarding America today.” Are these illegal immigrant going to be extended rights?

So now “our” government is extending rights to illegal aliens. Is this outrageous, or what? And, as we see, unlawful actions (while the U.S. government looks the other way) are becoming more numerous. Who said “elections don’t count?” But that’s just my opinion.


My idea of the perfect dog is one that will protect my family. One that will be vigilant over my kids while they play in the yard. One that will die protecting us as members of its pack.

A little more than a week ago, we saw a sign for German shepherd puppies at Wal-Mart. Perfect. We called the people and went to the house to see the dogs. My son is 4 years old and has never really spent a lot of time around animals, so he was a little nervous seeing all the puppies.

The people who owned the dogs had the adults put away, but they went to get the female to give us an idea of what the puppies would look like as grown-ups. The dame came out and, immediately alerted with the strangers near her pups, she barked and half charged and was doing a double take because of the owners yelling at her.

My son was screaming, which just added to the melee. I scooped him up and extended my arm toward the dog in a “Halt!” gesture. Tommy had his arms and legs wrapped around me tighter than ever before in fear.

By now the owners had the dog headed back inside, but to my boy all he could say was “She had big teeth.” In his little view of it, all he knew was that a large set of teeth were coming at him.

All the puppies were inside a large shelter with straw on the floor. Tommy and I walked in there, and the puppies, being what they are, swarmed all over him. He asked me, “Are they going to eat me?” I said, “Of course not. They want to play.”

I thought it was funny hearing him ask that. It cracked me up. But now, more than a week later, I’ve had some time to think about that. There was my son, who I love more than anything, walking into a den of strange, big-toothed animals that scared him, and he thought he was going to be eaten and die in so much as he could comprehend such acts, and yet he trusted me enough to brave it anyway and stand his ground. He trusted that I would protect him and preserve his life. He believed his father would keep him from any harm.

We got one of the puppies, a fine mellow animal, and we are molding her into a member of our pack. We have to teach her the rules of the house and how to behave. We have to reward and punish her behavior.

Now I put this into the context of what is going on with illegal immigration. We are trusting our government to protect us from the big teethy problems that are coming at our nation from all sides. It is impossible to comprehend that the government would not protect the lives of its citizens any more than my son thinking I would not protect him. I will never abuse that trust, as the people in Washington, D.C., should never abuse ours. Our leaders should be stepping over themselves to protect this nation, to secure our lives and ensure that we are not having our throats ripped out.

Unfortunately, they have been on autopilot in D.C., too busy doing polls and making PowerPoint slide shows to get out on the ground and actually solve any problems. They have the mentality of, “If we make a law, it will be OK.” But without enforcement of the law, it is meaningless.

Too much attention is put on the fuzzy helpful worker that came here to make some money and have a better life. But let’s not forget about all those who have the teeth and are here to cause harm, to destroy lives and take what they can – with no regard of being a part of the pack.

Immigration – What Part Of “Illegal” Does Obama Not Understand?

What Part Of “Illegal” Does Obama Not Understand?

Under Title 8 Section 1325 of the U.S. Code, “Improper Entry by Alien,” any citizen of any country other than the United States who:

  • Enters or attempts to enter the United States at any time or place other than as designated by immigration officers; or
  • Eludes examination or inspection by immigration officers; or
  • Attempts to enter or obtains entry to the United States by a willfully false or misleading representation or the willful concealment of a material fact;

has committed a federal crime. And the last time I looked, committing a federal crime is illegal.

So, with the above cited statute in mind, let’s see what the Obama administration is proposing. The Obama administration said Thursday (18 August 2011) that it will halt deportation, proceeding on a “case-by-case” basis against illegal immigrants who meet certain criteria. Obama has said he does not have authority to halt all deportations and said he must follow the laws as Congress has written them. But Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano said she does have discretion to focus on “priorities.” She said that her department and the Justice Department will review cases to see who meets the new criteria.” This ‘case-by-case’ approach will enhance public safety,” she said. “Immigration judges will be able to more swiftly adjudicate high-priority cases, such as those involving convicted felons.”

Officials said that by launching the “case-by-case” review, they are refocusing deportation efforts on convicted felons and other “public safety threats.” Those who have not committed crimes could be allowed to remain in the U.S. The policy change outline ways for those facing deportation, but having no criminal record, to remain in the U.S. and even apply for a work permit.

Obama promised to deliver immigration reform and create paths to citizenship for some of the estimated 11 million illegal immigrants living in the US. But after two years in office, he has yet to achieve any steps toward immigration reform. The announcement came to a surprise for many Latinos, influenced, many believe, by the protest by pro-immigration reform activists on Tuesday in front of President Barack Obama’s Chicago reelection campaign headquarters.

Illegals Voting

In 1996, Congress enacted the “Illegal Immigration Reform and Immigrant Responsibility Act”, making it a federal crime for non-citizens to vote in any federal election (or state election, unless authorized by state law). As a penalty, ineligible non-citizens who knowingly vote may be deported. Additionally, a non-citizen who falsely claims to be a United States citizen is in violation of this law. However, there are many documented reports of non-citizen voting, and there is no evidence of prosecution of the aliens for their action. With nearly 19 million foreign-born residents who are not U.S. citizens in the country in the 2000 Census and an estimated 9-11 million illegal residents (many of them not also counted in the Census), the potential is enormous for non-citizens to affect the outcome of elections.

Here is just one example of illegal immigrants voting that can sway elections. In a 1996 congressional race in California that may have been stolen by non-citizen voting, Republican incumbent Bob Dornan was in a spirited race against Loretta Sanchez. Sanchez won the election by just 979 votes, and Dornan contested the election in the U.S. House of Representatives. His challenge was dismissed after an investigation by the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform turned up only 624 invalid votes by non-citizens who were present in the U.S. The investigation could not detect illegal aliens who were not in the Immigration and Naturalization Service (INS) records. There is a possibility that, with only about 200 votes determining the winner, enough undetected aliens registered and voted to change the outcome of the election. This is particularly true since the California Secretary of State complained that the INS refused his request to check the entire Orange County voter registration file, and no complete check of all of the individuals who voted in the congressional race was ever made.


The chief beneficiaries of the policy change will be immigrant students who would have been eligible for legal status under the Dream Act, which failed in Congress last year. This link provides a definition of the DREAM Act. On 17 June 2011, Obama ignored the will of American people by issuing an executive order that promotes benefits for illegal immigrants. A Federation for American Immigration Reform poll showed that only 38% of American voters favored the DREAM Act. Congress could not get it passed, so Obama, not getting his way, issued an executive order.

So now the DREAM Act is the law of the land. Despite failing to pass the U.S. Congress, the federal DREAM Act is now law. Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano told Congress she will stop deporting students who meet DREAM Act criteria. Under the policy change, approximately 300,000 deportation cases pending in immigration court will be reviewed on a case-by-case” basis. Now immigrants groups are concerned that “good” illegals will be deported, along with “bad” illegals who rob, rape, and murder. The DREAM Act proposes that some illegal alien criminals be allowed to stay in the country because their offenses, as the backers say, are “lesser.” No specific definition of the meaning of “lesser” was ever given.

Backdoor Amnesty?

From Merriam-Webster.com, we get the definition of “amnesty” – the act of an authority (as a government) by which pardon is granted to a large group of individuals.

Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer said the move amounts to the administration implementing an immigration overhaul “via executive fiat.” “This plan amounts to backdoor amnesty for hundreds of thousands – if not millions – of illegal aliens,” She continued, “We need to remind President Obama that we elected a president that serves beneath the law and did not anoint a king that is above the law.” “It is just the latest attempt by this president to bypass the intended legislative process when he does not get his way,” said Texas Republican Rep. Michael McCaul.

Ira Mehlman, member of the Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR) said, “Congress cannot and must not allow the administration to usurp the constitutional authority that Congress has to make our immigration policies. It is the responsibility of the administration to carry out the laws written by Congress, whether the administration likes those laws or not, they are bound constitutionally to enforce them.” “Having failed in the legislative process, the Obama administration has simply decided to usurp Congress’s constitutional authority and implement an amnesty program for millions of illegal aliens,” FAIR President Dan Stein said.

Scrap All Laws With Less Than 100% Enforcement?

Does the Obama administration’s new immigration policy of selectively applying the law mean that WE get to use “case-by-case” evaluation of what laws we want to obey? If so, I want to SPEED to the nearest bank to ROB it. But, when I am hauled before a judge, I doubt if my “the Obama administration does it” defense will work. So much for inconsistency…

But that’s just my opinion.

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