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Wolf Reintroduction: The Big Lie that is Crushing the Western Way of Life

Fifteen years ago, a huge conglomerate of governmental power-brokers, radical environmentalists, and media manipulators forced the reintroduction of Wolves back into Yellowstone National Park. They did this against the wishes of the generations of families living in the immediate area and simply trying to earn a fair living, along with the folks in the bordering western states that would eventually/already are being affected by the reintroduction of the ravenous and ruthless wolves.

The enviro-conglomerate won the battle and they introduced the wolf back into Yellowstone in 1995. This was a decades long battle that actually started back in 1966, when “certain” biologists became concerned with the unbalance of the ecosystem due to the eradication of the wolf, and it’s resulting Elk population explosion. In the tug of war that ensued, the public originally balked at the reintroduction plans, so the all-powerful and knowledgeable Congress, in conjunction with the National Fish and Wildlife {government-paid] agency, decided that they needed to poll the “visitors” to Yellowstone, to see if they wouldn’t mind the reintroduction of the wolf. ( Even though they will not suffer the consequences, city-dwellers and even people from other countries were allowed to vote to decide the fate of America’s ranchers out west) Through various media blitzes the enviro-conglomerate managed to persuade the public to the tune of 60% ( of visitors to Yellowstone, not those actually living in Wyoming, Montana and Idaho) as saying they favored the wolf plan. What they failed to tell the public, was that they were ignoring the very people who would bear the brunt of the wolf experiment in the end, the local people trying to eek out an honest living in the area. As a result, a whole sector of American culture and tradition is on the verge of being wiped out. The area economy is being crippled, and State’s rights have now been exterminated by the enviro-conglomerate that pushed the irresponsible decision to bring the wolf back into Yellowstone. And it just isn’t one state that is now suffering from this big government bullying either. The wolf is now in Idaho, Arizona and several other surrounding states with endless territory now in their sights.

Forget the easily manipulated “Yellowstone visitor polls” and let’s hear from the actual people that the irresponsible reintroduction of the wolf is affecting so harshly today shall we? Watch the following free video, this film is about exposing the lies and proclaiming the truth about what the movement to bring back wolves to Yellowstone – and the rest of America – is really about. Crying Wolf.

Personally, I could care less what someone from say, Chicago wants to view when “visiting” my state, especially considering the fact that it is I who have to try to earn a living there long after tourists (from other states or even other countries) are long gone. Besides, what would assorted city-dwelling pencil-pushers, and government-dependent puppet-voters know about the independent, hard-working American western culture of hunting, fishing, grazing-land management, cattle and sheep ranching, outfitting, etc.? The answer? Not a dang thing, as is obvious in their irresponsible power-play of forcing the wolf reintroduction back into Yellowstone in 1995, against the very citizen’s wishes of the now widely-suffering bordering states area.

The very real damage: Many businesses have already closed down due to the wolves devastation of the Elk population over just the past fifteen years alone. The government originally “promised” a managed wolf population of between 78-100 (or 30 breeding pairs) when they forced this scheme onto the ranchers whom live in the area that the wolves would be released in. The current population? It is now approaching 1700 wolves or 17 times the promised total by our government, just in the Montana/Idaho region alone. In 2006, the Yellowstone Elk population had already decreased by 50% from mid-90’s totals. If the Elk population was decreased by 50% in 10 short years with an original wolf population of around 100, think of what will happen now that the wolf population has swelled to around 1700. Wolves must eat, and as the Elk disappear, the moose populations also dwindle, which then leads to more predation on cattle and sheep. Those cattle and sheep just happen to be the property of the ranchers, not the darn government! Whatever happened to property rights in this country? What about the right to protect said property? In the end, the ranchers lose massive amounts of money, and eventually go out of business. Along with ranching, goes the hunting, outfitting, taxidermy, meat processing, and guide businesses associated with the Western culture of ranching and hunting. Elk-hunting permits in the region are now down a whopping 90% thanks to the enviro-conglomerate caused explosion in the wolf population in the west. Once again the U.S. Government has bowed down to radical environmentalists to create a massive problem for the people who actually live in the areas effected by their policies. It seems that when considering the effects of reintroducing the wolf to Yellowstone, the right to the Western culture and way of life was completely ignored, along with their perspective state’s rights. What kind of a country is it, that allows whole sectors of it’s population to be devastated by another sector that wants to put wolves, mother earth, trees, or even the ozone ahead or our citizens constitutional rights? It certainly can not be considered to be even close to a people’s Republic, as was established by our constitution.

Looming Utility Rate Hikes Could Devastate Some Idaho Residents

Over 40% of Idaho’s 50+ Struggling to Pay Current Utility Bills as Idaho Power and United Water Press for Rate Hikes

BOISE, Idaho, Aug. 26, 2011 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ — As if Treasure Valley residents didn’t have enough to worry about when it comes to household budgets – Idaho Power and United Water want to add one more to the mix: higher utility bills. AARP says the hikes could prove devastating to some Treasure Valley residents, particularly the elderly, and is calling on the Idaho Public Utilities (PUC) to deny both companies’ requests.

Idaho Power is pressing for an 8.8% electric rate increase, while United Water is proposing a near 20% hike – both taking effect in 2012 if approved by the PUC.   AARP stands in strong opposition to the rate hikes, which are currently under PUC review.

“The rate hikes being requested are a bad idea in a good economy, but in today’s economy, they are a horrible one,” said Jim Wordelman, State Director for AARP.  “To many Treasure Valley families already living on the brink financially, higher utility bills could simply push them over the edge.”

To make matters worse, hidden in the 110 page Idaho Power rate hike request is a little known measure that could cost consumers even more – a move making permanent a fixed cost adjustment, also called “decoupling.” The measure leaves customers paying a fixed rate to cover Idaho Power’s revenue while having another charge subject to the company’s energy sales.  If energy sales are bad, the customer automatically has to pay more, if sales are good, the customer will pay less, and in either case the company’s revenue is always covered.  The proposal shifts any shortcomings in energy profits from shareholders onto customers – penalizing consumers for using less electricity by making them pay more.  Decoupling is currently in place temporarily for Idaho Power.

Also tacked onto the Idaho Power request is a $1 increase in the customer service charge.

“Idaho Power and United Water don’t deserve these rate hikes and AARP is urging the PUC to say ‘No Way,” added Wordelman.  “AARP hopes to see public hearings scheduled soon on these rate hikes, where the public can make their voices heard loud and clear.”

Over 40% of Idahoans 50+ reported difficulty affording their utility bills this past year according to a recent AARP survey (http://bit.ly/gBePOb).  Older individuals spend a much higher percentage of household income on utility bills, for the low income elderly, the bills can account for 24% of their expenditures.

Utility companies across Idaho are pressing for similar rate increases that would affect most residents’ utility bills, if approved by the PUC.  Rocky Mountain Power is requesting a rate hike of 7.2% for electric customers (and an increase of 16% for Time of Use customers- those paying for energy based on the time of day they use it), while Avista is proposing a 3.6% increase for residential electric bills and 3.5% for natural gas customers (this would be on top of a 3.59% rate hike in 2010, a 3.92% hike scheduled to hit consumers Oct. 1st of this year, and a 1.74% hike hitting in 2012 – part of a 3 year 9% rate “deal.”  Also included is a proposal to increase customers’ service charges by $.50 a month).

AARP is calling on the PUC to deny the rate hikes and is urging its members and the public to join the fight to make it happen.  The public can get more information on the issue, how to get involved and file comments on the rate hikes by visiting www.aarp.org/ID, and get regular updates by following AARP Idaho on Facebook at www.facebook.com/AARPIdaho.

AARP is Idaho’s largest membership organization with 180,000 members.

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