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Even Democrats realize Cap and Trade = economic disaster

CA dems re-think cap and trade

For years, economists have been saying that cap-and-trade would be an economy killer. Now, a group of California Democrats has come to the same conclusion in a letter to the head of California’s air resources board. The 16 Democrats have requested a delay or change to the rules that would put gasoline under the same cap-and-trade rules as power stations have been ...

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Dumb Kids, High Gas Prices, Who’s To Blame?

The Department Of Education, as we know it today, was put in place by President Jimmy Carter in 1979. At the time a budget of 12 billion dollars a year was allocated for the D.O.E. In 2011 the D.O.E. spent 23 billion American tax dollars for better educating our children. In addition, when the department was first started, they had ...

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