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Ukraine Sanctions With Teeth Instead of Gums Are Still Possible

Putin-laughing-at-serious-steps-memeFor a very brief moment it looked like the White House and I were finally going to be in agreement on the topic of misrule in the United States. Obama’s White House Press Office released a statement with harsh criticism of government actions that threaten “peace, security, stability, sovereignty, and territorial integrity; and contribute to the misappropriation of its assets.”

It appeared the president had seen the light and was finally going to stop his abuse of office and his promiscuous use of executive orders. But then I read further and saw he was talking about Vladimir Putin and his beachfront trespassing in the Crimea. I thought Obama likes trespassers. Could it be that Putin rejected his offer of in–state tuition?

Of course there are differences between the strongman’s approach and that of the girlyman. Putin’s misrule is designed to advance the interests of Russian nationalism, while Obama appears content to undermine US standing and interests in the world.

With the result that Russian oligarchs will soon have prime sites for expansive vacation homes within the border of a newly expanded Russia. While our leaders launch deadly cutting remarks that include “wrong side of history” and “19th century thinking” mimicking Harvard faculty lounge habitués criticizing the NFL 1st round draft choice that gets the millions and the girl.

I know this criticism is not entirely fair. The Obama administration has decided to impose sanctions on Russia. Out of a current population of 141,924,000, the Obama administration has singled out seven (that’s right, seven) for punishment. The original intent of White House strategists was to just single out a certain percentage of cells in each of the seven individual’s body for pinpoint sanctions — gas pains, lumbago, toenail fungus, impotence — but the surgeon general informed the White House that either those maladies took to long to manifest or present technology didn’t support the goal.

Instead the administration opted for financial sanctions that make it harder for the Moscow 7 to gain access to any funds they have deposited in Western banks. The Washington Post described the strategy as an attempt “to see whether a symbolic first gesture would be sufficient to give Putin pause….” sorta like the famous “red line” in Syria.

Like much of Obama’s strategy, whether in health care or the economy, this gambit backfired. The Russian stock market went up after the announcement, instead of going down.

But that doesn’t mean the great minds in this administration are going to give up. Much like Robert McNamara carefully calibrating just the right amount of ordinance necessary to bring North Vietnam to its knees, Obama’s financial calibrations have room for expansion.

An administration insider has leaked a plan that will escalate the impact of the next round of sanctions to an almost superhuman level of intensity, while expanding the reach of inconvenience for the Russian Revanchists beyond just the financial realm.

None of the Seven are now allowed to make wire transfers withdrawing their funds from Western banks, but after the sanctions are escalated, they will be limited to a maximum ATM withdrawal of $40 per day AND the Coinstar machine will be completely off limits.

If any of the sanctioned try to travel to the US it’s also No More Mr. Nice Guy. The TSA’s expedited ‘Pre’ lane will be off limits. The Crimean Criminals will be assigned to the rubber gloves and high–school–field trips line for the foreseeable future and they will always be relegated to the last boarding group regardless of their frequent flyer status.

Assuming the Seven can’t take a hint and come to DC in spite of Obama’s disdain, anytime they attempt to use the Uber app to arrange transportation it will result in a fast busy signal, forcing them to use DC taxis. Even worse their lodgings will be in hotels built by Sochi Olympics construction firms.

Since unrepentant aggressors like these will no doubt try to bypass this sanction, even if they rent a car both the GPS device and their E–ZPass transponder will be jammed by NSA, meaning that even if they can find a toll road, they will be forced to use the exact change booth.

And finally, to show Obama really means business, if any of these Russian Reprobates have more than 15 items in their cart when shopping, they will be ejected from the express lane.

There’s also a role in this for Vice President ‘Uncle Joe’ Biden — a nickname freighted with meaning for Russians. Proving irony isn’t dead in this administration, Biden will be visiting many of the Western nations were Obama earlier canceled plans to install anti–missile batteries after Putin objected.

While looking due East, Uncle Joe will advise these buffer states to buy shotguns and if they see any Russian troops playing footsie with their borders, go out on the balcony, point the muzzle skyward and fire a couple of rounds to scare the bear away.

Geneticist Playing Mad Scientist

erix! (CC)

erix! (CC)

If you’re female, of child-bearing age, and anywhere near Harvard University campus, it might be a good idea to avoid the genetics labs there. Unless, of course, you don’t mind the idea of being solicited to give birth to a Neanderthal.

Professor George Church of Harvard Medical School believes he can reconstruct Neanderthal DNA and resurrect the species which became extinct 33,000 years ago.

His scheme is reminiscent of Jurassic Park but, while in the film dinosaurs were created in a laboratory, Professor Church’s ambitious plan requires a human volunteer.

If that isn’t creepy… But, “ick-factor” aside, as anyone who’s watched or read the “Jurassic Park” films and books can understand, there’s a very good reason why creatures that have long since ceased to exist on this planet probably wouldn’t fare too well in today’s world. Let’s get real here. People today often have enough trouble raising human children. Church thinks it would be a “good” thing to introduce a whole new group of genetic anomalies to the current mix? That is what he is talking about, by the way. On the off chance that this experiment would be successful, the next logical step would be to pair the Neanderthal with humans, once the “experiment” would be old enough to reproduce.

Now, the press was kind enough to ask the opinion of someone that actually worries about silly things like ethics. Of course, in spite of only asking for a couple sentences, it seems they truncated that response – everywhere. So, for the sake of fairness, following is the full response from Philippa Taylor of the Christian Medical Fellowship (CMF):

‘It is hard to know where to start with the ethical and safety concerns, if this proposal were even possible to carry out. It would involve human cloning, surrogacy (of a Neanderthal!), embryo research, genetic manipulation and ultimately the re-defining of humans. It is hard to see any benefit from this extreme proposal other than stirring up publicity to generate some funding for his research.’

Well, when there is a more complete response to this on the CMF Blog, we’ll have to revisit this insanity!

Profile in Determination:Teen Goes from Homeless to Harvard

via the Today Show – Dawn Loggins is a high school senior. In the fall, she’ll join hundreds of other freshman at Harvard University. But Dawn won’t be just any Harvard freshman. The North Carolina teen received her acceptance letter after being evicted from her home, abandoned by both her parents, and taken in by a team of caring adults from her school in the city of Lawndale. Dawn worked as a custodian before and after school and studied diligently, sometimes by candlelight. While helping her fill out college applications, one adult volunteer suggested she apply to Harvard as well; after all, she had the grades and the drive. The result was an acceptance letter.  “All we did was give her the basics she needed, but she did it with her brain, her determination and nobody can take credit for that except Dawn”, said the teen’s job supervisor. Dawn will work while at Harvard and apply for scholarships. Her principal has also set up a fund for those who wish to help this amazing young woman on her journey from homelessness to Harvard. Here is the address for donations: The Dawn Loggins Uplift Fund, c/o Burns High School, 307 E. Stagecoach Trail, Lawndale, N.C.,28090.

What is most striking about this young woman is that she overcame incredible odds to succeed. And not one place in this story is there a mention of government intervention. “Progressives” and Democrats continue to try to convince us that the disadvantaged have no chance in life without government support. The idea that anyone should struggle or be tested is abhorrent to them. What they miss with that philosophy is that oftentimes success is the direct result of loss. It is the difficult circumstances in our lives that shape us, sharpen us and give us drive. They help us learn and use that knowledge to spur ourselves on to success. Too many Americans have been robbed of that gift by an overreaching government and well-meaning but enabling programs. Is that compassion? No. Compassion is what the fine citizens of Lawndale, NC exhibited when they rallied around Dawn Loggins and determined to take care of one of their own. They didn’t wait for a government program to help, they did it themselves. These are the people that we should be looking to as examples of how to weather these difficult economic times. This is how we used to do it before a massively unsustainable welfare system began bleeding the average taxpayer dry.  We took care of our own, provided for our own, marshaled our community resources to help those in need, without the government. Not only did it create better, for self-sufficient citizens but it created a sense of community. The greatest leaders in history have been people who came from difficult and sometimes seemingly impossible situations. It wasn’t the lack of trials in their lives that made them great men and women. It was precisely because of those trials that they became great. Dawn Loggins is proof of that legacy. She surely must have had days when she felt discouraged and sorry for herself. Who wouldn’t? But she didn’t set up camp in Sorrytown. Dawn recognized that hard work would be the key to her success and so did the adults around her. Says Dawn, “I felt like it would just be easiest if I gave up, but it was never in me to give up.”  Congratulations to Dawn Loggins, a true embodiment of the American spirit and a classy representative of womankind everywhere. Cheers, Dawn! America is proud of you.

Watch/read the Today Show report here and don’t forget to send Dawn a donation or encouragement.

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My Kind of Indoctrination – Happy Independence Day

Patio on Independence Day

Old Glory is being blown by a gentle breeze, the smell of brisket, burgers and sausage waft through the air. It’s fourth of July and it’s a big deal in the Mitchell family.

It isn’t all about the stars and stripes banners hanging on the patio. It isn’t even the food. It’s sharing the greatest day in American history with some of the greatest Americans I know.

Since I can remember, Independence day has been an unannounced, no-invitations sent nor needed, family reunion. Four generations share stories and just catch up.

Conversation on politics and world events inevitably ensue and even in a closely-related set of Conservatives have differing ideas on how to solve the myriad of problems facing America.

Discussions of the Constitution and elections are intermingled with accounts of recent fishing, hunting, hiking and camping trips. Obviously, we are accidentally doing exactly what a Harvard Study said we do – we are indoctrinating our children and each other as American patriots.

The indoctrination is subtle, but it’s there. We are teaching our kids to disagree with their government when it gets too big, does too much, or limits liberties. We are teaching them that debate about our government is healthy and can be had and should be had. We are teaching our children that they are a part of the political system.

When we question the validity of the electoral college system, one-man one-vote, NATO and the U.N. we aren’t telling each other or our kids what to think. We often disagree on the problem or solution on many things. Instead, we are reminding everyone in attendance that they must be actively learning about and participating in the future of our Republic

That is my kind of indoctrination. My kind of Independence Day.

Buddy Roemer: 2012 Presidential Profile

Update: July 27, 2011 Buddy Roemer made the official announcement that he is running for President of The United States of America.

Personal Information

Charles Elson “Buddy” Roemer III was born on October 4, 1943 in Shreveport, Louisiana to Adeline and Charles E. “Budgie” Roemer II.

Buddy Roemer lives in Baton Rouge, Louisiana with his third wife Scarlett. He has three children.

In 1989, he separated from his second wife, Patti. Their divorce was finalized in 1990, after 17 years of marriage.



1960- Graduated as valedictorian of Bossier High School
1964- Graduated from  Harvard College
1967- Graduated with an MBA from Harvard Business School

Religious Affiliation

1960’s- Active in the Junior Chamber of Commerce (Jaycees)
1991 to 1997- Chairman of the Board for The Sterling Group, Inc.

Political Affiliations
Mr. Roemer was elected to the office of Governor of Louisiana as a Democrat, but changed to the Republican Party on March 11, 1991.

Professional Career
After college, Mr. Roemer returned home to Louisiana and worked with his father in the family computer business.

Today, he currently serves as the CEO and President of the bank he founded- Business First Bank in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.

He has also invested in various business ventures, one of which is a retirement community near Louisiana State University.

Political Career
1972- Elected as a delegate to the Louisiana Constitutional Convention which was held in 1973
Started a political consulting firm
1978- Ran for Congress but lost the election
1981 to 1988- U.S. Congressman
1988 to 1992- Governor of Louisiana
1991- Ran for Governor as the incumbent, but lost re-election in the primaries to the known “former” Grand Wizard of the Knights of the Ku Klux Klan (KKKK) . Governor Roemer endorsed Edwin Edwards when it came down to Governor Edwards or David Duke.
1995- Ran for Governor again, but lost to Mike Foster
2004- Considered running for Senator to replace Senator John Breaux, who was retiring. He finally decided not to run for the office, and Republican Representative David Vitter was elected.
2011- Launched an exploratory committee for a possible run as the Republican 2012 presidential nominee

Reagan Supporter
While serving in Congress, Mr. Roemer, who was still a Democrat at that time, often supported President Reagan’s policy initiatives, which cause conflict with the Democratic congressional leadership.

The Other Family Business
“Budgie” Roemer, Buddy’s father, was campaign manager for the now-infamous Governor Edwin W. Edwards’  first gubernatorial race. After Edwin Edward was elected governor, Budgie” Roemer became commissioner of administration during Edwards’ first term.

Buddy Roemer followed in his father’s footsteps and worked as a regional leader on the Edwards campaign.

Family Legal Issues and The Blame Game
In 1981, Buddy Roemer’s father, Charles “Budgie” Roemer II went to prison as a result of being convicted of conspiring to sell influence in awarding Louisiana state insurance contracts. Buddy Roemer blames Edwin Edwards for the elder Roemer’s legal problems. A mobster- Carlos Marcello, also went to jail. Three other people who were investigated were acquitted.

I talked with someone who has lived in Louisiana all their life. Now in their 60’s, this person is well aware on the political “goings on” of The Bayou State. I wanted to know this person’s personal opinion, from the “common man” viewpoint of the illegal activities that sent Mr. Charles “Budgie” Roemer to prison. This is the comment that I got as a response:

You can bet your bottom dollar that Edwin Edwards was well aware and intricately involved in everything that happened around the state of Louisiana and beyond where corruption was involved. From the underworld/mob activities intertwined in the JFK era to… well, probably even now as he is preparing to be released from prison, nothing happened that Edwin Edwards was not aware of.

So maybe there is some validity to Buddy Roemer’s accusation that Edwin Edwards is the cause of his father going to prison. Edwin Edwards is well-know for his corrupt ways. My “common man” contact stated that he would have to agree that Charles “Budgie” Roemer was essentially the “fall guy” for Governor Edwin Edwards. My contact also stated that the situation with Charles “Budgie” Roemer was just one of many instances that should have landed Governor Edwards in prison long before he actually heard the prison door slam behind him.

Road To The Governors Mansion
Buddy Roemer called his campaign for governor the “Roemer Revolution” and promised to “scrub the budget”, overhaul the education system, reform campaign finance rules and slash the state bureaucracy by “bricking up the top three floors of the Education Building”.

The defining moment of the 1987 race in a forum between the gubernatorial candidates. The main topic of discussion was incumbent Governor Edwin Edwards, whose arrogant attitude and bombastic personality had the reputation of having questionable ethical practices.

The question presented to the forum was whether or not they would consider endorsing Governor Edwards in the general election if they did not make it to the runoff. None of the other candidates were willing to step out boldly, one way or another. Buddy Roemer was the last candidate to speak, and responded:

“No, we’ve got to slay the dragon. I would endorse anyone but Edwards.”

This bold statement bolstered his endorsement as the “good government candidate” by nearly every newspaper in Louisiana. Overnight, Mr. Roemer went from last in the polls to the top of the list. On the night of the election, Buddy Roemer won the primary with 33 %, of the votes, compared to Edwin Edwards’ 28% of the votes. Governor Edwards realized he could not win the general election and withdrew from the race, which virtually gave the governorship to Buddy Roemer.

52nd Governor of Louisiana
Governor Roemer came into office in 1988 with a $1.3 billion state budget deficit staring him in the face.

Len Sanderson, Jr., Governor Roemer’s first chief of staff, took on the role of representing the reform-minded agenda that redefined Louisiana politics during Roemer’s first session. There were many who did not take kindly to Mr. Sanderson’s approach. It has been speculated that due to his boldness, and the obvious displeasure of of his boldness, he was removed from his position as chief of staff.

However, most reform legislation that passed while Governor Roemer was in office was past in the first months of the Roemer administration- the time in which Mr. Sanderson was chief of staff. It has been said that when Mr. Sanderson left his position as chief of staff the “revolutionary character” of the successful reform platform administration changed into a more traditional political agenda.

In a special session of the legislature, Governor Roemer touted an ambition tax and fiscal reform program for state and local governments. He promised to slash spending, abolish programs and close state-run institutions. His proposals were rejected by the voters in a statewide constitutional referendum.

Environmental Dichotomy
Governor Roemer was the first Louisiana governor in state history to undertake the failing environmental issues. Interestingly enough, in the 1991 run-off election for governor, Marine Shale owner Jack Kent spent $500,000 of his own money on TV commercials to target the Roemer administration as a polluter.

Pro-Life Veto
1990- Governor Roemer vetoed a pro-life bill, stating that it would ban abortion in cases of incest and would have been incompatible with the Supreme Court decision on Roe v. Wade. This decision angered Governor Roemer’s socially conservative voters. The bill later passed despite Governor Roemer’s veto, but in 1991 it was determined to be in conflict with Roe v. Wade.

The Power of Positive Thinking
Governor Roemer received a lot of criticism when he hired one of his friends to teach his staff positive thinking. The staff wore rubber bands on their wrists and were told to snap the rubber-band when they had negative thoughts.

The Party Switch
When Governor Roemer switched from the Democratic Party to the Republican Party mid-term of his governorship disturbed politicians and activists on both sides of the aisle.  This mid-term switch earned him the reputation of having “erratic behavior”.

It is said that Governor Roemer was urged to switch from the Democrat Party to the Republican Party by Bush White House Chief of Staff John H. Sununu.

Governor Roemer, a new Democratic governor, actually attended the 1988 Republican Convention in New Orleans to welcome the Republican delegates.

Accomplishments As Governor of Louisiana
Under Governor Roemer Louisiana saw some marked improvements from the previous years of well-known corruption under Governor Edwin Edwards.

During his time in the governors mansion:

  • Unemployment in Louisiana dropped to nearly half what it was when Governor Roemer took office.
  • Although he inherited a large deficit, Louisiana’s budget was balanced every year under Governor Roemer.
  • Governor Roemer brought accountability to the education system by enacting accountability for teacher’s pay according to their performance.
  • As governor, he challenged the government unions and passed campaign finance reform legislation.

Who He’s Endorsed
2008- Supported and campaigned for John McCain

When asked how he would compare or contrast himself with John McCain, he answered:

“Younger, hair not quite as gray. … In a lot of ways John and I are alike. We believe foreign policy ought to be robust. … John and I always got along even when we disagreed, but I’m a little bit different in a fundamental thing. I presented to John four years ago the $100 (max campaign donation) issue. … They gave it a lot of thought, and I hate to tell your readers this, but some experts, including John, didn’t think it was possible.”

Health Issues
June 2005- Governor Roemer underwent triple bypass heart surgery

Hall of Fame
2000- Governor Roemer was inducted into the Louisiana Political Museum and Hall of Fame in Winnfield, Louisiana.

His Reputation
Ron Gomez, a veteran journalist, author and former Louisiana State Representative said of Buddy Roemer:

“[he] could have been one of Louisiana’s great governors. The state’s horrible financial condition when he took office, his dependence on an inexperienced and sometimes rashly immature staff in his first year or so, an overly-ambitious legislative agenda and his own unpredictable dealings with individual legislators all contributed to the failures he suffered. Ultimately, all of these factors led to his running third, as the incumbent, in the 1991 gubernatorial election.”

Mr. Gomez went on to describe Buddy Roemer as:

“a dynamic orator who could light up an audience with his first two sentences. When he got wound up it was truly evangelical and, he made sense. His wiry, five foot seven, one-hundred thirty-five pound frame would seem to uncoil and grow as he outlined his vision as a fighter against crime, corruption and waste in government, poor education, taxes and industrial pollution.”

There are some that have maintained that Governor Roemer’s effectiveness as governor was inconsistent and his performance in office was inconsistent. Others have said his relationship with state legislators was lacking as well.

Governor Roemer has been described as very eloquent in his speech, talking clearly and concisely of being a reformer. However his record of true accomplishments during his governorship left constituents a bit riled up. Two of these hot-button issues/accomplishments are the Louisiana state lottery and riverboat gambling, both of which were legalized under Governor Roemer.

Governor Roemer earned a reputation for being difficult to work with, which was consistent with the reputation he earned as a member of the House as well.

2012 Presidential Campaign
Governor Roemer made the public announcement in January 2011 that he was considering a run for the presidency in 2012.

He made another public announcement on March 3, 2011 stating that he had formed an exploratory committee to prepare for his possible run for president on the Republican ticket.

In his announcement, Governor Roemer stated that the main issue of his campaign would be campaign finance reform.

Governor Roemer has pledged that he will not accept any campaign contributions from PACs or special interest groups. He has also pledged that he will not accept donations of more than $100, and has stated on his official website that he will report every single donation that he receives, no matter how small, whether mandated by federal law or not.

On The Issues
Quoting from Governor Roemer’s official website, his stand on the issues are stated as follows:

I want a President who is free to lead. Free to control the federal spending that is bankrupting our nation. Free to strive for energy independence by the end of this decade and bring our Armed Forces home from “oil” duty. Free to make the tax code simpler and to eliminate corporate and Wall Street welfare. Free to change the healthcare law to eliminate money favors to insurance companies and pharmaceutical companies. Free to make sure Wall Street’s gambles don’t impact Main Street taxpayers.

Yes, we will talk about a lot of issues in this campaign. But we will start by tackling special interest money that impacts all the rest.

Self-described as a “pro-life traditional values man”

Governor Roemer is one of five candidates who appeared at the 2012 March forum in Iowa which was sponsored by the Faith and Freedom Coalition.
On The Web
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Hollywood’s Mask Comes Off

After years of denial or dismissal from the left, the mask of Hollywood has finally come off. However, it is not something that I imagine the “elite” of Tinsel Town really expected.

In interviews with what they thought to be a liberal reporter (because, come on- any “good” reporter worth sitting down with is liberal, right??) several Hollywood producers used words such as “idiots” and “medieval minds” when referring to conservatives.

In reality, all it takes is a baseball cap with a liberal college logo-  Harvard- and the fact that the reporter’s last name is “Shapiro”, and you have the perfect scene for the latest expose’ of the liberal agenda.

Mr. Shapiro conducted the interviews for his book, Primetime Propaganda: The True Hollywood Story of How the Left Took Over Your TV, which was just released this past Tuesday.

In reading what these executives had to say in the interviews with Mr. Shapiro, what I find more than just a little bit amusing is how in this day and age where you can find out anything about anyone with just a few keystrokes on a computer, it does not appear that very many, if any of the 39 Hollywood executives interviewed bothered to “google”  the name Ben Shapiro. As Mr. Shapiro states,

“Most of them didn’t Google me. If they had, they would have realized where I am politically,” he said. “I played on their stereotypes. When I showed up for the interviews, I wore my Harvard Law baseball cap — my name is Ben Shapiro and I attended Harvard, so there’s a 98.7 percent chance I’m a liberal. Except I happen not to be.”

So it doesn’t look like the elite know so much after all!

One thing that I find quite interesting is how these people who claim to be so “tolerant” of others show their true colors! The truth is they are “tolerant” of people that have the same views as they do, but as soon as someone comes along who does not agree with their agenda they are not so tolerant after all.

Just more proof of the hypocrisy of the left.

In another quote from the article about Mr. Shapiro’s book:

Another video Shapiro will release shortly has producer-director Nicholas Meyer being asked point-blank whether conservatives are discriminated against in Hollywood. “Well, I hope so,” he answers. Meyer also admits his political agenda for “The Day After,” a TV movie he directed for ABC that was seen by 100 million people when it aired in 1983.

Wow! I’m guessing Mr. Meyer was not counting on that statement being made public!

I also find it very interesting that liberals have no problem at all pushing their agenda, yet if we conservatives- especially God-fearing, Bible believing, gun-toting conservatives just so much as breathe our beliefs or want to make a movie about our beliefs we are called bigoted, racists, extremists, and any other derogatory name they can think of.

The bottom line comes down to this: if you are a conservative with dreams of becoming a Hollywood star, you would do best to keep your mouth shut about your political beliefs or just find another dream to pursue.

Or, another idea: I say the conservatives in Hollywood ban together and revolt against this leftist agenda! In the modern age of the Internet, Netflix, and other options who needs the left? Who needs the network TV stations? And for that matter, who needs Primetime TV? There’s very little that comes out of Tinsel Town worth watching at all anymore anyway! On the rare occasion that something decent DOES come out it is canceled after half a season, or a complete season at most!

The leftist agenda has indeed taken over what is produced for TV. They have completely “dumbed down” what once was quality entertainment.  Just like everything within the leftist agenda it’s been a slow process. But the slippery slope that began forty years ago has been quite successful. We are now left with “reality shows” and we call that entertainment.

I say let the leftist liberals continue their agenda on Primetime TV. Let Hollywood continue the downward spiral into the abyss they seem to crave. We conservatives can put our money- advertising funds, production funds, funds for conservative actors- whatever it takes- to create a conservative entertainment outlet. What that is I don’t know- I am a writer, not a movie or TV producer. But I know with the collective minds of the conservative movement the answer is out there!