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Obama: We do Skeet Shooting all the Time

Huffington Post: In an interview with The New Republic, Obama refers to the “reality” of urban and rural differences on the guns issue. Obama added to that perspective by admitting that he has fired a gun. “Up at Camp David, we do skeet shooting all the time,” he said. Well, as my twitter feed says…… Read More »

Make Your Own Gun

This guy is absolutely hilarious! YouTube Description: Learn how to make a Coil Accelerator, just don’t shoot yourself, or anyone else for that matter! In the video I mentioned a “Rail Gun” by mistake. It should have been a coil gun.

Bank of America refutes claims that it refuses to honor debit/credit card purchases of ammo and guns

Bank of America has issued this statement refuting the earlier report that they were refusing charges for firearms-related items: Betty Riess, a Bank of America spokeswoman, told The Daily Caller Wednesday afternoon that Stemick was given incorrect information. “That’s not accurate,” Riess said. A Bank of America customer calls Customer Service and gets it straight… Read More »

The Journal News Doxes (possible) NY Handgun Owners

(Westchester County, NY) Watch out for those spooky gun owners!  At least that’s what The Journal News wants you to think when they published the names and addresses of everyone with a handgun permit in Westchester and Rockland counties. Journal News released the Google Map, which doxed these people, through an affiliate site called lohud.com on… Read More »