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More "Green Energy" Boondoggles

What do we taxpayers get for “only” $249 million? A battery company that has to replace the batteries that it has already delivered. A123 Systems of Waltham, MA, received $249 million grant from the Department of Energy (DOE) to build the plant, located in Livonia , MI, as part of a strategy to bring battery manufacturing to the U.S.

The grant A123 received is part of a $2.4 billion DOE program, which will be matched by $2.4 billion in private investment, and will go to battery and component suppliers as well as the big US automakers, General Motors, Ford, and Chrysler. The “Big 3″ received over $400 million for manufacturing and to test the performance of electric vehicles, such as the Chevy Volt. Let’s see… Chrysler went bankrupt, killing its electric car and costing us $70 million, and we all know how successful the Chevy Volt is. Can DOE pick ’em, or what?

A123 Systems will spend $55 million replacing defective batteries it manufactured. The announcement was the latest setback for A123 that reported earlier this month that it lost $85 million in the fourth quarter of 2011, largely because Fisker Automotive had ordered fewer battery packs than previously expected. Fisker is one of A123 Systems’ largest customers. Yes, that is the same Fisker that received a $529 million loan from DOE, only to have it pulled after Fisker has already spent $190 million. And, yes, the cause of a $107,000 Fisker Karma shutting down in Consumer Reports tests is associated with A123’s defective batteries.

The $55 million battery replacement has had an effect on the A123 stock price, trading at $1.27 per share as of March 27, 2012, a new 52 week low. It was trading at over $25 per share as recently as 2009. A123 lost a net $172 million over the first three quarters of 2011 and has yet to see a profit. A Deutsche Bank analyst wrote: “We no longer have enough confidence that (A123) can raise sufficient capital (without massive equity dilution) and/or continue to augment their book to future business. Recent quality issues may lead to concerns over (A123’s) ability to manufacture with quality at high volumes, potentially leading to customer defections or at least difficulty in procuring new contracts.”

Former Michigan Gov. Jennifer Granholm (D) once said A123 was a federal stimulus “success story.” Former House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) visited A123 headquarters and hailed it as a “great example of how Recovery Act funding is helping American companies.”

Meanwhile, A123’s Compensation Committee approved a $30,000 raise (from $350,000 to $380,000) for CFO David Prystash just days after Fisker Automotive announced that DOE cut off what was left of its $528.7 million loan it had previously received. Further, Jason Forcier, vice president of the automotive solutions group, was raised from $331,250 to $350,000.

BTW, A123 Systems President and CEO David Vieau has contributed at least $14,900 to Democrat candidates and groups since 2007. And it has spent at least $730,000 lobbying Congress on federal issues pertaining to the batteries they produce.

Again, I have to say: “Can DOE pick ’em, or what?”

But that’s just my opinion.

The President, Gas Prices, and the Use of Deception.

Gas prices in the United States are an ongoing concern. Prices for food, clothing, and shelter are also sky rocketing, but the cost of gas is getting higher and higher. Clearly the rising prices are a reflection of many things including our failing economy and out outrageous spending by a government out of control, but intentionally tying to manipulate the American people through deception seems to be the ongoing theme of this president.

President Obama would love the American people to believe we are producing more oil in the United States awhile giving oil companies taxpayer money. The president wants to invest more money on “wind-power and solar power, and bio-fuels, investments in fuel efficient cars and trucks, and energy efficient homes and building’s that’s the future”(Obama speech 3/29/2012). There was a recent study which proved that global warming is not the result of mankind. Evidence was found in a rare mineral that records global temperatures warming was global and NOT limited to Europe which throws doubt on orthodoxies around ‘global warming.’ (Ted Thornhill: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/sciencetech/article-2120512/Global-warming-Earth-heated-medieval-times-human-CO2-emissions.html#ixzz1qWYrjVX5), so why are we spending astronomical amounts of money, we DON’T have on these things? That is one of many questions you should be asking.

The president wants congress to strip oil companies of some of the tax breaks they currently receive while pushing his own failed green energy bills. He said, “I think its curious that some folks in congress were the first to belittle investments in new sources for energy are the ones that are fighting the hardest to maintain these giveaways for the oil companies. That is the only way to break the cycle of high gas prices that happened year, after year, after year. As the economy is growing the only time you start seeing lower gas prices is when the economy is doing badly. We can’t just drill our way out of this problem as I said, “Oil production here in the United States is doing very well.” And its been doing well even as gas prices are going up. The reason is: we are using 20 percent of the worlds oil but we only have 2 percent of the worlds known oil reserves. That means we could drill every drop of the American Oil tomorrow, but we would still have to buy oil from other countries to make up the difference. We would still have to rely on other countries to meet our energy needs.” (Obama Speech 3/29/2012). He wants to continue to invest in wind-power and so on all those things that now have a proven record of being unsuccessful, by manipulating the American public. Green energy has cost taxpayers billions of dollars over the years, there is literally no record of success, and yet money continues to be spent.

According to Eric Bolling (Fox Business Network) Congress is not giving oil companies a penny, they are allowing them to keep more of their profits. “So, if that is taken away your raising taxes on oil companies.” It is not as the president tried to portray. What we are doing is taking tax payer money to subsidize green energy companies that our president outlined in the sum of more then 100 billion dollars.

With the onset of rising prices, the jobless rate at an all time high, and with a government bankrupting this country it is time to engage, do research, and wake up to the realities of what is going on in this country. When you have people running this country who can look you in the eye, and lie, it is time to make a change and get involved. Do you really think we are drilling and producing oil to our capacity? Do you really think this government is helping you by taking control of health care, banking, auto, education, and so on? Every aspect of your life is being infiltrated by government including your children and what they see, learn, eat, as well as the morals and values they are being taught. Just this one short speech by the president, regarding the oil industry, was deceptive – do you really think that is all that he lies about?

Obama's Energy Plan: Wind, Water & Algae for America's Future

President Obama unveiled his bold new energy strategy today before christening a Fulton steam barge in Flatbrush, Missouri upon the Mississippi River. The president stood atop a soap box and delivered an address while reading from a hand-cranked teleprompter especially designed to save energy.

Thousands of locals gathered to celebrate the carnival-like atmosphere, complete with waterwheel-driven Ferris wheels, windmill-powered carousels, and one-way roller coasters. The futuristic setting looked like a scene from the 1814 World’s Fair, if one had taken place.

Underneath a giant banner reading “Welcome to America’s Future!” throngs of men, women, and children noshed on funnel cakes and old-fashioned hot dogs.

“Today we usher in a bright new era,” the president began with an echo that trembled the mighty waters of the Mississippi, “one where Americans will no longer be beholden to big oil, scary nuclear, and king coal. We look forward with clear vision to a future where America is powered by steam, water and wind power.”

“Hoorah!” yelled the American people, who were warming towards the proposal.

“The heart of my Progressive Energy Plan is the switchover of our gasoline engines, coal-fired plants, and nuclear power facilities to steam engines, windmills, and waterwheels by 2046. Such a strategy will place America clearly at the forefront of technological change in the green energy field, far ahead of the gas-rich Russians and oil-heavy Saudis,” said President Obama.

The crowd burst into uncontrollable applause before the president was able to calm the people down through a casual flap of the arms.

“Now, some have called this plan foolish. They call steam power an impossibility, hydropower a fanciful dream, and wind power plain quixotic. They point to the failures of Europe and argue that green energy doesn’t work, won’t work, can’t work. But what is leadership but the ability to take the failures of others and turn them into dizzying success stories?”

People roared in agreement as they chewed on salted pretzels and stared spellbound at the dim multicolored lights, which seemed to cast a faint vermillion glow on the president’s face.

“Thank you, thank you,” Mr. Obama said, “But you haven’t heard the best part yet. Under my plan, families of four making under $25,372 a year will be eligible for the Light a Candle for Change tax subsidy. So if you buy candles, file those receipts with the Internal Revenue Service for a credit towards your tax liability.”

The crowd once again cheered in assent.

“And the grandest innovation of all…” Mr. Obama spoke and lingered for a moment to relish the tension. “Algae. We will replace our dependence on fossil fuels with clean, green renewable slime.”

Jaws dropped. Eyes widened. Ice cream cones fell to the ground.

“I know, I know,” the president said with a laugh. “I was astounded too when I found out about it last week.”

A hush fell over the audience.  As the winds stirred briskly through that Missouri town, and plastic hot dog wrappers were blowing through the dusty streets, it appeared indeed that the gods of fortune had once again smiled upon America, that they should be blessed with such an ingenious president.

The president waved his arm in triumph, signaling the end of his address and the ceremonial christening of the U.S.S. Foolproof. With a dash of his supple wrist, the president slammed the bottle of Dom Perignon against the stolid steamship, but to no avail. Repeatedly, the president dinged the champagne bottle against the stubborn hull. Mercifully, Michelle Obama snatched the bottle from the president’s hand and shattered it against the bough.

“Heh, heh,” the president laughed, “Just a few technical difficulties. Nothing to worry about. Now, everybody go on board and do some riverboat gambling. It’s on me.”

Author’s note: The above is satire. It is a fictionalized account intended to elucidate certain ideas and principles by taking them to absurd lengths. It is not intended to be taken literally.

Kyle Becker blogs at RogueGovernment, and can be followed on Twitter as @RogueOperator1. He writes freelance for several publications, including American Thinker, and is a regular commentator on the late night talk show TB-TV.

Dear Energy Chief Chu: You know where you can shove your $50 lightbulb?

Just when the American government appeared to be maxed-out on the stupidity-meter, along comes Energy Secretary Steven Chu awarding $10 million frigging tax dollars for an “affordable green light-bulb” invention. The problem? It costs $50.00 a bulb for starters. Courtesy of NewsMax, we see just how idiotic and completely out of touch with reality Barack Obama and his lunatic-Liberal appointees truly are:

The good news: The Obama administration has awarded a $10 million prize for a “green” but affordable light bulb that’s available to the public.
The bad news: The bulb costs $50.
The “L Prize” was announced by Energy Secretary Steven Chu last year, to push manufacturers to come up with a green bulb “affordable for American families,” The Washington Post reported. The competition also required parts of the bulb to be made in America.
The L Prize winner is a $50 bulb made by Philips. Similar LED bulbs are going for less than half that cost, the Post reported.

Pay attention to that complete paragraph there. “Affordable green energy” now means paying $50.00 for a retread of an already manufactured bulb, the lunatic Liberal running the U.S. Energy dept. has given away $10 million tax dollars for it, and “parts” of the bulb will be made in America. Oh and similar bulbs are already selling for about half the price. IE: $25.00 a bulb! NewsMax goes on to further point just who started the lunacy of charging Americans $50.00 for a light-bulb:

The $10 million contest was meant to ease the transition away from inefficient incandescent light bulbs to more efficient fluorescent and LED bulbs. President George W. Bush signed legislation in 2007 to phase out the old bulbs.

That’s right, the supposedly conservative Republican G.W. Bush, with a Republican-dominated Congress in 2007 started the ball rolling towards this green energy debauchery and crony-capitalism-inducing thievery that has resulted in a $10 million dollar prize, (paid for with your tax dollars) for a moronic Cadillac light bulb that will cost Americans $50 bucks apiece, and which will be manufactured in foreign countries. ( One part will be made in America, just to fool the uninformed masses)

All of this idiocy and blatant government stupidity, (not to mention the theft of taxpayer dollars under the guise of a “prize”) is brought to you by Barack Obama’s Liberal-lunatic appointee, Steven Chu. Does America really want four more years of this Liberal-lunacy? Note: Should Energy Chief Chu not understand the title of this opinion piece, here is a clue: It involves a place where the sun doesn’t shine.

Abound Solar Joins Growing List of Obama Green Energy Failures

 Abound Solar of Longmont, Colorado recently announced the laying off of 70% of it’s workforce and delayed/cancelled plans for a new plant in Indiana. Just like the Solyndra Solar Panel company failure and other green energy schemes designed to be Democratic donor pocket-stuffers, Abound received hundreds of millions of dollars in Steven Chu-approved DOE green energy loans from the U.S. taxpayer. $400 million dollars to be exact. And just like Solyndra, this is a taxpayer-funded  failure designed by another Democratic big government grifter, Mr. Pat Stryker, the founder of Bohemian Companies. ( an Abound investor)

 The Denver Post, while reporting about Abound’s recent announcement of laying off 70% of it’s workforce, and pointing towards another $400 million dollar loss that will be shoved down the taxpayers throats, forgot/refused/was incapable of that type of truth-telling about it being a big Obama bundler-financier behind the Abound green energy failure. The Denver Post did make the effort to publish all of the very same lame, tired excuses ( as we heard from Solyndra) on why this green energy company failed:

“We are facing tough market conditions and falling prices,” said Steve Abely, Abound’s chief financial officer.
The price for solar panels has collapsed — dropping almost 60 percent to $1.10 a watt between 2009 and 2011, according to industry consultant Solarbuzz.The decline was caused by Chinese manufacturers, backed by low-cost government loans, ramping up production, Abely said.
The Abound green energy company, according to one of the thousands of taxpayer-funded campaign speeches by Barack Hussein Obama, was supposed to  “create whole new industries and hundreds of thousands of new jobs in America.” However, fourteen months later the company is bleeding financially, laying off hundreds of workers, shutting down production to retool, and complaining that it is all China’s fault. This scenario also fits the [Solyndra] pattern of Abound laying off it’s main production force due to being insolvent, yet staying in business to “retool.”
Solyndra paid it’s remaining employees huge bonuses after they went belly up, saying they had to do it to keep “valued” employees. Keeping “Valued employees” at a bankrupt green energy plant? For what? Obama’s reelection campaign? Or for another feeding frenzy at the taxpayer cash trough as soon as Obama and company can sneak it by the media? They are not producing a profitable product, yet stay in business. Only in big government la-la-land, where tax dollars are free for the taking for Obama-supporters does that happen. While paying out those bonuses (at taxpayer expense) at the Solyndra plant, those same “valued employees” were caught smashing millions of dollars in special materials and class used to make solar panels and throwing it into the dumpster. See those valued employees in action burning the taxpayer, complete with video here.
Bob Beauprez over at Townhall did the real legwork here, in showing just who the Abound investor Mr. Stryker is:
So, how did Abound convince the Obama Administration to approve a $400 million loan?  Just as Solyndra and other companies that received millions and billions for green projects were connected to campaign contributors and administration officials, one of the main investors in Abound – Pat Stryker – is a big Democrat financier.  The following is courtesy of Joel Gehrke and the Washington Examiner.  What Gehrke failed to mention is that billionaire Stryker is also a founding member of the “Gang of Four” who invested millions in what became known as the Colorado Model, a largely covert political strategy that reversed the political power in Colorado and became embraced by the Democrat Party.

“Pat Stryker, founder of Bohemian Companies (an Abound Solar investor, as the Sunlight Foundation first observed), donated $50,000 to support President Obama’s 2009 inauguration and bundled another $87,500 for the event, Stryker also gave $35,500 to the Obama Victory Fund 2012, according to FEC reports, and another $5000 to the Democratic White House Victory Fund in 2008.”

“In addition to supporting Democratic candidates, Stryker also provides significant financial backing to third-party groups that support Democratic candidates.”

“For instance, FEC reports show Stryker donated $145,000 in 2010 to America’s Families First Action Fund (AFFAF) and $75,000 to ‘Women Vote’ operation organized by the pro-choice group, Emily’s List. the Washington Post reported in October 2010 that AFFAF had spent almost $6 million during that cycle on behalf of Democratic candidates only. ‘Women Vote’ is a similarly partisan effort by Emily’s List to ‘turn out women voters for our pro-choice Democratic women candidates and every Democrat on the ticket.’

Are Americans really going to vote for four more years of these types of blatant big government graft and taxpayer abuse at the hand of Barack Obama and his appointed minions in the DOE ?


More Green Energy Company Layoffs

Here we go again. Today, layoffs. Tomorrow, bankruptcy? Another “green energy” company, Abound Solar, a recipient of a $400 million American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA, or the stimulus) loan guarantee, announced on Tuesday, February 28, 2012, that it is laying off 70% of its workforce, halt what Abound calls first generation solar panel production, refit its manufacturing lines to produce more efficient panels, and delay the construction of a manufacturing plant in Indiana. Abound says it will resume production by year-end with cadmium-telluride panels that will be able to convert 12.5% to 13% of the energy in sunlight into electricity, while its current first generation panels have conversion efficiency rates of 10.5%. This move, says Abound CEO Craig Witsoe and CFO Stephen Abely, will allow it to be more competitive in today’s solar panel market.

Abound has already drawn $70 million of its $400 million credit line, and cannot draw more until it resumes production. Uh oh, more taxpayer money to waste, I mean, to use to support Abound. At least Abound won’t be able to draw any more taxpayer money until it resumes production.

This is the same Abound Solar that President Barack Hussein Obama touted by name in July, 2010, to extol his stimulus’ support for the solar industry. Obama said that Abound would “create more than 2,000 construction jobs and 1,500 permanent jobs,” and would be integral to his administration’s quest to “create whole new industries and hundreds of thousands of new jobs in America.”

This is the same Abound Solar that, when it received the loan guarantee, said it would create 1,500 jobs in Loveland, Colorado and Tipton, Indiana. Abound even received, in 2010, an Indiana Economic Development Corporation $12 million performance-based tax credit. Eighteen months later, and still no Abound Solar jobs for Indiana. At least in Indiana, Abound received a performance-based tax credit, so at least Indiana taxpayers didn’t lose money.

Department of Energy (DOE) spokesman Damien LaVera said, “While the challenges facing solar manufacturers have been widely reported, we continue to believe that supporting innovative companies like this is important to ensuring our nation has the ability to compete for the clean energy jobs of tomorrow.” The pertinent questions are: (1) Will tomorrow ever come? and (2) Can we taxpayers afford to continue to support innovative companies while waiting for tomorrow?

Just so you know, a bankruptcy auction of Solyndra assets, held on Wednesday, November 2, 2011, generated sales of $3.81 million, or less than 1% of the federal financing. Solyndra got $500 million of taxpayer money. After the auction, there was still over $496 million of the money Solyndra lost to be repaid, mostly to taxpayers. As Solyndra began to fail, the White House allowed a restructuring of the debt that ignored rules that applied to non-taxpayer subsidized companies and allowed private creditors to stand ahead of taxpayers for repayment of the first $75 million. DOE’s legal position on creditor and taxpayer repayment is without precedent in the history of its loan guarantee program. Heritage Global Partners, the company that conducted the auction, said that the money raised “will not be anywhere near” $75 million, meaning the proceeds will go entirely towards repaying Solyndra’s private investors. So after paying off creditors, we taxpayers are still out $421 million. An Obama bet with our money that didn’t pan out.

But that’s just my opinion.

Solyndra-Style DOE Loan Report Released

The Obama administration was caught red-handed giving a half-billion, taxpayer-funded green energy loan to a [now bankrupt] green energy company in what is now known as the Solyndra  pay-for-play scandal. While the media downplayed the event, thanks to citizen reporting and social media programs on the Internet, most concerned citizens are now aware of how the Obama administration and the DOE have been using Solyndra-style green energy loans to fill Democrat’s campaign coffers at taxpayer expense.

To add insult to injury, Solyndra employees were caught by a news crew effectively throwing away more taxpayer dollars, as can be seen here. As the public outcry about this taxpayer abuse became louder, Congress started holding hearings about just what went down at Solyndra. So what’s the White House to do under such scrutiny? They hire the former treasury official, Mr. Herb Allison, the former Treasury official who oversaw the TARP [fraud] program to spin up a “report” to try to paint the Solyndra scandal in a good light. This is nothing more than propaganda 101 folks, designed to sweep the Solyndra scandal under the rug. Nothing to see here folks, just move along.

The recently released, ” W/H ‘Independent’ Report on DOE Loans” can be read in it’s entirety here.  While the White House relies on the keywords “independent” and “outsider” in an attempt to make it appear as if this report was done by someone with no DC connections, as noted above it was, in fact, done by the former TARP overseer Mr. Allison. That would be the very same TARP program in which there was very little transparency in spending almost a trillion dollars of the people’s money, which has left most people wondering just where all that money went today.  In a quick response to the release of this report, Rep. James Sensenbrenner Jr. (R-Wis.) stated, “This is less a report than an umbrella to deflect the criticism that’s pouring down on the Administration,” In other words, file this report under the Obama-propaganda 101 category.

The Hill came out with an article on the DOE Energy Loan report that has some interesting factoids about this report: (emphasis added)

An outside review of the Energy Department’s embattled green energy loan program calls for several steps to improve oversight but also provides lower estimates of taxpayer risk than an earlier federal forecast.

The “reduced risk” to taxpayers odds of losing their hard-earned dollars, according to this report, has now went down from an estimated $5 billion dollars to a new and revised number of $3 billion tax dollars being put at rick of loss. Color the taxpayers happy and break out the champagne! Does that “reduced figure” of $3 billion lost taxpayer dollars contain the previously lost billions in several bankrupt green energy scams , including  Solyndra? No it doesn’t, and the Obama administration wants the citizenry to forget the lost/stolen/wasted, half a billion tax dollars for the Solyndra pay-for-play scandal, just like they are stonewalling Congressional investigations, lying and trying to cover up the Fast and Furious gunrunning scandal that got Brian Terry and thousands of other folks murdered by assault weapons sold by our very own government!

What is also a semi-hidden mind-massage that is being sent to Congress by this report, is that big government needs to get bigger.  Again this is in reference to The Hill article that states: “The report calls on the department to name a “Chief Risk Officer” who would head up a “Risk Management unit” charged with monitoring the loans.” A New Chief officer is now needed to head up a new risk management unit, all on the taxpayer dime because the current incompetents could not properly do their jobs in protecting the people from the taxpayer abuse described above.  Here is a serious hat tip: If the DOE is so incompetent that it can not properly protect the taxpayer from fraud and abuse, while doling out hundreds of billions of tax dollars, then abolish the whole frigging department immediately!

In summary, the recently-released so-called “W/H independent, outsider report is a bunch of bunk put out to allow the current administration to continue using the DOE green energy loan program as a reelect Barack Obama campaign and democrats slush fund, period. Let’s hope Congress is listening to this and takes action to stop any further green energy funding fraud that is designed to reelect Barack Obama and company. That must include no tax dollars to fund the new DOE loans Chief Risk Officer and his bureaucratic big government unit that this propaganda piece posing as an “independent report” is plotting towards starting.




Lazy, Good for Nothing Obama-Cronies Caught Red-Handed Burning the Taxpayers

Barack Obama and company pumped a half a billion taxpayer dollars into the failed Solar Panel company, Solyndra. Big-time Obama donors were put on the “we get paid first” list while the taxpayers were basically told to eat dirt.($500 million dollars worth of it) With Solyndra pleading bankruptcy, the remaining assets were ordered to be sold so that past debts can be paid, albeit for pennies on the dollar, if at all. So how can anyone justify the following video, where we see Solyndra employees  dumping millions of dollars worth of special glass tubes used in the manufacturing of solar panels into a dumpster?


In that video, courtesy of CBS5 in San Francisco, they filmed Solyndra employees throwing away thousands of these high-tech glass tubes, representing millions of dollars worth of materials that surely could have been sold? According to the CBS5 report it gets even worse:

 Solyndra paid at least $2 million for the specialized glass. A CBS 5 crew found one piece lying in the parking lot. Solyndra still owes the German company that made the tubes close to another $8 million.

Neither the Germans nor the U.S. taxpayers can expect any effort on the part of Obama’s Solyndra cronies to pay back what they owe them. This is proven right in that video.  CBS5  also blows the lid off the lies and excuses being told to justify this lunacy:

An employee for Heritage Global Partners, the company in charge of selling Solyndra’s assets, told CBS 5 they conducted an exhaustive search for buyers but no one wanted them. But how exhaustive was that search? The tubes were never included on the list of Solyndra assets put up for sale at two auctions last year.If they were, David Lucky told CBS 5 he would have bought them. “We certainly would have bid on them, yes,” Lucky said. Lucky owns several large warehouses near Las Vegas. He buys and then resells manufacturing equipment and components all the time.

Meanwhile President Obama has the audacity to brag about his grand solar panel investments on behalf of the taxpayers, in these Liberal Green energy failures. When asked by Liberal fluff-master and Obama’s favorite softball server,George Stephanopoulos if he regretted his promotion of the bankrupt Solyndra solar panel company, the teleprompter in chief simply stated, “No, I don’t.” $500 million hard-earned tax dollars were thrown in the dumpster with nothing to show for it, and Barack Hussein Obama doesn’t regret it one little bit. Yet today there are still 47% of the uninformed masses in America today saying they want four more years of this. (in the form of Obama’s approval rate) Go figure.

Truth in Advertising

Have you seen this TV commercial advertising an electric car? It starts by showing virtually every appliance, utility and tool used by average, everyday people being powered by an internal combustion engine that’s pumping massive amounts of black smoke into the atmosphere. Impressive efforts are made to tie all visual references to the petroleum industry, including showing an office water cooler that looks remarkably like the gas pump found at your local filling station.

Never mind that the EPA’s Corporate Average Fuel Economy rules, aka the CAFE standards, have largely made seeing such noxious fumes spewing forth from the exhaust pipe of an internal combustion engine a thing of the past. Forget reality. Just make sure the most frightening images imaginable are superimposed into the subconscious minds of potential buyers.

Then the commercial starts singing the praises of not filling the air with all that nasty smoke because to charge it, you need simply plug your battery powered car into a home outlet. Never mind that by doing so you’re using electricity that’s primarily generated through the burning of coal, which produces more pollution than internal combustion engines. Obviously, mentioning that truth does not suit the advertising campaign. Why would people buy an electric car if they knew that driving such a car causes more pollution, not less?

Then there’s another commercial from a different manufacturer for a similar type of vehicle. This one sings the praises of how much money consumers will save by not having to pay for all that gasoline at the pump. Never mind that even though gasoline costs nearly twice as much as it did three years ago when our beloved emperor first seized power…err, ah, I mean took office, electricity costs are steadily climbing higher and will “necessarily skyrocket” when new EPA emission controls close multiple electricity generation plants across the country.

In this presidential election year of 2012, this is the same type of subliminal indoctrination you can expect to experience via the “news”, Hollywood productions, school textbooks and especially, political advertising.

Oh, and just in case you’re continuing to cling to the illusion that you’re not being brainwashed, once it’s no longer rechargeable, that battery is just another unmentioned form of pollution.


U.S Oil Production to Shut Down Completely? Is That the Goal?

Note: Article revised to include recent decision to allow the bridge to be built, with conditions yet to be named.

In the great state of Alaska there is a region that is designated as the National Petroleum Reserve. (NPR, and no, this is not about the National Propaganda Radio, which also goes by NPR) The NPR consists of 23 million acres of Alaska’s North Slope wilderness that was originally established in 1923 by President Harding to supply the oil needed to keep the U.S. Navy fueled. Since it’s establishment, the National Petroleum Reserve has sat idle, and today there is not one single production well in operation there. Access is difficult, to say the least, and with no current roads, all equipment would have to be flown in, making it increasingly expensive to extract the oil and distribute it to refineries or transportation hubs.

So just why has there been exactly no oil or gas production from the designated National Petroleum Reserves in question? It was designated almost 90 years ago, and with America trying to reduce her independence on foreign oil, it only seems logical to carefully open it up for production. As a matter of fact, 4 million carefully studied acres were opened up back in the 80’s, as the federal government sold several leases in the area, but none were developed, and then they expired. The same thing happened in the 90’s, as the federal government again sold another $150 million dollars worth of drilling rights in NPR-Alaska. The history behind NPR-A, and the reasons as to why there has never been a drop of oil or a cubic meter of gas production is well documented here, from the Government Affairs Program-American Geological Institute. Here is the final report summary listed in the above linked page:

“The final report was issued on August 7, 1998. It states that 4 million acres (87 percent) of the area studied will be available for leasing. Development in 20 percent of that area will be limited by prohibiting oil and gas surface pipelines but can be accessed by directional drilling. The areas where leasing is prohibited or restricted fall mainly around the Teshekpuk Lake and Colville River, which provide habitats for molting geese, caribou, raptors and passerine. The plan also prohibits oil and gas facilities in riparian areas identified by the North Slope residents and governments as areas important for subsistence and forms a Subsistence Advisory Panel”

That was back in 1998, and after decades of studies and input from local citizens,s state agencies, and a slew of environmental groups, there was a firm plan put into place to allow the extraction of oil and gas deposits from the NPR-A designated areas. Note in the above final report, that it specifically mentions the Colville River area. This is at the center of the latest roadblock that has been put in the way of any production from NPR-A. From an article at FoxNews.com, dated Nov. 28, 2011, we see the following headline: Energy in America: No Bridge to Oil. The bridge that is now being denied in that article is in fact a proposed bridge over the Colville River that is mentioned in the above paragraph. 30 years of exhaustive studies, research and planning in the designated National Petroleum Reserve – Alaska, along with millions of dollars in the sale of leases and drilling rights, were once again poised to be all for nothing, because of a fight over a bridge. How do the locals feel about this bridge? The mayor of the town Nuiqsuit, Thomas Napageak says the bridge would make his town a hub for the oil industry and help lower the current 38% unemployment.

Conoco Phillips wants to build a road bridge and pipeline over the river to connect to the nearby Alpine development, which sits just outside the NPR. But the Army Corps of Engineers and related EPA and Fish and Wildlife agencies originally rejected the plan telling the oil company it had to go under the river. Update 12/11/2011: From the Petroleum News we see the following headline: Agencies Agree on Bridge, Corps of Engineers decision this year.

The U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service and the Environmental Protection Agency, which had opposed the company’s plan to put the crude oil pipeline from CD-5 to the company’s Alpine production facilities on a bridge to be built across the Nigliq Channel of the Colville River, have reached “an agreement in principle” with the company on the proposal.

While this looks like marvelous news at the onset, ConocPhillips Alaska spokeswoman Natalie Lowman said in a Dec 5th email, “We have not yet seen the permit nor it’s conditions, but we are encouraged by today’s announcement.”

Alaska Congressman Don Young added that while he welcomed this most recent announcement, “The fact of the matter is that this should have happened sooner.” He noted the importance of the CD-5 project not only for Alaska jobs, “but also because it will put this nation on a path towards becoming energy independent.”

This is a very welcome development in moving America forward towards energy independence in the future. The only question left to ask is, “Why did it take almost 90 years to do it?

Obama's Failed "Green Energy" Policy

Energy Policy

How much more proof does President Obama need that his “green jihad” is a failure? The greatest problem is that it has failed on two fronts. First, he and his administration have subsidized and/or granted loan guarantees to green energy projects regardless of feasibility. Second, he has all but shut down fossil energy production and exploration.

Green Energy

Through its Department of Energy (DOE) loan guarantee program, it has backed loans for “green energy” projects for $35.9 billion of taxpayer dollars. Obama’s DOE has a less than stellar record so far. And much of the “stimulus” money earmarked for green energy projects went to companies outside the U.S.

So the question is, “Why does Obama continue, through the DOE, to hand out loan guarantees?” Well, as DJ Redman, in his article about the Federal Financing Bank (FFB), says, “…politicians are stuffing their campaign coffers, crony-capitalists, union bed-pals, friends, and relatives wallets, through mafia-style influence peddling.” And from this source (also provided by DJ Redman), we find that the FFB is giving out billions of dollars in loans to White House pet projects often at interest rates below 1%. So green energy projects are nothing more than for recipients to have money to contribute to favorite politicians. From this source, we find that the Obama administration was motivated by politics in its decisions on green energy loans, and that many of the loan recipients were donors or bundlers for Obama and Democrats. Peter Schweizer, author of the book, Throw Them All Out, wrote that at least 10 members of Obama’s finance committee and more than a dozen of his campaign bundlers took money from administration loan programs. Schweizer said that he believes that many of those who were chosen to receive loan guarantees, were picked almost solely for their success in raising money for the Obama campaign. There can be little doubt that DJ Redman is correct.

Fossil Energy

Two recent incidences characterize Obama’s fossil energy policy: the Keystone XL Pipeline (non)decision and the canceling of a major mineral lease in the Wayne (Ohio) National Forest (WNF).

This source provides information about the Keystone XL Pipeline, and this source provides information about Obama “passing the buck” on the pipeline decision. Ultimately the oil will be sold to China, who is investing heavily in the Canada oil production industry. The green energy environmentalists care nothing for inexpensive American energy, American jobs, or American national security.

President Obama’s Department of Agriculture (DOA) has delayed shale gas drilling in Ohio for up to six months by cancelling a 2006 mineral lease auction for WNF. The cancellation was taken in deference to environmentalists on the pretext of studying the effects of hydraulic fracturing, or fracking. The WNF study, the DOA says, “will focus solely on how it could affect forest land and not how it could affect groundwater.”

Obama made this decision in spite of the fact that it will delay 200,000 jobs, and that WNF already has about 1,300 oil and natural gas wells. One suspects that Obama took this action out of anger at Ohio. This cancellation comes just days after Ohio citizens voted to reject key provisions of Obamacare.

Foreign Policy

His foreign policy closely follows his energy policy. It can be described in one sentence: punish your friends (Canada, Israel, Poland, Mexico, etc.) and reward your enemies (Russia, Iran, Venezuela, etc.). And he particularly “has it in” for Canada, starting (in 2009) a trade war.

But that’s just my opinion.

Google Ends Green Energy Projects

Google, best known to Internet users for its ubiquitous search engine, put quite a bit of the money it made into green energy projects. Yesterday, Tuesday, November 22, 2011, the company announced that it is abandoning its effort to make renewable energy cheaper than coal (RE<C). Google’s Green Energy Czar, Bill Weihl, said in 2009 that he expected to demonstrate within a few years working technology that could produce renewable energy at a cheaper price than coal. Weihl is no longer with Google.

The plan to end green energy projects represents the third “spring cleaning” announcement that Google has made since Google co-founder Larry Page re-took control in April, 2011, from Eric Schmidt.

Google had a $100 million stake in the Oregon Shepherds Flat wind project. It also had large stakes in Solar City and Clean Power Finance residential photovoltaic (PV) companies, Alta Wind Energy Center Mojave Desert wind project, Atlantic Wind Connection project, the Peace Gardens wind farms in North Dakota, and Makani Power, an Alameda, Calif. startup that claims to harness electricity from wind turbines mounted on kites. Google is also heavily invested in BrightSource, a Robert Kennedy, Jr. project that received a Department of Energy (DOE) loan guarantee. No word yet on the fates of these projects.

Regarding the reason for abandoning the projects, Google said it is dropping development of “solar thermal” electricity because solar thermal cannot keep pace with the rapid price decline of photovoltaic solar technology. “The installed cost of solar photovoltaic technology has declined dramatically over the past few years, making solar photovoltaic technology a compelling choice for consumers,” Google Fellow and senior vice president of operations Urs Hölzle said in a blog post. Google has increased its investment in renewable energy technologies developed by others, investing $850 million to date into solar power projects, wind farms, and other projects.

Wouldn’t it have been nice if it was only Google that had to suffer the losses of poor investments in solar power? But no, our federal government “invested” taxpayer money into the solar energy industry for us, and now we’re all down a few dollars.

But that’s just my opinion.

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