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Federal Debt Report/ Feb. 2011

       America’s National Debt rose by another $63.7 billion dollars in the month of February, according to the Bureau of Public Debt*. That currently leaves us with a grand total of $14.195 trillions of debt as of March 1st, 2011. In a behind the scenes move to try to postpone having to raise the debt ceiling, the Obama administration and Secretary of the Treasury, Timothy Geitner dipped into the treasuries cash reserves. I suppose that it would be pretty awkward to add an increase of our debt ceiling into the mixture of budget battles going on in Congress right now, and their timid attempts at trying to keep our government from shutting down. 


     To the left here we see President Obama signing an executive order to create a budget commission.There was lots of pomp and celebration about how Obama is taking a step forward to address our current fiscal insanity and massive debt problem. With the help of the Media puppets, this was celebrated as if someone had invented a cure for the worst plague to ever threaten America: Our National Debt. They hadn’t even held one meeting and the MSM was talking about how great the chosen one was for coming up with such a brilliant idea, to hear them tell it 24/7 at the time.

       These gentlemen called all kinds of meetings, conferences, and hearings to try to come up with viable working solutions to our looming national bankruptcy. They included top business executives, past budget hawks, U. S.  Congressmen and Senators. all putting their knowledge and experience together to try to find a debt solution. In the end they came up with a variety of plans, but couldn’t reach a simple concensus on even the most basic of actions needed, such as which budget cuts to make, whether to raise taxes and upon whom, and what other ways we could reduce our massive debt burden. They came up with reports that contained a variety of needed measures to avoid economic an collapse in America. They then submitted  these reports to the President, The Treasury and the U.S  Congress. After which, the President submitted a budget proposal to Congress that ignored every single reality and recomendation that was in the budget commission’s reports. To put it bluntly, it was all a charade to make Obama look like some kind of hero. This charade was totally exposed when Obama blatantly ignored the reality of their reports, and submitted a budget that continues to expand our national debt to the point of insolvency today.

 * http://www.treasurydirect.gov/NP/BPDLogin?application=np

House Passes GOP 2 Week CR Spending Bill

       Today many Democrats joined Republicans to pass a 2-week spending resolution, that continues to keep our government running while they attempt to hammer out a budget. The deadline is looming folks, and this vote puts extreme pressure on the U.S. Senate and Harry Reid to come to an agreement to avoid a shutdown. The final House vote was 335-91, with only 6 Republicans voting against this bill. Yes here at CDN we like to publish facts like these so here are the six Republicans who voted against this bill:      Justin Amash (Mich.), Michele Bachmann (Minn.), Louie Gohmert (Texas), Walter Jones (N.C), Steve King (Iowa), and Ron Paul (Texas). Also of note is the fact that former Speaker Pelosi voted against this bill, while the number two Democrat in the House, Steny Hoyer voted for it. It will be difficult to acquire anything close to bi-partisanship when House Democrats can’t even come to an agreement within their own party on such an important bill as H. J.Res 44 to fund our government.

      Many reports are coming out that lead us to believe that Harry Reid will get this bill passed in the Senate , but what I just saw on CSpan says something different. Mr. Reid just stated that they should be able to come up with something in about 48 hours. I say they should make Reid and company stay right there in the Senate until they do come up with something on this bill, instead of playing a nasty game of chicken and waiting until the last minute here. They were willing to stay there until all hours of the night on Christmas eve for their Obamacare passage, so I say make them stay there night and day and get this done.

    There were some interesting statements during the floor debate before the vote on this bill.

 EX-Speaker Nancy Pelosi actually had the gall to stand up on national TV and tell the world that the Democrats had not increased the deb by one penny in the last four year. I laughed so hard I actually fell out of my chair here at my desk!  Let me inform the Queen of Socialism, of one small fact here: Our national debt was approx. $8.5 trillion dollars at the end of 2006, when your party took over complete control of Congress. Today, we are approaching $15 trillion in debt by the end of this year. Dear SanFranNannyState Pelosi: That equals $6.5 trillion in debt directly attributable to the Democratic Socialist Party under your leadership! Now grow up and stop telling such Utopian lies. We know better.

   While pretty much everyone is saying they need to get to work to pass a real budget instead of these temporary resolutions, I just do not see this getting done any time soon. We are already 5 months into the 2011 fiscal budget year, so they are really only talking about a seven month budget here. Maybe we do need to shut our government down…..and fire every last one of these irresponsible representatives for getting us into this mess in the first place. 

    These reckless tyrants ran our government all of last year without any semblance of a budget. Democrats were in charge and could pass just about anything they wanted to pass, yet they spent most of their time passing un-wanted and rushed legislation onto the American people, while ringing up another record amount of debt. Today I watched Democrats stand up before the world and try to say they aren’t responsible for increasing the national debt that will crush our children in the very near future. I have about 6.5 trillion reasons to find that lie to be one of the most disgusting things I have ever heard a politician have the nerve to utter!

                                                  Grow up and get to work people!

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