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Expectation of Privacy?

Are we losing our right to privacy?  News channels this week are covering the story about a young girl who was forced to give her FaceBook password to school officials.  Colleges and employers are requiring passwords to FaceBook and other social media from new students and employees.  A bill to put spy drones in American skies recently passed Congress.  The TSA announced “to better protect the public” they will begin conducting roadside searches.  It’s something to think about.

Judge Andrew Napolitano, an outspoken Constitutionalist recently spoke out on the ‘expectation of privacy.’  While private businesses should follow the First Amendment, he said, “The closer we get to the government, the more we must expect our First Amendment Rights to be upheld.”  In the case where the young girl was coerced into sharing her password the school, as a government agency, may have violated her First Amendment Rights.  Your personal FaceBook account should be considered the same as a locked diary.  One can understand in the shadow of Columbine that schools want to be more proactive looking for troubled children yet the ACLU and others believe they crossed the line.

In an effort to stem further terrorism in the United States the Patriot Act was enacted.  But did we go too far? Will we be sorry for hasty actions in the aftermath of 9/11?  In the Land of the Free is it now acceptable to have spy planes overhead and roadside checks monitoring our movement?  A former Justice Department attorney stated that a person could not automatically expect privacy just because something is on private property.  What does this belief of government empowerment mean to the citizens?

Every day we voluntarily give up some privacy.  If we shop at the local grocery store using our super saver card the store collects data on our purchase habits, our location, how we pay and more.  When we apply for a job we may voluntarily sign a waiver that allows the employee to check our background, credit and sometimes even driving records.

If we give up information voluntarily we no longer have the same expectation of privacy.  Our youth, in particular, often are unaware of the dangers sharing openly about personal topics.  Many forget that digital information is never completely removed.  There are many concerns that as we openly share information, especially through digital sources, our expectation of privacy becomes lessened.  The Electronic Privacy Invasion Center was developed in concern that, We The People, are losing our First Amendment and Constitutional rights.

Giving government more access to our personal thoughts and actions takes away our privacy.  Can we trust the government not to take advantage this information or, as Orwell wrote, will we find ourselves in a Big Brother controlled world?  Once the line shifts and the expectation of privacy changes it will be difficult, if not impossible to change it back.

U.S.Treasury Announces 2011 Budget Deficit- 2nd largest in History

The U.S.  Department of the Treasury formally announced this week that the United States budget deficit for the year 2011 was the second largest in U.S. history at $1.299 trillion dollars. The first place award for the irresponsible-spending-and pushing-America towards insolvency-award still belongs to…Barack Obama‘s first year in office of 2009. ($1.412 trillion was borrowed that year to pay for our over-spending, also known as the deficit) The 2011 budget deficit barely beat out Obama’s 2010 budget deficit of $1.293 trillion for second place on the all-time historically ludicrous budget deficit-spending charts during Obama’s regime. 3 years in office- over $4 trillion dollars of debt racked up.. to be slapped onto the backs of our children and grandchildren, while said kids are being encouraged to still chant “Four more years” at Obama rallies today.  The question that should be asked of these kids today, should be more like, “Can America’s kids afford four more years of trillion-dollar-plus deficits? ”

To put this into proper perspective, G.W.bush ran up a total of approx. $1.49 trillion dollars of debt in his first three years in office, which Barack Obama did in his first year alone, while in office. Barack Obama has effectively tripled our yearly budget deficits since day one of taking over the White House. Deficits that we are borrowing money from other countries in order to to pay for.

Under the current debt-spending scenario of Obama and his irresponsible Liberal minions in Congress, “Four more years” will result in a total of around $10 trillion dollars of child-enslaving debt if Obama gets 8 total years in office. Here is a thought for our youth today: Instead of chanting “Four more years” at Obama rallies, why not try chanting the truth, as in “10 trillion dollars of more debt is what we want” because that is what you are going to get if you do not get your heads out of the sand and pay attention to what is going on in America today. The undefined Hope and Change” some fools voted for in 2008 is now being exposed as “Choked by  (big government)  Chains”  if you actually pay attention to Barack Hussein Obama’s big- government- debt-spending policies of the past three years.

2012 just can’t get here fast enough.

The Deaf, Dumb, and Blind Caucus

Has anyone else wondered why there isn’t one single Democrat speaking out against the Solyndra Campaign slush fund scandal that cost taxpayers over half a billion dollars, or is it just me? What happened to the idea of the Democratic Party being “The protectors of the people in America” as EX-Speaker, Nancy Pelosi likes to say? Stealing half a billion taxpayer dollars to give to a proven failing Solar panel company, (who just happens to fill Democratic campaign coffers) is supposed to be protecting the people? Where is the outrage from the Democrats on this issue? Hint: There is none.

How about the silence from the Democratic Party concerning the Fast and Furious government gun-running fiasco? Hundreds of citizens on both sides of our Southern border, along with two border agents, have been murdered with assault weapons that our very own DOJ and ATF allowed to be sold to drug cartels from Mexico. Where is the outrage from Democrats in Congress demanding justice for this case of proven Government malfeasance? There is none.

Where are the demands of the Democratic voters, political operatives and DNC power-brokers for people to be held accountable for these obvious travesties of injustice against the American people today? Again the silence is deafening.

When it comes to the wide-ranging examples of corruption, big government abuse of our Constitution, and over-all illegal activity stemming from the Solyndra pay for play fraud, and the Fast and Furious government assault weapons to drug cartels fiasco, it now appears that the Democratic Party is indeed content to play deaf, dumb and blind. Apparently, so are their supporters that continue to chant “Four more years” while staring in the face of these examples of government abuse. (While also choosing not to speak out against them simply because it is their Party leader, Barack Obama and his appointees that are responsible for these criminal injustices being done to We the people.) People have been murdered by guns sold by our own government and half a billion tax dollars were siphoned into Democratic campaign coffers in another failed green energy scam, yet not one Democrat in Congress has the honesty or integrity to condemn these actions. Maybe they really are the deaf dumb and blind caucus. 2012 just can’t get here fast enough.

In an ironic, perfectly-timed episode of flaming hypocrisy, House Democratic Leaders, Steny Hoyer and Nancy Pelosi just came on CSPAN talking about how they are going to restore the people’s confidence in the United States Congress. Oh really?

Congress Passes 3 Trade Agreements "and" TAA Funding Bill

Both chambers of Congress passed all three free trade agreements on Wednesday, along with the Trade Adjustment Assistance bill. (TAA) While the Colombia, South Korea and Panama trade agreements were fast-tracked through Congress in an apparent move to appease President Obama’s wishes for a photo-op with the S.Korean President whom is visiting the White House today, there was some Democratic opposition to the agreements. Most House Republicans supported the trade agreements while many House Democrats opposed them, while in the Senate several Democrats joined with Republicans to get the bills passed and sent to the President for signing into law.

The exact vote totals were 278-151 for South Korea, 300-129 for Panama and 262-167 for Colombia. The Senate votes were 83-15 for Korea, 77-22 for Panama and 66-33 for Colombia.

One aspect of the free trade agreements that seems to be lost in the shuffle is that these trade agreements were originally signed by President G.W.Bush and sat on President Obama’s desk for three years before being sent to Congress. If these trade agreements will indeed create millions of jobs for Americans as is being stated by President Obama as “a major win for American workers and businesses,” then the long delay in sending them to Congress is simply inexcusable. What could have been behind the delay? What was Obama angling for? Was he holding these free trade agreements hostage for some form of political advantage?

Ex-House Speaker Nancy Pelosi demanded that the House vote on the Senate-passed China Currency bill which House Republican leaders now oppose. In a move that explains why Barack Obama delayed in trying to move these trade bills, we see that in order to address Democratic objections to the deals, the White House demanded linking the trade bills to extension of a Kennedy-era program that helps workers displaced by foreign competition with retraining and financial aid. The Senate went along, and the House passed it Wednesday, 307-122. (TAA) The FAA bill (hr 2832) is a gift to Obama and the Democrat’s UNION bed-pals as I wrote about here.

The trade agreements include Panama, South Korea and Colombia. This deal now includes gifts for Unions via the Dept. of Labor’s innocuous-sounding TAA bill. (Trade Adjustment Assistance) These trade agreements have been sitting on Barack Obama’s desk since 2009 when the G.W. Bush administration finalized them. Why the long delay in sending them to Congress for debate and passage? If we look at the orginally linked article above, we see that just last week big labor Unions vehemently opposed these trade agreements:

“The deal sets up a bruising fight within the Democratic caucuses in the House and Senate, which are divided over trade. Most of organized labor opposes all three trade deals, which were negotiated by the Bush administration and have been dormant for years.” (emphasis mine)

So there we see big labor screaming objections to the free trade agreements that Obama said would be a major win for American business and workers.

So just how could the TAA bill be interpreted as a gift for Unions and big labor? First of all, after Congress agreed to the passage of the TAA bill, Unions then stopped protesting these trade agreements. Isn’t that a coincidence? Secondly, just what is the TAA bill? Again I refer to my previous article on the TAA bill:

Trade Adjustment Assistance (TAA) and Alternative Trade Adjustment Assistance (ATAA) help trade-affected workers who have lost their jobs as a result of increased imports or shifts in production out of the United States. Certified individuals may be eligible to receive one or more program benefits and services depending on what is needed to return them to employment. (sounds good enough there)

First of all this TAA program is run by Obama appointee Hilda Solis‘ dept of labor–They will be saying who gets these benefits. Apparently if you do not belong to a GROUP, ( think union) don’t bother filing for any of these benefits, as we see next:

To obtain TAA or ATAA services and benefits, a group of workers must first file a petition with the U.S. Department of Labor’s Office of Trade Adjustment Assistance (OTAA) requesting certification as workers adversely affected by foreign trade. If certified, each worker in the group may then apply separately for individual services and benefits through their local One-Stop Career Center. ( emphasis mine)

This points to as to why unions are all of a sudden happy with these trade agreements. Hilda Solis is in charge of dishing out these “benefits.” Her main agenda of 2010 was stated as to enact some 90 new rules and regulations to give more power to unions. Now Solis and her dept of labor can also hand out plenty of cash to her beloved Unions thanks to the TAA payouts stuffed into the trade agreements. Did I mention that her father was a teamsters shop steward in Mexico? No conflict of interest there, when she was appointed to head the Dept of Labor, especially seeing that she was a board member of the pro-union American Rights at Work.

. A few more interesting TAA benefits from their website:

Up to 130 weeks of cash payments for workers enrolled in full-time training Up to 156 weeks of cash payments if the worker is also enrolled in remedial or prerequisite training.

Job Search Allowances 100% of allowable costs, up to $1,500

Job Search Allowances 90% of allowable costs, up to $ 1,250

Relocation Allowances 100% of allowable costs Provides an additional lump sum payment of up to $1,500

What is the cap on how many taxpayer dollars will be funneled to the “groups” under the FAA bill? How much will we be borrowing to pay for it? Did Barack Obama hold all three free trade agreements hostage by demanding the Union payoff that is innocently disguised as the TAA bill? Apparently so as we see here in an article from TheHill.com:

Under an agreement with the Senate and the White House, House GOP leaders will call a vote on a renewal of Trade Adjustment Assistance (TAA) legislation on Wednesday, immediately after the House approves trade agreements with South Korea, Colombia and Panama.

Extending TAA, which provides health insurance, worker training and other benefits to U.S. workers negatively affected by foreign trade, has been a Democratic priority, and the Obama administration for months refused to submit the three trade deals for congressional ratification without assurances from Republican leaders that the adjustment assistance would be renewed. The TAA program expired in February.

In summary, we saw that Barack Obama held the free trade agreements hostage in able to give (the TAA bill) big Union labor massive kickbacks, which were also demanded by Democrats in Congress. My own Florida Congressman Dennis Ross summed it up quite well, in a letter to Speaker Boehner, which fell on deaf ears:

In June, freshman Rep. Dennis Ross (R-Fla.) circulated a letter to Speaker John Boehner (R-Ohio) urging him not to allow Democrats to “hold hostage” trade agreements to win passage of the TAA, which he likened to “welfare spending” and socialism.

Footnote: Didn’t Congress promise to make all legislation available to We the People a minimum of three days prior to passage? While the original bill was available online for years, the changes made to it were not made available 3 days prior to passage. You can see the bill here.

Liz Berry sums it up pretty well in her blog post titled: The American Majority Were Officially Sold Out Today.

While many pundits say that Republicans have supported the TAA bill in the past, they did not in fact support the 172 changes mostly made by Senate Democrats to this latest version of the TAA bill. This is what happens when America refuses to pay attention to what Congress is doing today, while also ignoring what many of us are trying to warn them about, while these bills are being “fast-tracked through Congress for Obama’s photo-op with the President of S.Korea” today. 2012 just can’t get here fast enough.

Obama Begins "Pass the Fake Jobs Bill" Campaign Today

The Classless Community Organizer will hit the campaign trail today to promote his misnamed American Jobs Act. Barack Obama will start off with another speech/publicity event from the rose garden on Monday morning. “Pass this bill now without reading it,” and “This is not just another failed stimulus bill,” will surely be two messages he will try to fool the people with, just for starters. Throw in a heavy dose of ” I am not responsible for the Liberal Democrats debt-laden spending spree of the last five years” and “Republicans want to kill babies and old people if they try to oppose this bill”  talking points memo he sends out to his Liberal media propagandists on a daily basis. Obama’s timeline for today’s propaganda event is quite enlightening, along with the subsequent plans to hit the campaign trail once again to organize the community to show support for a plan that has yet to be revealed.

While the actual bill will not be sent to Congress until tonight, President Obama didn’t waste any time trying to get public support for the plan, and continues this same pattern of cloudy bloviation in his recently announced community organizing schedule to promote his jobs plans this week.

First he made the big speech to a joint session of Congress that is supposed to be reserved for The State of the Union address and real national legislative emergencies. He essentially gets up on the bully pulpit and demands Congress to pass a bill they have yet to see or read. Right after said speech, he runs right over to Richmond, VA. to sell his undefined plan in another staged community organizing rally. Today, he will hold an event in the Rose Garden to again promote a bill that will not be sent to Congress until tonight, when they will actually be able to see what is in the bill. What kind of a publicity stunt can we expect to witness in the Rose Garden event? According to thehill.com:

On Monday, Obama will hold an event in the Rose Garden, an official said, where he “will call on Congress to pass the bill, which contains the kinds of proposals to grow the economy and create jobs that have been supported by both parties in the past.” (emphasis mine)

In keeping with Obama’s pattern of using people as stage props to imply that there is widespread support for his proposals, Obama will trot out the people who will supposedly benefit from this bill: UNIONS. Yes, there is an election coming up in 2012, and the desperate Barack Obama needs a few hundred million more Union dollars to buy his reelection, thus the Rose Garden event today, with subsequent campaign trips to promote it later on this week. ( which taxpayers will fund, of course)


“He will be joined at the Rose Garden event by people from across the country who would benefit from the American Jobs Act, including teachers, police officers, firefighters, construction workers, small business owners and veterans,” a White House official said.

   After the Rose Garden Hollywood-style staged theatrical event, Barack Hussein Obama will then send the bill to Congress, (will the CBO ever be given the time to score this bill completely, unlike many of the fake Democrats past stunts?) and then he will head to Ohio and North Carolina to further try to make America believe that the largely stage-prop Union members he will be speaking to there represent ALL Americans in supporting another failed attempt at a Keynesian stimulus bill. This complete Hollywood stage act reminds me of another serious breach of integrity thrust upon Americans in a blatant attempt to tax and steal more money from the workers of America: Al Gore’s now totally debunked Climate Change propaganda movie, An Inconvenient Truth. 

     Why is all this time and effort being spent to promote a jobs bill, if it is truly a good thing for all Americans? Simply put, because if you tell a lie often enough there is hope that the people will eventually believe it. While it took Americans years to understand the grand lie that Al Gore’s whole life is based upon to enrich himself and the Democrats through his Climate Change movie,  An Inconvenient Truth,  Obama now knows that his fake jobs bill, once dissected by Republicans will not have any support from taxpaying Americans that have already seen massive explosions in national debt to the tune of over $4 trillion dollars since Obama took over the White House. Thus the demand to hurry, hurry pass this bill today coming from Obama and the fake Democrats of Congress.

     It isn’t just Obama that needs those hundreds of millions of campaign donations from the Unions in 2012. His far left Liberal pals in Congress have to feed  at that very same taxpayer-funded campaign trough too in 2012. Thus I expect Obama to receive huge support from the Liberals in Congress for this bill, if only to use it as a way to further bash conservatives. Tell the lies enough times, have the Liberal media repeat them over and over, and add a dash of ” It is all the Republicans fault” and  Obama mistakenly hopes to secure more 2012 reelection funding for himself and far left Liberals through his fake jobs bill. Americans have seen this act before and Obama is only fooling himself here. Oh, and let’s have the taxpayers fund it all, from the next two propaganda stops in North Carolina and Ohio right up to the fact that the taxpayers are funding the very same public sector UNIONS that Obama will trot out in order to make Americans think this fake jobs bill will actually create new jobs.  Right,  throwing millions more tax dollars to prop up bloated Union pension plans and their lavash lifetime healthcare benefits in order to buy the union vote is somehow supposed to be creating jobs. That, and giving unemployed workers  millions more in unemployment payments. That is some jobs plan, Mr. President!