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Is Georgia Attracting Another Gosnell?

ATLANTA, Oct. 22, 2013 /Christian Newswire/ — Ever since the Kermit Gosnell case exposed the grizzly truth behind the real abortion industry, many states have begun cracking down on abortion providers who put profits ahead of patient safety.

At least 58 unscrupulous abortion providers have been closed down after regulators started doing their jobs. Many have moved out of state rather than submit to the same regulatory environment that other non-ambulatory surgical facilities adhere to.

Not so in Georgia. Only one facility has closed its doors recently and that is only because the administrator retired.

Despite histories of documented malpractice, death, road rage assault on a woman, arrests, infections caused by unclean surgical instruments, inflicting nonsurgical injuries on patients and staff, and alleged Medicaid fraud, Georgia’s abortion providers continue to thrive.

The entire focus appears to be profit and speed, with at least 80 abortions performed daily –approximately 3 per hour — in the state. One facility in North Atlanta performs 4-6 abortions an hour in a facility that has been repeatedly found to be in violation of minimum regulatory standards.

“Georgia Right to Life’s (GRTL) mission is to end all elective abortions,” explained Suzanne Ward, GRTL’s Director of Public Relations and Education. “Until that goal is reached, we believe women deserve safe medical care.”

Ward added that because of lax oversight and reporting and lack of clarity as to who is responsible for enforcing state regulations, there is no way to know if even worse practices and conditions exist in Georgia’s abortion facilities.

As evidence that Georgia’s regulators are asleep at the wheel, at least two of the disgraced abortion providers from other states — North Carolina and Alabama — have easily found a safe home in Georgia.

These shocking facts behind Georgia’s broken regulatory system were collected by GRTL over several years from concerned citizens, facility personnel and women who have experienced the truth first hand.

The reports are stunning. They provide a behind-the-scenes look at an industry that is far from being the loving, women-centered care givers so skillfully portrayed to an unsuspecting public. “It is the true ‘War on Women’ it is not about reproductive choice or women’s health — it’s about money… and lots of it,” said Ward.

The abortion industry in Georgia is reported to be a $21 million industry attracting clients from all over the nation.

Through this comprehensive report, abortion providers are clearly seen for what they are: profit-driven merchants of death who often don’t even adhere to the most basic safety standards.

A brief list includes:

      The Atlanta Women’s Medical Center (AWMC), which averages more than 30 abortions a day, had been granted waivers for 16 years to remain open despite the fact it did not have an elevator or a sprinkler system.
      AWMC has not remedied this situation and yet it is still open performing abortion up to 24 weeks.
      Lack of an elevator makes it difficult and sometimes dangerous to take still-recovering patients down 19 steps. Injuries to family members and staff have resulted from carrying semi-unconscious post abortive women down the stairs.
      Plus, the facility’s cramped space has resulted in cuts and bruises to both patients and staff.
      One patient had to be rushed to a hospital allegedly suffering from a perforated uterus.
      The Georgia Office of Insurance Safety Fire claims AWMC does not need a sprinkler system, despite the fact it cited the facility for not having one as recently as last year.
    Because the facility only has two exits and performs abortions on the second floor accessible only by stairs, lack of a sprinkler system could prove disastrous for unconscious and semi-conscious patients during a fire.

Examples of serious situations linked to other abortion providers include:

      Tyrone Cecil Malloy at Old National GYN, currently facing Medicaid fraud charges, was issued a consent order after one of his late term abortion patients died.
      Dianne Derzis, called the “abortion queen” of Alabama, operates the Columbus Women’s Health Organization despite the fact that she is not a licensed physician in Georgia.
      Lois Turner, another unlicensed physician, operates the Preferred Women’s Health Center in Augusta.
      Dr. Daniel McBrayer runs the Alpha GROUP GYN P.C. Former staff members have noted patients returning because of incomplete abortions, re-using disposable medical equipment, duct-taping tables and chairs used for surgery and recovery, passing infections through improperly sterilized equipment and using soiled blankets and sheets.
      McBrayer also was charged with simple battery after he punched a woman in the face in front of her two small children.
    In addition, McBrayer’s license was placed on probation for two years after he admitted to performing second trimester abortions outside an ambulatory surgical center.

“Until state regulators step up and do their job, Georgia women seeking an abortion will continue to be a risk and we won’t know if there’s a Kermit Gosnell working in the shadows,” Ward said.

She pointed out it was a failed regulatory system in Pennsylvania that allowed Kermit Gosnell run his grizzly operation for years.

“I fear what we don’t know may be even worse than what we do know,” Ward said.

A Thank You Note to “Progressive” Hero Dr. Kermit Gosnell

Dear Dr. Gosnell,

Before I really get going here, let me just say I’m sorry the “progressives” have abandoned you, that they’re pretending to condemn your bloody work. That must be hard; after all, they supported you for decades until your gruesome activities were brought to the light and started to harm their “babies are parasitic clumps of cells” narrative. Of all the things you so richly deserve, being betrayed by those who continue to support your fetus jihad isn’t one of them.

Anyway. This may sound odd coming from me, as I have spent my entire adult life fighting ferociously for the rights of the lives you so happily exterminated, but I do want to tell you “thank you”. Seriously.

A freezer in Gosnell's clinic stuffed full of human remains.

A freezer in Gosnell’s clinic stuffed full of human remains.

Thank you, Kermie, for showing America the realities of the “choice” many of them support. As you know, the Left works tirelessly to cover up the realities of kill houses like yours. They operate a pro-abortion propaganda machine that rivals anything put out by Kim Jong-Un. And just like the North Koreans, Americans who favor abortion eat up the lies like candy, too brainwashed and blind to notice the foul taste in their mouths. But then your crimes against humanity were brought to light and fence sitters especially were forced to examine exactly what it was they were championing. The far Left, of course, pretends to condemn you while continuing to support exactly what you did and how you did it, but those monsters are unreachable anyway. You’ve opened the eyes of misguided, but otherwise rational individuals. So thank you.

Thank you for demonstrating what thinking people have always known, that the “war on women” comes from the Left. You took filthy gosnelladvantage of poor, vulnerable women in crisis situations. You maimed them. You gave them diseases. You performed medical procedures on them surrounded by filth. You even killed them.  You showed America that abortion isn’t about “womens’ rights”, but about profit at the expense of innocence. Along these same lines, you also showed the many what the few have always known; it’s the Left and specifically abortion proponents who are perpetrators of extreme racism. Not only were the majority of the babies you slaughtered black, but when you had the occasional white patient, you treated her infinitely better than her minority counterparts because, what was it you said? “That’s the way the world works”? Something like that. I’m paraphrasing. But the point is, Margaret Sanger would be proud. The Left is proud. You revealed their true colors. So thank you.

Thank you for being the poster boy of media bias. Your case was hardly a blip on the mainstream media’s radar because the (hopefully) fatal damage you did to the Left’s pro-abortion/anti-life agenda really terrified them. The water they carry for Obama and his brand of far left ideology is already so heavy, and then you came along and added obstacles that may well end up to be insurmountable. So thank you.

Mostly, thank you for finally being arrogant/careless/evil enough to get caught. You are a modern day Dr. Mengle. Yours is the kind of evil that makes Satan himself scratch his head in confused awe. While it took far too long and far too many women and babies suffered and died under your heinous “care”, at least your reign of terror has been stopped and now people are aware of how your counterparts operate. Your loathsome practices may be the wakeup call America needed to begin reversing its cavalier attitude toward the extermination of innocent life. So thank you.

Give my regards to Satan when you’re rotting in hell next to Hitler,

Stevie J. West