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Why We Should Not Give Up in 2013

After President Obama came to power, he ran trillion dollar deficits every year, doubled spending, exploded the national debt, downgraded the country’s credit rating, and sought to remove the debt limit, permanently. Unemployment continues unabated, worst of all in the black community at over 14%, women are losing their jobs in droves, and over half of young grads won’t find ...

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Liberal Doctrine: Just “Give a Sh#t” [Video]

Nikki Reed introduces to the world a new organization that intends to solve the world’s problems by doing … nothing.  Its another liberal hopey-dreamy type movement and Reed says “If enough people take the time to simply give a shit about the world’s problems, even if they don’t actually do anything but just give a shit about them, the world’s ...

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Are Ya’ll Ready For This? CA Politics Gone Gangsta

California 36 is heating up in light of a runoff election, and I do mean heating up. Let me just warn you that the video below isn’t for small children, or married men, or soccer moms, or.. well, you have been warned. Janice Hahn is a Democrat running in CA-36 and endorsed by former President Bill Clinton. I know this ...

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