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Gender Equality Is A Myth

For many years I have scratched my head and wondered why our society is trying to turn women into men, I just don’t get it. Why do women refuse to admit the truth, men are better at some things and women are better at others, there’s no shame in that. Now we have science that proves women are just not ...

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Is A Urinal Gender Neutral?

Why are liberals so quick to criticize natural, normal, heterosexual identity when they are so easily offended by anyone who in turn criticizes them?  When anyone disagrees with liberals, their opponents are immediately branded as being haters, biased and prejudiced, but of course liberals themselves don’t hate, can never be called biased and are unable to experience prejudice.  The current ...

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New York City & the Powder Room Police

My father grew up in rural Texas during the 1930s. His childhood featured dirt roads, a hand–crank telephone and outhouses. Most, if not all, of the bathrooms the Shannons constructed were what is termed a “one–holer.” Meaning the board that kept you from falling into a pit of (you–know–what) had a single hole carved in it, usually smack dab in the ...

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The BUSIEST news week in years!

When thinking about what to write in 700 words or less my head almost exploded. No, really! This week we had: the Benghazi inquest, 3 women held captive for 10 years are set free, Jodi Arias was found guilty (Will she see death? Stay tuned.), and Dr. Gosnell’s trial abruptly ends when the defense rests without calling one witness. Two ...

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