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Gay Group Attacks First Amendment

NEW YORK, July 23, 2014 /Christian Newswire/ — Bill Donohue comments on the Human Rights Campaign:

      The Human Rights Campaign (HRC) is ill-named: it is a gay rights group that often disrespects the human rights of those with whom it disagrees. Its latest burst of intolerance occurred yesterday when it attacked David Tyree, the New York Giants’ hero in the 2007 Super Bowl. HRC president Chad Griffin blasted the Giants for hiring Tyree as its Director of Player Development.
      Tyree’s sin? He believes, as does most of the world, that marriage is the union of a man and a woman. He also believes that homosexuals can change their identity; he knows men who have. His sentiments are grounded in his religious convictions. Anyone is free to disagree with him, but to condemn a man for espousing such positions shows contempt for his twin First Amendment rights: freedom of speech and freedom of religion. In short, it is un-American.

The attempt to silence public figures for espousing traditional beliefs on sexuality is gaining momentum in the gay activist community. It must be resisted, especially by people of faith. It would never occur to me, as the president of the Catholic League, to fire off a statement condemning the hiring of an athlete who shared HRC’s views.

Griffin is particularly exercised over Tyree’s belief that sexual orientation can change. But many gays believe the same. After all, when the LGBT community added a “Q”—as in LGBTQ—they did so to include “Questioning.” Now what is there to question if sexual orientation is fixed? Their logic implodes.

Homosexual Lobby Bullies Ohio School Board Into Not Hiring Christian Coach

HEBRON, Ohio, Feb. 13, 2014 /Christian Newswire/ — Last night Lakewood Ohio Local School Board rejected the recommendation of the Lakewood High School administration and selection committee to hire outspoken Christian Coach Dave Daubenmire.  Outside organizations such as Change.org and Equality Ohio used lies, intimidation and threats to bully the school board into rejecting the administration’s recommendations.

Daubenmire, 61, an alumnus of Lakewood High and a highly successful veteran coach was rejected by a vote of 3-2 because his outspoken views regarding homosexuality were not acceptable to intolerant homosexual activists who demand strict adherence to their political agenda.

After four interviews and recommendations of Daubenmire by two committees, the board rejected Daubenmire because he was a “poor role model” for young people because of his vocal opposition to homosexual marriage.

Watch the story on Columbus’ CBS affiliate WBNS:
Candidate For Lakewood HS Football Coach Denied Job

Daubenmire responded following the meeting:

“It is painfully obvious that the anti-Christian lobby demand not just acceptance but obedience to their far left dogma and will smear anyone who speaks up for Christian values.  The message that the Lakewood Board of Education sent last night is that anyone with deeply held Biblical beliefs is not welcome in our public schools.  The board’s actions were both immoral and illegal.  My family has resided in this community for over 50 years. The rejection by this school board is a slap in the face not only to Christians everywhere, but to our family in particular. In America, only Christians can be discriminated against.  Homosexual teachers and coaches would be welcomed with open arms.”

Sure … There’s No Attack on Religion !

Not all religions are under attack. It seems the emphasis is on Christian-based religions. Let’s review a couple of examples.

According to the AP and other news sources, an LGBTQ group (for the uniformed that stands for “Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer”) has asked that a priest be removed from George Washington University. They want Father Greg Shaffer removed from campus over his anti-gay and anti-abortion views.

Damian Legacy and Blake Bergen want the university’s Office for Diversity and Inclusion to investigate the priest and are calling for the student government association to de-fund the Newman Center on campus.

News reports indicate they were particularly offended by a blog post the priest wrote calling gay relationships “unnatural and immoral.”

Interesting. This doesn’t sound like they really care to have someone with a diverse thought process to be included. In fact, it doesn’t sound at all like they want to understand why he believes what he does. Isn’t that intolerance? And does the priest not have a right to express what the Catholic Church teaches? The church that he works for and pledged an oath to is dedicated to upholding the truth according to God’s word (as laid out in the Bible), and it’s what he believes.

Did they not know what the Catholic Churches believe and teach? Did they not know what 99.9 percent of Catholic priests believe? A testimony to how deeply the left does its homework.

This is one of the few cases where the school has shown some spine. School officials have said it protects the right of religious freedom and is defending the rights of all religious beliefs to express themselves.

Newman Center, the building in which the priest was teaching, is a Catholic-based center. The have Catholic mass in there and teach the principles of the Catholic faith. No one is forced to go and participate. So what’s wrong here? I’ll tell you. It’s all about hate. Period.

The people who complained about a Catholic priest teaching Catholic principles in a Catholic hall are just hateful.

This shows the real hypocrisy of the left. If I say I don’t believe in gay marriage and I don’t believe same-sex couples should be allowed to be married, then I am, or will be, labeled a “homophobe” and “gay hater.” They say we should be silenced and not allowed to teach in our churches what the Bible clearly states about marriage, abortion and so on. They say it’s hate speech.

When they speak against Christians, it’s considered freedom of speech. But when Christians speak against LGBTQ lifestyles, it’s hate speech. Really. How disingenuous can one be?

Then, there is the kid who asked the teacher for a Bible. No way, you say? Yes. Another news source posts, “The teacher’s trouble started last October when he was standing by a door waiting on middle school students to enter the building. One student trailed behind the rest.”

“Just remember, son,” he told the tardy student, “The first shall be last but the last shall be first.” A few days later the student asked about the origins of the quote. The teacher “told him it was in the Bible.”

There’s that nasty word, and being uttered in a school, oh my. Doesn’t sound like the teacher was pushing his views, but let’s continue.

“On Oct. 12, the teacher was eating lunch in the cafeteria when the student approached and brought up the Bible verse. So the teacher took out his Bible and showed the student the verse.

“At some point the student mentioned that he did not have a Bible. The teacher, who also serves in Gideons International, happened to have a spare book.

“The teacher basically said, ‘would you like mine?’ said a friend of the teacher and a fellow Gideon. The student said yes, and so the teacher gave him his personal New Testament.”

Still doesn’t sound to me like pushing his religious beliefs. So what happens next? He is fired. What did he do wrong? They hand out all kinds of fliers and books on sex and how to and where to and with how many to the kids who didn’t ask for them, but a teacher, who is asked specifically about a book the student is curious about, is forbidden from sharing? Just outrageous.

There are so many examples of these kinds of incidents happening more and more in our schools. Only a dishonest person would say there is no attack on religious liberties in this country.

Joe Messina is host of The Real Side radio show, a nationally syndicated talk show. www.TheRealSide.com

Morgan Horse’s Arse attempt to buggy whip Cameron

William Way, Jr.

Unfortunately the main stream and cable media sources continue to distort reality, both in word and intent. The latest effort to defame Kirk Cameron is a prime example. Both the host of his infamous interview, including an off subject discussion of homosexuality, and numerous media sources demonstrably misrepresent his response. But it has not only been the “yellow journalism” so common place today that has been the proverbial attack dogs. It is also such groups as GLAAD (Gay Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation) who have chosen to defame Mr. Cameron. (I find it odd that an anti-defamation organization would use defamation tactics to express their point of view.

Here is a comment by an online rag (Business Insider-The Wire), “Cameron was very clear that he felt homosexuality was not only sinful but ‘unnatural’ and ‘ultimately destructive to so many of the foundations of civilization’.” There are numerous other examples I could use, but for brevity I only use Business Insider for demonstration purposes.

If one listens to the entire interview dialogue, as cited on the “BI” website, it becomes clear to honest people that liberty was taken with Cameron’s comments, by the business rag. I will explain. Pier Morgan asked Cameron the question if homosexuality was a sin. Cameron carefully avoided that description emphasizing that in his view, as a christian, homosexuality was “unnatural” and “ultimately destructive to so many of the foundations of civilization”.

Kirk Cameron

Kirk Cameron emphasized that it was not his place to judge, he simply explained his view. Yet, Piers and company immediately decided to claim that Cameron was directly calling homosexuality a sin. Again quoting the Business Insider, “he felt homosexuality was not only sinful but…”

Even if Kirk Cameron intended to convey that homosexuality was a sin, which the readers must decide for themselves, let’s put his only comment about sinfulness in perspective. Said Cameron, when Piers insisted that Kirk MUST categorize his comments as accusing people of being sinful, “Piers, you are speaking to a man who is Christian, and, I believe all of us are sinful.” He further clarifies that he is not being judgmental at all, but expressing that we all could be better people. That is a far reach from him saying that being gay is a sin. I am not suggesting it is not a sin, because that is not the issue. The issue is the blatant misrepresentation of Kirk Cameron by the media and special interest groups supported by the media.

Let’s go back to Mr. Cameron’s actual statement. “I think that it is unnatural. I think that it is detrimental, and ultimately destructive to so many of the foundations of civilization.” Morgan attacks Cameron on this point by misdirecting the conversation, a favorite tactic of the entertainment news in general. Piers running helter-skelter goes off the reservation when he tries to introduce legal actions into a discussion of Christian principle. Piers tries to focus the conversation on the point that seven states have approve civil unions (gay marriages), and by implication suggests that Christianity is errant for adhering to traditional Christian values.

In all candor, Piers Morgan was desperately trying to mix sour grapes and oranges. His conduct was weak by any professional interviewer standards, and he was completely rude by the standards of common decency.

Now, no good opinion piece would be worth writing without the author’s opinion.

I hold Kirk Cameron’s comments to be completely accurate. Homosexuality is the process of acting out sexual attraction between people of the same gender. Sexual attraction, as enjoyable, pleasant and appealing as it may be ultimately has one biological purpose. That purpose is procreation. It may be used as a game, a fantasy, as nothing more than a personal satisfaction through sexual release. Yet, none of those intents are in sync with the ultimate intent of procreation. Now, here is the clear undeniable fact, without significant unnatural alteration to the human body NO TWO PEOPLE of the same gender will ever procreate. That, my good readers, makes homosexuality, without all of its hype, a very unnatural act. Of that there is no debate.

If, and nobody should conclude by my remarks that I believe this will ever be the case, the whole of society turned to homosexuality than within a single generation humanity would cease to exist. That could be describe by any number of rational beings as extraordinarily destructive to the foundations of human civilization. Now, that is the extreme scenario. But, whereas the majority may only consist of combinations of the minorities, any flaw to the whole stems derives from a flaw to some of its minorities. So, although the scope of my example was in the extreme any portion thereof naturally extends to, in some measure of influence, a smaller segment. Sexuality, as a natural causation, is detrimentally effected by homosexuality.

Thus, the summation of my opinion is that homosexuality is simply dumb. It flows from nothing but self-centeredness, and ends with self-indulgence in a self and socially destructive result. Or in the conclusion of Piers Morgan speaking about his own child advising him that they were gay, “That’s great, if it makes you happy.”

There is a very real difference between gaiety and being happy. Should Mr. Morgan desire to know the difference I will be more than willing to provide him with a dictionary. In the interim, as Christian scripture says “Adam fell that man might be, and man is that he might have joy”. Joy and happy go hand in hand. Gaiety (being gay) is not implied, except for those choosing to attempt to redefine Christianity according to the dictates of their own conduct, of which none of us are entitled.

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