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How “Marriage Equality” Could Destroy Everyone's Liberty

How “Marriage Equality” Could Destroy Everyone’s Liberty

Whenever the phrase “equality” is used to make anything legal, look out, it’s not about fairness or liberty; it’s about having whatever one personally wants no matter the consequences to society and life in general. The phrase “equality” is a very compelling argument. After all, here in the United States where liberty reigns and the […]

How obama's Gay Marriage Views Have 'Evolved'

How obama’s Gay Marriage Views Have ‘Evolved’

obama announced Wednesday that he now supports same-sex marriage, reversing his public opposition after feeling pressure from several Democrats, including his own Vice President, Joe Biden. obama’s position on same-sex marriage has changed several times during his hideously dishonest, radically motivated, meteoric career. In 1996, he was in favor of legalizing same-sex marriage. Then, in […]

The Fiction of Same Sex Marriage

The Fiction of Same Sex Marriage Some things just can’t be changed. In nature and science, fire is hot and ice is cold. Wind always blows and the sun always shines. The aforementioned facts are not up for discussion or debate. Facts are facts. There is no movement underway to “redefine” or “better understand” these […]