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Liberals Would Rather See Blacks Dead Than Frisked

For the life of me, I will never understand the Liberal mind, if I live to be 100 years old, I will never understand the moronic and illogical way the Liberal mind thinks. Recently in New York City a Liberal judge Shira Scheindlin declared stop and frisk unconstitutional. In the month after judge Shira Scheindlin’s decision that the police procedure is unconstitutional, shootings spiked nearly 13 percent and gun seizures plummeted more than 17 percent.

With in just 30 days after declaring the policy unconstitutional, there were 140 shootings across the city, compared with 124 during the same period last year. And the number of gunshot victims was up more than 9 percent, with 164 people struck by bullets this year, compared with 150 shot over that month last year. “Shootings are going through the roof now because perps are not afraid to carry a gun,” a source said. Another NYPD source said that cops are no longer being “proactive” with stop-and-frisk because “they’re scared of being sued. They feel as if the city is not going to indemnify them in lawsuits.” “Before the ruling, when police were proactively stopping people, guys would not carry a gun unless they knew they were going to do a shooting,” a police source said.

New York City’s Mayor Bloomberg said, “There is just no question that stop-question-frisk has saved countless lives. And we know that most of the lives saved, based on the statistics, have been black and Hispanic young men,” “It’s worth remembering that as recently as 1990, New York City averaged more than six murders a day. Today, we’ve driven that down to less than one murder a day.”

However, even with statistics like those, Liberal judge Scheindlin still says, “but in its current form, the policy encourages the targeting of young black and Hispanic men based on their prevalence in local crime complaints. This is a form of racial profiling.” Why doesn’t the judge ask the victims parents if they would rather have their children dead or frisked, but to the Liberal mind profiling is much more horrendous than someone dying is.

With 96% of the crimes in New York committed by people of color in black and Hispanic neighborhoods, why would they not concentrate on black and Hispanics? If the majority of crimes were committed by Chinese or Irish people than the police would concentrate in those neighborhoods. Like I said, the Liberal mind does not know the meaning of common sense. Liberals say if you believe in profiling, then you have to be a racist, but it seems to me racists are the ones who would want to see minorities dead, not protected.

Just recently there was another mass killing by a mentally ill person, he was walking around  while many knew of his mental illness, authorities knew that he heard voices and claimed people were following him,  yet he was allowed to roam free, why?  Liberals, that’s why.

You see, Liberals won’t allow the dangerous mentally ill to be committed to institutions against their will. We can’t go putting people in mental hospitals just because they walk around talking to themselves, or walking around the city naked, or shouting insults at people.

You see, just like stop and frisk the Liberals do not really care about the victims, they are more concerned about not hurting someone’s feelings, or being politically correct. Just like in the Fort Hood shooting, the army knew that he was a radical Muslim, but because of political correctness and not to hurt anyone’s feelings, they turned a blind eye, the result, 13 people dead.

So as New York City starts to see the death toll for black and Hispanic men rise, the Liberals can proudly say, “At least they weren’t profiled.”

What Kind Of Society Are We Leaving Our Kids.” Available Here.


This is one man’s opinion.


Chicago: What Makes This Country Great

Barack Hussein “kill list” Obama, on August 12, 2012, at the Bridgeport Art Center in Chicago, IL, said, “Chicago is an example of what makes this country great.” The presidential campaign donors in attendance ate up his assertion.

But Obama did not address the murder rate in Chicago. As of mid-June, 2012, 228 Chicago citizens were killed. That’s more than soldiers killed in Afghanistan – 144 – during the same period. Further, since 2001, approximately 2,000 soldiers have been killed in Afghanistan, while over 5,000 people have been killed in Chicago. And the death rate in Chicago is up 35 percent over the same period last year.

Chicago’s murder rate is currently four times the rate of New York City, and two times the murder rate in Los Angeles.

Chicago’s mayor, Rahm Emanuel, former Obama White House chief of staff, could only warn street gangs. On July 9, 2012, on the CBS Evening News, Emanuel said, “Don’t come near the kids — don’t touch them.”

And Emanuel has asked the Illinois state legislature for a tougher law to curb their violence. Yeah, right. Murder is already against the law, so I’m sure gangbangers will abide by this new law and immediately stop the killings.

During the same July 9 interview with CBS’s Scott Pelley, Emanuel said, “But you have to be very aggressive in making sure that the gangbangers know that the police force and the community run those streets and they don’t.” Isn’t it rather ironic that Emanuel would say that when President Barack Obama, First Lady Michelle Obama, and their daughters Malia and Sasha, arrived in Chicago Friday evening ahead of the Saturday, June 16, 2012, wedding of Laura Jarrett, Emanuel had police on site to help “secure the perimeter” of the wedding. And Chicago will not be reimbursed for the police security by the federal government.

Emanuel pulls out all the stops when Obama comes to town, placing between 100 and 200 cops around Valerie Jarrett’s daughter’s wedding, but can’t seem to stop gangbanger killings of Chicago citizens. I guess George Orwell was correct when he said in Animal Farm that “… some animals are more equal than others.”

But that’s just my opinion.

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