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Anti G-20 Mobs Set Sights on Pittsburgh

Anarchists, environmental groups, and other left-wing radical groups led the way for anti-capitalism protests in Pittsburgh on Thursday.

Reasons for the march were varied.  Several groups were there to enforce messages of lowering CO2 emissions.  Others were protesting the situation in Burma, the fact that 20 people control the global economy, social justice, pushes for anarchy, ending hunger, stopping war, you name it.

While  nowhere near as numerous as the conservative march on Washington D.C. earlier this month, it did turn violent at times.  Police and protesters traded rocks, tear gas and bean bag shot as the marchers attempted to ignore police orders to discontinue the illegal march.

The news media went out of its way to ignore the more violent sections of the march and the New York Times went so far as to claim that the entire protest was peaceful with no mention of the rock-throwing, dumpster tossing thugs.  UPI at least bothered to mention that some tear gas and rocks were traded.

Fox news interviewed a few protesters that said the protests were largely peaceful.  When asked if they would condemn the destruction of property and attacks on police, they agreed that it was happening, but they would not call the actions wrong.  The question was evaded in typical elite-speak and by turning the question around on the interviewer.   They can’t condemn the illegal actions of their fellow protesters, because they agree with it and hope it continues.

When the 9-12 marchers went to D.C. predictions of violence, perhaps near militant in-nature, were going to break out.  Nothing even close occurred.  Exactly zero people were arrested after having done zero dollars of damage to public or private property.  The conservative marchers were there out of love for their country, its constitution, and everything it represents.  When the left marches, it’s to demonstrate hatred and anger for the country that gives them the right to voice that opinion.  Who do we really need to fear?