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'Occupy-a-desk' Jobs expo at Zucotti park

NEW YORK CITY, NY – In direct response to Occupy Wall Street, entrepreneur and Locatestock.com CEO John Tabacco, is offering Americans a chance to work by occupying one desk at a time with a Occupy a Desk All American Job Fest Expo at the former Occupy Wall Street camp, Zuccotti Park, on Monday December 12, 2011 from 12 NOON to 4:00 PM EST.

John Tabacco along with brother Derek Tabacco are bringing over a dozen companies together with over 50 job openings.

Says Tabacco, “During our last counter protest we heard repeatedly from Occupy Wall Street that they couldn’t find a job. So in hearing their voices, we thought with the Holiday Season upon us, what better gift to give someone than a much needed job!”

Admission is free and open to anyone. Human Resource Representatives will be on site accepting resumes and pre-interviewing qualifying candidates. Participating Companies include: Intermedia Group, Network Placements, Health First, Rodman & Renshaw, and Ambit Energy.


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In November, Rich and Michelle interviewed John Tabacco on CDN Radio’s own Mitchell & Ray Show. You can listen to the entire show here or Mr. Tabacco’s interview here.

Madison Rising's Answer to Occupy Movement: Honk if You Want Peace [Music Video]

Conservative Daily News is a proud outlet for the Conservative band Madison Rising. We last featured “Walking Through That Door”, the bands incredible tribute to our troops.

Their newest release is a rebuke of the Occupy [insert city here] protests and demonstrates the obstructionist and selfish nature of the protests:

The band Madison Rising is debuting its first album today, which includes the song “Honk if You Want Peace,” lambasting the Occupy Wall Street protesters as college slackers and “tie-dyed slobs.”

The song, which tells the story of a father trying to get a daughter to a hospital through roads choked by protesters, debuts on the very day that Occupy Wall Street protesters are blocking traffic and businesses across the city. How ironic.  (from a post by the band’s PR representative Bill O’Reilly)

You can keep in touch with the band on their youtube channel.

John Tabacco Launches “FREE WALL STREET”

NEW YORK CITY, NY—“Free Wall Street, enough is enough,” says John Tabacco, CEO of LocateStock.com. “The way to end any Occupation is to form a coalition of Freedom Fighters to rebel against the unwanted Occupiers.” The “Wall Street Freedom Fighters” movement has begun. The Campaign kicks off with a rally to resist the occupation on their two-month anniversary. Tabacco and other angry Financial District workers and business owners, say this will be the first in a series of demonstrations designed to showcase opposition to the Occupy Wall Street movement.

Tabacco is also opening the movement up to help free the Downtown Financial district of the resource draining, Quality of Life killing, unemployed, homeless vagabonds. John Tabacco is inviting other like minded hard working Wall Street financial firms, business owners and aggravated commuters, to join the movement, and band together to free Wall Street. Marching on the NYSE, and protesting the hardworking, good men and women of the NYSE makes no sense.

In this time of Global uncertainty the last thing the workers of NY’s financial district need is video of an angry mob protesting in front of the Global symbol of Capitalism the NSYE. Come out and help deny them, and start taking back our streets. Today, The Freedom Fighters demand that the Occupiers announce a pullout date and begin an orderly retreat, or face the wrath of the well funded, employed and extremely agitated Freedom Fighters. The Freedom Fighters proudly represent the 53% of Americans that pay income taxes.

Since its inception, Occupy Wall Street protesters have caused problems for local businesses and hard working people that work on Wall Street and surrounding offices near Zuccotti Park. The people, who are affected, have nothing to do with their misguided protests, and now its time to fight back. The Counter Resistance begins now.

“They are in downtown Manhattan raging against banks, when they should be in Washington DC raging against an administration which continues to support a system of bailing out the big banks, and allowing them to continue right back down the same path to Too Big to Fail,” remarks Tabacco.

The working people and business owners of the Financial District deserve better.The Occupy Wall Street mission is misdirected and their movement is raging against the wrong machine. Reports of violence and sexual crimes against women are distressing, and Tabacco and his supporters are also incensed that the actions and behavior being permitted in the park, is totally unacceptable in surrounding areas. “Why should these miscreants be given favorable treatment, and the working men and women of the financial district are held to a higher standard. At a time when America is becoming a Global laughing stock, we should be raising our standards of behavior and productivity instead of sapping resources from the already crippled NYC economy. The Occupiers must stay in their little park, or the next battle stage will begin and the Occupiers are clearly not ready for a battle with NYC’s hard working people,” quips, Tabacco.

Mitchell & Ray November 17th: Free Wall Street Cain down? Newt up? Misft fun and more

When: Thursday, November 17th, 10pm Eastern/7pm Pacific

Where:Streaming Internet Radio

What: Join independent political commentators Michelle Ray and Rich Mitchell as they discuss the issues impacting Americans.

Tonight: @WallStFighters, Cain down? Newt up? Misfit fun and more

Guest: John Tabacco, founder of Free Wall Street and Cole Streeper from Misfit Politics

Show Recording: [mp3player width=300 height=75 config=fmp_jw_widget_config.xml file=http://media2.conservativedailynews.com/shows/mitchell-and-ray/show_11-17-11.mp3]

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