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Socialist Circle of Influence

As if we needed more evidence that President Obama’s young adulthood was riddled with radical influence, another video has surfaced courtesy of Breitbart.com that depicts then Harvard Law student Barry Obama praising and embracing Professor Derrick Bell.

In the days following the release of the video the blogosphere erupted with background checks, additional video and reaction to Professor Bell’s lifelong work, Critical Race Theory.

While media pundits and political junkies pour over what CRT is and how it affects race relations in America, one young man took a slightly different reactionary approach.

Justen Charters created this video after stumbling upon signifcant evidence tying Obama’s beloved professor and mentor, Derrick Bell, to the president’s long list of criminals, socialists and anti-Christian relationships from his past AND present.

Professor Bell seems to have been intimately connected with many of the same usual suspects in the progressive and socialist movements.

As the video points out, Professor Bell was a frequent sponsor of the socialist publication New Politics, as was cofounder of the Cloward and Piven strategy for creating national socialism in America, Francis Fox Piven. New Politics was founded by members of the Independent Socialist League.

** A photograph of Francis Fox Piven standing behind President Bill Clinton at a Bill Signing Ceremony can be seen here: American Thinker

Professor Bell’s connections don’t end in merely sponsoring a socialist publication. He was also co-contributor to the book What Brown Vs. the Board of Education Should Have Said with current Regulatory Czar Cass Sunstein. Sunstein’s more notable publication is Nudge, which argues that the government knows best and has a responsibility to “nudge” citizens into making good choices through laws and regulation. Bell spent a large portion of his career rendering opinion regarding Brown v Education which ended in a unanimous Supreme Court decision prohibiting segregation in schools.

Regulatory Czar Cass Sunstein

Professor Bell is quoted as saying he lived his life to “harass white people.” Putting his words to action, he co-contributed to many books that supported his theory of “permanent racism,” which purports that racism is inherent in white people and will never be eradicated. One such publication is called Race, Gender and Sexuality, which was primarily authored by Black Panther Party for Self Defense co-founder Huey P. Newton. See images of Newton here: Marxists.org

The revelations in this short video outline the radical and socialist traits of Professor Bell. More importantly, it contributes to growing evidence that this pattern of traits were not only appealing to President Obama in his early adulthood, but that he still carries similar beliefs with him today.

Union’s Top Buffoon, Communist Fox Piven, and SEIU to Hold Teach-In

I literally fell out of my chair when I first heard of this supposed teach-in, to be held on April 6th, 2011. While the title, “teach-in”, implies that attendees will acquire some amount of knowledge, the key question about this one is just what kind of knowledge will be given, and more importantly, how credible are the “teachers” that will be attending.

Pictured at left is the Socio-Communist  manual  that will surely be snatched up at this teach-in, as this whole group uses the radical society-destroying lessons taught in it. The pride and joy of the radical rabble rousing Anti-American leftists , one Frances Fox Piven will be deemed the Queen of Socialist education and indoctrination for the day. If you are unfamiliar with  the unapologetic anti-American Francis Fox-Piven,  Ruth’s Report sums her up nicely there.

Pictured here is the pride and joy of the left today. Preaching Communism and anti-American hatred for decades sure appears to have taken a toll on this parasite. The left tries to pass this sick-minded individual off as a Political Science and Sociology professor. That alone says a hell of a lot about the state of our educational system today, and how Socialist propagandists have infiltrated what were once proud institutions of learning in America.   Here is the all-telling list of  who are being “thanked” for their participation. Please take note of every single group here, this is the face of the current Anti-American destruction machine infiltrating America  today:

AFL-CIO, American Rights at Work, Center for Community Change, CUNY, Demos,Judson Memorial Church, Justice for Janitors, Professional Staff Congress, SLAP, SEIU,
United for Peace & Justice, USAS, USSA, We Are One…

Every teach-in must have a Union buffoon, and AFL-CIO President Mr. Trumka, pictured at left, will be a featured speaker. When de-facto Communists want to impose their will onto the people of an unwilling public, they must be taught the blackmail, government inflitration, and thug-tactics that Trumka specializes in today.  Americans have gotten informed about Unions buying politicians through get out the vote campaigns, and they are soon to be a thing of the past in State Governments across the land. This bully is going to get a real public beat-down real soon, and I can’t wait to see him relegated to being know as nothing more than a big-mouth has-been. The public have had all they are going to take from Mr. Trumka, his days of bullying people are numbered. As long as he is the head of the AFL-CIO, they will continue to bleed members as we continue to kick them the hell out of our government once and for all.

Here is the complete list of Anti-American groups involved here from their own site:

Key National Groups fighting Austerity, Debt, Banks & Corporate Greed

American Federation of Teachers http://www.aft.org/

Farm Labor Organizing Committee http://supportfloc.org/default.aspx

Home Defenders League http://www.homedefendersleague.org/

Jobs with Justice http://www.jwj.org/

National Education Association http://www.nea.org/

National People Action http://www.npa-us.org/

National Pico Network http://www.piconetwork.org/

Project on Student Debt http://projectonstudentdebt.org/

Public Citizen http://www.citizen.org/Page.aspx?pid=183

Rainforest Action Network http://ran.org

Right to the City Coalition http://www.righttothecity.org/

Service Employee International Union http://www.seiu.org/

Student Labor Action Project http://www.jwj.org/projects/slap.html

United Auto Workers http://www.uaw.org/

United Students Against Sweatshops http://usas.org/

US Uncut http://www.usuncut.org/


This is the enemy of American exceptionalism and true American Values. They are nothing more common thieves, disguised as champions of the poor.  Communists who changed their name to Socialists, then to Liberals, and now call themselves Progressives.  Identify them, and spread the word every chance you get. America’ future is at stake here, and these anti-Americans need to be exposed daily!