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September 22nd Fox News/Google GOP Debate [Full Length Video]

Thursday, September 22nd at 9pm, citizens got to ask questions of nine GOP presidential candidates. Fox News and Google co-sponsored the GOP debate and let viewers ask questions of the candidates through a submit and vote-up feature.

Attendees were:

  • Michele Bachmann
  • Herman Cain
  • Newt Gingrich
  • Jon Huntsman
  • Ron Paul
  • Gary Johnson
  • Mitt Romney
  • Rick Santorum
  • Rick Perry

In case you missed it, here’s the full length video of the debate:

Fox/Google GOP Debate: "Search"ing for a Leader

The Fox/Google Republican debate was held in Florida Thursday night and it turns out Gary Johnson is still running for President.  Yes, the New Mexico governor is far more notable for his stance on legalizing marijuana than his Presidential aspirations – a fact his team should probably have noted before they allowed him to appear on television in a patterned tie that displayed psychedelic effects under the glare of the cameras.  Gary Johnson doesn’t seem like a bad guy.  He seems sort of smart.  But also, kind of high.  His lazy speech and obvious nerves gave the impression of a buttoned-up, paranoid stoner.  His stance on education was appropriately Republican and Johnson has an attractive air of sincerity about him.  But also, he may have been high.

The debate threatened to be the Romney/Perry show in the beginning as the Fox moderators devoted ample time to spirited back and forth between the two candidates.  Thankfully they moved on after about 30 minutes and were able to provide quite a generous amount of time to most of the other candidates from that point on.

Rick Perry looked tired.  His wrinkles seemed deeper and he even looked smaller in his high collared shirt and long suit jacket.  He didn’t seem like he really wanted to be there at that debate.  He stammered at times and began to repeat himself, especially on health care.  His foreign policy answer was a bit drawn out and difficult to follow.  It almost seemed as if he lost his place at one point. Perhaps he is still smarting from his collapse in the second half of the last Republican debate.   Where Perry was the strongest, as usual, was on states’ rights.  Perry even skillfully turned a question about his rumored rift with George W. Bush into a monologue on his strong support of states’ rights.  It was his strongest moment in an otherwise lackluster performance.  Perhaps the only other bright spot for Perry came when he defended his stance on the Texas “Dream Act”, refusing to back down from his obviously unpopular (among conservatives, at least) view.  The crowd seemed to appreciate that and offered applause.

Romney had strongest showing yet.  He may have been emboldened by Perry’s poor performance in the last debate.  He was well rehearsed, but loose.  Romney gave the best explanation of Romneycare he has offered to date, touting it as a states’ rights issue and breaking it down against Obamacare.  It may not be enough to erase the blemish, but it was a solid explanation and he made sure to assert that Obamacare is bad law and should be repealed.  Romney stopped short of guaranteeing a repeal, but he did guarantee waivers to all 50 states immediately.  Romney is hitting his stride and beginning to sound like he’s laying out a general election platform.  I didn’t even notice his hair tonight, so that says a lot.

Herman Cain garnered the most touching moment of the debate when Chris Wallace alluded to Cain’s recovery from cancer.  The audience offered a long, heartfelt applause to the man who had survived Stage IV colon and liver cancer.  Cain’s big, genuine grin as he thanked the crowd actually put a little lump in my throat.  You go, Herman!  Cancer is stupid and I’m glad you kicked it’s ass.  Cain had another strong showing, although it is quite obvious that he remains weakest on foreign policy.  He did try his best to let everyone know that he has a clear vision on Israel, and wants America to be as clear as possible when making it clear to other nations that we clearly stand behind our clear allies.  Clearly, Cain is still searching too much when it comes to foreign policy questions, but he is so strong on other issues, he seems able to make up for that shortcoming.  Cain took every opportunity to mention his 9-9-9 plan, as he has been doing consistently over the last few debates.  The plan is perhaps his greatest policy strength at the moment.

Michele Bachmann looked solid, but seemed to shy away from directly attacking Perry, which many expected her to do tonight.  The upcoming Florida straw poll will determine whether or not that was the right thing to do.  While she made sure to highlight her strong conservative values, she may have made a fatal mistake by choosing not to aggressively attack what many see as her biggest obstacle right now – Rick Perry .

Jon Huntsman was able to sound almost human in this debate.  Perhaps it was the amount of time he had to speak.  Thursday’s debate was the most time he has been given in a debate thus far.  Mentioning that he feels his family of seven children has been like a “clinical trial” at points did nothing to dispel me of the suspicion that Huntsman is actually very sophisticated alien technology.  But his daughter has juvenile diabetes so you see, he’s human.  Huntsman did seem the most animated he’s been through this whole process.  The only problem with Huntsman is that, no matter how human he seems, he’s still Jon Huntsman.  It will be hard for him to overcome…himself.

It was another strong showing for Newt Gingrich.  In this debate Newt came off less as “cranky Uncle Newt at family Thanksgiving” and more like “Jovial, witty Grandpa at Christmas time”.  He actually seemed warm at points, and even stirred up a few laughs.  As usual his answers were biting, provoking and intelligent.  His only low point in this debate is that he kept reminding viewers how old he was, and how he is such a part of the past in this country.  His goal was to highlight his history and his experience, but it came off as reminder that he is perhaps too connected to the “old” politics, and this is the “tea party” era.  It was another great performance for ultimate cabinet pick Newt Gingrich.

Honestly- and I’m being completely serious- I forgot Gary Johnson was even there until someone asked him a foreign policy question.  So, it turns out he was actually there, and his answer was quite logical and intelligent.  Also, he may have been high.

Rick Santorum debated with the passion and sincerity of a man who seems like he knows he has nothing to lose.  Santorum was straightforward, passionate and very engaged.  Much to the delight of the audience he stood clearly and strongly against the repeal of DADT, Obama’s attitude toward Israel, and benefits for illegal immigrants.  It seems unlikely that Santorum can win this nomination, but he hasn’t yet proven that he will lose it either.  He has made quite an impressive comeback during the two most recent debates and it will be interesting to see if he can maintain this momentum.

Ron Paul has clearly been through all of this before.  He speaks like a man who knows his platform by heart, and is inherently comfortable with it.  His answers were true to the libertarian position and as usual, the Paul fans were rolling deep in the debate hall.  Paul’s best moment may have come when he was asked to expound on his (somewhat) bizarre statement regarding a border fence working to keep Americans in rather than simply keeping illegal immigrants out.  Wallace asked Paul if he noticed many Americans rushing to take their money and leave the country.  It could have turned into another tin-foil hat moment for Paul but instead he turned it into a chance to explain that indeed, many Americans are taking their money and investing elsewhere because of stifling government regulation and taxes. It was a skilled turn-around, but then he went on to talk about data banks and tracking illegals meaning every body will be put in data banks one day (pssst…Google already does that. That battle has been lost).  Ron Paul proved why he’s lost two previous Presidential bids – Ron Paul is simply too libertarian for the Republican Party, and nowhere does that show more than his foreign policy opinions.

The closing question wasn’t the worst “fluff” question we’ve seen to date (that honor would be reserved for CNN’s “This or That”) – Who would you choose from this stage to be your running mate?  Newt refused to play the game, as usual, but did so with a rare showing of light-heartedness.  Relatively speaking, of course.

Bachmann declined to pick one opponent as well, instead taking the opportunity to speak directly to conservative voters and highlighting her qualities as a strong, true conservative candidate.  Bachmann obviously knows her base.

Perry wanted to mash Gingrich and Cain together in some bizarre, sicko, The Fly-ish experiment.  Well, he really just wanted to combine their personalities, but Romney rightly pointed out that it was a disturbing image, nonetheless.

Romney refused to answer either, but used the time to remind viewers that the real objective is to defeat Obama, and he would be just the man to do that – LAYING OUT HIS GENERAL ELECTION PLATFORM.

Gary Johnson, who really doesn’t seem like such a bad guy, chose Ron Paul. So…there’s that.  Also, he said his neighbor’s dog made more shovel ready jobs than Obama had, which was a DIRECT ripoff of a joke Rush Limbaugh told earlier that day.  I happened to be listening to Rush on Thursday afternoon when he joked that his new puppy had created more shovel ready jobs than Obama.  Maybe Johnson just forgot where he heard it originally and thought he could get away with the joke as his own.  Because he was high.

Paul deferred until he is a member of the top tier of candidates.

Santorum said he would pick Newt.

Cain acknowledged that it was just a game but said he’d play anyway, to the delight of the audience, who laughed and applauded.  He chose Gingrich.  The audience liked that too.

Jon Huntsman used his time to tell people that he still has a chance to win.

The overall debate format was a success.  Chris Wallace, Bret Baier and Megyn Kelly were good-natured, provoking and flexible. Google did an excellent job of highlighting their products and technology while integrating them into the format.  I was particularly impressed with the way they used search engine results to bring to light what viewers and voters were searching for, topic-wise, and which candidates were getting the most interest.  The “word clouds” were a very good illustration of results, placing the most searched words in  “cloud” like formation and enlarging the words in order of popularity.  The audience really responded to each result.  One of the first results revealed two of the trending searches were for “marriage” and “marijuana”.  Apparently there were a lot of lonely stoners watching the debate.


Romney was the clear winner in the Fox/Google debate. He stood out and looked confident.  Cain and Santorum came a close second and third.  Now all the candidates head into the much heralded Florida straw polls this weekend looking to place strong.  We may see some big changes in the field coming after the results are tallied.

Crisis of Confidence

On January 18, 2010 I posted an opinion piece about a new political party in Washington. It was the Say Anything Party, (SAP). Back then I included the more prominent liars in Washington DC as it members, Barack Obama being its president and CEO.

Today I am seeing that the SAPs are increasing their ranks to include those with no integrity.

The new SAPs that come to mind are Republican defectors; Karl Rove, Ricky Perry, Jon Huntsman, most of the FOX opinion hosts pretending that they believe they are journalists, and the list goes on. It includes Democrat demagogues as well the “clever” Republicans. Sadly, the SAP is growing exponentially.

The one that really floored me is Ed Rollins. There was a time when I could consider him a standup guy. Not anymore! He recently bailed out on the Bachmann campaign due to health reason; he was just getting too old for that much intensity. Yet, in the last few days he has exerted more energy than he has in years…basically trash talking whom he once claimed to support.

Americans see this day after day, week after week, and month after month. They are tired of the cheap abandonment of integrity by their elected leaders. It seems as though nobody can be relied upon to have integrity anymore.

Integrity is not simply telling the truth, or being honest. Integrity is the integration of what you think, believe, say, and do. Americans (yea, even the world) know that elected pontiffs will scatter their professed principles in the winds of popularity. We don’t like!
Read more

America, This Is What Real Leadership Looks Like

Whether you agree with his position on the issues or not, the American people need to look no further than Texas to see an example of what real leadership looks like.

This morning, Texas Governor Rick Perry appeared on Fox & Friends to discuss the catastrophic wildfires that are burning throughout the state.

Governor Perry, who is running for President in the 2012 election, was scheduled to speak at a conference in South Carolina. However, due to the severity of the situation with the wildfires in Texas, he has left the campaign trail to oversee the efforts to contain and put out these ferocious fires.

Brian Kilmeade, one of the co-hosts of Fox & Friends, opened up the interview with Governor Perry by asking him to give his account of his fly over of the wildfires, where more than 1,000 homes have been destroyed since this last round of fires has broken out.  Since the start of fire season this past December, 3.6 million acres in Texas have been burned up in wildfires.

Governor Perry spoke of how there is something different with this fire, saying it is “very mean looking”, adding that one aspect of this fire that makes it so serious is the fact that it is burning right up to the city limits of Bastrop, which is a densely populated residential area. Governor Perry made sure to thank the many volunteer firemen who have come to assist from as far away as California and Oregon. At this point, the fire is not contained at all, but the Governor assured the public that he is hopeful with the resources that are coming in, containment of these fires will be achieved.

The interview takes a turn from the serious issue of the fires when Biran Kilmeade directs the line of questioning towards Governor Perry’s campaign. The Governor makes it clear that no matter where he is, he is in constant communication with his staff. He assures the co-hosts that multi-tasking is nothing new in Texas.

Next, Steve Doocy asks Governor Perry to comment on Mitt Romney’s job plan that is reported to have “59 specific proposals and 10 concrete actions” he would take on his first day in office to create jobs. The Romney Plan is reportedly coming out today. Mr. Doocy pointed out that Governor Perry is the front runner in many polls, and asked the Governor where his jobs plan is. The Governor makes it very clear that he is not concerned about politics at this time, saying:

“Well, the 50 things I am focused on right now are the number of fires in the state of Texas. So there’s plenty of time to lay out ideas about job creation, which we do on a regular basis here in the state of Texas. But that’s secondary, obviously, to getting these fires taken care of.”

Not to be outdone, Gretchen Carlson goes on to say that she “can assume that a plan will coming shortly after the crisis” is dealt with. She continues on with the Mitt Romney campaign vs Rick Perry campaign, where she mentions  comments Mitt Romney has made regarding Governor Perry’s career in politics. Gretchen tosses the conversation back to Governor Perry by asking him, “What’s your comeback?”

In what could quite possibly be seen as the defining moment in Governor Perry’s campaign for the presidency, he once again makes it very clear that while he is in the race to be President of The United States of America, he has a job that he has to do right now, by saying:

“Well, I’m working my day job right now, and I’ll be real honest with you, I’m not paying any attention to what the critics may say. I’m more interested in what these people out here who’s lives are in jeopardy and who’s homes are being impacted. Possessions and homes are important but there not as important as people’s lives.”

Governor Perry continues by saying how important it is for people to avoid being outdoors if there are any activities that can cause a fire, and when evacuations orders come, listen, because it could be your life.

Once again, Brian Kilmeade jumps into the conversation, this time commenting that he knows Governor Perry is focused on the fires, but he would like to get his reaction on yesterday’s declaration of war on the Tea Party by Jimmy Hoffa, Jr.  He plays the clip, then asks the Governor what his reactions are, and if he thinks the comments made by Hoffa are appropriate or inappropriate. Viewers can see the visible frustration on the Governor’s face with the continual redirection of questioning from the fire to politics.

Once again, Governor Perry shows his commitment to the people of Texas over politics, saying:

“Well, you wouldn’t be bleeping if it were appropriate, but bottom line is the people I’m more interested in are the people out here on these fire lines. They are hard working men and women. There’s probably even union firefighters out there, and God bless ’em for helping save Texas lives and Texas homes.”

Texas Governor Rick Perry; photo by Gage Skidmore

Gretchen makes sure to assure Governor Perry that after he is finished dealing with the fires, they know they will have him back on the show to hear his comments on Hoffa and the other political discussions they bombarded him with, though he consistently reminded them that his focus is not on political games, but the people of Texas.

Governor Perry smiles, though his irritation is obvious that all three of the co-hosts seem to care more about politics that the dire situation facing Texas citizens.  In true leadership fashion, with all the class in the world, he ends the interview by saying:

“Keep our folks in your prayers and your thoughts.”

There is no perfect candidate in any race, however, the American people now have a very clear picture of true leadership. Unlike President Obama and many others who turn every event, tragedy, birthday party or accomplishment into a political agenda, Governor Rick Perry understands that leadership is real work, not just a fancy title.

This is the Fox & Friends interview in its entiriety:




Will She Or Won’t She? Sarah Palin Says There’s Room For More In The Race

Sarah Palin greeting supporters in Iowa September 2 photo via Washington Post

Will she or won’t she? That’s the burning question in the minds of anyone in America who keeps up with politics.

Will Sarah Palin run for president in the 2012 election? Or will she stay on the sidelines, cheering on the “spirited debate” of the other candidates?

According to a Fox News poll, the majority of Americans say that she should stay out of the race. When asked the question, “Do you think Sarah Palin should run for president in 2012 or not?”, the results are overwhelmingly against her entering the race.

  • 74 percent said no
  • 20 percent said yes
  • 6 percent said they’re not sure.

There is only a 9 percent gap in the between Republicans and Democrats who say she should stay out of the race, while nearly three quarters of Independents and Tea Party people said she should stay out of the race.

Sarah Palin continues to leave the country wondering what her decision will be. The speculation is wide and varied, with pundits such as Karl Rove saying she will run, while other pundits and bloggers saying she will not. There’s also some who just do not know if she should run or not.

Jennifer Jacobs, chief political writer at the Des Moines Register, polled the politically involved in Iowa, and one reason listed as to why she shouldn’t  run is her indecision about what she is going to do. Saying Sarah Palin is the “Brett Favre of politics”, Ms. Jacobs  reports that the guessing game is getting old for potential voters.

Sarah Palin is speaking at a Tea Party rally in Des Moines today, and the rumor mill has been buzzing that that “today is the day” she will announce her candidacy. Her aides give the impression that there will be no announcement at today’s event, and Sarah herself continues to be non-committal either way.

“I think there’s room for more, though, because spirited debate and more competition will allow an even better discourse and more rigorous discourse that the public deserves.”

If she does not make an announcement one way or another in Iowa today, there’s always New Hampshire later in the weekend, where she will make an appearance. If she does not make an official announcement yay or nay in New Hampshire, there’s always the news media hounds, political pundits, her Fox News colleagues, and any other number of people to keep the rumors going.

There’s only one person who can put an end to this guessing game, and that’s the lady herself. She has said that her supporters deserve to know very soon which decision she is going to make. She has left the impression in more than one interview that September would be a fair time to let everyone in on the secret.

So the question still remains: Sarah, are you going to be one of the candidates? This guessing game is just feeds into the media and political drama.




Newsmax Fox Poll Results

Newsmax Des Moines Register



The Icon and the Straw Man

During a recent conversation over a social network something striking occurred. The interchange became quite heated requiring retrieval of a footnote from a book. When I produced the footnote my fellow communicant mocked the source, and informed me that it was spurious if it did not have a link to the Internet. This statement shocked me, in that it was coming from someone older than I who claimed to be well read. This suggested to me that consumption and dissemination of the opinions of others is now what liberals believe passes for being well read. Many political tricks cause this kind of thinking. The most effective trick is the creation of Idols to be worshipped and emulated and straw men to be derided and burnt by the idols. The dichotomy of the accepted ideal and the other is incredibly powerful.


The most severe example is that of John Stewart and Fox News. In the conversation I mentioned at the outset, one of the first responses I received from this individual was an admonishment of Fox News and was accompanied by a clip from John Stewart’s Daily Show. The clip showed numerous segments of anchor Megyn Kelly contradicting herself. I didn’t respond to the clip because it was not relevant to the conversation. The individual brought this argument and clip up because she assumed – because I was a conservative – that I view specific news anchors, pundits, politicians as she does, as idols.


The people idolized by the left are frequently built by manipulating public perceptions. Stewart is so effective in this role because he has a special bully pulpit at his disposal. His show, being a comedy show, is not required to be truthful or factual. It also provides a vehicle to attack people without looking mean. Ironically, Stewart admits his show is “the fake news.” Despite this contradiction, Stewart’s show is, for many liberals, their only news show. When looked at discerningly, one sees that Stewart’s show is nothing more than propaganda. Although incredibly funny, the show consists primarily of Stewart mocking his ideological adversaries. This is incredibly powerful sociologically because Stewart is in a position where he never has to admit he was wrong. He shields himself from criticism by describing himself as being “just a comedian.” Many young people on the left do not consider receiving their hard news from a comedian as being suspect, despite their opinion being provided to them sans an intellectual struggle. They simply do not entertain the notion that their idol, Stewart, could be wrong, so why would they need to look into an issue any further. Of course, the other side of the argument is ‘the other’ and cannot be trusted. It is far easier to show a thirty-second video clip of an opinion, than having to explain a footnote.


Stewart’s largest straw man is Fox News. Stewart, being the liberal idol, must project his superiority over what is the most popular news network of his adversaries. He has been incredibly effective in this for years. I have been told by many with an almost religious certainty that the Daily Show does not only have better news, but is more reliable news than Fox News Channel. They believe the Daily Show is a better source for news overall.


In reality, the Daily Show is a thirty-minute comedy performance. Unlike the New York Times and other print media, it does not have to print retractions. In contrast, Fox News is a cable channel that is under consistent scrutiny from both sides of the political spectrum. Although the left will not accept it, many conservatives deride Fox News just as much as liberals. Fox News, to the chagrin of many conservatives, always puts forth opposing opinion no matter how dearly the right believes those arguments to be hogwash. Fox News also engages many liberal voices daily, even on the perpetually derided shows of O’Reilly and Hannity.


A liberal now need only say, “you must watch fox news,” to justify themselves to the other. To liberals opinion has become fact and fact has become irrelevant, for to be right is to be on the side of the idol, to question the idol is marking ones self for immolation. Self-satisfaction, safety in the herd, and exclamations of intelligence await individuals who will submit to the idol. While those who question receive an ‘a priori’ belief of their stupidity from the herd. Our education system has already been devalued through liberalism, and now it seems that comedy and self-satisfaction is exalted over individualism and what Sociologist Le Bon called the “critical spirit.” People’s opinions have been bought by pop culture popularity like so many “Mean Girls” and “Heathers” types have through beauty and money. It is a devolution…and these people call themselves intellectuals.

MMFA: Charitable Chumps

This morning I spent a little quality time over at the Media Matters for America, otherwise known as “All Fox News, All the Time”.  You may also know it as the “Glenn Beck, Glenn Beck, Glenn Beck” site.  I don’t head over there too often.  If I want to know what Fox News is doing I’ll turn on the TV. myself.  If I want to see a Glenn Beck “evil-face” montage of pictures, I’ll Google it.  But every now and again I like to see what type of hate the Senior Fellows are using their 501(c)(3) status to spew.

Whenever I do stop through, I never fail to click on their “About” page and read their mission statement – because I love to laugh.  It is good medicine for the soul, after all.  At least that’s what people with souls say.  The folks over at Media Matters don’t seem to laugh much, so you do the math.  This is my favorite part:

 Launched in May 2004, Media Matters for America put in place, for the first time, the means to systematically monitor a cross section of print, broadcast, cable, radio, and Internet media outlets for conservative misinformation — news or commentary that is not accurate, reliable, or credible and that forwards the conservative agenda — every day, in real time.

 Isn’t that hilarious?  The best part is how they claim to “monitor a cross section” of conservative media outlets.  But click on their home page and look at the “cross section” of offerings they have produced.  As I write this the top three stories are “Fox News Ran With Completely Baseless Accusation that Immigrants Set AZ Fire”, Jay Varney on Fox News, and “Glenn Beck Embraces a Kahanist”.  That’s quite a diverse offering.

Question: How many Senior Fellows does it take to provide a cross section of conservative media outlets? Answer: Fox News.

There are so many things that are so horribly wrong about MMFA, starting with the fact that they are underwritten by George “Darth Vader” Soros, and including the fact that they are a 501(c)(3) and thus enjoy a very cushy tax-exempt status.  Yes, this “charity” gets a tax break from the government to discredit private sector businesses.  On top of that, Soros gets to enjoy a “charitable” tax deduction every time he gives Eric Boehlert money for lunch and massages.  It really is a testament to the tenacity ($) and resourcefulness ($) of Darth Soros that he was ever able to secure a tax-exempt status for MMFA in the first place.  I don’t begrudge his desire to squash the fledgling right wing media, but I do resent that the government helps him to do it.  Over at Big Government, Meredith Dake has made it her personal mission to expose MMFA’s lies and distortions and strip them of their 501(c)(3) status.  She has carefully (and brilliantly, I might add) laid out a plan of attack to accomplish this.  Dake provides the IRS’s own guidelines for what merits an investigation of a charitable organization.  Even just a quick perusal reveals that MMFA is clearly in violation in at least two instances – “Organization is involved in a political campaign” and “Organization is involved in excessive lobbying activities”.  I don’t need to view a cross section of MMFA’s site to know that they have really screwed the pooch on just those two things.  Dake goes on to explain the process for citizens filing complaints against Team Soros with the IRS and even provides the links to the necessary forms.  Some may feel this is excessive, but her point is well made: Media Matters for Soros has already declared war on Fox News and conservative outlets in general; in a day and age where government waste is about sink the entire country and liberals are calling for more taxes to cover their incompetence, it only makes sense that an organization that is so clearly NOT charitable be required to contribute financially to the coffers of America.

The right to free speech is the most valuable right provided to Americans under the Constitution, perhaps only trumped by the right to own property.  No conservative would ever deny the right of an organization or group of people to express opinions.  The fact that MMFA exists and is funded by Overlord Soros is not at issue here.  The fact that MMFA is narrow-minded to the point of being extremely dull is not at issue here.  The fact that that MMFA posts blatant lies and misinformation is not at issue here.  These are all things that are protected under our Constitution, and should remain that way.  MMFA has every right to exist, and should be free to suck for as long as they want.  What they shouldn’t be free to do is enjoy a charitable tax-exempt status.  It is clearly inappropriate, and at the very least it is journalistic malpractice.  I don’t really feel comfortable referring to MMFA and journalism in the same sentence, but I’m at a loss for a word to accurately describe what exactly it is they do.  Harassment? Whining? Storytelling? Regardless, the sinister connections between MMFA, George Soros and our federal government mean that conservatives will need to keep a watchful eye on this organization.  As the 2012 election season heats up, this propaganda machine will be in full swing, and they’ll be getting lucrative tax breaks to do so.

Democrats Dumb Things Down Better Than Republicans

The debt ceiling debate will most-likely become the GOP’s fault. Not because the lion’s share of spending is from Republican policies, but because Democrats are much better at speaking in generalities, obscuring facts and planting doubt.

Republican Study Committee Logo

Rep. Jim Jordan, chairman of the Republican Study Committee, was on Fox News Sunday with Chris Wallace facing Rep. Chris Van Hollen (D-Maryland).

Chris Wallace made an interesting point, one that Van Hollen was eager to let pass without comment, that Jordan missed the opportunity to make a strong point on, and Wallace did a poor job of exploring: what happens if the debt ceiling isn’t raised on August 2nd?

Chris presented the issue by saying that if we pay Social Security first, some top government programs would have to take cuts of around 40%. A slide was displayed that listed programs like the Veterans Administration, the FAA, and more. Van Hollen let the slide go without comment realizing the trap. For Jordan, it perfectly illustrated the terrible situation America is in – we’re broke. After paying Social Security, many government programs are beyond our ability to fund. If we raise the debt ceiling, we are admitting that we can’t afford these programs and are too dense to do anything about it.

Chris Van Hollen, a Democrat on the House Budget Committee was flawless. Talking points firmly memorized and facts transmogrified into fear-mongering platitudes, he was able to defeat every one of Jordan’s responses with nothing but populist garbage.

Jim Jordon is one of the sponsors of the Cut, Cap and Balance legislation that will likely pass the House and fail in the Senate next week. Van Hollen falsely summarized the bill for the weak-minded: [paraphrased]: Their legislation would cut Medicare and give tax breaks to oil companies.

Jordan was ill-prepared for the debate. He was unable to contradict Van Hollen’s Mediscare talking point. In Jordan’s own committee bill (H.R. 2560 – Cut, Cap and Balance) there is a specific subsection that protects Medicare:

Direct spending for the following functions is exempt from the limits specified in subsection (c):
(1) Social Security, function 650.
(2) Medicare, function 570.
(3) Veterans Benefits and Services, function
(4) Net Interest, function 900.

And again, in another section of the legislation, Medicare is exempted from the measure:

(B) Section 255 of the Balanced Budget and Control Act of 1985 shall not apply to this section, except that payments for military personnel accounts (within subfunctional category 051), TRICARE for Life, Medicare (functional category 570), military retirement, social security (functional category 650), veterans (functional category 700), net interest (functional category 900), and discretionary appropriations shall be exempt

There is only one more mention of Medicare in the entire bill and yes.. it also holds Medicare exempt from the proposed legislation.

Cut, cap and balance does not cut Medicare, in fact, it specifically protects it. Van Hollen was wrong and Jordan was not even able to quote legislation he sponsors to point that out. The fact that Chris Wallace was ill-informed is nothing new, but he let the Democrat get away with misleading information.

The right says: we only take in enough money to pay for 60% of our current responsibilities. We have to cut spending to affordable levels or we will face bankruptcy in the next 2 to 3 years.

The left says: they want to cut Medicare and give tax breaks to oil companies.

This is how Democrats intend to keep the spending faucet wide open – flat out lies. Class warfare, scare tactics on Medicare and other fabrications are all they have. Unfortunately, a large portion of America finds it easier to consume the dumbed-down rhetoric from the left, instead of trying to process the logic from the right.

Hear Something – Say Something

New York city officials have reminded citizens to be on the lookout for terrorist activity by using the tag line “See something, say something”. This phrase is intended to make sure people react to any and all suspicious events. Perhaps it’s time for Conservatives to do something similar: Hear something – say something.

At the grocery store, out for dinner or drinks, at the office, at a barbecue – wherever – when someone decides to bring up a fiscal or social topic, Conservatives often take the high ground and say nothing. Sure, you’re supposedly not supposed to talk religion or politics in social settings – so the left takes advantage, spews their garbage and assumes there is no real opposition to their way of thinking.

Hollywood is a prime example.  Ben Shapiro wrote an entire book about how Hollywood’s elite are pushing a highly progressive agenda. Shapiro shared some of the insights from his book in a U.K. Independent interview in May.

“I was shocked by the openness of the Hollywood crowd when it came to admitting anti-conservative discrimination inside the industry,”  “They weren’t ashamed of it. In fact, some were actually proud of it.”

Actors and crew who feel otherwise are bullied into silence. In such a hostile surrounding, I can imagine a young actor or cameraman nodding their heads to keep their jobs, while avoiding the urge to vomit simultaneously.

The problem is not limited to out-of-touch world of the super-rich Hollywood left. Conservatives have been effectively painted as extremists by the media. It emboldens liberals and quiets the opposition.

I dealt with a similar situation at work and did what many of us might do in a work environment. I work out in the gym at work. Since I was the first one in, the rule is, I get to choose what to watch. I put it on Fox News. 10 or so minutes later, another person came in and asked if she could change it. I let her know that I was watching it. She responded, “Good Lord, you’ll turn me into a pillar of salt”. I could have turned it into a lively discussion on immorality on television, but was satisfied with getting to watch what I wanted.

What if I had spoken up instead? What if I had asked her what news channel she would watch instead? Then ask if that news channel represents her Christian faith better or worse than Fox News and ask for examples. Later, when she gets home, she might think about what I asked, her faith and watching her beloved CNN,  perhaps question her own choices. Maybe she’s choosing a political tradition in her family over the teachings of her own church.

Planting the seed of doubt is our responsibility. Silence only nurtures the liberal belief that their extremist ideas are popular. That’s how propaganda works.

Palin Power on the Rise

Sarah Palin went “On The Record” with Greta Van Susteren last night in a wonderful, very insightful interview that was conducted with her while on her continuing bus tour of the Northeast historical sites last night. Much to the dismay of the media hounds, many of which live and breathe for a chance to bash Sarah Palin at every turn, this is not a campaign tour. The route is basically a closely held secret designed to keep the hounds at bay, leaving them whining and complaining to which Sarah replies that she does not owe them a thing. Classic Palin there. Greta is masterful in the interview at letting Sarah just be Sarah, the concerned Patriotic citizen, wife and mother wanting to reverse the wave of anti-American prosperity and class warfare beset by the current people in Washington D.C. that seem hell-bent on destroying American freedoms and liberty. The very foundation that our founding fathers created our great nation upon is being destroyed from within our very own government, and Sarah Palin appears to have set out to inform Americans of the cancer that is eating away at the very soul of America today, and just what we can do to stop it. The following Gretawire interview is straight forward Sarah-speak. It is powerful patriotism and common sense solutions straight from the heart of an unwavering, honest to the core, America-loving woman. A special thank you to Greta for an unfettered look deep inside Sarah Palin’s all-American desire to restore our nation to what is was founded upon originally.

If you have javascript disabled, click this link to view the video:http://video.foxnews.com/v/969747926001/uncut-palin-we-have-heady-days-ahead/

This interview is sure to take many people by surprise, especially the media hounds chasing Sarah Palin around the country looking for ways to denounce her simple bus tour of America’s historical places in the northeast. This was Greta and Sarah, one on one, with no teleprompters or prepared speeches by political handlers. This is must-see true American Patriotism at it’s finest hour for everyone. This is what the American people need to hear today, an honest, truthful discussion on the dangers we face from a too big, too powerful government . As far as the media goes, just watch them try to denounce this interview today, and then you shall see just who is the real enemy from within, one that wants to transform America into a second-rate country through financial insolvency. Is Sarah Palin’s power on the rise once again? You Betcha!

Glenn Beck: America is Being Played !

Glenn Beck has predicted the Middle East crisis almost to a tee recently, and while everyone was calling him crazy for it months ago, no one seems to admit how correct he was today. Beck predicted that Egypt, Libya. Tunisia etc. would all be on fire due to civil unrest and what do we see today ? Beck predicted food prices would skyrocket, and today the eight of the major food groups are up a combined 73% over a year ago. Beck warned us about the Muslim brotherhood getting into the government of Egypt and that happens to be true today. Beck warned us that Israel was under attack from all sides, and recently Obama called for the resetting of their territory to a defenseless reinstating of the 1967 borders. In September the U.N. is slated to vote on making Palestine a recognized State, and we can rest assured that it will come with the demand to redraw Israel’s borders. Beck was proven correct in many ways in his predictions about the middle east and our economy recently, and the leftist media puppets that called him crazy are eating massive helpings of crow today, and of course they are refusing to admit it.

Recently, Glenn Beck explained his theory on the major realignment of world powers recently, and just who will rule in the near future. The four main “players” are:

1 -George Soros and his media and financial empire.

2 – Russia – They are expanding their influence with Iran, Turkey, Venezuela and even their longtime arch-enemy, China. Military rebuilding, Nuclear sales . Building oil and gas pipelines to Europe. What happened to Europe’s green energy plans? The fact is, they need oil and gas, and Russia will sell it to them.

3 – China – Over a billion people to feed, and they are buying up major amounts of gold and rare minerals in possible anticipation of the crashing of the U.S. dollar.  Technology advancements.

4 – Islam- OIL

Will Glenn Beck be proven correct again here? Watch in the following FoxNews video how George Soros states that, “China has to be brought into the New World Order.” Video courtesy of FoxNews.com

[js]<script src=”http://video.foxnews.com/v/embed.js?id=958033286001&amp;w=466&amp;h=263″ type=”text/javascript”></script><noscript>Watch the latest video at <a href=”http://video.foxnews.com”>video.foxnews.com</a></noscript>[/js]

Newt Goes From Bad To Worse

In the interest of full disclosure I must go on record before I go on further and say that I am not a supporter of Newt Gingrich. From the moment I heard he was considering a bid for the White House I was was not happy. Mr. Gingrich is simply an extension of “the elite establishment” that we have had in Washington for decades.

Yes, it has been more than a decade since he held an actual position; however, he still has the same elitist attitude that we are stuck with today.

Unless you’ve had your head in the sand- which for much of this country, that is highly possible- you know that Newt Gingrich caused quite a bit of an uproar over the weekend in a discussion on “Meet The Press“. I will not waste either one of our time re-hashing the specifics of the show- if you do not know what happened you can read more about the incident written by one of my fellow journalists in this article.

Last night on  Fox’s “On The Record with Greta Van Susteren”, Greta had Mr. Gingrich on as a guest to allow him the opportunity to go “on the record” about what he meant and how he mis-spoke. However, he went from bad to worse on the show last night.

In Greta’s opening dialogue with Mr. Gingrich she made a light-hearted joke with him about how she went out of the country for a few days and when she comes back she sees he’s “blown up the Republican Party.” Anyone with half a brain would know that she was joking with him and not attacking him. However, Newt came out of the box swinging, saying, with quite the snide attitude in his voice, “Well, first of all, I think that’s pretty exaggerated on every front.” Greta jumped in very quickly to tell him she was teasing, and though Newt tried to acknowledge that he knew she was teasing, his demeanor, attitude and tone made it very clear he was on the attack.

Although Mr. Gingrich did say he made a mistake in what he said, and said he apologized for what he said regarding Paul Ryan’s plan, his attitude and tone seemed to have a very familiar tone- how dare you ask me a question like that!  Had he been more humble in his attitude with what is going on it might be a different story.  Instead, he came across as very snide.

As the conversation continued with Greta he seemed to calm down a bit. However, by this point any semblance of self-respect had been lost. By the end of the conversation with Greta, he actually made a point that interested me regarding his plan to propose a “10th Amendment Implementation Bill” which would actually enforce the 10th Amendment. That sounds great, in theory, however, my question is shouldn’t ALL of our laws be implemented and enforced already? Will this mean we will have to go back and create a “1st Amendment Implementation Bill”? And a “2nd Amendment Implementation Bill”? And so forth and so on. When will it end? We have laws in place for a reason. We should not have to put forth another piece of legislation just to implement a law that was put in place more than 200 years ago.

With all this being said, I must admit I am fairly new to the “political scene”. It wasn’t until right before the 2008 election that I starting paying real attention at all to politics. Yes, I voted, and I researched the issues before I voted, I just never kept up with politics. I saw it as nothing more than a bother. I was partially right- politics is a bother, but it is much more than just a bother! The future of our country is at stake because of politics!

I could be wrong- and if I am, I am sure someone will correct me in their comments- but I don’t know of any other candidate to burn his bridges so quick out of the gate! It was just one week- give or take a day or two- from the time Mr. Gingrinch made his “official” announcement that he was running for President that this incident happened.

Mr. Gingrich, I’ve never held a political office in any shape, form or fashion, but if your skin is this thin, applying for position of President of The United States of America with the American people is not the job for you.



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Clinton/Gates Prep Nation for Obama’s Libya Spin Tonight: Fox left out again

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and Secretary of Defense Robert Gates made the rounds on the Sunday talk show circuit in a seemingly weak attempt to explain to the nation our unexplained involvement in the Libyan Civil War of 2011.  Let’s see here, they were on ABC’s ” This Week, ” NBC’s ” Meet the Press ,” and CBS’s ” Face the Nation. ”  Wait a minute, isn’t there a Sunday show on Fox ? Isn’t our Government supposed to be accessible to all major media networks ?  Then why would they refuse to go on Chris Wallace’s ” Fox News Sunday ” show ?

To say the least, Chris Wallace was somewhat surprised at the blatant unfairness in the Obama administration’s decision in not making Clinton/Gates available to ” Fox News Sunday, ” and its millions of viewers.  I personally caught the slight right away, and refused to give my viewership stat to the MSM Obama puppet propagandist stations, instead I was relegated to reading about it on the internet. However I did catch the following video clip from Fox News, explaining it :

This is typical of the Obama administrations pattern of picking and chosing  just who gets access to the important governmental officials of the last two years. How the entire American population can sit around criticizing other nation’s dictatorial treatment of the press, while allowing this kind of  denial of access to Fox News is beyond rationalizing. This also goes against the promise that this administration will be the most open and transparent in our history. Apparently that open government, now means open, only to those who fail to hold this administration’s feet to the fire for engaging in an illegal war in Libya without the permission of Congress. Open only to those who get all tingly when Obama speaks, while ignoring the blatant lies and misinformation coming out of the Whitehouse today.

These kinds of  pathetic manipulations of our media should not only be condemned by all Americans today, but also by the cronies that Obama is favoring here. Think about this after we take over the U.S. Senate and Whitehouse in 2012:  How about our new Republican President denying all the Obama media puppets access to anyone in our government for four straight years and only letting them go on Fox News ?  Maybe we will let  ABC, CBS, and NBC show reruns of all the Fox News  Sunday interviews during the following week, when it is already yesterday’s news. Think about that.

Obama Administration Only Ones Left Not Watching Fox News

Conservative Mix of Ideology on Fox News

The title is a bit of hyperbole, but it makes the point. The Obama administration has gone on the offensive claiming that Fox News is, “the research arm of the Republican party”. This is out of sheer ignorance and a total misjudgment of who actually watches Fox News.

A recent Pew Research poll actually finds that Fox News has done a significantly better job at finding the middle than the other cable news outlets. In 2004, Pew showed a significant conservative bias to Fox’s viewership. Over the last 6 years the numbers have shown Fox’s push for “Fair and Balanced” has attracted liberals and independents as well as conservatives. The recent poll shows the shows that Fox News has attained a more balanced audience than the Obama administration’s chosen favorite CNN.

While Obama may believe that purposefully avoiding Fox News and having his media staff openly criticize the cable news outlet, the astronomical support for Fox News continues to climb.  Fox viewers are more numerous than CNN and MSNBC combined and Fox handily outpaces both of its competitors in every single time slot.  Bill O’Reilly’s interview of Obama during the campaign was easily the most-informative and was surely the most balanced.  Avoiding the most-watched, and certainly the news programming with the most-balanced viewership is a strategy doomed to fail.

Going on Fox would give the administration the chance it needs to persuade those on-the-fence or leaning away from them.  Instead, the White House only wants to talk to those that agree with them.  Preaching to the choir is for campaigning and Mr. President, that’s one thing you actually did win.

Conservatives Turn Liberals Into Pillars of Salt

I went into the gym yesterday and was overjoyed to see that no one was there.  That allows me to pick what is on the television whilst I sweat-away.  I chose Fox News. About 10 minutes into my routine a young woman asked me if I was watching what was on the television.  Naturally, I said yes.  She immediately responded with, “You are going to turn me into a pillar of salt!”.  I asked what she meant and she responded, “making me watch Fox News.”

Of course I let this go, because salt or not, we were going to watch Fox until I was finished according to the gym rules.   That doesn’t mean that I didn’t think about her irrelevant biblical reference at all.

Christian cross

Christian cross

By no means am I the foremost expert on Sodom, Lot or his wife, but I have a pretty decent understanding of the story.  I have no idea what that has to do with watching a news story on a cable channel.  I did not ask to have sex with an angel, a child, or anything else.  I certainly did not say that this woman should envy material things or long for some other immoral action….I just wanted to watch stories on the recent earthquakes.

I’m uncertain as to how my affinity for a certain new channel made this a right or wrong thing, but she certainly felt that watching something that did not kowtow to the liberal agenda was akin to a mortal sin. This woman probably even thought she was being a good bible scholar, was saving me from damnation, or something like that.. unfortunately, she got it wrong.  Lot’s wife did not meet her fate simply because she looked at something, she was condemned to be a condiment because she coveted an immoral life…

But, what do I know…

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