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Is DirecTV blocking Fox News?


For the past three days, Fox News on Directv channel 360 has been unavailable with the message “We are experiencing technical difficulties” during the morning show ‘Fox and Friends.’ Has DirecTV blocked Fox News for you too? pic.twitter.com/fScLCArXqP — Mama Sp00nz (@MamaSp00nz) November 4, 2016 Anger is building on social media that AT&T owned DirecTV may be censoring the morning ...

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Geraldo Rivera Visibly Shaking After Exploding At Fox Co-Host Over Benghazi

Geraldo Rivera continues his allegations that anyone claiming the Obama Administration could have mounted a rescue at Benghazi “is just preposterous!”  Geraldo appearing on Fox and Friends Friday morning, seems to have adopted the Left’s talking points, screaming at Co-Host Eric Bolling “You are a politician looking to make a political point!” he added after Bolling challenged him, later repeating the ...

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And we let these people vote?

That was my first thought this morning, when I saw this segment of Fox & Friends ….. “…and we actually let these people vote?” As it turns out, maybe Fox & Friends was actually pranked? According to The Blaze, this…. recent college graduate is an aspiring comedian. So maybe this was just a publicity stunt? Whether it was just a publicity stunt or… for ...

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Larry O'Connor Brings Thanksgiving Cheer To Fox And Friends This Morning

If there was ever such thing as a Thanksgiving Santa, I’d have to send this in as Larry O’Connor’s audition tape.  Here he is on FNC’s Fox and Friends (on Thanksgiving morning) talking about Nancy Pelosi, Warren Buffet, Zima, and Wild Turkey.  Enjoy.  And happy Thanksgiving, folks.

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