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Hurricane Herman Rocks Florida in GOP Straw Poll [Analysis]

While the sensational-ism screaming media-maniacs across the nation are trumpeting Herman Cain’s impressive blowout of the 2012 GOP presidential field as some kind of anomaly that really shouldn’t have happened, this Floridian simply wonders why it didn’t happen sooner. Herman Cain has been very impressive and pretty much gaff-free in all of the debates leading up to this one in Orlando, Florida.  Just like most of the nation today, Florida is a very divided state due to the dangers of the D.C. debt machine and the class warfare that comes with it. Herman Cain is a proven common sense problem solver, and lord knows we have some huge problems to deal with starting in 2013, when Barack Obama will attempt to slap another four years of high unemployment, inflation and stagnant-to- negative  economic numbers onto the backs of working class taxpayers across the nation in his reelection bid.  Predictably, America will not fall for that con job again.


Hurricane Herman Cain won the Orlando GOP straw poll by a landslide. The Liberal media will have a field day trying to make this out to be anything other than this this truth:  We have one of the most diverse, powerfully conservative Republican Presidential candidate fields in all of American history right now before us, some 13  months before the elections. 

Eventually, this field will have to be narrowed down to five or six candidates as 2012 fast approaches. Herman Cain now appears to have to have cemented his place in that field. Herman Cain was very impressive in this debate, but let’s not discount the powerful speech he made at the Orlando CPAC  on Saturday. During this speech we saw just how far Herman Cain has come in his ability to communicate with an audience in the last 6 months or so. Just like a Florida hurricane, Mr. Cain started his speech by building a quiet momentum, slowly emphasizing his conservative principles and his idea of what it will take to pull America out of the largely proven to be Democratic mess of recent years.

The Hurri-Cain ( spelling intended) then picks up speed and intensity in his somewhat ministerial style as he belts out the following statement: “Stupid people are ruining America.” The loudly enthused audience at this time has been shocked into quiet murmuring while they ponder the weight and truth of that last statement. It is not unlike when people hear hurricane warnings here in Florida, choose to ignore them, and then stand there starstruck at the reality of the destructive power upon actually seeing a hurricane bear down on them. (Yes, while it is blatantly stupid to ignore hurricane warnings and not take shelter to avoid being killed by it, just as it is  stupid to ignore the dangers of the Obama-debt machine of today and the dangers it poses to All Americans in order to vote for race-based class warfare and a largely undefined hope and change con job.)

‘ The Hurri-Cain then calmly reengages the crowd with very detailed bullet points after the ‘stupid people are ruining America’ statement, which is very similar to the calmness inherent in the eye of a hurricane when it pass over an area, such as say,  Orlando Florida, as it did this past weekend. Then the Hurri-Cain really picks up steam again in his Orlando CPAC speech and really snatches up the attention of the  crowd with the power of his words and the truths they carry. I found myself waiting for the Hurri-Cain to smash the podium to pieces as he ratcheted up his speech to feverish heights near the end.  Then, just like  a Florida Hurricane after it completely ravishes an area and moves on,  The Hurri-Cain calmly waves at the crowd and exits the stage leaving them breathless. Just in case you missed what I consider to be the best, most powerful Conservative speech of the Orlando CPAC event this past weekend, just watch The Hurri-Cain rip up Orlando in the following video of his CPAC- Orlando speech:

Cain’s CPAC speech-  http://video.cpac.org/video/herman_cain_cpac_florida_2011

Here’s Cain describing his 9-9-9 tax plan:


Nice job in speaking for all concerned  Americans today, Mr. Cain and congratulations on a well deserved straw poll victory. Stay tuned, as the Hurri-Cain could very well soon be coming to your town or state with his forceful conservative message for America!



Cain Wins Florida Straw Poll

Supposed “backburner” presidential candidate Herman Cain may have just turned up the heat by a few degrees.
Cain not only won the non-binding poll, but won it big.  Garnering 37% of the votes cast Cain easily doubles the finish of the current national front runner, Governor Rick Perry, who weighed in with 15%.  Former
Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney took the bronze with 14%.  Former Senator Rick Santorum finished with 11%, Congressman Ron Paul garnered 10.5% and former Utah Governor could only muster 2%, Congresswoman Michelle Bachman, who won the coveted Iowa straw poll only a few weeks ago, closed out the field with only 1%.


Straw polls in general are not regarded as true and accurate assessments of the voting public in general, since the format is less precise than the standard primary.  However, Herman Cain has been turning heads with his down to earth style and easily digestible economic plans.  He has made good to great showings in all of the debates to date, but the straw poll victory could indicate a turn in the numbers.


Lest we forget, a so-called “second tier” candidate named Mike Huckabee stepped straight into the major leagues with his upset win in the Iowa Caucuses and eventually rode it to second place in the primaries.  Lest we also forget, that Ronald Reagan won the Florida straw poll in 1979, George H.W. Bush won in 1987, and Senator Bob Dole topped the vote in 1995.


Cain’s showing at last Thursday’s Republican debate was the catalyst for his victory in the straw poll. With Perry and Romney busy trading barbs, Cain was able to not only reinforce his strong “9-9-9” tax plan, but took high honors in the emotion category for his personal testimony of being a stage 4 cancer survivor.


Again, only time will tell if this is a wave that will vault Herman Cain into the top echelon of candidates, but he will definitely get some attention and, one would figure that his VP stock may have just doubled.

President Herman Cain? He Wins The Florida Straw Poll

The national media is at it again. If you pay attention to the polls, read the main stream newspapers, and watch the main stream news, it’s a “foregone conclusion” that Mitt Romney will be the Republican Presidential nominee for the 2012 election.

This assumption would, without a doubt, go right along with the way the Republican National Committee (RNC) tends to choose the nominee. In their eyes, “it’s Romney’s turn”. He’s been running for president  almost 3 years- this time around.

However, the national media, nor the RNC seem to understand what Conservative Daily News readers understand: We The People have had enough “politics as usual”.

In this weeks CDN reader poll, the question was asked:

Who Were the Top 3 Performers in the 9/22 Fox/Google GOP Debate

CDN readers chose Herman Cain as the overall winner of the debate with an astounding 67% of the vote.

In today’s Florida Straw Poll, the winner was…. Herman Cain!

Florida Governor Rick Scott announced Herman Cain as the winner, saying:

“Tonight’s winner is Herman Cain. It shows you something, the road to the White House come through Florida, and it pays to spend time here.”

Winning 37 percent of the vote with more than 2,600 votes cast, Mr. Cain more than won the straw poll, it was a landslide! His closest competition was Texas Governor Rick Perry, winning 15% of the vote.

Mr. Cain showed his appreciation to Florida voters, saying:

“Thank you to the Republican voters for this incredible honor of being named the winner of the Presidency 5 straw poll in Florida today.  This is a sign of our growing momentum and my candidacy that cannot be ignored. I will continue to share my message of ‘common-sense solutions’ across this country and look forward to spending more time in Florida, a critical state for both the nomination and the general election.”

Today’s straw poll most certainly proves that the next 15 months are going to have a lot of surprises in store for the American people- and more importantly, the political establishment!

Mike Yost to Take On Corrine Brown for U.S. Congress in 2012 – Florida District 03

Pictured to the left is 2012 Congressional candidate Mike Yost,  with wife Debbie, whom is running against long-term incumbent Democrat Corrine Brown in Florida’s District 03 race. This race boils down to a very simply-defined characterization:  Mr. Yost is a solidly conservative candidate who firmly believes in our Constitutionally mandated form of limited government while Corrine Brown represents not the people, but special interest groups who fund her career, and the irresponsible big government debt spending commonly found in the Liberal ideology of today’s Democratic Party. Mike Yost is basically a Patriotic concerned citizen and former neighborhood mechanic, while Corrine Brown is a career special interests funded politician, as you will see below.

First, let’s take a closer look at nine-term Congresswoman Corrine Brown. Right from her start in Florida politics, Corrine Brown has been embroiled in corruption controversy as detailed here  , and is currently trying to continue her long time district gerrymandering-to-retain-power agenda, when she filed a lawsuit against Amendment 6 ( The  Fair District Amendment of FL 2010) which was voted into law in the 2010 elections,  here.  Corrine Brown represents everything that is wrong with our government today, as you can see in the above links. The people of Florida voted for The Fair District Amendment and Corrine Brown basically tells them to go to hell by filing a frivolous lawsuit in a blatant attempt to ignore the will of We The People.

Florida’s  congressional District 03 shows us just what Corrine Brown’s pattern of gerrymandering district lines- to-retain-your-house-seat looks like in the following map.


Look at the district lines there!  District 03 currently contains portions of  Alachua, Duval, Clay, Lake, Marion, Orange, Putnam, Seminole and Volusia counties. No wonder Corrine Brown doesn’t bother to actually hit the pavement much to talk to the people in that district, but instead relies on Church gatherings,  BBQs, and other already put together social events to garner her votes. Also of note is the fact that Brown’s campaign office sits right on top of a polling station. This district was created in 1903 ( and gerrymandered ever since) and has never had a Republican win this seat. EVER.  108 straight years of Democratic rule. This could explain why this has been one of the poorest districts throughout Florida’s history, year, after year, after year.  Conservative  Republican candidate Mike Yost would like to change things for the better for all Floridians in district 03, mainly by creating a business friendly environment that will lead to more jobs and prosperity for everyone. That means less of the big government nanny-state agenda, of which Corrine Brown has had Florida’s District 03 mired in for almost two decades.

Corrine Brown isn’t working for the people of Florida, in fact, as we see here,  she is beholden to special interest groups such as CSX railroad.

From our friends at propublica.org: The Hidden Hands in Redistricting: Corporations and Other Powerful Interests  About half way down in that article we see this section: Florida, railroads and friends, with a picture of Congresswoman Corrine Brown, whom Mr. Yost plans to unseat in 2012:

Congresswoman Corrine Brown, an African-American Democrat from Florida, appears to be a case in point. Brown represents one of the most irregularly shaped districts in the nation. It is 150 miles long but only the width of a highway bridge at its narrowest point and scoops heavily African-American neighborhoods out of Orlando, Gainesville and Jacksonville. The result of a deal between Republicans and minority representatives in the state legislature, the district and ones like it helped elect a more diverse congressional delegation but also ensured that the remaining districts would be whiter—and more Republican—because minority voters, who tend to vote for Democrats, had been carved out. Redistricting professionals call that ‘bleaching’.


Then the article goes on to show how Brown created a group called Protect Your Vote, in which this is disclosed: Though Protect Your Vote had little support from representatives of the minority groups whose rights it was supposedly trying to protect, it had a lot of support from corporate donors, who gave nearly $800,000. Last year, Honeywell International PAC gave Protect Your Vote $25,000. The same year, the PAC gave Corrine Brown’s campaign $10,000. Also in 2010, Honeywell hired a former Brown aide as a lobbyist, according to federal lobbying disclosures. And many of the company’s government contracts fall under the purview of Brown’s membership on the Transportation and Infrastructure and Veterans’ Affairs committees. Another $25,000 donation to Protect Your Vote came from CSX Transportation Corp., a Jacksonville-based railroad and trucking company. Brown championed the controversial SunRail commuter rail project, using her position on the subcommittee to help secure federal funding that made the $1.2 billion project possible. The SunRail deal is worth more than $600 million to CSX.


Corrine Brown represents everything that is wrong in politics today, and I,d like to introduce you to the person who would like restore honesty, integrity, and true representation of the people in Florida’s district 03 in 2012,  Mr. Mike Yost.

I recently interviewed Mr. Yost here in Florida to discuss why he decided to run for Congress, what he would represent if elected, and just how he plans to unseat the heavily entrenched Congresswoman Corrine Brown in the 2012 elections. For a detailed look at just who Mr. Yost is, and what he stands for,  please visit his website at http://yostforcongress.com/ .


In  my first question for Mr. Host, I asked him to define his conservative principles.  Mr. Yost stated that he believes conservative principles to mainly consist of three main components: 1- Restoring America to the  principles defined by the U. S. Constitution, Bill of Rights. and the rule of law. 2- Scale back our government by operating under sound fiscal policies that line up with  the same way American households do:   Spend less than you take in, budget wisely for the betterment of all in the household/country and the strict avoidance of irresponsible  debt-spending that leads to bankruptcy/insolvency. Mr Yost also stated that this is more common sense “household economics” than it is “Harvard elitist Keynesian economic theory.”  One has proven to work in countries throughout the world, the other has resulted in the total collapse of economies of once-powerful countries that experimented with the failed European Socialism model.

Next up, I asked Mr. Yost for his views on the present tax rate hikes proposed in the current “Tax the Rich scheme” of President Obama and his liberal minions in Congress today, and how he would  address the apparent problems within out current tax code structure.   Mr. Yost stated that he supports a Fair Tax policy in which  the income tax is abolished and goods are taxed at one steady rate of  an all inclusive 26%. This would prevent politicians from being influenced by corporate lobbyists who seek to influence legislation that includes tax code loopholes and subsidies for the entities they represent.  Mr. Yost also stated that The Fair Tax plan would open up the true free market system by encouraging competition, and which most economists estimate  would double the U.S  estimated GDP in a very short time when implemented properly. Mr. Yost explained the fair Tax plan this way:  The fair tax would consist of an all encompassing consumption tax of 26%, thereby eliminating the personal and corporate income tax completely. Mr. Yost explained that big corporations are effectively buying legislation that provides tax loopholes for the entities they represent, in exchange for political contributions and other favorable treatment. The fair tax ends that charade immediately. When you tax consumption and not production, it opens the door for more competition which in turn creates a better economic environment and more jobs, all the while keeping prices affordable. With the implementation of a fair tax, Mr. Yost explained,  politicians would not be so easily coerced into prostituting their principles in the form of forcing bad legislation onto the people just to remain in office by appeasing lobbyists. As a final note on the fair tax, Mr. Yost explained that we already pay an embedded 22% tax on everything we buy today, and that the 26% Fair tax would leave people with a lot more money in their pockets if their paychecks did not have the income taxes taken out of them, which in turn leads to more spending, which also leads to more revenue across the board. Eliminating the corporate taxes would encourage growth in the economy simply by making more working capital available for expansion and innovation. This would also reverse the massive trade deficits we currently run,  as Mr. Yost pointed out the fact that we have now become a country that is more of an importer than an exporter.  ” We have become a service economy, moving money from one sector of the economy to another, instead of the worlds leading producer of  exports,”  Mr. Yost explained.

Mr. Yost currently serves as his own campaign manager, and when I asked him about it, he stated that he has one picked out, but at the moment does not have the finances to bring them on board. That led us into a conversation about campaign finances in which Mr. Yost informed that he neither received any support from the RPOF, nor the RNC in 2010, when he also ran for the Fl-03 House seat.  ( Republican Party of Florida, and Republican National Committee) Not a dime of  support for a true conservative candidate.  Their main excuses for not helping Mr. Yost unseat Corrine Brown was the usual negative attitude that he can never win that seat because she she is too heavily entrenched in a gerrymandered district that has never voted Republican. Times are changing, and Mr. Yost just happens to be the exact kind of candidate that can unseat Brown in 2012.  How about showing a little can-do attitude like the voters did in the two special elections recently  held, where Democrats were drummed out of office by Republicans in New York and Nevada?  Mr Yost is showing the courage and tenacity  to take on Corrine Brown a second time, so how about the RPOF and RNC helping him out here and doing the same thing ?  Mr Yost stated that he did receive support from Dick Morris and several Tea Party groups in 2010, and when people actually get to know Mr. Yost and his unwavering conservative principles of limited government, his belief in our Creator, and American exceptional-ism that leads to freedom and prosperity for all based on the U.S. Constitution,  he will be seen as a Marco Rubio-type Tea Party candidate and is very electable.

While discussing the topic of campaign finances,  Mr. Yost said he would like to see serious campaign financing reform enacted that would stop the special interests from influencing our elected officials through unlimited funding through super PAC’s, non-profits and lobbyists. ( Community organizers will surely hate to hear this idea)  In Mr. Yost’s own words he simply put it as,  “If you can not vote, you should not be allowed donate to political campaigns.”  Individual voters can show support for their candidates with campaign contributions, while big corporations, Super PACS and lobbyists buying politicians poses a serious threat to our Republic.  G.E, just to name one, is not a registered voter, and therefore should not be allowed to donate to political campaigns, period.  Likewise for all the fake non-profit political action committees and assorted special interest groups.  As Mr. Yost stated, “Imagine the kinds of legislation that would get enacted if politicians were not beholden to any special interest groups, but instead were beholden to “we the people” to remain in office, as our founding fathers intended?

Mr Yost and I also discussed the topic of Federal subsidies using taxpayer dollars for political gains. He proposes a phase-out of ALL federal subsidies  by a 20% reduction  a year for five straight years, thereby eliminating them all together. The federal subsidy scheme is nothing more than a pay to play vote buying scam for certain politicians to remain in power by handing out tax dollars to special interests in their states. Mr. Yost also pointed out that no where in our Constitution are federal subsidies authorized, and how it also stymies true competition which works against our free market principles. The free market and competition should decide what businesses succeed or fail,  not the U.S. Government. To quote Mr. Yost, ” We need to get our government out of our free market economy, and a true free market economy regulates itself.  Government involvement and over-regulation of businesses only serves to stifle the free market, leading to the current negative-growth economy we see today.”

In summary, Mr. Yost is a true Reagan conservative, and he closed our interview with the following quote from the President Reagan himself:  “Freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction. We didn’t pass it to our children in the bloodstream. It must be fought for, protected, and handed on for them to do the same.”  To which Mr. Yost added his own quote:  “This {election} isn’t about Mike, this is about our children and grandchildren and the future of America.”

I found Mr. Yost to simply be a very knowledgeable, informed concerned citizen whom would like to see America restored to  the freedoms and prosperity that was envisioned by our founding fathers by following our very own founding document, The U.S. Constitution and enhancing our prosperity-inducing free market system. As one writer wrote during the 2010 elections when Mr. Yost challenged  8-term incumbent, Democrat Corrine Brown, that this battle indeed seems to be a David vs. Goliath episode in Florida politics. While that still holds true in describing the upcoming Florida U.S. House District 03 2012 election battle between these two candidates, it could be better described as a simple example of what is right ( Mike Yost) vs. what is wrong, (Corrine Brown) in American politics today.











Just What, Exactly, Is The Buffett Plan?

Warren Buffett stepped into the spotlight recently to say that he does not pay enough taxes. He states that he is wealthy enough that he can afford to pay more taxes than he does now. There is no doubt that he can afford a higher tax bill, but why is Buffett calling for higher taxes on the “rich” when he employees an army of Tax Attorneys to keep him from paying as much in taxes?

“Far more often, we see leaders in this country doing the opposite: protecting their own interests, their own careers or their own fortunes, with little worry about what it will mean to others,” wrote Post blogger, Jena McGregor.

Could Buffett be up to no good? Could Buffett benefit from such legislation being passed? Could this be Buffet’s way of paying Obama for his Medal of Freedom?

We all know that when it comes to tax laws, there are always loop holes written in to “protect” those of certain groups or interests. If such a bill were to pass, you can rest assured that other new taxes would soon follow on all levels.

New taxes would only hinder job growth and further drive our economy deeper into the recession, or worse yet, send us into another depression. How many companies will fold due to new taxes? Could this be where Buffett’s windfall is?

It is common knowledge that Buffett regularly buys companies and dismantles them or sells them later. Could this, in fact, but the real Buffett plan- to just sit back and wait for the effects of the proposed bill shackled on the American people to take place ?  In a very short time, companies will begin to break under the new tax burdens the proposed bill puts into place; then,  Buffet can just swoop in and buy out selected companies for next to nothing.

Would Obama get a commission on each company? (A curious thought to ponder.) If such a plan lies behind all of the posturing, it will, without a doubt, take greed to a whole new level. Maybe the real goal behind the plan is that Buffett is gunning for the #1 position on the world’s wealthiest list.

Florida Judge Blocks Democrats Attempt to Go Against the Will of the People

In the 2010 elections, Floridians voted for Amendment 6, also known as the Fair Districts Amendment by an overwhelming majority. Informed voters across Florida see Amendment 6 as a way to prohibit career politicians from re-drawing congressional districts that protect incumbents and enable one-party control. Florida is a very divided state in that while it is considered to be a conservative red state when looking at complete voting statistics, some districts have remained under Progressive/Liberal Party control for decades. Amendment 6 aims to correct that type of gerrymandering by the fake Democrats to remain in power. The people spoke up and voted for the Fair Districts Amendment in 2010, and low and behold, here comes long-time corrupt Congresswoman Corrine Brown (D) and the Liberal race-baiter in chief of Miami Florida,  Congressman Mario Diaz-Balart (P for progressive) to file a lawsuit against the citizens of Florida and their vote for Amendment 6.

Corrine Brown, seen speaking on the House floor in the picture above just doesn’t seem capable of understanding the principles of a free Republic where Democracy and the will of the voting public are not to be denied in any way, shape or form. We voted for Amendment 6, and it is nothing short of disgusting on how you deem yourself so all-powerful that you can file a lawsuit against the very will of the people here on Florida. Apparently a U.S. District Court Judge agrees with that statement. From The Florida Independent we see this:

U.S. District Judge Ursula Ungaro this morning rejected the lawsuit challenging one of Florida’s “Fair Districts” amendments.
The lawsuit was brought by Reps. Corrine Brown, D-Jacksonville, and Mario Diaz-Balart, R-Miami, the day after 63 percent of Florida voters approved Amendment 6 at the ballot box last fall. The lawsuit hinged on whether the U.S. Constitution bars Florida voters from restricting how the state Legislature chooses to redraw congressional district lines ( emphasis mine)

Judge Ungaro explains to Brown and Diaz-Balart that no, prior supreme court decisions do not support their argument, but in fact, they prove them wrong:

“Supreme Court case law, consistent with the original debate over the Elections Clause, contradicts plaintiffs’ and plaintiff-intervenor’s various arguments that amendment VI is unconstitutional, and supports the defendant’s and defendant intervenors’ claim that Amendment VI is a valid regulation of the legislative process,” Ungaro concludes.

To even the most naive of observers that statement is pretty much cut and dried: Their frivolous lawsuit has no merit, yet in their desperate power-grab to remain in power by gerrymandering congressional districts these two Liberals say they will appeal the judges decision. They may as well be telling the citizens of Florida to go to hell when looking at their actions here. We have spoken at the ballot box and apparently the people of the Miami area and Corrine Brown’s district need to reemphasize their vote by looking for better candidates in 2012. As a matter of fact, there is an excellent candidate running against Corrine Brown in 2012, a man who actually respects the wishes of the people and the U.S. Constitution, one Mike Yost. You can check him out here, and show support for his pledge to restore honesty and integrity back into a Government Of the people, For the people and By the people, as our Constitution mandates. Check back in with us here at CDN in the Florida politics section later on this week, as I will be doing an in-depth interview with Mr. Yost and will publish it no later than Friday.


Gov. Scott Creating Jobs in Florida/ What About the Corruption?

    Florida Governor Rick Scott sent out his weekly email letter that I received today which included some good news on the jobs front here in Florida.

This week we learned that Florida added nearly 10,000 jobs in July. This is welcome news. In fact, since I became Governor in January, Florida has gained 71,600 jobs. I continue to work my hardest every day to ensure that this trend continues. Although Florida is heading in the right direction, we still have a long way to go. Our states’ unemployment rate is 10.7 percent. This is simply unacceptable. 

While this has to be very encouraging news for the state of Florida, as Gov. Scott states, it is still at an unacceptably high level. At least we are moving in the right direction during the current Obama recession, which is a lot more than we can say for some of the higher unemployment states listed here. Nancy Pelosi’s Calif. is at 12.1%  and Harry Reid’s state of Nevada leads the nation in unemployment at a whopping 13.4%. In comparison, North Dakota currently has the nation’s lowest U/E rate at a wonderfully low 3.5%. 

While Florida’s U/E rate remained stubbornly high at 10.7%, we did add over 9900 jobs in July. Today is September 17th and in all fairness, we have to wonder what the most recent jobs data will show. If we added a significant number of jobs in August, I am sure the Governor’s office would already have made that information available this late in September. Looking at the bright side, at least we are no longer bleeding jobs by the thousands as we saw in recent Florida jobs history, when it hit 12% last December. Note: It now appears possible that the Governor’s email letter misstated the month for which he is referring to there, as this article  says those numbers are for August right in their headline.

The Florida Economic Estimating Conference says that the future of Florida’s jobs picture doesn’t look too optimistic,  in a revised outlook, the group of statewide economists now predicts unemployment will rise to 11 percent by the end of this year and only drop down to 10.6 percent by the end of 2012, essentially where we are now.

“Their overall optimism has been pulled back to some degree,” said Rebbeca Rust, chief economist with AWI. They list the main reasons for what appears to be a stagnant Florida jobs picture for the next two years as the troubled housing market in Florida which saw foreclosures rise by 5% between July and August, a stalled manufacturing sector due to concerns that we are still in a recession, and more government cutbacks that are expected as more state and local governments budget for a low or no growth environment. Keep in mind that that information comes via the far left St. Pete Times that rarely publishes anything good about Governor Rick Scott. They instead, seem content to continue crying about how their much- hearalded candidate, Liberal Alex Sink got voted down by the informed voters of Florida in 2010.  While said Liberal media-puppets constantly whine about conservatives criticizing Barack Obama and demanding that they respect the office of the President, how about the misfits at the St. Pete Times trying what they are dishing out and show some respect for the Governor of Florida, Rick Scott’s office for just once? 

   I have worked and lived in the Tampa Bay of Florida area for over 25 years, and I am hear to tell you that the stubbornness of the recovery from this current recession in the Tampa area is a direct result of big government meddlers creating an unfriendly business atmosphere from within in the local and county governments. This is the reason Governor Scott has created a group that’s only job is to eliminate the thousands of job-killing regulations that have been enacted by past big government authoritative administrations. From Washington DC to Tallahasee Florida, and every town in between we are seeing thousands of over-bearing government regulations that are creating a climate of uncertainty and are in fact cost-prohibitive to business creation and expansion. Governor Scott understands this as much as any businessman, and that is why he is trying to walk back decades of big government gone wild in the State of Florida today. Thank you Governor Scott.

      Governor Scott has made major advances towards improving the Florida economy and business atmosphere in his first half year in office. He is also fighting against the mainly Liberal media and nanny-state worshippers here in Florida on a daily basis who think it is the government’s job to support them through the usage of taxpayer dollars. Tampa’s problem was they they had an over-abundance of ill-advised  investors that bought into the mortgage scam, making Tampa especially hard-hit by the housing mortgage crisis. Because of this, many areas of  Tampa now look like the Detroit of the South, with abandoned homes that have been stripped of everything by thieves, and are in abundance in many neighborhoods. To add to the problem, many, many of the local politicians enriched themselves and their relatives during the mortgage crisis, yet none of this was reported in the news here.

  Does Florida have a huge political corruption problem? Considering that the prior two governors have called for grand jury investigations into Florida’s political corruption, we have to say yes we do. Myfoxtampabay has a great explanation on it here.  You may also want to meet a Democrat from Hillsborough county Fl, one Kevin White, who is on trial for more corruption felonies than I have time to put into this article. It may/should anger the hard-working folks of Florida when they see that they are paying for this corrupto-crats lawyer also. There is also the case of former RPOF Chair Jim Greer’s current corruption trial as reported here. While those felonious corruption trials are ongoing in Florida, we see several instances of Florida politicians getting off scott-free in the past: Florida corruption denies Congress the ability to ever to win the people’s trust. U.S. Congresswoman Corrine Brown has gotten away with her corruption there. And in the ultimate example of Democratic Party corruption here in Florida, meet the impeached Federal Judge, one Alcee Hastings, whom is now serving in his 8th term in the U.S. House of Representatives! 

    Do we have a corruption problem in the state of Florida today?  YES. Are politicians above the law in America? Apparently so, if you look at the examples above.  What does it say about the state of Florida when this political corruption goes unpunished for decades? How in the world is an impeached Judge who was caught on tape accepting 150 grand  to throw a case before him in court by the FBI, allowed to serve in the U.S. Congress? Ask the people in Alcee Hastings district who keep on reelecting him about that form of ignorance and denial of us having honest representatives from Florida in our Congress.

 How about the Grand Jury being called up to investigate all of this corruption in Florida Governor Scott? Where does the Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi stand on this obvious epidemic of corruption in Florida?  Career politicains who never get prison time and/or heavy fines for their corruption just invites more corruption. Let’s call up a Grand Jury investigation and DO IT NOW !





B.I.A.- One of the Oldest Government Bullies


The Bureau of Indian Affairs was the biggest bully created by the government until the creation of the IRS. The BIA hasn’t been in the news much in recent history but that could change with one of their latest initiatives. The BIA has told the Cherokee Nation that they must let descendants of some slaves become members of the Cherokee Nation. There were a few tribe members that owned slaves but the Cherokee Nation itself did not own slaves. At the end of the Civil War all slaves were freed.  According to treaties with the Cherokees, the tribe is recognized as a sovereign nation by the United States government. So why is a government agency telling a sovereign nation that they must give citizenship to a certain group?

What do you think would happen if one of our government agencies told Spain that they must give citizenship to all descendants of people that were once slaves of the Spanish? It would be safe to assume the Spanish would give a diplomatic version of the middle finger.

That is essentially what the Cherokee Nation is telling the Bureau of Indian Affairs.

Assistant Secretary of Indian Affairs Larry Echo Hawk said:

“The department will not recognize any action taken by the nation that is inconsistent with these principles and does not accord its freedmen members full rights of citizenship.”

Acting Chief S. Joe Crittenden responded by saying:

“The Cherokee Nation will not be governed by the (Bureau of Indian Affairs), we will hold our election and continue our long legacy of responsible self-governance.”

Of course,  we all know the record the United States government has when it comes to keeping the treaties it has signed with Native American tribes. They will play nice until they discover something that they want that a tribe possesses. Then they will force that tribe to move or give up their possession(s) with little, or in most cases, no compensation at all.

We all know that the government has gotten too big for its britches and needs to be put in its place. Just like back in our school days the way to deal with a bully is to stand up to them and fight.

It looks like that is exactly what the Cherokee Nation is doing!

Glenn Beck Comes Out Swinging with New GBTV Show

Glenn Beck is back on the airwaves as promised, as this week he launched GBTV.

The first show was broadcast across his internet TV channel as America was revisiting the 911 Muslim terrorist attacks on America in memorials across the nation. Beck’s first target was President Obama’s fake jobs bill and our economy.

THE TRUTH About Our Economy

Next up, Beck takes on The Muslim Brotherhood, creeping Sharia law and the disgraceful perversion of the civil rights movement by the radical social engineering puppets within our society and very own government!

Glenn Beck is now free from the censorship of the big government media puppets and big corporation political correctness that masquerade as the mainstream news organizations of today. Like him or hate him, Beck delivers hard-hitting, fact-filled exposure of big government and their propagandist brainwashing of the dumbed down masses by controlling the media, with an always-present dose of historical context and reality that is hard to deny. Love him or hate him, realists can not deny the value of Glenn Beck’s shows in helping to expose the radical Socialist element of today’s fake Democratic Party in America.

Note: Glenn Beck’s new TV show is free for the first two weeks when you sign up here. Free, no strings attached, cancel at anytime.

TPX/CNN GOP Debate: The Good, The Bad and the Ugly

Last night in Tampa Florida, The Teaparty Express/CNN GOP Presidential debate was held at the Florida State fairgrounds. The weather was quite nice for the event, although temperatures were in the 90’s for most of the day. Florida is also considered to be a very important swing state that could decide just who will become the next Republican President of the Untied States in the 2012 presidential elections in Nov. of next year. There is also another GOP debate to be held right down the I-4 corridor in Orlando, Florida later on this month. Could the Sunshine State actually determine the next President-elect in 2012? Does anyone remember the sore loser antics of Al Gore, and the hanging chad controvercy in the 2000 elections? Florida will have 29 electoral votes next year, up from 27. Yes, if the 2012 Presidential election is a close one, Florida could very well determine winner. Thus, last night in Tampa we saw some candidates showing a form of desperate aggression, mainly against the frontrunner, Texas Governor Rick Perry. Depending on who you are supporting in the election, this could be viewed as good, bad or just plain ugly.

The whole idea behind having a Presidential debate is to help the voting public decide who they would like to see as their candidate through asking questions that will show the people just what kind of a President the candidates would be, and how they would run the country if elected. It is also a forum for candidates to try to show just why they would make a better President than the other candidates. Sooner or later, these debates become contentious, as is the nature of the beast in any debate. Last night we saw a good amount of questions posed that resulted in a ramping up of attacks that were mainly directed at Governor Perry. The Gardisil/HPV vaccinations and the Texas in-state tuition for illegal immigrants headlined these attacks. How Governor Perry handled these attacks could hold the key to just who supposedly “won” this debate. In my opinion, they are all winners based on the fact that they stand unified in their conservative principles and strong opposition to what Barack Obama has done to this country in a very short time.

THE GOOD aspects of the debate:

The Tea Party questions submitted during the debate from grassroots voters across America were well thought out and informative for the most part. CNN Moderator Wolf Blitzer came off as respectful and pretty much non-partisan during the debate, which was a pleasant surprise considering the leftist slant of the last debate on MSNBC. Candidates were alotted a decent amount of time to answer the questions, giving us a better insight into their views about how to restore America and their solutions to today’s problems within our government. Another good aspect of the debate is that we were offered a good glimpse of just how front-runner Gov. Perry will handle the pressure during future debates. There is no perfect candidate, yet a candidate that shows an ability to function under pressure such as Rick Perry did last night, points towards a solid leader that could handle the constant pressures of being our next President. Newt Gingrich is pretty much unflappable in the pressure category also, as referred to in this article on the debate, Newt deserves a cabinet position in 2013. We saw Herman Cain shine once again with his “problem-solver” theme and he was given ample time to answer the questions. John Huntsman was given numerous, (some may say too many) chances to state his positions on all the topics, and this shows us once again that he should be running as a Democrat. That kind of exposure is always a good thing for serious conservative voters to witness. Due to the Tea Party Express co-sponsoring this debate, they were allowed to control the theme to the point of negating the always present Liberal media spin that function as an arm of The Democratic Attack Machine. We must not let the Liberal media control the conservative Republican presidential debates, as that only serves to undermine all conservative candidates at every turn.

The last good aspect of this debate is that we see just how viable and important the Tea Party groups will be in the 2012 elections. Much to the dismay of the Liberal media, the reality of the situation is that the 2012 elections will be driven by grassroots concerned citizens slapping down the big government nanny-state creators of the fake Democratic Party led by far left radical Barack Hussein Obama.

THE Bad aspects of the debate:

CNN’s handlers and political planners made the point to spend way too much time on Rick Perry’s Gardisil controvercy, taking valuable time away from discussing other important topics, such as the non-use of the E-Verify program, Real ID leglislation to protect our voting process, The Fast and Furious DOJ/ATF-enabled gun-running scandal and possible actions to be taken, or the rampant pattern of DC politicians seemingly being above the law when it comes to felony income tax evasion and a slew of other criminal acts. The Unions complicity in the educational system failure is another topic that was left by the wayside to spend way too time on the Gardisil issue. Again, this is what happens when Liberal media puppets are allowed to control a GOP debate and the questions asked. Another bad aspect of this latest debate was the obvious slant against certain candidates while failing to call out other candidates on their shortcomings. Make no mistake, this debate was a pile-on- frontrunner-Perry affair. For example, while Michelle Bachmann has championed many wonderful, totally conservative causes while in Congress, why wasn’t she asked about her lack of results, which was pointed out in the last debate? It is one thing to vote against an issue, while it is a totally different one to actually move a bill through congress and get it passed. probably much to the dismay of the Bachmann supporters, she in fact falls way short in actual leglislative achievements in government at any level. I believe it was Newt that said we need results, not rhetoric, and Herman Cain repeated that mantra last night.

Another bad aspect of the debate was shown in how Blitzer failed to point out that several candidates were twisting Perry’s words and ignoring the facts in his responses while attacking him. That also points to the Pile-on-Perry slant throughout this debate. Huntsman stated that it was treason for Perry to say we can’t secure the border, when in fact, Perry said it wasn’t feasable to build a several hundred mile fence, yet he also stated the need for 4500 troops and border control agents and 1200 more national guardsmen stationed at the border. Blitzer could have stopped Huntsman from stating mistruths about Perry’s border solution, but instead chose to allow Huntsman to effectively lie on national TV. Perry called for securing the border, period.

The last bad aspect of this debate is the fact that the most knowledgable candidate in the debate was pushed aside and ignored at very critical times in this debate. That was evident when Newt Gingrich was left out of Rick Perry vs. the rest of the field battles during discussions about Perry’s policies and record as Governor of Texas. Newt has steadily warned the Liberal media puppets during these debates about their idiotic “gotcha questions” that have the agenda of making all of the conservative candidates look bad, and is a blatant attempt to divide the GOP. I suspect Wolf Blitzer purposely kept Newt on the sidelines to avoid the major backhand Newt hit Chris Wallace and the Liberal media with during the Fox News debate. I did notice Newt shaking his head in dismay when he realized that Bachmann and Santorum fell into the media trap of prolonging the discussion of the Perry-Gardisil issue in order to gain more stage time. It is also a bad thing when conservatives give the DNC these types of soundbites to use in ads and fake news stories to denounce the front-running conservative candidate, Gov. Rick Perry today.

THE UGLY aspects of last night’s GOP debate:

The ugliest aspect of this debate, which over-shadowed the rest of the insightful, well-thought-out question and answer session was the apparent mob mentality brought out against Gov. Rick Perry. Huntsman, Bachmann and Santorum played right into the Liberal agenda of making the entire GOP look like a bunch of petty attention-seekers and non-viable candidates by propagating the lengthy Gardisil issue. That lack of self-control, respect and the refusal to accept the fact that Perry said if he had it to do over again he wouldn’t do it, and added refusal to move on towards the next issue was flat out ugly. Huntsman’s participation in this flash mob didn’t surprise me one bit, as he looked like he was just waiting to call Perry “treasonous” because of how Perry had referred to the Federal Reserve Chairman, Ben Bernanke as treasonous for his part in devaluing the U.S currency. Five years from now, when we see rampant inflation crushing the families of the working class citizens across America due to Bernanke’s monetary policy, I,m betting that a hell of a lot of Americans will be calling for Bernanke’s head on a pike. Huntsman thought he was being cute in saying Perry doesn’t think we can secure the southern border. Does Huntsman have a hearing problem? Perry called for securing the border with more manpower and technology, therefore showing Huntsman’s false statement to be as ugly as it gets in a Presidential debate.

I,d like to thank the wonderful folks at The TeaPartyExpress and all the various Tea party groups across America, for their part in giving conservatives a real debate and the chance to study all these 2012 Republican Presidential candidates in a more fair and balanced atmosphere. Next up is the GOP Presidential debate later this month, also here in Florida, ( Orlando) to be aired on Fox News in conjunction with Google.

Moderated by Special Report anchor Bret Baier with panelists Chris Wallace, host of “Fox News Sunday” and Megyn Kelly, anchor of “America Live,” the debate will incorporate video and text questions submitted by the public on YouTube.com/FoxNews

Read more: http://www.foxnews.com/politics/2011/09/01/fox-news-and-google-to-host-gop-presidential-debate-on-sept-22/#ixzz1XqJR8fsX

Ousted Florida GOP Chair Exposes Big Names in Corruption Scandal

Former Florida GOP chairman Jim Greer is in a world of hurt lately as an Orlando judge refused to throw out his various corruption charges on Aug. 25th, including six felony fraud and money laundering charges, along with an additional four counts of grand theft. Greer was arrested in June of 2010 after being forced out of his chairmanship in January. While Greer was shown crying in recent interview, it now appears that he is not going down without exposing big name Florida politicians who knew of his actions at the time, and chose not to speak out. Jim Greer is pictured below ( center) with Charlie Crist( left).

This episode in political corruption reads like a poorly written wanna-be bumbling gangster comedy…. yet it is anything but funny to witness the amount of corruption and cover-up that abounds in this disgraceful event in Florida politics. Jim Greer was the Chairman of the RPOF when he created a fake fundraising company, Victory Strategies LLC, that accepted about $125 grand from the RPOF, which Greer then apparently used for his own personal expenses. And that appears to be merely the start of Mr. Greers problems. Mr. Greer also violated federal campaign finance laws when he worked on ex-Governor Charlie Crist’s 2012 Senate campaign, in which he Florida GOP party resources on that federal campaign. Yes Jim Greer and Charlie Crist were pretty tight political buddies during Greer’s time as the Chairman of the Florida GOP. Crist appointed Greer to head the RPOF on the advice of current Senator George LeMieux whom was his chief of staff at the time. Charlie Crist also appointed George LeMieux to sit in his current U.S. Senate seat after Mel Martinez abruptly resigned. George LeMieux currently thinks the people of Florida will ignore all of his involvement in this scandal among other things, and elect him to the U.S. Senate in 2012, which I happen to have written about here.




Florida Senate Race Pits a Patriot Against Moderate Progressives of the GOP


In the swing state of Florida there currently is a tropical storm brewing in the form of a group of candidates vying to replace far left Liberal Bill Nelson in the U.S. Senate race in Florida in 2012. In order to ensure we do not negate the conservatism of much heralded freshman Senator Marco Rubio, we must do the proper research to identify the most conservative candidate, while also looking out for big spending progressive Republicans posing as conservatives. This task will be a lot harder to do than first meets the eye, as we can see by the already bloated list of U.S. Senate candidates vying to replace big government Democratic Senator Bill Nelson in the 2012 elections below. Candidates in bold represent the top three in recent polls. Two of the frontruners are in fact, forms of progressive moderates, while one candidate stands out as simply a true conservative American Patriot.

United States Senator (FL 2012)

Candidate List

Agbede, Akinyemi (REP)

Fisher JR, William E. (REP)

George, Alexander L. (REP)

Hasner, Adam (REP)

Ilnyckyj, Alexander (REP)

Larose, Joshua (REP)

LeMieux, George S. (REP)

Long, Deon (REP)

Lynch, Chuck (DEM)

McCalister, Michael E. (REP)

McNeil, Ron (REP)

Stuart, Marielena (REP)

Trujillo, Lesther (NPA)

Incumbent  Senator Bill Nelson ( DEM- Liberal)





U.S. Sen. Bill Nelson (Bloomberg File Photo from the Sun


Florida conservatives are currently weathering a hurricane of divisiveness and dysfunctionality within their very own party about just who is the authentic, most valid conservative candidate for the 2012 U.S. Senate race so far. Good strong debate about these candidates is generally a good thing, but we all know what they say about having too much of a good thing. It can sow confusion and create chaos, and it appears to have done just that so far here in Florida. Even the Tea Party groups are somewhat divided in just who would best serve as the next U.S. Senator from Florida. We do have what appears to be a very solid group of conservatives ready to inject some true conservative principles into the U.S. Senate on behalf of Florida in 2013, but it is still a long way until the elecions. U.S. Sen. Bill Nelson (Bloomberg File Photo from the Sun

This long time-frame, however, also allows the deeper-pocketed candidates more time to try to “buy” support for themselves. If we look at past electoral  history however, the most wealthy candidates have generally turned out to be the worst at actually representing the people who elect them. I give you the current Mayor of New York city, Mr. Bloomberg, as a clear case of the uber-rich being elected to public office and then turning their backs on the people. The mayor is a media mogul billionaire and won the election by controlling the message and fooling the people. To back up that statement about these types of governmental elitists, we see Bloomberg blatantly ignoring the wishes of the people in this definitive example of tyranny:  Bloomberg Stands By Decision to Leave Clergy out of 911 Ceremony.

For those of you who would like to bring up the separation of church and state mantra, I ask you then why did the elected Mayor of NYC put the full weight of his office behind the building of a mosque a few blocks from where Islamic terrorists killed some 3000 innocent Americans? This is a great example of why people should NOT vote for the richest, most politically-connected person on the ballot, ever! That kind of tyranny, brought on by uninformed voting leads to people like Bloomberg dictating just who can and cannot be present at the 911 memorial next Sunday. Maybe the people across America should stop referring to Bloomberg as the mayor of NYC, and instead give him the title he truly deserves: The Tyrant of NYC. Shame of the people of NYC for letting this happen.

To get back to the original topic of the Florida U.S Senate election of 2012, we must keep in mind the historic track record of the dangers posed by wealthy elitist powerbrokers within our government. Most newly elected officials generally  start out as representing the poor or middle class, and then skyrocket into the elitist group of tyrants ignoring the will of the people in a very short time while enriching themselves at the expense of the very people who elected them. The term drunk with power comes to mind here. This scenario applies to the old guard GOP connected U.S. Senator and now 2012 candidate George LeMieux today. George never won the election, but was “appointed” by our former Progressive Republican turned Democrat, turned independent ex- Governor of Florida , one Charlie Crist. George is also Charlies former chief of staff, which tells us all we need to know about Mr. LeMieux. I just happen to remember Mr. LeMieux stating that he does not want a lifetime in politics, and would not be running in the 2012 election right after he was “appointed “ to his current Senate seat.  Mr. LeMieux has gotten a taste of elitism within the U.S. Senate and now he wants more in the form of being elected in 2012. George LeMieux will never receive my vote however, based on one simple reason: He never sent me a valid reason about his questionable votes that I asked him about in many, many phone calls and letters. Not one single viable answer. My main questions for Mr. LeMieux stem from his unwavering support for the big government expansion called the Food Safety Bill here.

At the time of the above-linked article, Adam Hasner appeared to be the most conservative candidate to replace Liberal Democrat, Senator Bill Nelson in the 2012 elections. Upon some deeper research into Adam Hasner’s resume, we see another zero-accomplishment- lawyer- turned- politician who hasn’t really done much of anything in the private sector. This is a good example of what is widely known as being a career politician, while noting that opposition to this form of elite, good ole boy manufactured politicians is also at the cornerstone of the grassroots Tea Party movement. We need an increase in people who have proven work records and successful private sector resumes running our government(s), not career bureaucrats who have never done anything except line up at the public taxpayer-funded trough.  Adam Hasner is simply a career bureaucrat. Also of note is the fact that in Mr. Hasner’s bio, among the “awards” he has received is an award that is indicative of his past Climate Change support, IE: the Florida Solar Energy Industries Association Legislative Appreciation Award of 2006. With the recent exposure of 3 taxpayer funded  U.S. Solar companies going bankrupt  and costing the taxpayers over a billion dollars, we see what happens when the government meddles in what should be private industry. While Hasner does bring extended legislative experience from working in the the Florida House of Representatives since he was first elected in 2002, his lack of private sector work and any proven successes in the business sector should make him it difficult for any grassroots conservative voters to vote for him in 2012. Hasner also seems to have the support of most of the GOP establishment behind him lately. That would be the very same wishy- washy GOP moderates who had a big hand in creating the big government mess we are in today.

The last of the “big three” highest polling Republican candidates to date for the U.S. Senate seat in Florida in 2012 is also the least known candidate, Colonel Mike McCalister. First, let’s get the manufactured controversy over Mr. McCalister’s military service record debunked. Meet the Colonel here.

After reading the facts in that detailed report on McCalister’s service record, let’s move on towards his actual record as a career bureaucrat shall we? That’s right folks, Col. Mike McCalister has no record as an elected official lining up at the public trough. Mike McCalister did made a pledge to all Floridians and  Americans when he announced his entering the 2012 U.S. Senate race and it can be seen in it’s entirety  here.

His pledge starts with a simple enough paragraph that should not be taken lightly:

“I pledge to uphold and defend the Constitution of the United States; and to willingly fulfill the constitutionally enumerated responsibilities and powers of my elected office.”

Anyone who has ever been around long-serving military personnel understand just how serious they should be taken when making such a statement, or pledge. Mike McCalister is not the wealthiest candidate in the field, nor is he a career politician. Both of those supposed non-qualifications to run for the U.S Senate in 2012 should instead, point to him as being the type of grassroots conservative this country so desperately needs today.

The main reason for my support for Col. Mike McCalister for the U.S. Senate in 2012 can best be summed up by the final paragraph in his pledge to the people of Florida and all Americans in the above linked page:

“I pledge to be open and accessible to the people of Florida either directly or indirectly with myself and or staff members to ensure your voice is heard in the Senate.”

Considering the current state of elitist politicians completely ignoring the will of the very people who elected them today, that would be a quite refreshing and a very welcome change to the way they currently do business in the U.S. Congress. Col. McCalister has pledged that much-needed change to the people of Florida and America. Let’s send our current Senator Marco Rubio some real conservative support in 2012 in the form of Colonel Mike McCalister for U.S. Senate in 2012.

Guns and Sunshine


Florida recently took a turn in the right direction in defense of the Second Amendment. State lawmakers passed a law stopping all gun restrictions below the state level.

Starting October first, any public official who enforces or passes any gun regulation below the state level will be held personally responsible. The official will face a $5000 fine and possible removal from office.

Since Gov. Rick Scott signed the law back in June, local agencies have been removing or blocking out signs and literature that prohibit legal gun carry by local regulations.  Citizens that have their CHL will be able to carry in most government buildings and on public lands such as parks.

Matt Suedmeyer, the parks and recreation manager of Orange county said:

“There is a little concern, the bad guys that carry guns would bring them into the parks regardless.”

Of course there are also those who are beside themselves that the state would dare to give law abiding citizens back a fraction of their rights that have been stolen over the years.

Dennis Henigan , the interim of the Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence called the bill “shameful”. Henigan also stated:

“The gun lobby is determined to force guns into every corner of our society, that does not make us safer.”

The infamous Boca Raton “No Guns Allowed” sign on city hall has even come down. Throughout Florida local governments are scrambling to repeal local ordinances that are in conflict with the new bill.

The greatest response to the passing of the bill was made by NRA lobbyist Marion Hammer, who stated:

“The Constitution protects the right to keep and bear arms, local governments are not allowed to regulate the Bill of Rights.”

It is about time someone in an elected position started doing their job and started producing legislation that benefits the law abiding citizen instead of the criminal scum that preys on citizens. Legislation like this need to sweep the nation like wildfire and return to America’s citizens what is rightfully theirs.

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