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Are Ya’ll Ready For This? CA Politics Gone Gangsta

California 36 is heating up in light of a runoff election, and I do mean heating up. Let me just warn you that the video below isn’t for small children, or married men, or soccer moms, or.. well, you have been warned.

Janice Hahn is a Democrat running in CA-36 and endorsed by former President Bill Clinton. I know this because it is all over her campaign website, among other endorsements like Feminist Majority and Planned Parenthood. She is a liberal poster child! Of course, Ms. Hahn did leave out one very interesting endorsement.

On that note, hide your kids, hide your boss, and say hello to policy by Janet Hahn:





WARNING: EXTREMELY OFFENSIVE CONTENT: Do NOT view this video with children or easily-offended people within earshot or viewing distance


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